Performance Marketing Agency Of The Year: Kinesso

An innovative ‘Flow’ model helped bond the agency and break down silos in a game-changing year for the agency that also took on several admirable CSR challenges.

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Kinesso UK, a standout performance marketing agency in 2023, has garnered significant praise for its unique ‘Flow’ model, which focusses on the seamless movement of customers throughout their purchasing journey. The essence of Flow is built upon three key elements: customer experience, content, and media impact. This forward-thinking model doesn't merely represent a strategic approach; it captures the agency’s resolute commitment to understanding and influencing every touchpoint of the customer's journey.

To bolster the Flow model, Kinesso has continuously integrated the latest technological advancements, unveiling game-changing products. Their cloud-based data storage system, ‘Rapid’, revolutionises data accessibility and safety. Simultaneously, ‘Balance’, a sophisticated real-time analytics tool, offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions, enabling brands to make informed decisions and seamlessly interpret intricate performance metrics.

Kinesso's unwavering dedication to fostering a positive societal impact shines through in their “Flow for Good" initiative. Beyond just addressing diversity, equality, and inclusion as corporate mandates, this endeavour treats them as actionable, foundational pillars integral to their operations. Proactive engagement in community-centric programmes, steadfast partnerships with entities like Media Trust, and concerted efforts to uplift charitable causes all underline their commitment to a business approach that combines both performance excellence and societal wellbeing.

Noteworthy client-centricity, paired with cutting-edge strategies and a robust ethical framework, indisputably positions Kinesso UK not just as a leader in performance marketing, but also as an agency paving the way for the industry's promising future.

Judges’ Comments:

“Love the attention given to both employees and clients. Particularly impressed with inclusive design initiative, diversity, upskilling programme, as well as the free educational event for the broader community.”

Highly commended:

  • RocketMill

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