Purpose winner: UN Women with EssenceMediacomX

EssenceMediacomX decided to turn hard news into hard donations that helped this charity get vital aid to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, fast.

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When a devastating earthquake hit large parts of Turkey and Syria in February 2023, EssenceMediacomX identified a unique opportunity to serve a greater purpose beyond immediate aid.

Observing the fleeting nature of financial donations that accompanies news cycles and the exacerbated impact on women during global disasters, they partnered with UN Women to amplify the call for assistance and generate awareness.Their ambition was to utilise the often overlooked media segment of hard news inventory and harness it to have a meaningful impact on the cause.

EssenceMediacomX decided it would set about acquiring 'non-brand safe' media space with the aim of converting the heightened attention it attracts into beneficial action. This approach acted on the principle that those captivated by hard news, especially reports on natural disasters, are not only engrossed by it but also potent contributors to humanitarian efforts. To bring this initiative to life, the team joined forces with prominent names in the publishing industry, namely The Guardian and The Telegraph, to focus on hard news pieces. This dual-faceted approach emphasised the significance of such inventory to advertisers, all while endorsing crucial journalistic content.

The results were astounding: a 3,600% surge in UK donations for UN Women's relief efforts in just two weeks. This strategy not only channelled critical aid to affected regions, but also underscored the untapped potential of hard news in media procurement. The EssenceMediacomX and UN Women partnership epitomises how innovative, purpose-driven strategies can promote societal good while shaping industry norms.

Judges’ Comments:

"The speed at which this campaign was envisaged and actioned should be highly commended. Not only was it much needed but they developed a unique concept that not only served the campaign but also publishers, much reliant on ad revenue who are hit due to brand safety concerns around war.”