Latest podcast: The Golden Quarter – what's different this year?

Will brands and consumers ever get a 'precedented' shopping season? In this week's episode of Performance Marketing Unlocked, we unveil the PMW Retail Playbook as we all head into the busiest time in the e-commerce calendar: the Golden Quarter.


"'Tis the season to be thrifty" says PMW's Editor Robin Langford.

In this episode, he talks through some of the exclusive insights he gained from interviews with Co-op, Boots, Pladis Group (McVitie's) and more.

We dissect consumers spend, when they're shopping and how, discussing why the Golden Quarter is so important to performance marketers, why it's going to be different this year and how marketers can do more with data.

Also in this episode, PMW's News Reporter Joe Arthur shares the news of the week in the retail and e-commerce space, including Amazon's recent successes and the introduction of ad-free subscription tiers to Meta's platforms.

Check out the full nine-part PMW Retail Playbook here.

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