Top 5 adtech tools this week: OMG, Semrush, Twilio, Emplifi and Ozone

From 20 million Tesco Clubcard member insights to SEO friendly podcast transcription, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week: 

  • OMG: dunnhumby partnership gives Omnicom clients access to Tesco Media and Insight Platform

  • Semrush: podcast hosting app to boost SEO for transcriptions

  • Twilio: powering up customer data platform with AI predictions and ‘Voice Intelligence’

  • Emplifi: Unified Analytics links up cross platform data to provide deeper insights into customer journey

  • Ozone: Adding The Jewish Chronicle to publisher ad platform

OMG and dunnhumby partnership gives Omnicom clients access to Tesco Media and Insight Platform

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is the first agency group to have access to Tesco Media and Insight Platform, which provides insights from over 20 million Tesco Clubcard members. 

How it works: The Tesco Media and Insight Platform aggregates insights from over 20 million Clubcard members and is accessed and powered by dunnhumby’s data driven self-service platform Sphere. OMG teams will now be able to plan, activate and measure retail media campaigns with Tesco directly on the platform and utilise more granular insights from shoppers. This will enable more efficient spend decisioning, activation and optimization for campaigns across and in-store, as well as across a wide range of offsite media publishers, including ITVX and Meta.

What the providers say: Prateek Gupta, Managing Director of connected commerce consultancy OMG Transact, which will assure access to the Tesco platform across all Omnicom agencies, said: “This partnership is a substantial step for OMG UK, and our media agencies, in making Retail Media more impactful for our clients. Combining our media planning expertise and highly qualified Tesco Clubcard data and audience insights through the dunnhumby Sphere platform will enable us to deliver industry-leading, full-funnel connected commerce campaigns with greater precision.”

Lee Roberts, Media Sales Director, Tesco Media & Insights Platform, said: ''We're pleased to be joining forces with OMG UK on this important strategic partnership, combining their specialist planning and buying expertise with Tesco Media & Insight Platform's unrivalled scale and leading data science capability. The partnership will provide OMG UK with unique insight and access to data from more than 20 million Tesco Clubcard holders, both sharpening media planning practices and ensuring more investment accountability through closed loop measurement."

The PMW view

With retail media rapidly expanding and expected to grow by over 20% annually until 2027, the partnership provides OMG clients with a market leading proposition that delivers both scale and measurement accountability in this increasingly important investment channel. This collaboration is the latest in a series of first-mover partnerships that OMG has forged with leading retail media networks over the past year including Walmart Connect, Instacart, Uber Advertising and Criteo. It marks a significant step for the agency’s aim to position itself as the global leader in connected commerce. 

Semrush launches podcast hosting app to boost SEO for transcriptions

Podcast hosting platform Disctopia has struck a partnership with Semrush to expand the reach of podcast episodes with search engine optimization (SEO) via its Podcast Hosting App. 

How it works: This new feature enables keyword extraction from audio transcriptions for podcasters to edit their content and rank higher in web searches. This allows SEO experts to align their podcast keywords directly to the keyword campaigns in Semrush therefore ranking higher in web searches. The tool also identifies relevant keywords from the transcript, such as recurring themes or topics that are frequently mentioned in the episode. This helps creators gain insights into the content of the episode and better understand their audience's interests. 

What the provider says: Patrick Hill, founder and CEO of Disctopia, said: “Including Semrush’s powerful tool in our podcast transcription feature adds another layer to the podcast hosting experience. Creators won’t need to hop from one platform to the other to enhance their SEO since they’ll find everything they need to thrive in one seamless place. This integration furthers our mission to equip independent podcasters with the necessary tools to grow their listenership.”

The PMW view

As AI changes the SEO game, bringing SEO into audio formats provides a lucrative opportunity for content creators, marketers and advertisers. SEO has become a seminal marketing strategy to improve online content, especially since 53% of website traffic comes from organic searches. As podcasts prove to be an effective marketing tool, this alliance brings SEO into the mix and takes the audio format to the next level for content creators and marketers.

Twilio powers up customer data platform with AI predictions and ‘Voice Intelligence’

New Generative AI tools including ‘Customer AI’ activate adaptive engagement in Twilio Engage, Flex and Segment.

How it works: Without having to tap technical teams, marketers can create hyper-targeted audiences out-of-the-box, trigger customer journeys, and personalise multichannel experiences based on a customer’s lifetime value (LTV), likelihood to purchase or churn, or any other event tracked in Segment. This is powered by unified, real-time data in Segment, critical to training high-quality AI models.

Meanwhile Voice Intelligence deploys conversational speech recognition to intelligently extract insights. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), it reports on trends like common feedback, competitive insights, and compliance risks. Twilio Flex and Voice customers can also manage regulatory requirements with automated personal information (PII) redaction. 

What the provider says: Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, said: “I believe the real value unlock for AI will be pairing large language models with first party data sets – which is where Twilio is most differentiated. With CustomerAI, artificial intelligence becomes customer-aware, empowering businesses to drive data-driven personal interactions at every touchpoint.”

What the client’s say: Chris Koehler, Chief Marketing Officer at Box, said: “As marketers, the holy grail is to reach your customers and prospects in a way that is meaningful, relevant and additive to them. CustomerAI Predictions has equipped Box’s marketing team with the ability to forecast customer behaviour to a degree that was simply unavailable to us before. We’ve been able to explore segmenting our audience based on predictive traits like who is most likely to join us at in-person events or who is more likely to purchase, and this allows us to meet those people where they are in their customer journey. Tools like Predictions put marketers at the centre of this new era of AI which is transforming how companies engage and retain their customers.”

Craig Lisowski, Head of Data, Information Systems and Trust at Nextdoor, said: "Nextdoor is excited to see the Databricks and Twilio Segment partnership. Together, they are paving the way for smarter insights and a deeper understanding of data. Real time data and historic data are key to helping Nextdoor create effective marketing programs for both neighbours and businesses with a high level of personalization."

The PMW view

As the customer data pot gets bigger, AI is becoming ever-more powerful in the actionable insights it can bring to marketers – and the behaviour patterns it can spot in real time. As Kathryn Murphy, SVP of Product at Twilio, puts it: AI is “getting smarter and more tailored all the time, every interaction creates new data and signals, and every new signal then cycles back around to inform the next AI-powered communication. This flywheel creates precise 1:1 personalization that ensures each unique customer is taken care of, in turn accelerating competitive advantage and business results for brands by boosting customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.”


Emplifi Unified Analytics links up cross platform data to provide deeper insights into customer journey

Emplifi’s Unified Analytics gives brands the ability to aggregate, analyse, and activate customer data for faster business agility.

How it works: The integrated solution aggregates, analyses, and presents customer data in a digestible format for marketing and CX professionals. It brings together social media data, customer service and care case management data, Voice of Customer (VoC) insights, and influencer marketing analytics. The data resides in one central repository complete with intuitive visualisation tools and advanced reporting to empower businesses with the most comprehensive view of brand and customer performance that can be used across business units and departments.

What the provider says: Zarnaz Arlia, Emplifi CMO, said: “Unified Analytics is more than just another analytics tool – it’s the engine for analysing and presenting data from diverse customer touch points in one unified view. Marketing, commerce and care professionals, department heads, and executives can escape the data maze, leveraging one platform for analytics and reporting across multiple data sources. Unified Analytics gives teams access to real-time, actionable insights that help them improve operational efficiency, identify issues, and track progress at the touch of a button.” 

The PMW view

According to Emplifi’s own research, more than 80% of marketing leaders name operational efficiency as their top near-term strategic objective. Emplifi is looking to solve this pain point by breaking down data silos across social channels, customer service and other UGC channels to provide a comprehensive view of brand performance and customer journeys.


Ozone adds The Jewish Chronicle to publisher ad platform

Premium digital advertising platform Ozone has launched a new partnership with The Jewish Chronicle, the world’s oldest Jewish news brand. 

How it works: This latest collaboration will see The Jewish Chronicle become part of Ozone’s audience-led, premium media offering. As a result of this new partnership, The Jewish Chronicle’s digital audience will now form part of Ozone’s premium audience platform. This allows brands to reach platform-scale audiences across the alliance’s curated portfolio of editorially-led websites, while using Ozone’s unique cross-publisher view of reading behaviour data to refine targeting.

What the providers say: Dipti Patel, Business Development Director, Ozone said: “As with every new publisher we welcome to the Ozone family, The Jewish Chronicle brings a unique blend of reader engagement to our platform. It’s the strength of the brand’s community connection that makes this a really exciting opportunity to support The Jewish Chronicle – still an impressively strong print product – as it embarks on expanding its digital footprint.”

Jo Bucci, CEO, The Jewish Chronicle, said: “We are thrilled to join Ozone's publisher alliance and become part of their audience-led platform. The JC is deeply rooted in the Jewish community, and we are excited to expand our digital footprint, offering new brands and services to our readers whilst continuing to deliver up-to-date relevant and diverse content” 

The PMW view

Ozone was formed in 2018 to empower publishers in the digital age and hold their own against the new social media giants, helping them get the most out of their high value audiences by connecting them directly with advertisers via a transparent marketplace. Founded in 1841, The Jewish Chronicle offers news and opinions all reflecting the wide diversity of the Jewish religious, social and political spectrum. This collaboration is the latest in a long line of Ozone’s publisher signings that have seen Mail Metro Media, Pink News, Asian Media Group and Our Media join the alliance.