How Specsavers sold ‘invisible’ products with Snapchat’s AR

Contact lenses are practically invisible, so how can you make a creative and engaging campaign that converts customers into sales?

How UGC helped Samsonite unlock a 254% jump in revenue

Spearheaded by authentic, user generated content, Samsonite’s partnership with Bazaarvoice Galleries saw conversion rates across its social and marketing channels enjoy a 4x increase.

How Kia’s new social campaign earned over 3 million impressions among cricket fans

By collaborating with some of Surrey County Cricket Club’s most notable names, Kia was able to create a social media campaign that reaffirmed its partnership with not only the sport of cricket, but its fans too.

How Chelsea Peers used personalisation to double its category page sales conversions

AI-powered ‘Category Merchandising’ allowed Chelsea Peers to unlock the full potential of its pyjama products, more than doubling its conversion rates with an emphasis on curve- and maternity-sized pieces.

How Born Ugly increased MitoQ’s average engagement by 74% with a digital-first rebrand

Headlined by a digital campaign combining both native and display creative formats and strategies to drive traffic, MitoQ reframed its value proposition to break into the market for cellular health.

How CHRONEXT increased user engagement by 150% with the introduction of a mobile app

The luxury watch platform employed Storyblok to reimagine its customer experience by implementing a new CMS compatible with a mobile app and saw average user sessions times almost triple from 2 to 5 minutes.

Blending AI and the weather: How L'Oréal's Vichy increased the number of customers completing its digital skin diagnostic by 193%

Adding geo-targeting and AI automation to its ad creation and personalisation processes helped L'Oréal's French dermo-cosmetics brand, Vichy, reduce its CPA by 56%... and increase ROAS tenfold.

How Waverton increased the performance of its website by 129% – and learned more about its customers

Reduced loading times, increased viewership and a drastically improved overall performance score, Organic was tasked with a complete ‘digital transformation’ of Waverton’s customer experience - here’s how it delivered.

How P&O Cruises used SEO to bounce back post-COVID with 1,200% rise in traffic to newcomer pages

The transport company righted the ship post-pandemic by using website SEO to tap into new customer segments previously left in uncharted waters with visibility of its port pages increasing by nearly 20% and traffic by nearly 85%.

How Huel grew a global D2C brand focusing on one channel: referrals

The plant-based food brand turned to its customer fanbase to convert 60% of recommendations into new customers, despite an unfamiliar product in an overcrowded market.

How Aviva used creative and paid social to raise awareness of Britain’s decaying nature by 35.3 million impressions

In partnership with Krow Group, the Aviva Community Fund has helped raise £664,472 in support of the Save Our Wild Isles campaign that combined interactive Instagram stories, non-skippable 6” YouTube ads, idea pins on Pinterest and in-feed posts and stories on Meta.

How PokerStars achieved a $5.33 return for every $1 invested into AI-driven optimisation of its YouTube campaigns

Teaming up with Scibids AI allowed the online poker website to streamline over 200 YouTube campaigns from top to bottom, resulting in an average campaign optimisation uplift of 66.62% when compared to demand-side platforms’ benchmarks.

How Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Meta opened Gen X’s eyes to the world of direct-to-consumer commerce

The goal was simple: increase awareness and change consumer behaviour to promote the use of e-commerce. Here’s how Reprise leveraged Meta’s Conversions APIs to make first-party data audiences responsible for 43% of Nescafé Dolce Gusto purchases.

How Miele and GOA Marketing unlocked 103% revenue growth with a test and learn framework for paid search ads

Alongside a 55% uplift on ROAS, Miele saw revenue spike thanks to partnerinng with GOA Marketing and its platform to identify over 100 potential performance opportunities that were prioritised thorough test and learn.

How Carrefour leveraged machine learning tech to increase lifetime value ROAS for newly acquired customers by 45%

Omnichannel retailer Carrefour Group partnered with digital acceleration provider Making Science to refine its strategy for predicting future lifetime value of newly acquired customers and enjoyed strong results over a six month A/B testing period.

How weaving an omnichannel retail media strategy into one centralised platform saw CordaRoy’s ROI increase 22% in a month

Partnering with omnichannel marketing platform Skai, bean-bag chair brand CordaRoy’s and ad agency Marshall centralised retail media management and fostered the launch of the brand’s new product lines.

How Twogether used performance-based insights to create marketing materials to drive up global engagement

Partnering with content platform Turtl, B2B tech marketing agency Twogether streamlined its content strategy by leveraging actionable performance-based insights to increase user engagement and drive better business outcomes.

How StarHub married branded content with contextual advertising to improve its brand perception among Premier League fans in Singapore

Partnering with Yahoo Singapore, Starhub’s “Football for All” campaign smashed click through rate averages, reached tens of millions of football fans and cemented its reputation as a ‘reputable’ brand.

How doubled mortgage customer conversations

Getting a mortgage is incredibly complex, so how can marketers simplify the sales funnel? Hubspot’s CRM platforms helped smooth the journey.

How LiveScore Bet used the 2022 FIFA World Cup to drive clicks and leads via contextual ads

Popular gambling company smashed the average industry fill rate, achieving several thousand unique engagements, with its interactive image-streaming campaign for frenzied football fans.

How Forever Unique and ROI Hunter tripled conversions in just one month with Google Shopping

Take a high-end fashion retailer’s need to increase conversion rates, add product performance data from channels and custom sources, integrate it for a single source of truth, and see a Google Shopping campaign that delivers a rise in ROAS of 43%.

How one agency created a digital learning academy to make performance marketing an access-to-all career path

Over the past three years, 70% of graduates from Kepler Academy have gone on to secure jobs in digital marketing as the agency seizes the opportunity to promote diversity in the industry.

How New Look and MediaVision developed new tech to grow sales and supercharge SEO

The launch of tech platform Metis has been the result of collaboration between the search agency and its retail client to move SEO beyond hygiene and integrate search across its e-commerce strategy.

How UST went from ‘best-kept secret’ to tripling engagement benchmarks

A tech company that was only known through organic networking and referrals had a rebrand gaining 1.5 million impressions.

A double win: LATAM Airlines reduces cost per user and carbon emissions with adtech

South America’s largest carrier reduced CO2 emissions linked to digital advertising by 14 tonnes in a single campaign, whilst reducing CPU by 83%.

How Corona boosted YouTube view-through rates by 141%

What to do next? A question that Corona asked to VidMob to make the most of its successful video campaign on social media, proving the power of data-driven creative.

How M&S smashed ‘Golden Quarter’ engagement targets with Future Publishing

Iconic UK retailer delivered 185% of the reach KPI for its festive content marketing campaign beating its target by a massive 2.5 million impressions.

How Farfetch saw £1m in sales with a Performance Influencer model

Over six months, Buddy Media enlisted 12 influencers to drive new customer acquisition and increase revenue for the luxury retail platform.

Eye tracking drives Toyota’s click to conversion up by 77%

A trio of agencies teamed up with Tobii to boost Toyota’s clicks and conversions, proving that eye tracking is becoming a vital tool to help understand attention.

How a powerful social media campaign rewrote the narrative for Down syndrome

Combining influencer marketing, targeted social media and powerful positive branding messages helped a charity change perceptions (and potentially policy) around Down syndrome.

Hydrow and Hivestack’s programmatic targeting for luxury fitness

The ‘peleton of rowing’ targets affluent gym-lovers. How did Hydrow and Hivestack use a DSP to create a contextually relevant campaign for a specific audience?

Prioritising authenticity: how Elemis increased revenue through creator commerce

Off the back of a super-charged 2020s, Elemis had a focus on boosting sales for its best-selling lines via increased traffic to The team wanted to embrace a more consistent ongoing influencer strategy as part of its marketing mix.

How TalkTalk’s laser focused direct mail campaign resulted in more conversions and less waste

A UK telecoms operator slashed the cost of acquisition by a startling 73.4%, by spending more time upfront compiling suitable targets rather than large-scale digital campaigns or wide mailshots.

How PensionBee reduced ad costs and boosted acquisitions with creative data insights

Here’s how the fast growing scale-up decreased their Meta CPA from £130 to £88 for a specific campaign and used Automated Creative’s insights to shape their TV ad.

How a Latin American drugstore chain boosted revenue by 235% using location-based campaigns

Latin American drugstore giant partnered with Cloud4Wi to harness WiFi functionality across its 2,500 to collect first-party data in line with privacy regulations and target its customers with highly personalised offers.

How car retailer Pendragon accelerated Google search clicks by 17%

Yext worked with UK’s automotive retailer Pendragon to help create a clear and consistent digital footprint for car buyers to land on the right web pages and locate relevant dealerships.

This pencil went viral on TikTok in 8 seconds, how?

From zero followers two months ago to now being used by Richard Branson and Michelle Obama. How did this pencil rise to fame, and at a skyrocketing pace?

How IBM reached and retargeted 1.4 million B2B Safari users

ID5 and MediaMath helped IBM promote its cloud and AI products to IT professionals, providing more competitive CPMs while honouring the users’ privacy choices.

How a creative testing strategy boosted ad spend returns by 22% for Fluent

An iterative approach from LifeStreet helped performance marketing agency Fluent quickly identify new creative lifts, increasing engagement with its in-app ads.

How Turtl fast-tracked sales proposal delivery with automation to slash delivery time by 90%

Informa Markets felt stuck in the 1990s with its inconsistent, time-consuming PowerPoint-led proposal creation process, but Turtl’s solution was worth thousands of hours of time saved, with a brand-consistent, visually appealing output.

How Charlotte Tilbury Beauty reduced cost per acquisition by 29% with Scibids’ custom bidding

The beauty brand increased its reach without increasing its CPAs. In two months conversation rates increased by 60% and they doubled viewable reach within budget limits by optimising frequency.

How a food manufacturer used gaming to reignite awareness of its products to students returning to school post-pandemic

Appetite Creative’s multi-layer 2D and AR gaming experience connected users with KDD’s drinks products as a back to school staple.

A digital transformation to save lives: Anthony Nolan’s improved SEO for stem-cell donors

Anthony Nolan optimised its website and SEO, with DAM platform Bynder, to support the lifeblood of the charity and retain its supporters for the long term.

How a charity used seamless in-game ads to communicate purpose and highlight awareness of its Clean Water Pledge

Interact’s in-game billboards with targeted messages allowed users to click to find out more rather than having their gameplay interrupted with advertising. One in four players made the decision to leave the game to learn more about the water crisis.

How BIG W’s Toy Mania AR campaign caused a big uplift in CTR, engagement rates and store visits

By delivering a fun, imaginative experience, the Australian toy store brought toys to life and bridged the online/offline experience.

How SYZYGY ensures Deliveroo a peak standout for first time downloads

A continual test and learn approach in app store optimisation meant SYZYGY exceeded Deliveroo’s targets of first-time app downloads in 2021.

How Burst Oral Care rebranded for on-shelf appeal and saw a 20% ROAS boost

To maximise return it's important to be mindful of all your consumer touchpoints (including keeping up with the Kardashians!)

How Iberostar Group and Making Science used machine learning to ensure rapid response when travel bounced back

The pandemic-led downturn in the travel sector provided the global tourism and hotel chain with an opportunity to look at its paid social campaign and enhance efficiencies to prepare for a return in demand.

How Alienware used a little more conversation to boost click through rates

The Dell-owned gaming and console company found Reddit’s Conversation Placements - despite a small real estate - increased CTR compared to other placements, with a nod to the importance of authenticity when engaging with the gaming community

How Standard Chartered Bank, Dentsu and Yahoo played their cards right with AI and Programmatic

Using a data-heavy cross-channel strategy helped the Singapore bank stay ahead of the competition and drive sign-ups to their Unlimited Cashback Credit Card.

How a government department combatted confusion to make E10 petrol more than a label

The UK government reached out to Reddit’s army of car enthusiasts to communicate an important message to the public as fast, and cost-efficiently, as possible.

How Starcom leveraged Samsung UK data to maximise high-level product revenue

By aligning ad spend relative to the profits generated by individual products, spend increased fourfold and revenue was doubled.

How Sofology improved searches and listings to comfortably achieve 7x ROI

By teaming up with Yext Listings, the furniture retailer took control of its data and listings to increase foot traffic, customer footfall and conversions.

Is Peleton’s 35 percent loss MMA’s 335 percent win?

How Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star Rory Singer’s gym, SBG Athens, used AI to filter out uncompleted sales, and knock out the competition.

How a ketchup brand in Pakistan beat rivals and grew sales by 125 percent with an online learning show

National Foods Limited (NFL) reinvented online education for children and managed to drive marketing and business success across Asia.

How the ECB boosted live cricket audiences during a pandemic

Growing a cricket fanbase via a completely new nationwide event is tricky enough without an ongoing pandemic to contend with too. Here’s how the ECB and Threepipe Reply batted a sticky wicket to generate half a million ticket sales…

How Dragonfly AI helped Mitsubishi Motors exceed revenue target by 17 percent

Using AI to back up gut feel and intuition with data allowed the motor manufacturer to unlock valuable insights that informed key creative decisions.

How the tech-curious entrepreneurs at Red Dress achieved a double-digit uplift in sales

Innovative fashion boutique Red Dress turned to a similarly forward-thinking tech company during lockdown’s uncertain times.

How DBS Singapore blended branding and performance marketing to boost applications

By finding synergies between branding and performance marketing, DBS Bank Singapore has seen business outcomes and brand interest reach new heights.

How a small beauty retailer outranked the big players on Google Shopping

Coconut Lane generated 113% revenue growth, 86% more conversation and 27% impression share by using Google Shopping to showcase its range of matching, Instagrammable products. 

How Vitality found purpose in their performance

The insurance company became more aligned with societal changes and stepped out of its performance marketing bubble.

How a light bulb supplier increased online revenues by 107%

The e-commerce veteran saw triple-digit growth in revenue by using Google Shopping as their main driver.

How Norton sold antivirus software to online gamers

The software company targeted gamers on TikTok and Twitch, and managed to amass over 47million impressions across all markets.

How the AA used audio to target and convert customers

The breakdown service provider was able to accurately track and attribute website visits of customers that heard their audio advert.

How Presto Music nurtured its first-party data to drive sales

The classical music store's strong interactive online community helped the business grow 25% year-on-year.

How independent bookshops are competing with Amazon

An American profit-sharing platform has grown rapidly by offering booksellers the advantages of e-commerce without the overheads.

How Moonpig used lockdown to take creative risks

In a year like no other, online card and gift retailer Moonpig released the shackles on its performance marketing efforts to test and explore like never before. 

How GSK turned smokers into first-party consumers

GSK’s brands are household names, but the pharma company wanted to foster a direct relationship with its consumers.

How Fix8 pivoted to sell kombucha direct to consumers

As health consciousness increased because of COVID-19, so did the demand for kombucha. But with shops shut, Fix8 had to find new ways of distributing its products.

How small businesses used Shopify to rapidly scale

E-commerce platforms like Shopify are providing the springboard for success for small businesses and helping to level the playing field against big global brands.

How Little Moons went viral on social media

Little Moons' mochi balls are a social media sensation. Here's what you can learn about generating buzz, Gen-Z style.

How Beano and Flavourly used data to boost audiences and sales

The two challenger brands both used performance marketing data to grow their businesses and save costs.

How the Stroke Association grew donations during lockdown

Lockdown forced the charity’s hand and the resulting overhaul saw donations and income grow and the organisation adopt a more cohesive approach to its marketing.

How War Paint is using TikTok to sell men’s makeup

Men’s makeup brand War Paint for Men has begun trialling TikTok and Shopify’s social commerce features to create engaging ad content that relates to its customers.