B2B winner: Google with EssenceMediacomX

The WPP agency helped Google break business stereotypes, eliminate campaign bias and grow its business.

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In a landmark initiative, Google, in association with EssenceMediacomX, embarked on a mission to disrupt conventional business stereotypes and combat inherent biases in advertising campaigns. Drawing from the UN's alarming projection of a 300-year journey to gender equality and acknowledging the pandemic's disproportionate effects on women's jobs, Google Ads channelled its efforts towards affecting significant change.

After extensive examination of the necessary data, EssenceMediacomX was able to discern notable differences in how men and women engaged with Google Ads. This led to the realisation that women's conversion rates were subpar compared to men's, indicating inherent barriers in their online experience.

Addressing these disparities became paramount. Through a comprehensive DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) testing framework, Google and EssenceMediacomX brainstormed and evaluated a range of solutions. This included creative alterations, landing page optimisations, refined targeting strategies, and crafting gender-neutral narratives that resonate across all user segments.

The framework's success was evident during International Women's Day when Google Ads championed female representation, showcasing exclusively women in their advertisements, and vowing to maintain at least a 50% representation throughout the year.

The venture yielded astounding results thanks to meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and commitment to the cause. Display ads saw a 67% surge in acquisitions while reducing costs. Simultaneously, social ads noted a 13% boost in conversion rates, emphasising the profound market implications of such an inclusive approach. With Google now extending this strategy across all its Direct Response products, there is growing confidence and anticipation for a new era of equality-driven advertising.

Judges’ Comments:

“Gender equity in ads is not often discussed, so I loved that Google wanted to address this topic. I loved the experimentation methodology that this campaign employed and the refinement of learnings at every step of the way.”