Technology, AI, the metaverse... the future has two radically different possibilities – which side will you be on?

AI is not evil, so why do we project human characteristics onto it? This week's podcast guest unravels the misconceptions of emergent tech in the marketing industry and addresses the non truths that flood the discussion around the future of tech and AI for brands and marketers.


Software engineer, turned lawyer, now CEO of MDRx, Tom Grogan is uniquely positioned to advise the biggest brands on tech strategy, real digital transformation and the future of brands' engagement with consumers. His clients range from luxury fashion like Selfridges to public sector tech solutions.

Tom explains why we have to be careful about the words we use when describing AI, the real threat that AI poses to jobs and gives his version of what the metaverse can really achieve. Plus, we talk about the biggest tech in the industry at the moment and discuss whether it's for good or a fad.

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