Latest podcast: Lessons from marketing at Google, Pinterest and Thinkbox

"You shouldn't be a marketer." Marketing at big tech firms like Google is a dream for some, and a nightmare for others. This week's guest Visha Kudhail explains whether it's worth the hype and tells us her lessons from being a marketer at big tech firms like Google, Pinterest and Thinkbox.


In this week's episode, Visha reveals how you can fail in fast-paced firms and more importantly, what you can learn from it. As ex-Pinterest, Google and Thinkbox, she divulges her best advice from Thinkbox' Tess Alps, the real impact of layoffs across the industry and the not so secret hierarchy between brand and performance teams. We talk about how marketing has become lazy and long form content requires a mindset shift.

Plus, we get into why Steven Bartlett's pod Diary of a CEO is overrated due to clickbait and Visha attempts the PMW Resell Me a Pen challenge with the telegram!

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