Paid Search winner: Specsavers with MG OMD

The high street opticians created a difference that matters with SpecsTech, an eye test booking tool backed by a smart paid search campaign from MG OMD.

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In the dynamic landscape of advertising, brands often grapple with finding unique ways to leverage common technological solutions. Recognising this challenge, MG OMD introduced SpecsTech for Specsavers, a groundbreaking suite of custom tools tailored for optimising paid search strategies. Instead of relying solely on standard search technologies available to all, MG OMD seamlessly integrated proprietary business data and insights with custom automation tools connected to essential purchasing platforms.

SpecsTech boasts a range of standout features, with its meteorological scripts being particularly impressive. These scripts enable campaigns to be astutely aligned with real-world weather fluctuations. As such, the programme is able to dynamically promote products like sunglasses in sunny regions or trigger anti-glare campaigns as the day turns to dusk. 

Another noteworthy feature is the Live Appointment Feed (LAF), which was designed to manage demand across over 900 Specsavers outlets. By offering real-time categorisation of store availabilities and making informed adjustments to campaigns based on per-hour appointment metrics, LAF ensures the utmost efficiency in advertising expenditure.

From a releatively small investment in SpecsTech, Specsavers witnessed a staggeringly high leap sales revenue, with a large additional number of new annual eye test bookings. In essence, with SpecsTech, MG OMD has not only enhanced Specsavers' paid search strategy but also set an industry standard in strategic innovation.

Judges’ Comments:

“Really smart and innovative solutions for Specsavers - really impressed with the automated solutions in place by working with OMG. The live appointment feed is a great way to cut cost to ensure the campaign is investing in the right areas.”

Highly commended award:

  • MG OMD with LNER

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