Mobile & App Marketing winner: Zenus Bank

The in-house marketing team at Zenus bank created a truly global app with a delightful user experience at its heart – driven by smart data insights.

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Zenus Bank has innovatively redefined the boundaries of US banking by launching a pioneering mobile application designed to make US banking services accessible on a global scale. Traditionally, the privilege of owning US bank accounts was largely reserved for US residents or visitors. However, Zenus Bank has audaciously challenged this paradigm, extending the facility of full-fledged US bank accounts to users in over 180 countries. This transformative move has facilitated international payments, enabled hassle-free account openings, and granted access to premium cards, all without the prerequisite of US residency. 

To cater to an international audience, Zenus Bank meticulously crafted their app, focussing on the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of its users. The emphasis on accessibility and compliance is evident in the app's design, accommodating varying language preferences and respecting cultural nuances. Recognising the paramount importance of the user experience, the Zenus marketing team embarked on a strategic rebranding campaign, ensuring brand uniformity throughout the application. An analytical deep dive into competitors' apps informed their design decisions, harnessing the most effective features to enhance user interaction.

By emphasising iterative improvements through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and actively soliciting feedback, Zenus Bank has ensured that the app can continually evolve, meeting and exceeding global client expectations as it develops. Thanks to its concerted efforts which have so far generated 2.1 million visitors and 85,000 first-time downloads, Zenus Bank has truly delivered a world-class cross-border banking experience.

Judges’ Comments:

“Zenus Bank’s transformative impact and impressive engagement make this a standout entry for the award. Provides a clear challenge in the market that was not being met until now.”