Food & Drink winner: KFC with GroupM Nexus and Mindshare

The WPP agencies helped supercharge the launch of KFC's own delivery service with some painstakingly precise postcode-based strategy.

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In an effort to capitalise on the surge in UK restaurant delivery sales, renowned global fast-food chain KFC set out to introduce its own delivery service in a saturated market dominated by third-party aggregators. With the primary challenge being the establishment of a standalone service, KFC collaborated with GroupM Nexus and Mindshare to craft an innovative, compelling campaign named 'Unmissable'.

The central tenet of this campaign was the "First Bucket's On Us" offer, an exclusive deal to incentivise customers to pivot from popular aggregators to KFC's novel service. Strategically targeting 657 postcode sectors within a 3km radius of participating KFC outlets, the campaign was meticulously designed to garner maximum traction.

The varying media capacities across these postcodes presented a unique challenge. Maintaining a consistent and strong campaign exposure required an agile approach. By leveraging programmatic buying, the campaign dynamically adjusted its media mix in real-time, ensuring that the desired 'Unmissable Factor' was uniformly sustained across all targeted regions.

The results were impressive and exceeded expectations. KFC surpassed its sales projections by a staggering 28%, observed a 31% increase in app traffic, a notable 51% boost in app downloads, and a 44% rise in daily app user engagement. Econometric assessments attributed a 16% increase in overall delivery sales to this campaign, which also yielded a huge profit windfall. This success story has established a new standard, integrating media distribution strategies with sales insights, which KFC plans to employ in future promotional endeavours.

Judges’ Comments:

“This is a campaign with data and performance at its heart, with results that speak to tangible business outcomes. I loved the idea of a weighted cross-media delivery; very smart use of data science principles in an integrated marketing campaign.”