Paid Social winner: Peugeot with Performics @ Starcom

The Publicis agency helped transform perceptions of the next generation of Peugeot buyers with a nostalgic TikTok campaign.

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Keen to introduce its refreshed brand and new car range, Peugeot called upon the assistance of Performics @ Starcom to target the next generation of potential buyers on TikTok. Understanding that modern consumers are more digitally active, the goal was to not only boost brand awareness but also to drive purchase intent over an extended period.

The innovative solution adopted by Performics @ Starcom was an "Always-in" strategy. This transcended the standard always-on approach by truly immersing Peugeot in online communities and actively participating in their conversations. This strategy led to collaborations with five TikTok creators, including SheTalksCars, who together produced over 20 original films that spanned varied interests from music to sustainability, effectively diversifying Peugeot's outreach beyond a single demographic.

Performics @ Starcom’s content strategy masterfully balanced engaging brand narratives with intricate product specifics. Highlights of this approach included a distinctive Peugeot soundtrack, immersive ASMR car reviews, and nostalgic content celebrating the iconic 1980s Peugeot 205 GTI. To ensure this content reached the right eyes, a meticulously planned paid media and retargeting strategy was employed, tailoring content delivery based on user interests and past interactions.

The initiative led to a remarkable 107% increase in positive attitudes towards Peugeot, a 31% uptick in brand favourability, and a huge 76% rise in purchase intent. Furthermore, a 16% search uplift signalled an indisputable revived interest in the brand. Mark Lynch, Peugeot UK's Head of Marketing Communications, lauded the campaign's achievements, heralding it as a touchstone in automotive marketing on TikTok.

Judges’ Comments:

“The strategic approach taken by Performics @ Starcom in collaboration with Peugeot for their TikTok campaign demonstrates an innovative way to connect with the next generation of buyers.”