Marketing Innovation winner: Specsavers with MG OMD

Commissioned by the high street opticians to boost essential eye test bookings, MG OMD introduced SpecsTech, a pioneering toolkit that went beyond the standard search tools available to most advertisers.

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Recognising the uniformity of technology access in the Modern Search world, MG OMD decided to adopt an outside-the-box approach. This involved a harmonious merge of business data, deep-seated business insights, and custom tools linked directly to purchasing platforms.

Working closely with both Specsavers and OMG, MG OMD was able to create SpecsTech, an assortment of specialised tools designed to optimise digital ad campaigns. Among the many tools available through SpecsTech were metrological scripts, which were designed to respond intuitively to weather variables. This allowed for the promotion of specific products like sunglasses in sunny cities and the activation of anti-glare campaigns during dusk.

Other noteworthy features within the SpecsTech toolkit include the Live Appointment Feed, which proved pivotal in demand management for over 900 Specsavers locations. This automated feature adeptly categorised store availabilities and allowed for tactical adjustments based on real-time, per-hour appointment data, ensuring a maximised return on investment.

Impressively, SpecsTech led to a huge increase in additional eye test bookings for Specsavers annually, translating to a massive boost in sales revenue from a relatively low investment. With SpecsTech, MG OMD truly showcased how to create a difference that matters.

Judges’ Comments:

“What I love about this campaign is the real understanding of the consumer and how the granular understanding of the weather combined with tech automation really delivered.”

Highly commended award: 

  • Performics @Spark Foundry ASDA

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