Hospitality winner: Mitchells and Butlers with Havas

The agency helped re-establish footfall post-COVID to Mitchells and Butlers restaurants across the UK, including Toby Carvery and Harvester.

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In the aftermath of Covid-19, the hospitality industry was faced with unprecedented challenges, and prominent chains Toby Carvery and Harvester were no exceptions. As such, it was imperative to boost footfall across their extensive network of over 200 restaurants throughout the UK. Consequently, Havas Media Network were enlisted by parent company Mitchell and Butlers to invigorate this revival using paid digital media.

The team at Havas crafted a sharp, hyper-local strategy targeting potential customers on Meta platforms. The focus was on those within close proximity of Mitchells and Butlers' restaurants. The lure was a unique 25% discount coupon, in exchange for customer data. This not only incentivised a visit but also facilitated a direct connection with the patrons.

Central to the campaign's efficacy was a collaborative effort between Havas and its lead generation partner. By integrating sophisticated point-of-sale data, the campaign could dynamically track and refine based on real-time feedback on coupon downloads and actual in-store redemptions.

The campaign's outcome was a resounding success. An impressive number of coupons were downloaded, leading to a notable 5% redemption rate, translating to a massive number of customers returning to dine in. This strategy also yielded a robust campaign return on investment. But the windfall didn't end there. The campaign cleverly secured a huge number of marketing opt-ins, ensuring a range of remarketing possibilities for Mitchells and Butlers.

Havas Media Network's innovative approach not only revived footfall for Toby Carvery and Harvester restaurants post-pandemic, but also sowed the seeds for sustained customer engagement in the future.

Judges’ Comments:

“The numbers tell the story: exceptional outcomes that go beyond the anticipated. The campaign was successful in being able to measure offline impact and truly understand footfall, which was the client's main objective.”