Latest podcast: Behind TikTok – how the app is convincing its advertisers

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. TikTok might have convinced its consumer base, but has it convinced brands and advertisers? The app's Industry Head of E-commerce joins the podcast to unlock TikTok as a performance channel.


Still a challenger brand, TikTok is constantly experimenting with new products in a bid to draw advertisers away from its competitors Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Although thought of more as an organic brand tool, the ByteDance-owned app is focusing on its performance offering particularly for e-commerce brands.

Simon Hofmeister, Industry Head of E-commerce, Global Business Solutions at TikTok, joins the podcast to unlock TikTok as a performance channel. He discusses the impact of trends on e-commerce including #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and 'cake or not cake', how the app is attempting to create an 'infinite loop' for the user journey and the game-changing importance of influencers.

Despite the app's success, it's not faultless yet. With measurement challenges and hesitation from other verticals, TikTok hopes to attract more brands and advertisers to the platform ahead of the Golden Quarter.

Plus, Simon attempts one of the most impressive and in-depth 'Resell Me a Pen' challenges yet, with the task of Eurovision!

Also in this episode, PMW's News Reporter Joseph Arthur speaks to host Lucy Shelley about the TikTok news that has crossed his news desk recently, including the rumoured subscription tier to battle alongside Meta, Amazon Prime and Twitter/ X.

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