Growth Marketing winner: ITV and EssenceMediacomX

EMX ensured that the broadcaster’s streaming platform launch was unmissable with a wide ranging data driven campaign that set new benchmarks for performance excellence.

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Pivoting from its 72-year legacy as a linear broadcaster, ITV responded to the evolution of its viewer preferences by introducing ITVX in 2022. To launch this new platform, EssenceMediacomX were brought on to help ITVX establish a significant position in the UK's streaming landscape. Within just four months, ITVX achieved a staggering one billion streams, ranking as the fourth-most considered streaming service in the UK, following industry leaders such as Netflix, iPlayer, and Prime.

ITV's primary objective was to transform from a catch-up service to a major entertainment destination. The introduction of ITVX was strategically designed to leapfrog competitors and attain an ambitious 90% UK-wide awareness within a year. Central to EssenceMediacomX’s strategy was amplifying relevance across three distinct facets: cultural, community, and character.

To achieve this exponential growth and bring its ambitious vision to life, ITVX needed to position itself as unmissable. Innovative marketing techniques, such as a popcorn billboard at Waterloo station, were used to achieve this, along with partnerships with platforms such as Twitch to target younger demographics. On TikTok, ITV's brand voice underwent a reinvention, and data strategies facilitated the migration of Britbox and ITV Hub users to the new platform.

In the month following its launch, ITVX saw a 55% increase in streaming hours and a 2.7% jump in share price. Their 90% awareness target was reached in just three months, solidifying its identity primarily as a streaming platform over a catch-up service.

Judges’ Comments:

“This innovative and impactful multi-touchpoint campaign truly embodies the essence of a winning growth marketing strategy - with the results to back it up!”