Meet the experts: winning tips from the biggest names in performance marketing

Performance Marketing World is hosting a streaming video collection of key speakers and panel discussions from our global events to bring you advice from some of the big brands, agencies and tech experts in the industry. View our extensive video series below…

Taking the next step in ROI, engagement, and sales: the future of social commerce for performance marketers from P&G

What is the role of marketplaces with the rise of social commerce? To what extent will brand stores remain relevant? Find the answer in this presentation from P&G's Global Innovations and Media Leader, Gaurav Virkar.

Marketing in a Web3 world: HSBC explains how to prepare

Suresh Balaji, CMO Asia, HSBC answers all our questions about marketing in the metaverse and what it all really means. Watch this future-gazing presentation from the Performance Marketing World APAC conference.

Unilever: how can performance marketers become more future fit and create more value for their business?

What do businesses really want from performance marketers? Watch the fireside chat from Unilever's Deepak Subramanian to learn what you should be doing tomorrow, today.

How can influencer marketing be used to amplify a brand message?

Watch Shaurya Bhushan Tyag, Digital Marketing Lead, APAC, OPPO give valuable insight into how to use UGC for increasing engagement in the campaign and the qualitative and quantitative measures of success.

Data v creative argued by Taco Bell, iStock and Bupa: can creativity in a numbers world boost results?

Same data different results: Taco Bell's Gitanjali Sriram, iStock's Yara Ohashi and Bupa's Yvonne Leung give lightning talks about driving engagement, loyalty and sales through creating an emotive response.

Reimagining brandformance marketing after COVID – a presentation from PUMA

Is social more about increasing brand affinity rather than a hard sell? Can too much performance harm your brand? PUMA's Adam Yu, APAC Marketing Team Head, answers your questions in a presentation about the balance between brand and performance after COVID.

How to deliver a successful performance marketing strategy across multiple regions

How do you adapt your campaigns for the diverse parts of APAC, such as Singapore, Vietnam and Australia? Speakers from 3M, BAT North Asia and Cognitive Union discuss a more unified approach for multinational brands.

Delivering an effective customer engagement and acquisition strategy

Watch theAsianParent's presentation on how to generate high quality traffic and improve your ROI.