Is your business actually diverse? How to fix agencies' dysfunctional relationship with entry level marketers

Diversity as a topic comes up in most marketing panels, events and was unmissable at Cannes Lions. But what are agencies actually doing to challenge inequality when hiring new talent? This week's podcast episode finds out.


According to the OECD, the UK is ranked as one of the worst western economies for equal access to opportunities and this week's guests are on mission to change that.

Rob Jackson founded WYK; a digital marketing enterprise providing courses to underrepresented groups to help start their career in marketing. Rob is joined by a previous alumni Noel Goode who swapped his career in construction for performance marketing after taking the course, and now works at OMD UK on the McDonalds account.

This episode will explain what businesses can do to promote diversity when hiring new talent, what barriers still remain and what there's left to do.

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