Top 5 adtech tools this week: Good-Loop, Kepler, Storyblok, Nectar360 and KAWO

From solving DAM ‘chaos’ to ethical programmatic buying, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week: 

Good-Loop: ‘Good Media Packages simplify positive societal impact for programmatic ads

Kepler: YouGov partnership adds a new dimension to insight-driven advertising investment

Storyblok: partners with Bynder to make content and asset management ‘less chaotic’

Nectar360: teaming up with Valuedynamx for next-gen affiliate marketing

KAWO: deeper Hootsuite integration helps global brands access China market

Good-Loop launches ‘Good Media Packages’ to simplify positive societal impact for programmatic ads

New products aim to help bridge the gap between brands and ethically minded consumers, delivering successful campaigns while making a difference in the world through funding carbon efficient websites and reliable journalism.

How it works: According to Good-Loop, these services provide a way to initiate scalable positive impact through programmatic ad campaigns while not compromising high ad effectiveness. The packages are divided into two categories: ‘Good for the Planet’ serves ads on values-aligned publishers and supports carbon-efficient websites, climate journalism, and eco-living editorial. ‘Good for People’ supports the causes that consumers care about, rewards trusted publishers, and fosters a better society. These ads help fund minority ownership publications, reliable journalism, and reach high-intent and ethically-minded consumers.

What the provider says: "We're not just creating advertising solutions; we are helping brands find a way to combine promoting their business with doing good,” said Marisa Thomas, CMO of Good-Loop. “The new launch embodies our belief that businesses can excel by making a real difference, helping forge genuine connections with consumers and providing a tangible way to demonstrate that they share their values.”

The PMW view

Research shows that ad-context increases memorability by 40%. Both packages aim to reduce media waste and boost ROI by aligning quality news and journalism contexts with the advertiser's message and will also both donate 5% of the CPM to good causes. This new tool compliments Good-Loop’s ‘Act to Donate’ tool launched in August which encourages consumer engagement with traditionally passive ad formats. The inclusion of a QR code on Connected TV (CTV), digital out-of-home (DOOH) and social media means viewers are rewarded with a donation for their choice to interact with an advert, which has been shown to increase ad engagement by twice as much as the industry standard. Together, these new products should further solidify Good-Loop's reputation for connecting brands with ethically-minded individuals, establishing Good-Loop as the media partner for businesses looking to make a meaningful impact in their ad campaigns. 

Kepler partners with YouGov to add a new dimension to insight-driven advertising investment 

The partnership enables brands to integrate real-time consumer sentiment and behavioural trend information into digital campaigns.

How it works:  Kepler will fuse YouGov BrandIndex and YouGov Profile data with its data analytics and optimisation technology, Kepler Intelligence Platform (KIP), which manages $1.5bn of brand media investment, enabling more nuanced, responsive, and granular campaign management in combination with existing layers of data and audience optimisation tools. YouGov data provides businesses with an understanding of consumer sentiments, preferences, and behaviours in real-time. YouGov Profiles also offers a comprehensive view of consumer demographics, attitudes, and behaviours, allowing businesses to understand their target audience on a granular level. YouGov BrandIndex further tracks consumer perception and sentiment towards brands in real-time.

What the provider says: Nathan Kangpan, Chief Information Officer at Kepler, said: “The partnership with YouGov enables brands to embrace in real-time powerful information that can have a significant impact on performance and brand reputation. Moreover, integrating YouGov data with other layers of audience data achieves a level of granularity in consumer profiling that is often hard to obtain through traditional methods. This allows businesses to tailor their strategies with more accuracy. Ultimately, this partnership enables our clients to make more informed decisions, optimise their marketing efforts, and drive stronger results in their campaigns.” 

The PMW view

As brands fight for customer attention and engagement with wider marketing programmes, Kepler’s YouGov partnership can help businesses to adapt and respond to customer needs instantaneously. For example, if a sudden trend or consumer sentiment emerges, businesses can adjust their messaging or offerings immediately. Additionally, real-time control allows for updated strategies, targeted promotions, and personalised recommendations based on the most current data. This can improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Storyblok partners with Bynder to make content and asset management ‘less chaotic’

With more digital assets floating around the web than ever, this new partnership aims to  help marketing teams ensure brand consistency more easily and with greater flexibility through better integration. 

How it works: This partnership endeavours  to allow for faster time to market and ease of distribution of assets from Storyblok’s DAM platform, directly in the CMS. The out-of-the-box integration addresses many of the pain points marketers face on a daily basis when it comes to ensuring brand consistency across a number of channels. Teams will be able to solve the complications of omnichannel asset management and content governance. The tool allows for the reuse of Bynder managed assets on the Bynder marketplace and also via the Storyblok platform, whose clients include Adidas, Netflix, Tesla.

What the provider says: Brad Kofoed, SVP of Global Alliances at Bynder said: “Increasingly, content is seen as a strategic business asset that enables organisations to deliver exceptional content experiences across complex omnichannel buyer journeys. Our partnership with Storyblok is a key integration that will aim to help teams with exactly that - providing content consistency, ease of distribution and faster speed to market by making on-brand content directly available in the CMS.”

The PMW view

It’s no surprise that modern businesses are overwhelmed by digital assets. Storyblok commissioned a global survey of 500 marketers, which revealed that the increased amount of assets and channels they’re supporting leads to time-consuming asset management tasks and content mistakes. Of those surveyed, 55% of marketers manage more than 1,000 digital assets, and 48% make mistakes that cause content problems. Managing access rights is the biggest pain point of asset management (24%), followed by finding and organising files (19%).

Nectar360 partners with Valuedynamx for next-gen affiliate marketing 

Move aims to dramatically scale up the Nectar loyalty programmes’ network of affiliate partnerships and enhance value for both Nectar customers and brands.

How it works: Launched over a decade ago as ‘Nectar eShops’, the service lets Nectar customers collect points online by shopping with a pool of more than 300 participating advertisers, from B&Q to Just Eat. Nectar360’s partnership with Valuedynamx makes these eShops more accessible to brands by simplifying onboarding and previously complex operational processes. It immediately increases the number of participating retailers to more than 600, including new additions such as Apple, TUI, Disney+ and Screwfix, and offers enhanced opportunities for brands seeking to engage Nectar’s 19.6 million strong customer base. 

What the providers say: Amir Rasekh, Managing Director of Nectar360, said: “Our new partnership with Valuedynamx enables the Nectar currency to be used by even more brands to drive customer acquisition and retention, while rewarding our collectors on even more of their online spend. Together, we are creating a more consistent and rewarding customer experience, while improving our programme’s management of multiple affiliate networks and partnerships - making eShops more visible, accessible and attractive to a wider audience of both customers and brands.”

James Berry, Managing Director at Valuedynamx, added: "We’re delighted to be working alongside Nectar360 to drive value for all parties utilising our network of partners. We are completely aligned with Nectar360’s passion and expertise for delivering personalised rewards for the benefit of customers and brands. Through this partnership we will increase the reach and accessibility of Nectar’s eShops proposition for advertisers while improving the shopping experience for customers."

The PMW view

In the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce and loyalty rewards, this collaboration aims to not only expand the Nectar eShops ecosystem but redefine the customer experience, impacting both customer and brand whilst standing out in a crowded marketplace. What’s key about this collaboration is it isn't just about expanding the range of brands for Nectar, it's also about enhancing the customer experience. Upgrades include fresh investments in CRM, post-transaction communication, and other user experience improvements, ideally creating a more rewarding and consistent experience for Nectar collectors.

Hootsuite and KAWO partnership helps global brands’ access China market

Partnership deepens collaboration between the leading social media management companies in China and the rest of the world, which today provides unparalleled real-time insights into social media campaigns in China for international brands and marketers.

How it works: The partnership, focusing on three key verticals – education, pharmaceuticals, and financial services – builds upon an existing relationship that has enabled global marketers to manage global and Chinese social media networks within a single platform on Hootsuite. Global marketers will get easier access to KAWO within Hootsuite, enabling them to create, manage and oversee content, obtain and analyse real-time data, and generate reports across all global and China social media networks – a single platform that can manage Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat and more. Having all social networks within one dashboard enables a seamless and optimised workflow, allowing international brands to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their social media campaigns in China and apply the learnings towards improving ongoing and future campaigns.  

What the providers say: Alex Li, Chief Executive Officer at KAWO, said: “Global marketers and brands are increasingly looking to power their campaigns and drive performance in China's rapidly evolving social media landscape. From platform selection to creating engaging content and accurately measuring ROI, brands and marketers want cutting-edge solutions that help them be more strategic and dynamic in their local campaigns. Our enhanced partnership with Hootsuite will make it more seamless for marketers to make timely, data-driven decisions by providing much-needed visibility and understanding on a single platform, enabling them to channel their focus towards delivering engaging, impactful campaigns in China.” 

James Partington, Director of Partnerships Programs at Hootsuite, said: “For over 15 years, we've been helping brands grow online by delivering best-in-class social media tools that drive efficiency and results. We are excited to strengthen our partnership with KAWO, having seen the benefits our early collaboration/integration provides to our customers. Working together in a broader partnership, we look forward to delivering enhanced productivity in a collaborative ecosystem that will boost the competitive advantage for our customers.” 

The PMW view

Global marketers have long struggled with managing their social media presence in China alongside global social media networks. The country has over 1.02 billion social media users with the number set to grow to 1.2 billion by 2027. This presents a massive opportunity for global brands looking to grow their business, yet many struggle to navigate the complex landscape alongside their global social media initiatives. This partnership between Hootsuite and KAWO will enable marketers to gain a complete view of their campaign performance globally and in the region.