Sustainable Initiative of the Year: Scope3

The climate crisis needs champions to tackle it and Scope3 has stepped up to help reverse the ad industry’s carbon problem, getting big agencies and brands on board early.

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The digital advertising industry is facing growing environmental scrutiny. Their internet and data centres now account for more emissions than the entire aviation sector, with display and streaming advertising contributing 7.2M metric tons of CO2e monthly. Recognising this pressing issue, Scope3 embarked on an ambitious mission to decarbonise the media and advertising sectors.

Scope3's innovative approach revolves around an emissions model that meticulously maps out the complete emissions of the digital advertising lifecycle. Combining open data, customer collaboration, and third-party data partnerships, this model offers a precise, science-backed emission measurement that aligns with emerging industry standards. 

With this innovative model in place, Scope3 began to focus on its widespread adoption. Notably, industry leaders such as IPG, GroupM, IAS, DV, and global brands such as Mastercard, Sanofi, and Reckitt have all incorporated Scope3’s measurements into their platforms. Additionally, over 40 publishers and ad tech entities utilise Scope3's reduction solutions. 

The outcome of this adoption has been transformative. Companies no longer need to choose between performance and sustainability. Sanofi, for instance, decreased its carbon emissions by 56% for a UK campaign without any negative impact on performance. Similarly, Audi's campaign, steered by PHD, cut its carbon footprint by 52% while outperforming their target click-through rate by 65%. 

Scope3's innovative approach is rapidly becoming an industry standard, exemplified by the 40+ technology providers integrating their data. In essence, Scope3 has ushered in a new era for the advertising industry – one where sustainability and performance coexist.

Judges’ Comments:

“This is an amazing understanding of the wider industry problem with a clear cut solution of what to do about it. The insight to solution loop not only makes perfect sense but it is an innovative execution.”

Highly commended winner:

  • EssenceMediacomX with Sainsbury's Argos and MPB

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