Latest podcast: Marketing is one big experiment, Amazon partners with Meta and Snap

How much do we actually make our own decisions? Or are we influenced by people around us? Ed Barter, Lead Data Scientist at Herdify, joins the Performance Marketing Unlocked podcast.


Behavioural science plays a huge role in marketing and Herdify brings it to the forefront. By understanding offline communities and their purchase habits, marketers can translate this into online sales.

In this episode, Ed Barter, Lead Data Scientist at Herdify, talks about people's mental laziness, how brands can market to consumers who are bored of ads and the overrated marketing tactics used around Black Friday.

He also attempts the PMW Resell Me a Pen challenge with the tough task of Tiddlywinks from previous guest TikTok's Simon Hofmeister, giving it a Royal PR boost...

Also in this episode, PMW's News Reporter Joe Arthur discusses the news of the week with Amazon's partnership with Meta and Snap in a bid to minimise the competition from TikTok, but what do the experts think?

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