Partner & Affiliate Marketing winner: Aer Lingus and OMD Digital

The Omnicom agency helped redefine the role of affiliates in the path to purchase in this smart campaign for the air travel brand.

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In the wake of challenging times for Aer Lingus, MG OMD meticulously reimagined the airline's affiliate programme, achieving an outstanding leap in programme revenue. In the face of mounting adversities, MG OMD discerned the latent potential in harnessing the strength of the airline's 275-strong partner network. Recognising the need for evolution, MG OMD shifted Aer Lingus’ focus to strategically align commissions based on individual affiliate contributions to the purchase trajectory.

A thorough assessment revealed ample opportunities for inventive strategies. The conventional, flat-rate commission model, once deemed effective, was replaced with a more intricate and tailored system. Lower funnel publishers, instrumental in completing sales, were offered a lucrative commission, carefully regulated to ensure the airline's sustained profitability. Meanwhile, upper funnel affiliates, pivotal in influencing and engaging customers at the onset of their booking journey, were incentivised with a tiered system that dynamically scaled with booking volume.

This groundbreaking approach was rolled out in four well-defined phases. This ensured transparency, deep-rooted collaboration, and seamless integration with all of the partners. Preliminary results were so compelling that the revamped structure was swiftly adopted, even before the official test period concluded.

Beyond the evident and substantial uplift in programme revenue, bookings initiated by upper funnel partners soared. This was complemented by a significant reduction in the cost per booking. Through its innovative approach, MG OMD has not only revitalised Aer Lingus's affiliate partnerships but has also laid down a robust blueprint for sustained future growth and expansion.

Judges’ Comments:

“An exceptional transformation of the affiliate programme. The new commission structure demonstrated ingenuity, boosting both revenue and efficiency while engaging various tiers effectively.”