The innovation roadmap for performance marketing: Sarah Salter, Wavemaker

Wavemaker’s Global Head of Applied Innovation speaks to PMW about the four areas of tech that marketers need to dive into in 2023, and how to move beyond the barriers of change.

The Surreal deal: how a plucky new cereal brand is eating its rivals for breakfast

Cereal startup Surreal knows exactly what it's doing. With KPIs for humour and subverting Black Friday, the brand is all about maximum impact with minimum spend.

Taking marketing measurement to the next level: Nick Reid, DoubleVerify

From brand suitability to shifting audience expectations, Nick Reid, Managing Director at DoubleVerify, outlines how performance marketers can measure what matters in a world full of ads… and be seen in the right places.

What do you meme? Monetising the creator economy

"Almost half of all Millennials and Gen Z's use memes on a daily basis". Funcorp's Group CEO talks to PMW about monetising memes, growing the creator economy and how marketers can use the humorous images.

Frameworks of success for brands in the metaverse explained

Brands need a very compelling case to spend budget entering the metaverse right now. Stuart Russell, CSO, Planning-inc unfolds the visions of the metaverse, how it can be democratised and who’s leading the way.

Going in-house: Dale Fisher from Superbet on evolving brand and agency relationships

From the World Cup to the cost of living crisis, Dale Fisher, Global Head of Paid Social & Display at Superbet, outlines the challenges performance marketers face going into the 'Golden Quarter'.

Sharing success: Farhad Divecha from AccuraCast on cross-border data consolidation

From boardroom buy-in to empowering local teams, Farhad Divecha, MD at international agency AccuraCast, offers his experiences on helping brands turn global consolidation into marketing success stories.

Sonic boom: Charlie Cadbury from Say it Now on the rise of actionable audio

From selling apples in his garden to selling Berocca Boost via smart speakers, we meet with Charlie Cadbury CEO of Say it Now, to talk about the future of voice commerce.

The keys to success in today's world: Joanna Lyall, Brainlabs

PMW meets with Jo Lyall, UK CEO at Brainlabs to talk about why connection, experimentation and adaptability are integral skills for performance marketers today.

Travel back in time with Guido Ampollini, GA Agency

A video interview with the Founder and Head of Performance at GA Agency. Guido talks to PMW about failure, time travel, and what is exciting about young talent in the performance marketing industry right now.