Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a few things you might have missed from the past seven days.

Should marketers be excited about Amazon Prime Video ads?

Both performance and brand marketers pricked up their ears when Amazon recently revealed it would follow global subscription video on demand (SVOD) rivals Netflix and Disney by introducing video ads to its audience of millions. But despite praising Amazon’s high-quality content, Vodafone UK media lead Dan Mogridge told PMW that his reaction as “interested - but not excited” and claims “there needs to be a healthy amount of scepticism” about the CTV marketplace generally.

Some of the key issues covered in the article are transparency, the unique opportunities of being part of Amazon’s ad ecosystem and whether Prime will follow Netflix into joining Barb to measure UK viewing audiences. 

The three factors driving ROI: attention, creativity and spend

The Triple Opportunity of Attention study - advertising effectiveness experts Rob Brittain, Orlando Wood and Professor Karen Nelson-Field - combined data from the ACA Effectiveness Database with attention metrics from Amplified Intelligence and emotional response testing from System1 to assess the impact of creativity, attention and extra share of voice (ESOV) on business growth.

The report, covered in depth by PMW this week, provides an invaluable checklist for the modern marketer on how to boost their future campaigns (or fix failing ones).

SocialChain launches new proposition following £7.7m sale to Brave Bison

SocialChain has been busy since its high profile sale earlier this year. John Lewis Partnership (including Waitrose & Partners), Holland & Barrett and the British Army have each been added to the agency’s portfolio in recent months, citing its commitment to putting people before platforms and “building stronger connections between people and brands by strengthening your SocialChain” as the driving forces behind the wins.

The rebrand has been headed-up by the agency’s new senior leadership team which includes a blend of legacy SocialChain creators and fresh talent, all claiming to prioritise building the multi-skilled agency creators of the future – SocialChain’s main point of difference from the competition.