New Consumer Product Launch winner: ITV and EssenceMediacomX

The WPP agency ensured that ITV's new streaming platform launch was unmissable with an ingenious data-driven campaign that set new benchmarks for excellence.

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In the fast-paced world of media, the debut of a new consumer product demands more than just awareness – it requires impact. When broadcasting giant ITV ventured into the streaming arena with ITVX in 2022, its challenge was twofold: Launching amid powerful, established competitors, and emerging as a preferred choice. However, under the guidance of EssenceMediacomX, ITVX amassed an astounding one billion streams in just four months, outperforming formidable names such as Disney+ and All4.

Understanding the complexities of today's digital landscape, EssenceMediacomX realised that a traditional approach wouldn't suffice. They needed a campaign that was fresh, compelling, and in-sync with the times. A popcorn billboard at Waterloo station, partnerships in the Metaverse, and innovative engagements on platforms like Twitch and TikTok were not just marketing tactics; they were statements that ITVX was here, and it was unmissable.

Every strategy, from tapping into high-reach moments like the World Cup to data-driven migrations of existing ITV audiences, was meticulously aligned to transform ITV's image from a catch-up service to the UK's freshest streaming platform. These innovative approaches were crucial in breaking through the saturated market and capturing the attention of a diverse and demanding audience.

With a 55% uptick in streaming hours within a month and a significant surge in ITV's share price, ITVX's product launch wasn't just successful—it set a new benchmark in consumer product debuts. Its unparalleled success served as a testament to the power of insightful strategy combined with bold execution.

Judges’ Comments:

“Great product launch campaign, showcasing the impact data-driven marketing activity can have on brand, business growth and share price. Nice multi-channel approach (with some novel outlets like the Metaverse).”