Why ‘phygital’ marketing can save Christmas: PMW launches Retail Playbook series for the Golden Quarter

From in-store analytics to ‘Don’t Gift’ guides, a new nine-part series combines exclusive consumer research and expert panels to help performance marketers navigate a fretful festive period this year.

Performance Marketing World has launched a new series looking into the trends and challenges facing marketers during the busiest sales quarter of 2023.

As part of the ‘Performance Marketing Playbook’ series, PMW delves deep into the retail and CPG verticals to help brand marketers and agencies optimise their spend and resources – and reveals that in the UK, people will be spending less overall than last year, but more on Black Friday than ever before.

To ensure the series contains actionable, real world insights, PMW spoke to over 20 industry experts from companies including Amazon, Co-op, Boots Media Group, Pladis Group (owner of McVitie’s), Jameson (Pernod Ricard), LiveRamp, Blakely Clothing, SMG and The Trade Desk.

Each section is supported by consumer surveys and marketing industry data from sources including the ONS, Kantar, Shopify and The Path to Purchase Institute.

This special report focuses on the UK to reveal macro trends and tactics to help performance marketers working with both small or large retail brands.

Going live today and published as a series over the coming week, the report covers:

  • An overview of the UK retail sector

  • Predicted customer behaviour and shopping peaks for Q4 2023

  • Media planning tips across major performance marketing channels

  • Best practice: three great brand examples of Golden Quarter marketing from brands

  • New opportunities: from digital out-of-home to connected TV

  • Future trends for 2024 and beyond

  • The series is launching over the next week and is available to all PMW's 'Information' tier subscribers, but it is free to all registered users for a limited time – readers can sign up with their email below to view the report.