Grand Prix winner: Vauxhall with Performics @ Starcom

Creating a bespoke comparison tool, boosting awareness, increasing engagement and driving sales – this Vauxhall campaign had it all, changing perceptions around the value of electric vehicles and enhancing purchase intent. See why our judges chose it as the overall Grand Prix Winner of the PMW UK Awards 2023 below…

This entry was chosen as a winner of the Performance Marketing World UK Awards 2023. View all the winners, coverage, photos and videos from the night in our special feature section here..

In 2023, Vauxhall, in collaboration with Performics @ Starcom, sought to challenge the prevailing belief that electric vehicles (EVs) carry an overwhelming price tag. Noting that merely 40% of consumers tend to visit a car brand's website during their buying journey, the partners identified a twofold challenge: firstly, to convey the economic benefits of EVs compellingly and, secondly, to nurture purchase intent among potential buyers.

To strategically address these challenges and enhance consumer education, Performics @Starcom devised an inventive myth-busting campaign featuring an interactive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this tool was integral in breaking down complex financial elements for consumers. It achieved its objectives by enabling the user to compare the costs of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles directly with their EV counterparts. By providing a clear, concise comparison, this hands-on approach allowed potential customers to distinguish the annual savings they might achieve by transitioning to electric.

The results of this joint initiative were striking. Vauxhall's campaign resonated deeply with users, registering a 200% extended view time compared to industry standards. The TCO calculator itself garnered 73,000 interactions. Impressively, this heightened engagement led to a search uplift of 55% and 59% for the showcased vehicle models, bolstering Vauxhall's competitive edge in the EV sector in terms of perceived value.

Thanks to this successful endeavour, Vauxhall and Performics @ Starcom not only shifted consumer perceptions of EV affordability but jointly fortified Vauxhall’s position as forward-thinkers in the EV domain.

Judges’ Comments:

“A classic auto campaign that's data driven, focussed on engagement and results. The inclusion of the calculator significantly captured consumer attention, providing a valuable tool to help consumers make their own decisions based on the outcome.”