Retail winner: Dobbies and Go Inspire Group

The garden centre sowed the seeds for long-term growth with a smart personalised marketing campaign orchestrated by Go Inspire.

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Calling on the expertise of Go Inspire Group, Dobbies Garden Centres Limited set itself the objective of driving measurable growth and enhancing marketing performance. The goal was to surpass set business KPIs such as 80% Return on Investment (ROI), £5:1 Sales to Cost Ratio (SCR), and improve various customer engagement metrics.

A key component of the initiative was to highlight the benefits of the Dobbies Club in terms of visit frequency, added revenue, and Average Customer Value (ACV). The campaign also set out to offer personalised communications for every club member.

To achieve these objectives, Go Inspire Group developed a strategy tailored to each Dobbies Club Plus member. This involved creating a multi-layered targeting model that factored in unique segmentation, usage patterns, category insights, and discount strategies. They adopted a 'test and learn' approach, repeating accordingly based on the feedback and results they obtained.

The outcomes were impressive. The campaign resulted in a 199% YoY increase in incremental revenue. The achieved ROI stood at 215%, surpassing the 80% target. Similarly, the SCR exceeded expectations. On the customer front, there was a 17% increase in average visits, a 10% rise in ACV, and a 15% increase in high scores on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Described by those involved as a truly collaborative approach, the partnership between Go Inspire Group and Dobbies Garden Centres effectively combined strategy and execution to achieve significant growth and improved customer engagement.

Judges’ Comments:

“A clear customer strategy rooted in data is demonstrated here! This is a very complex and well thought out programme to tailor benefits specifically to members.”