Lead Generation winner: RBC Brewin Dolphin with Walk-In Media

The wealth management company generated more leads through innovation and testing courtesy of a startlingly comprehensive lead-gen strategy devised by Walk-In Media.

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With a rich 250-year history as a leading UK wealth manager, Brewin Dolphin has continuously endeavoured to elevate their brand presence and drive high-quality Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). In recent years, the wealth management sector has faced formidable challenges and the changing landscape has seen traditional lead sources underperforming, necessitating a crucial re-evaluation of lead-generation tactics.

In light of these challenges, Walk-In Media was appointed to reimagine and rejuvenate Brewin Dolphin’s growth initiatives. Recognising uncertainties surrounding the existing audience data, a bold decision was made. Rather than relying on 1st party lists, the focus shifted towards creating customised audience profiles bolstered by comprehensive 3rd party datasets. An intricate test-and-learn approach was employed, rigorously evaluating various copy versions and honing in on enhancing the quality of lead-to-MQL transitions.

Leveraging the power of Meta for execution, Walk-In Media devised and rolled out a series of game-changing strategies. First, they broadened the audience reach via interest-based segmentation. Next, they forged a strategic alliance with Dun & Bradstreet to sharpen audience targeting using Experian FSS 3rd party data. Lastly, they launched an expansive creative evaluation mechanism. To optimise outcomes, they integrated story placements, ensuring a more judicious budget distribution.

The outcome was remarkable: MQLs surged by 143% in H2 2023 at 38% lower costs, lead generation amplified by 110%, and there was a staggering 394% increase in identified investable wealth. This revamped strategy has not only enhanced Brewin Dolphin's lead volume, it has also emphasised the company's commitment to continued quality.

Judges’ Comments:

“Great campaign and use of ongoing experimentation, proof that optimising just one single channel can completely turn a business around. Really nice examples of a test and learn approach that delivered lead volumes AND quality in a difficult industry to convert via paid media.”

Highly commended award: 

  • RocketMill with Harvey Water Softeners

Pivoting from quantity to quality to drive 50% more revenue from paid media