Latest podcast: Keeping up with social media, AI and Web3

Social media has been about as dramatic as the Kardashian's in the last year. Kim dropped her diamond in the ocean and Musk and Zuckerberg threatened to settle competition over a boxing match... is it all just a battle of egos?


With so many platforms coming and going, gaining and losing popularity, this week's guest helps decipher the madness. Adam Walker, Global Digital Marketing Lead at Dufry, talks about the overrated cost of Web3, the underrated use of owned media and what's Black Friday really like for an e-commerce brand.

And in this week's Resell Me a Pen challenge, Barbie isn't the only returning fashionista...

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Technology, AI, the metaverse... the future has two radically different possibilities – which side will you be on?

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Recorded on 11 August.