Wellness and Healthcare winner: Lloyds Pharmacy with iProspect

The pharmacy chain achieved a massive 2.8m incremental traffic gain by combatting keyword cannibalisation, in partnership with iProspect.

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When The LloydsPharmacy website setup encountered keyword cannibalisation, it led to a noticeable downturn in its online performance. A common but often overlooked issue in the SEO realm, keyword cannibalisation has the potential to undermine the authority of a site as multiple pages compete for the same ranking. Recognising the urgent need for corrective measures, iProspect targeted the issue by adopting innovative SEO strategies, tailored specifically to combat the rising healthcare competition

The integrated strategy developed for LloydsPharmacy wasn't solely about resolving the immediate challenges. Instead, it was a comprehensive solution that managed the intricacies and dynamics of both arms of the business. This holistic approach didn't just deliver commendable performance; it also ensured the delicate balance of the organisation's functions was maintained. By addressing the keyword cannibalisation issue head-on, the strategy amplified the site's visibility on search engines, positioning LloydsPharmacy as a frontrunner amidst intense competition.

In addition to achieving top-tier search rankings, the sophisticated strategy showed impressive results in numerous critical areas. It effectively bolstered incremental reach, ensuring the brand message penetrated deeper into the target audience. Furthermore, the strategy contributed substantially to revenue growth, a testament to the direct financial advantages of adept SEO practices. Lastly, the meticulously crafted approach optimised the user experience, making it intuitive and user-centric. Customers, both regular and potential, could navigate LloydsPharmacy's diverse offerings with unprecedented ease.

In essence, iProspect's forward-thinking intervention and tailored strategy transformed a pressing challenge into a substantial opportunity, culminating in a phenomenal 2.8 million incremental traffic gain for LloydsPharmacy.

Judges’ Comments:

“Good work to hit such levels of incremental traffic and ROI from understanding the cannibalisation on site. This entry shows smart data driven work and a strong, thorough response to a unique challenge for the brand.”