Charity winner: UN Women with EssenceMediacomX

A brave decision from EMX to turn hard news into hard donations helped this charity get vital aid to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, fast.

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On 6th February 2023, a catastrophic earthquake shattered regions of Turkey and Syria, causing unimaginable destruction and claiming numerous lives. As the immediacy of such natural events tends to wane in global consciousness, there's often a corresponding decline in financial aid. This, coupled with the observed disproportionate adversity faced by women in the aftermath of such calamities, spurred EssenceMediacomX into action. In collaboration with UN Women, they devised a plan to capitalise on the untapped resource of unused hard news inventory in the media.

EssenceMediacomX's groundbreaking concept was simple yet profound: to buy this ‘non-brand safe’ inventory and direct its high engagement towards positive change. Their assessment revealed that readers engrossed in hard news, especially pertaining to natural disasters, were not just passive observers. They were individuals with a heightened sense of empathy, inclined to contribute significantly to charitable initiatives.  

By joining forces with respected publications such as The Guardian and The Telegraph, the initiative targeted hard news readership. This dual-pronged approach both advocated for the profound value of this media inventory to prospective advertisers and simultaneously bolstered the ethos of investigative journalism.

Within just a fortnight, UK donations to UN Women's earthquake appeal skyrocketed with an increase of 3,600%. This ingenious campaign funnelled indispensable resources to the earthquake-stricken regions, highlighting the latent power of hard news content in media buying. Moreover, the synergy between EssenceMediacomX and UN Women showcased how fresh, out-of-the-box thinking can bridge the gap between commercial objectives and humanitarian goals, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the media industry.

Judges’ Comments:

“The UN Women campaign demonstrated an innovative approach to addressing both humanitarian needs and the challenge of monetising hard news content. Well done for being there for woman and children when they needed it most.”