In this special report, PMW conducted exclusive research and spoke to a panel of performance marketing experts from brands and agencies to get key planning tips for a Q4 like no other. This first entry into the Performance Marketing Playbook series puts the retail sector in the spotlight, with actionable insights for managers and practitioners alike.


Introduction: a not so Golden-Quarter for retail brands?

History tells us that recessions are bad news for retailers. So why are they spending even more on marketing than last year?



Case study: How H&M boosted paid search revenues by 70% with a ‘new customer’ metric

Adopting a value-based approach to performance marketing showed one fashion retail giant that search isn’t just an effective revenue driver, but also a great way to connect with new customers.


The Performance Marketing PlayBook: retail brands

Our methodology

PMW commissioned LoopMe to survey 2,878 consumers in the UK, 2,462 consumers in the US, and 3,566 consumers in Singapore from 03-16 August 2022 to understand consumer sentiment with regards to retail spend this year. LoopMe's opt-in GDPR-compliant research was delivered to consumers via their mobile devices. All surveys were non-incentivised. Surveys appear as consumers engage with content across mobile web and apps, providing scalability and unique reach for data collection. PurchaseLoop Audiences leverages survey technology to identify your in-market audience. PurchaseLoop Audiences are created from proprietary segments using live, opt-in, marketplace responses and modelled to scale by our industry-leading artificial intelligence.
PMW also worked with MediaVision to compare search trends of UK adults of UK adults over a two year period. PMW used MediaVision’s Digital Demand Tracker, a tool that scans search demand across brand and market terms and gives  insights four times quicker than publicly available data. The dates compared where 28/08/2022- 28/08/2021 and 28/08/2021- 28/08/2022. MediaVision is an award-winning digital performance marketing agency. It uses unique and innovative technology to up its clients’ online visibility and ecommerce performance. Its demand led approach is redefining SEO through data analysis and technical expertise which enables brands to get ahead of the pack.  Its content and PR teams pen data-led stories to leverage the most relevant and impactful content opportunities.  Clients include New Look, Abbott Lyon, Instant Offices, Moss Bros, BNP Paribas, BooHoo and Arbuthnot Latham.