Integrated winner: ITV and EssenceMediacomX

EMX made sure that ITV's streaming platform launch was unmissable with a wide-ranging data driven campaign that set new benchmarks for performance excellence.

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Building on its rich broadcasting legacy, ITV's ambitious launch of ITVX in 2022 showcased the transformative potential of integrated marketing. With the expertise of EssenceMediacomX guiding the strategy, ITV reimagined its approach, honing in on cultural, community, and character relevance to resonate meaningfully within the rapidly changing landscape of modern media consumption.

The brilliance of the campaign was demonstrated in its diverse and innovative outreach. From a captivating popcorn-dispensing billboard at Waterloo station that garnered massive public attention, to effectively resonating with younger audiences via collaborations on platforms like Twitch and TikTok, each initiative was meticulously curated. Leveraging emerging technologies and tapping into prevailing trends, every touchpoint was strategically designed to secure ITVX's integration into the cultural zeitgeist.

EssenceMediacomX’s forward-thinking strategy seamlessly married traditional viewership values with the digital age's immediacy and accessibility. The core aim of this innovative approach was to build and foster a dynamic, dedicated community who would remain passionately engaged with ITVX content. Cutting-edge, data-driven insights further facilitated the smooth transition of loyal Britbox and ITV Hub viewers to the fresh new ITVX platform.

Thanks to this holistically integrated approach, ITVX saw an unprecedented rise in popularity. Within four months post-launch, it notched up an astounding one billion streams, surpassing industry giants such as Disney+ and All4. Moreover, its impact wasn't just limited to numbers. ITVX has made remarkable strides in user retention, brand recall, and engagement metrics, securing its position as a formidable name in the UK's competitive streaming arena.

Judges’ Comments:

“The way that both traditional and 'fresh' digital channels were combined is fantastic. Being able to win so much market share in a short period of time is a testament to the great use of hyper relevant and creative integrated marketing.”