How to prepare for a successful Black Friday

While consumers are seeking personalised recommendations more than ever, marketers are struggling to get the insight they need. So how can marketers bridge this ‘potential gap’?

How to integrate B2B influencer marketing into your strategy

Energy PR’s Sarah Evans on the ‘real world’ side of influencer marketing and how B2B organisations can harness the marketing power of their trusted industry experts.

The rise of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV: A three minute guide to take advantage of FAST

As linear TV declines, CTV and Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) content such as ITVX, All4, and Amazon’s new entry FreeVee, is picking up the relocated audience. From home screen ads to ‘direct to glass’ commercials, here’s a rundown of next-gen TV strategies three minutes.

How to create winning cross-platform digital media campaigns

The scale of social media can be daunting for marketers, but to create successful campaigns across all the options – like Instagram versus TikTok – brands need bravery, learning, and a mind for diversification.

How to build quizzes into your marketing strategy

Q: Can you gamify your marketing strategy without inflicting ‘survey fatigue’ on your target audience? A: Yes, but getting the approach and tone right is crucial to drive more engagement.

How to make your video ads perform better on Google, Snapchat and LinkedIn

Video advertising can be used for all stages of the marketing funnel. Here are the differences between platforms to make your creative perform better.

How to create a winning international SEO strategy

A look at the steps marketers and their colleagues can walk through to fuel an international SEO strategy that overcomes the barriers of localisation and cements a strong presence in all your markets.

How to navigate the changing pressures for the retail CMO

The CMO’s role is one of evolution – and increasingly where results have to be delivered fast. But a five-step plan can help those in the role – and their teams to once again become ‘masters of story’ says ROI Hunter’s Karel Schindler.

How to deliver a single customer view

Gathering all your customer data and merging it into a single record may seem daunting, but Melissa’s Barley Laing offers the step-by-step toolkit to better understand your customers, better personalise and better obtain insight into product or service improvement needs.

How to drive sustainability in search

From optimising image sizes to reviewing crawl logs, steps can be taken to reduce the environmental impact of websites and digital marketing – and improve the user experience.

How to make the most of next-generation SSPs

On the surface, it seems to be a tricky time for supply-side platforms (SSPs) as Yahoo shuts down its SSP and EMX recently filed for bankruptcy. But this turbulence is actually reflective of a positive step towards a more efficient system: supply path optimisation.

How to reach the ever-moving customer: examples from Amazon Ads

Amazon’s advertising business grew 19% last year, in stark contrast to slowdowns from Google and Meta. Here’s how a customer-centric attitude and 'test and learn' approach can help marketers get the most out of this growing platform.

How to get next generation loyalty with value-based interactions

Keeping customers is getting harder, as they are forced to spend less elsewhere. How can marketers tap into customer’s emotions to keep them loyal long-term?

How brands can utilise SEO to withstand 2023

Lowering the price of your product or service may seem like the best move in a recession, but brands can instead harness their search data insights to boost value and stay connected with changing customer needs.

How to choose the right data clean room

Data clean rooms (DCR) offer a cookie-free alternative to audience targeting for marketers. But a good DCR should be capable of more than just data collaboration.

How to disrupt your marketing with an app

Marketing strategies can become stagnant and boring. Apps have the potential to contain all marketing and materials for customers in one place, plus more.

How to accelerate your conversions by future-proofing your measurement

Marketers need to future-proof their data strategies and conversion APIs could be the missing link they need to achieve this.

How to unlock the European market with partnership marketing

The European market can open doors to lucrative opportunities, but understanding cultural differences is a must. The solution? Partnerships.

How to make digital platforms more ‘human’

Advanced marketing technology can lack basic ‘human’ instinct. How can brands emulate this at scale?

How to win more Black Friday customers with SEO

From on-the day optimisation to all year round pages, here's a 10-step guide to preparing your content for one of the biggest consumer spending events of the year.

How to go viral on TikTok

Going viral on social media is not just about pleasing the crowd, but playing the game. It is possible to plot a path to success, you’ve got to do what the algorithm wants.

How to implement data ethics for a competitive advantage

It’s more important than ever to clearly communicate your privacy-first credentials to your customers. Enter the personal data dashboard….

How to prepare a best-in-class strategy for Black Friday

This year’s shopping phenomenon will be dominated by online retail, while the FIFA World Cup presents unique opportunities for an ironclad Black Friday strategy – but what is ‘best in class’?

How brands can navigate the challenge of fake followers

1 in 4 Instagram influencers purchased fake followers last year - equivalent to 15% of their total followers. It’s time brands stopped overpaying for bots…

How to adapt digital marketing for a downturn

When economic change impacts customer behaviour, it’s business behaviour that needs to pivot - not the budget. So how can marketers weather the incoming economic storm?

How to write better content for SEO

Google’s Helpful Content update means it is far less easy for copywriters to ‘game’ search engines, though this shouldn't be happening anyway. But what makes good content with a customer-focussed mindset?

How to build useful content briefs

From time-consuming templates to understanding the nuances of structure versus copy, creating a truly useful content brief is an SEO professional’s achilles heel. Here’s some top tips for a smoother, collaborative process between SEO and content.

How to move customers out of the messy middle

Find out how using the right triggers can get customers out of the messy middle and ready to purchase.

How to reduce bounce rates with a website audit

In July, the average website bounce rate was 41%. Here’s 3 steps to audit your website and turn visitors into loyal customers and brand champions.

How to thrive without cookies

From data partnerships to marketing mix modelling, to be successful in a cookieless future, marketers will need to have the confidence to reach the same, if not wider audiences. Here’s four simple steps to success…

How to ensure OOH success in a digital-first world

Digital-first habits from the pandemic are sticking and the game has changed for traditional out of home campaigns. Here’s how to stand out in the digital-first streets.

How to grab people's attention... and keep it

Past behaviour is a poor guide to a consumer’s current mindset. Here’s a modern marketers guide to catching the consumers attention in a media saturated world.

How to deliver more effective email newsletters

They might be old school but they are still one of the most effective CRM channels when done right. Here's 7 tips to supercharge your email newsletters for 2022...

How to advertise in mobile games

As mobile games continue to conquer the world, how can incoming brands make the channel work for them? Here's 5 key tips...

How to battle ad fraud with blockchain

The inherently transparent nature of blockchain technology means every transaction is visible and can’t be tampered with, making it ideal for tackling this blight.

How to navigate the Data Reform Bill

At last there’s more detail from the UK Government on plans to reform UK data protection law post-Brexit. Here’s what you need to know, and what you can do.

How to make your TikTok tick

5 ways to make sure your marketing strategy performs how it should

How to make sure your retail marketing budget counts

3 ways digital marketers can help drive action from their advertising.

How to stand out from the crowd

In a busy marketplace where noise levels are getting forever higher, here are 3 ways to get your digital campaigns seen and heard.

How to get started with B2B brand advertising

B2B branding is a misunderstood discipline, but it can enhance ROI, employee satisfaction, cross-selling and customer advocacy.

How to save billions of dollars (currently being wasted on ineffectual ad spend)

Using metrics that don’t tell the whole story can cost you dear. Here are two ways to make sure you get more for your spend.

How to be a winner in retail media

With this burgeoning channel set to grow and grow as cookie deprecation looms, here are five top tips to help brands and marketers win big.

How to use clean rooms to create a VIP data experience

Using data clean rooms can allow you to create real, useable data to drive campaigns in a post-cookie world.

How to choose the best DSP for you

Before investing in a new demand-side platform [DSP], here are the 10 questions you need to ask.

How to rid the web of ad-funded piracy

Four surprisingly easy ways to prevent your ads from inadvertently funding pirate websites.

How to accelerate your digital transformation strategies

Don’t get stuck trying to work it all out first – with a ‘get started, learn fast’ model you can audit your current data to glean insights then quickly build on that foundation.

How to launch a partnership programme

Partnerships offer a bypass around the traffic jam of overpriced, untrustworthy digital advertising, on the journey towards restoring consumer trust.

How to calculate attention through eye tracking

The ability to track and then predict what catches our eye on-screen is transforming our understanding of attention in advertising.

How to ensure your CMP notice creates the best user experience

Using a Consent Management Platform [CMP] properly can stop you alienating the very people you want to find out more about – to everyone’s benefit.

How to embrace brand performance measurement

7 ways to find the metrics you need to measure what’s important for your brand.

How the Instagram algorithm works in 2022... and how to optimise for it

Get to grips with how the platform has changed, plus five new ways to get and stay seen.

How to make sure your website isn’t killing the planet

Five ways that SEO and good web management can help you reduce your carbon emissions

How to win over your audience with effective (and unobtrusive) native ads

Using native ads can help you cut through the clutter and foster seamless online experiences. But where do you start?

How to keep digital customers loyal

How can marketers ensure brand loyalty in an increasingly disloyal shopping environment?

How to make your paid search, er, pay…

Five top tips for revamping your paid search strategy and making your money go further

How to manage your pipeline and boost sales

Sector, product or service aside, to succeed in today’s challenging business environment you need a sustainable flow of sales. And crucial to this is a robust and measurable sales pipeline.

Universal Analytics Vs Google Analytics 4: your questions answered

With Google sunsetting its popular Universal Analytics next year, we provide a practical guide for performance marketers migrating to Google Analytics 4, and the key differences to expect…

How to personalise ads without cookies

As the shutters start to roll down on third-party data, marketers need to navigate the shift to first-party data, build good partnerships and find a balance between engagement and intrusiveness.

How to optimise Pay Per Click (PPC)

Technology is advancing by the day. To be seen by and engage with consumers, marketers need to keep on top of Pay Per Click and paid social trends now, or risk falling behind.

How to create great branded content

With the last year changing the way we work, marketers now need to meet customer expectations and create authentic and interesting branded videos that not only get the content noticed but retain attention, spotlight the brand, gratify its viewers and lead to action.

How to win at customer acquisition

Too many brands are relying on a ‘patchwork’ of methods and spending more on acquiring customers than they are worth.

How to create a great chatbot

Your guide to creating authentic-feeling conversations that improve customer service… and sales completion rates.

How to go viral

Every brand wants to go viral, but not many actually achieve it, and when they do it can be for the wrong reasons. 

How to avoid cart abandonment

Performance marketing may have done all the hard work to attract customers and bring them to the point of purchase, but here’s how to get them over the line.

How to deliver tailored marketing in a post-cookie world

Personalisation can still be achieved without cookies, it just requires a different way of working.

How to choose the best influencer for your brand

Social media influencers can be divided up into four categories, and what makes them different is much more than just how many followers they have or the fee they command. 

How to measure incremental ROI

The key factors to consider when implementing a successful measurement strategy that will help prove impact.

How get into Amazon’s ‘buy box’

Appearing in the box on the right of their page can make all the difference when it comes to sales.

How to choose the right platforms for your social

Social commerce offers potentially the biggest new online commercial opportunity since the launch of Amazon, but what functions does each platform have to offer?

How to use supply chain issues to your advantage

As shortages hit the headlines again, affiliates and advertisers have an opportunity to fight back by offering alternative supply routes.

How to get seen on Google Shopping

Can software help you game the system and make the right bids?

How to get boardroom buy-in

Translating ideas so that non-experts can understand will help performance marketers get C-suite buy-in.

How to buy CTV ad space

With streaming beginning to outpace linear channels on Smart TVs, it’s time to embrace the ad-targeting that maximises ROI. 

How to create a successful data strategy

Here are the top four things you need to consider while you make sure it is.

How to survive the cookieless future

After years of being over-reliant on existing platforms, we need to get back to basics, says Oliver Vaughan, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Tug

How to make your Google Shopping campaign a winner

As the field becomes ever more sophisticated, here's how think like an e-commerce specialist and stay ahead.

How to launch a successful campaign on social

With social platforms looking to turn users into shoppers without leaving their bubble, here’s how to makes sure your brand doesn’t get left outside.

How to attract the best hires

The digital skills shortage requires brands and agencies to think outside the usual channels. Jamie Clifford, Managing Director at iCrossing UK, explains how graduates and career changers can help unblock the talent gridlock...

How to go mobile-first for performance

With online shopping soaring and high streets shuttered during pandemic lockdowns, traditional brands without a substantial online presence have been playing catch up. The solution requires a shift in priorities...  

How to create strong bonds with your customers

The ways customers relate to brands is much the same as how people relate to each other. With social media, we are able to create stronger connections than ever before, with people crying out for a sense of community post-pandemic.

How to strengthen connections with mobile-first

If acquiring a new customer costs five to eight times more than retaining a current one, what are the best ways to take care of those you have?

How to succeed with streams and podcasts

With over a quarter of Brits streaming more music on their commute than a year ago, marketers might want to consider a more personalised approach.

How to protect your marketing from platform outage

Each digital platform has a seductive array of benefits, making it feel easy for your business to be steered by any one of them. But what happens if your favoured channel goes down or people move away?

How to maximise your customer engagement

Simply spending more money on ads is unlikely to make the difference you need, especially when there are so many other distractions for consumers. So what can you do?

How to set up B2B sales and marketing teams for success

By using digital platforms powered by real data, you can get your staff up and running faster and continue to improve performance through more effective coaching.

How to create real transparency in your supply chain

How to create end-to-end transparency in the supply chain and be the brand consumers switch to, not from.

How to drive brand engagement using research

If brands are uncovered, not invented – what are the best ways to reveal the treasure that lurks beneath the surface?

How to quickly upskill with data training

There is a growing gap between the pace of digital transformation and the provision of the foundational skills needed to deliver it. The good news is that the C-suite is becoming more aware of the problem...

How to best blend physical and online retail

While bricks and mortar brands turn to online models and performance marketing strategies, digital natives now see the need for physical stores and brand building tactics. Can there be a best of both worlds approach?

How to make sense of gaming demographics

Gaming is no longer just a boys’ club. But with global brands experimenting with the market, marketers need to act quickly.

How to improve your data

When key decisions (and budgets) are being driven by data, it’s vital that information is as accurate as possible.