The six types of gamers (and how to sell to them)

From casual Candy Crushers to immersed Elden Ringers- the gaming audience is huge, diverse and lucrative. But how can marketers engage with each type of player in this highly personal environment?

The ABC of brand advocacy: A is for Acquisition

Acquiring high-value customers isn’t easy, but in times of cutbacks, loyalty and brand advocacy is more valuable than ever.

Forget app installs: how your agency or brand can use app-to-web to acquire high-value customers.

The TLDR: you don’t need an app or app installs to drive performance.

The power of experience: proving effectiveness with measurement

Imagination’s Chief Strategy Officer Tom Gray discusses the theory and practice behind the debunked myth that you can’t measure the effectiveness of experience – and why experiential marketing is a “priceless” tool in a brand’s armour.

Four ways to solve complexity in digital ad campaigns

From programmatic ad exchanges to data clean rooms - digital marketing can be a daunting industry to get to grips with. But a ‘test and learn’ attitude and first party data focus can give you an edge on over-planning competitors.

“Creators are completely essential to brand marketing strategies” but, there’s a measurement gap

Influencer marketing is taking up an increasing portion of the marketing spend, but much of its influence still remains immeasurable.

“Every half decent marketer needs to be a highly curious individual”: Mark Evans on the lessons of today for the leaders of tomorrow

Industry veteran Mark Evans has been in the game long enough to learn the difference between significance and success, and why balancing the pursuit of both with intrinsic motivation is the best lesson to teach marketing’s future generations.

“Winning brands are adaptive and have the tech and processes to listen to what customers are telling them”: how to ‘do’ great CX

Merkle’s Anne Stagg on customer expectation, responsible use of AI, a mutual understanding of the value of personal data and “keeping it simple” – the winning ingredients marketers need for customer experience.

How the right advice can help drive sales – even through a recession

To power your business through tough times, you need to know what you have, ask the right questions, and listen to and act on the wisdom of trusted advisors.

Six things performance marketers need to know about Australia

Australia is now the world’s 12th largest economy with just 0.3% of the global population. But a thriving digital (and DOOH) economy is about to face a new set of stricter data privacy laws. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

TikTok takes on Google and Microsoft in the search ads game

Does Google have cause for concern as TikTok aims to provide the answer to effectively targeting younger generations, or are the brand safety risks warning advertisers off?

DPDI Bill: expert views on the new frontier for UK data law

Industry commentators on the realities of GDPR practices that will change or be clearer under proposed reforms, their questions over ‘grey areas’ and whether cost savings will be truly unlocked.

Weaning insurance marketers off their TV addiction: insights from Ifty Kerzner, Kissterra

Insurers still top the list for linear TV ad spend, despite a high level of personalisation required for each customer. But with State Farm recently ditching a Super Bowl commercial for TikTok, is this rather slow-moving industry ready for a performance marketing revolution?

Three factors that will change the role of marketers in 2023

What marketers should prioritise to avoid wasting millions on ineffective adspend this year

A(i) guide for advertisers trying to navigate today’s paid search landscape

The rise of conversational search engines will amplify consumer buying intent - making more room for advertisers to actually make sales.

Are you a performance marketer… or a ‘Chief Dot Connector’?

Last week, an 800-strong audience at PM Unlocked welcomed a new type of event for London – with a rallying cry that performance marketing is breaking out from the bottom of the funnel.

Female leaders on how diversity closes the skills gap

Only one in four C-Suite leaders are women. How can the growing tech and performance marketing industries pave the way for change?

Media mix modelling: the future-proof, silo-busting future of measurement

The death of the cookie is no sombre occasion, but the switch to a new (and also old) form of measurement will require re-education - and a likely restatement of past campaign metrics.

Is AI like ChatGPT ultimately detrimental to the future of marketing?

Marketers need to understand how to work with generative AI to derive the greatest possible value from it while retaining the all-important human element

A specialist and generalist walk into a bar…

How a new wave of AI and automation may impact the age-old distinction between expert and broader marketing roles.

Why we’ll be reaching for the Lego to solve digital challenges this year

Taking play seriously can help your team build their way past blocks to creative, critical and strategic thinking about digital concepts and solutions

Reclaiming reach in the open web

More than two-thirds of online consumers opt out of advertisers' reach, but user choice is also driving the need to rethink strategies and work with this coveted audience's preferences

“Customers are no longer following a linear path through a funnel”: EssenceMediacomX CEO on merging giants, ethical AI and hidden data gems

Nearly a month on from the merger between agency behemoths MediaCom and Essence, Ryan Storrar celebrates the end of the beginning… and why he doesn’t want to see another upside down triangle on a slide ever again.

Why Hilton’s 10 minute TikTok went viral

‘10 minutes on TikTok is like three years in the real world’. What made this trend-bucking ad hit marketing gold?

Bard and ChatGPT: navigating the new AI-powered search landscape

What do digital marketers need to look out for when it comes to the impact of fast-moving developments in AI on the search engines and SEO at the heart of the business?

“You can’t get away from the power of TikTok – it would be ridiculous to not test and learn in that environment”: finance marketing that’s showing its Mettle

The CMO of the free digital business banking service backed by Natwest Group talks ‘different’ voices in finance, how digital makes sense for financial services and what a growth strategy looks like.

Meet the PMW 30 Under 30 Chair of Judges: Boots’ Omni-Media Director

Having seen the evolution of digital marketing over the last 20 years, Oliver Shayer never shies from a challenge and reveals what makes a 30 Under 30 award winner.

How programmatic audio advertising is enhancing the radio experience

New technology is enhancing the radio experience and transforming the way brands reach their target audience through audio channels.

“Make ChatGPT your overqualified intern”: Reprise’s Chloe Hawking on AI, diversity and the evolution of SEO

From four ways to future-proof your marketing career to challenging natural biases across internal teams – the CEO of one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest performance marketing agencies offers her advice for 2023.

Privacy: Ad tech providers can’t wait until the last minute – it’s on us to prioritise it now

Ad tech is the key to the privacy-centric transformation that will enable advertisers to focus on relevance, scale and addressability for the long term

Using surveys will solve the cookie-less conundrum

Almost five years after GDPR came into force, many advertisers are still struggling to find effective, privacy safe ways to replace their reliance on tracking cookies. But why try to infer what somebody is thinking when you can just ask them?

Trusting consumers over influencers: what trends will shape brand marketing in 2023?

With the economy's tight grip on marketing budgets, what can marketers do to reach new and loyal customers?

Super Bowl LVII review: Disney dominates, co-branding needs tinkering and M&M’s recovers a near disastrous fumble

One for the animal lovers and the nostalgia-seekers, Super Bowl LVII saw a seemingly endless stream of adverts and PMW has put together a recap of everything you need to know.

Go a la carte: how independent partnerships reinforce consumer trust and encourage advertiser freedom

Independent partnerships uphold the positive values of advertising and can protect from conflict of interests, while helping to safeguard brand safety and suitability, says Channel Factory’s Rob Blake.

Data marts: why marketers need them

How do you store data correctly to be sure it’s to hand to drive decisions? DoubleCloud’s Natalia Shuliak explains why data marts might be just what every marketing department needs.

The AI balancing act: 3 tips for a successful D2C strategy

Getting the right mix of automation versus the human experience can help you prevent fulfilment problems damaging customer experience and loyalty. But when do you need the human touch, and when is it best to deploy AI?

Super Bowl LVII predictions: crypto sacked, big tech fumbles and brand partnership power plays

The potential end of crypto adverts, tech falling a yard short and brands partnering to split crazy costs - get all the expert analysis of the state of play ahead the Super Bowl’s famous advertising frenzy.

How to use AI to thaw out the freeze in retail revenue in 2023

It’s time for retailers to defrost in 2023 by using AI integrations to warm up their audience – and sales – and form a fundamental building block in digital strategies.

From 'DCO 2.0' to the metaverse: where is the digital ad industry heading in 2023?

From dynamic creative personalisation to blurring lines between brands and agencies, 2023 will be the year that first-party data takes centre stage.

Customer-first: why securing investment for personalisation is priority for 2023

The economic climate makes the customer experience a core focus for brands and businesses in 2023, says new research from iCrossing, but barriers exist to pushing investment through.

Drivers of change: PMW 30 Under 30 previous winner’s interview

From transparency to sustainability to automation, young performance marketers are drivers of change. What are tomorrow’s CMOs up to today?

How data activation can take travel marketers to their dream destination

Economic turbulence, pandemic and wider industry disruption such as strike action and staff shortages means travel marketers must work harder to utilise their data in order to convince wary travellers to part with their dwindling spare leisure spend.

Data Privacy Day - “why not a year, or a decade”? 13 marketers’ on AI security, privacy as currency and ‘always-on awareness’

Has privacy become just another ‘selling point'? When will adland become completely cookie-less? And how can we be sure AI is processing data ethically? PMWs panel of experts discuss the big issues ahead of Data Privacy Day tomorrow.

“Staying safe isn’t going to cut the recessionary mustard”: 15 marketers on the latest AA/WARC 2023 adspend projections

The experts’ take on real-term decline for adspend this year amid some optimism, the pursuit of digital channels to optimise budgets and why privacy needs to be front and centre of 2023 plans.

Prove value to drive demand- using data in your B2B marketing strategy

When it comes to B2B marketing, the same tired strategies that have been used since the 1990s are still being used today. But what if marketers focused on selling their aggregated expertise, or data, and let their products sell themselves?

Automation: the saviour to busy shopping periods

At the start of what will be a challenging year, retailers would be wise to develop an automation-first strategy to enable peak performance not only now, but all year round.

Six things performance marketers need to know about India

Set to become the world’s most populated country in 2023, India has a growing middle class and strong smartphone and CTV adoption. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

Defining adtech compliance in a privacy-first world: Townsend Feehan, CEO at IAB Europe

A major advertising trade body and EU regulator are locked in a dispute over the fundamental concepts of GDPR. But are we about to witness a historic breakthrough in adtech transparency?

Question for ChatGPT: are you the future of customer service?

ChatGPT was 2022’s biggest tech story. Millions of people have already asked the AI bot millions of questions. Now, the customer service industry wants to know if ChatGPT can revolutionise the contact centre.

“Media efficiency will be a greater topic of conversation”: 50 marketers’ IPA reactions on first-party forward, optimising and the move to ‘brandformance’

With reported optimism for marketing spend playing out against downbeat views of prospects across UK industry, we ask our panel of marketing experts for their insights behind IPA’s latest figures.

2023: Brands must not turn their back on customer experience in a down economy

Set against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, customer experience is at risk of taking a backseat in 2023. But those that get it right will reap long-term rewards.

Double down on data: The resolution all marketers’ need to make (and stick to)

Relying on incomplete or low-quality data is a recipe for poor decision making and inefficiency. Taking the time to implement a unified data strategy now will pay off in 2023 and beyond.

Employees are your secret weapon for increasing reach and engagement

Social media driven employee advocacy can supercharge your brand’s organic reach. Keeping your staff happy is the real challenge...

“Everything has become performance”: Skai’s Michelle Urwin on the retail media revolution

As branding and performance roles become ever more entwined, a new approach to marketing is starting to emerge. Enter the ‘Head of Connected Performance’...

‘Self-serving’ or progressive? 3 data marketing experts on the big US video measurement pact

News broke last week of Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros and Paramount uniting on video measurement standards. Industry experts question who this actually benefits.

How to make your CFO fall in love with marketing

No two departments work further apart than marketing and finance despite both working towards the same goal – growing their business, but collaboration is much easier than most think. Here are some steps to seal the divide and create a cohesive partnership.

AI Oh No: art becomes the next frontier in the data versus creativity wars

After automated ad buying and copy writing, AI-generated art could soon start transforming the media and marketing landscape.

Hybrid in-housing is redefining the relationship between brands and adtech

The challenge of building technology, collating data, and recruiting the expertise to in-house marketing functions has sent many brands back to the adtech marketplace. Welcome to the age of hybrid in-housing (but not all vendors will survive).

Old-school attribution no longer works

How misconceptions about marketing attribution can leave you stuck in the past.

Marketing anti-predictions: What not to expect from 2023

Given the year ahead is currently shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty, and hard to forecast, what are the trends that won't happen in 2023?

The tech stack massacre, programmatic posters and 18 other marketing predictions for 2023

PMW’s panel of experts delve into what will happen in this year’s primary channels, and the tech and data moves marketers need to make to stay ahead of the curve.

Building a travel marketing strategy for a turbulent 2023

Despite rising living costs and a looming recession, UK consumers are still showing an appetite for travel. But travel brands must now appeal to a new type of consumer: one who’s more conscious about their holiday spend.

Why Sunak has got it wrong by forcing Maths up to 18

By making maths compulsory for UK students up to the age of 18, PM Rishi Sunak is missing the opportunity to position the UK as “European Tech Hub”.

The UK’s Data Reform Bill: why it should be shelved for good

Cookie banners are universally disliked but Matthew Platt argues that they are a necessary evil in the battle for transparency on data privacy – and proposals to scrap them under a new bill to distance the UK from GDPR should be taken off the table.

The year ahead for AI: 4 predictions from the world’s leading experts

From AI generated artwork to large language models, a panel of representatives from NASA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UCL provide their predictions for where machine learning and artificial intelligence will take us in 2023.

Smaller agencies need to understand their value to grow in 2023

For many agencies, late December and early January is a time of maximising budget spend for the quarter, but it’s also when planning for next year’s growth takes place in earnest. Smaller agencies often struggle with planning for growth, and a key factor in that is understanding where their value lies, and what actions can increase that value.

Market research in 2023 – what should we expect?

Opinion has never been more important than it is now, and the age of the survey data isn’t over just yet. But how is market research changing in the new world of big data?

Why creative and not data will win the battle for user attention on streaming platforms

When it comes to reaching a video audience, a user’s historical behaviour isn’t enough when the artwork is unengaging. Here’s why creative could be 'make or break' for an industry facing high competition.

“CMOs will need to speak the language of the CFO”: 5 future trends for B2B marketing

As we look to 2023, LinkedIn has developed five trends that we expect to see that will help B2B marketers elevate their brands in the year ahead.

Is it too late to save Twitter?

Elon Musk has left it to his Twitter followers to decide if he should step down as CEO, as advertisers are wary about returning to the turbulent platform.

The Meta and Google duopoly: will it collapse in 2023?

What are the ongoing – and upcoming trends – that could shift which platforms sit at the top of the pile, and make 2023 a year of change from the ‘status quo’?

“A much more competitive ads landscape”: 23 performance marketing predictions for 2023

From retail media and social commerce to ad net zero and Google’s ‘endless scroll’, PMW’s panel of experts look into their crystal balls to give us their top trends and tips for the year ahead.

Marketing for an economically uncertain Christmas

Customers still want Christmas, so how can marketers “keep festive and carry on” and capitalise as we come close to closing out the season?

“Every media plan should be accompanied by a measurement plan and we just don’t see that enough”

The “quest” of measurement debated, the importance of test and learn approaches, team silos…and the new measurement buzzword of attention being brought into the mix of measuring campaign effectiveness.

Streaming video advertisers beware - not all subscribers want ads

As Netflix rolls out its pricing tiers, different attitudes and behaviours to ads on SVOD of people across countries and generations should give advertisers pause for thought.

Conversational marketing: the best asset for business visibility

Move over chatbots. Enter conversational marketing - a personable approach that creates a dialogue rather than the usual AI question and answer method.

Unlocking performance techniques in broadcast media – without being creepy

The biggest opportunities for media planners and buyers comes from borrowing techniques that performance experts have been using for years – and cross over into broadcast, video on demand or digital out-of-home.

Doin’ Good and disrupting the fizzy drink industry: Q&A with Alessandra Zehnder at Soulfresh

Soulfresh is a brand on a mission to change the food and drink industry, one category at a time. How can performance channels help the Australian brand repeat its success story in European markets?

Why consumers are turning to influencers during the cost of living crisis

Social media is becoming the favoured source of news information. How can brands use influencers to get the tone right during crises?

How Web3 can change the conversation on data

We may be in the early foothills of Web3, but in terms of the ongoing conversation around data and privacy, it has the potential to deliver a fundamental change in what consumers expect, desire and tolerate.

Four marketing trends for the holiday season

A look at what retail brands can expect from their shoppers over the festive season, and how they can get ahead of their competitors with smart shopping offers.

Money can’t buy you love – but can it buy you loyalty?

Waitrose reintroducing its free coffee offer as part of its loyalty scheme shows a smart move to help incentivise non-card holders to sign up. What are the vital ingredients for a subscription service to be successful – and how can brands use them to up aa valuable consumer currency: their retention?

Creative data: a marketer’s recession antidote

Embracing innovation in times of crisis will separate the brands that win and those that disappear.

Ethical AI isn’t just for analytics teams - it’s for media marketers, too

With consumers watching and holding brands more accountable than ever before, understanding your consumers and targeting them effectively is key, but unchecked AI models will do more harm than good…

B2B search: it’s bigger than you think… and goes far beyond Google

Traditionally, B2B buyers have relied on catalogues, showroom visits, or sales reps to find the products they want to buy. But as digital becomes the channel of choice, marketplace optimisation and on-site search is becoming more important than ever.

Netflix versus… Peloton? Why ad-funded tiers disrupt the whole subscription industry

From gym memberships to recipe boxes, they may not realise it, but subscription services are competing with each other for survival as consumer spending gets tighter. But a strong customer engagement might just help them navigate a brutal winter of cuts ahead ...

What really happened on Black Friday? The insights (and numbers)

The lead-up to the cyber weekend was more cautious than in previous years, but according to our experts – and the results they’ve seen – sales in big ticket electronics made up for more muted interest in other sectors, while the USA soared ahead of the UK and Europe.

Consumers lack digital trust, are businesses willing to change?

The concept of ‘digital trust’ holds great value and impacts retailers' relationships with consumers. With even the big tech players changing their privacy models, how can online retailers win back consumer trust?

7 ways e-commerce businesses use alternative data

Staying competitive in the ecommerce landscape requires agility and flexibility to pivot business strategies and adjust to changing consumer preferences and economic conditions.

As third-party cookies crumble, how can advertisers adjust for 2024 and beyond?

What if there was a way to tailor ads without having to reduce the dynamic ad budget or infringe on consumer privacy?

Four ways to beat blanket B2B comms

Customers expect sleek digital experiences and customer-centric buying journeys and B2B brands must find relevant and meaningful ways to connect with buyers. To propel growth, they need to harness the latest expertise to attract, engage and convert business audiences.

Six things performance marketers need to know about Japan

A bigger economy than Germany, but a shrinking population makes Japan a unique market - but one full of opportunities. Read the PMW bluffer’s guide to the country from our marketing experts working in the region.

Mobile gaming continues to boom, so now is the time to pounce

Over the last two and a half years, the pandemic and its aftermath accelerated already existing mobile gaming trends. But marketing to this fast-paced lucrative audience requires a dynamic approach…

DOOH: are you getting what you paid for?

Independent verification for DOOH ad campaigns can no longer be the superpower of the select, given a challenging outlook for the next four years leading to potential stalls in adspend.

How brands can strike the right tone during this festive season

New data from Kantar reveals that only 18% of consumers strongly agree they’re looking forward to Christmas ads, down 5% from last year. How can brands engage with their audience amid the current economic turmoil?

“Agencies aren’t asking the right questions”: living in an expectation economy

The mobile phone has an expiry date and customers are expecting more than ever. How can marketers keep up with consumer demands and the tech to solve it?

How brands should tailor their marketing approach this Christmas

To truly engage consumers, it doesn't just come down to price points - it's vital that each individual consumer is served the ad iteration that will be the most relevant and meaningful to them, especially in the current climate.

Some brands are spending less on performance… isn’t that the whole point?

From eBay to Airbnb, a clutch of household names are heralding a branding renaissance as they cut back on performance channels. Should other brands follow suit?

Christmas ad tracker: John Lewis has done it again, or has it?

Advertisers had been warned to read the room this Christmas, by not flaunting presents and gifting during a cost-of-living crisis. But do purpose-driven ads really triumph at Christmas?

Brands owe streaming audiences a different approach to ads

AVOD is gathering momentum as competition and CPMs increase. Audiences are expecting bolder forms of storytelling and ‘prime time’ could become a thing of the past.

Why digital out-of-home is an essential force in today's media mix

As posters go programmatic, it’s brands’ time to shine in this undervalued yet constantly overdelivering channel.

We’re getting engaged! The move to more hands-on marketing

People spend roughly 5.4 hours a day using phones, so why shouldn’t companies adjust their marketing practice to better engage audiences?

Why brands should invest in influencer marketing during the downturn

With the prospect of a recession looming, businesses will be looking at how to operate smarter and scale growth without increasing spend. Robin Ward, Head of Sales at LTK Europe, explains why influencer marketing will be pivotal.

Will P&G’s performance pivot pay off? 5 experts on the brand's new ‘reach metric’

After a splurge in the pandemic, the world’s biggest ad spender is bulking up its in-house performance marketing as it slashes budgets. PMW quizzed five experts to see if the new frugal data-led approach will pay off…

“Q3 was always going to be tricky for advertising giants”: Meta, Google and Amazon results with expert predictions

What next for performance marketers amidst the daily-changing landscape – it seems – in the world of adtech? The scale and reach of Meta et al are never in question, but will marketers see better returns in their adspend?

PMW Global Awards 2023: meet the judges

“It's high time that the performance marketing industry runs a brand awareness campaign now!” With entries now open, PMW quizzed our prestigious judging panel on why we need a truly global awards event in 2023…

Why are marketers holding back from greater AI adoption?

Our industry is part way into a revolution in how we run effective campaigns on digital platforms, through the use of artificial intelligence. But the tech is opposed by challenges, blocking uptake to the technology and its benefits for marketers.

Under the influence: the impact of failure to disclose as watchdogs continue clampdowns

Myleene Klass’ Instagram hiccups once again put social posts under the microscope, but she is not alone in the roll-call of high-profile influencers attracting attention. Can influencer marketing rise above the noise – and consumer scepticism?

How brands can win big by aligning themselves with women’s sport

Whilst the ad price of aligning a brand with women’s sport will inevitably rise, the opportunity is a strong one, with fans 25% more likely to purchase from their team's sponsor than men’s sports fans.

Pioneering the future of digital advertising in a cookieless world

The question that advertisers and marketers are now facing is how to navigate a post-cookie world while still delivering relevant and engaging media content. Here’s a guide to prepare ahead for the cookieless future.

Why the KPIs of brand value are changing in the cost-of-living crisis

Where once value might’ve referred to a cheaper alternative, in the current economic context, value now represents going above and beyond the transactional media investment.

How to keep the brand light burning in uncertain times

Taking a ‘glass half full’ approach and recognising the opportunities to maximise budgets rather than cut them are just some of the tips to burn your way through a challenging climate.

Digital advertising’s carbon truth is out, what should we do next?

The by-product of revenue growth needs and adtech innovation is inefficient supply chains venting carbon waste. In one of the fastest growing movements since the adoption of programmatic ads, the industry, driven by publishers, is now uncovering this and looking to act.

Meta 1 year on: has it gone as planned?

Zuckerberg’s rebranded business has said to have lost “focus” by shareholders. Let’s take a look into Meta at its first birthday.

Why it’s time to enhance dynamic ads on social networks with product data

Social commerce is on the up and marketers are allocating budget to respond. It’s likely dynamic ads will be the ones leveraged, but these can often lack visibility and control – so how do marketers ensure that their investment reaches its true potential?

Beautiful, functional or hands-on? CMO James Gordon on why Karcher is powering up performance marketing

As house-trapped nesters turn into cash-strapped consumers, Karcher is combining modern first-party targeting with smart brand storytelling to clean up any wasted ad spend.

What’s scaring marketers – and what can they do about it?

We’re officially in the spooky season and it’s not just about frightening ghouls, horror films and witchcraft. The marketing industry is also facing some demons of its own. Vlad Komanicky, CEO and Co-Founder at Alchemists explores the issues making marketers’ skin crawl and how they can overcome them.

“Chief Twit”: 10 things performance marketers need to know about Musk’s Twitter purchase

After months of u-turns and legal rows, Elon Musk finally completed his $44bn acquisition last week, tweeting “The bird is freed”. From a new landing page to resurrecting Vine, PMW charts the future of the embattled social network…

The devil’s in the data: 5 best Halloween marketing campaigns of all time

Roll over big data, it's time to do the monster maths. PMW creaks open the vaults to resurrect some of the best data-driven marketing campaigns from spooky seasons past…

“Brands can’t afford the risk of a spray and pray approach to campaigns”: 25 marketers on the outlook for adspend

After the news that adspend forecasts are downgraded for this year and next, marketers reflect on the need to embrace emerging technologies and measure and account for every penny of spend, while making sure they don’t blink in the face of uncertainty.

“For the first time in history the regulators are ahead of the ad industry”

Many companies are breaching data protection laws without even knowing it – but is AI the answer? Jamie Barnard, former General Counsel at Unilever, speaks to PMW about privacy audits, Pot Noodles and winning at data Jenga…

Sandboxes and walled gardens: performance marketing with first-party data

The death of the cookie doesn’t need to mean the death of ad revenue for the mobile apps that live outside walled gardens.

Google is changing which SERP features it prioritises: what brands need to know

Google is showing fewer organic listings compared to a year ago, with a heavier focus on carousel and shopping results. This doesn't mean SEO isn't working, but it does require a change of tactics….

“This isn’t the time for business as usual”: 50 marketers and their insights on the latest outlook for marketing spend and direction

After the Bellwether report confirms a slowdown in marketing budget growth and a stagnant forecast for next year, marketers name possible green shoots still available and advise on how to make every bit of your spend count.

Keeping the spark alive: why relationships matter more than ever in the tech era

The value of an ongoing dialogue between supplier and client should not be eroded by the inclusion of tech platforms as any part of strategy - keep the conversations going and set clear lines in the sand around what you’re measuring, how and what success looks like.

As collaborative marketing grows, creative control remains key

Collaborating with creators is a powerful tool for brands, but giving over creative control comes with its own risks. How can brands continue to create home-grown content that connects with audiences, while keeping their hands on the wheel?

Right to reply: is tracker-free Neeva the future of search?

Neeva, an advert- and tracker-free search engine, launched in the UK this month. With the likes of Duck Duck Go and Brave Browser already proving popular, how can brands leverage the opportunity to be found on these alternative search engines?

The VOD generation: why video platforms are beating traditional TV for relevance

Massive survey of 10,000 Brits reveals that YouTube, TIkTok and Netflix are doing a better job at relevance, inclusion and access to ‘hard to reach’ audiences, than traditional TV counterparts.

The end of the line for returns?

Is the cost of living crisis the final straw for free returns? Here’s how retailers can balance customer satisfaction with their bottom line...

It’s the age of audio, listen to the facts

Audio is booming, and the stats prove its effectiveness in advertising. So why does adspend continue to be diverted towards more traditional channels?

Six tips to maintain marketing effectiveness in a cookieless world

It’s fair to say Google’s cookie deprecation delay divided the marketing community. But a stay of execution doesn’t mean marketers can continue with 'business as usual'...

Why is Apple bullish on AR (but not on the metaverse)?

Tim Cook is biding his time on the Web3 world, but Apple is setting is sights on an augmented rather than a virtual future that puts its existing devices centre stage.

Why moving budgets away from Meta and Google will be more complicated than you think

As ad platform dominance fragments in a privacy-centric world, advertisers should not shy away from the new, but there will be complications along the way.

Six things performance marketers need to know about China

China will generate over one quarter of all global consumption growth during the next decade. But access to this lucrative audience doesn’t come cheap. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

TikTok – the unexpected social media channel for B2B brands?

Is there space for B2B brands on the platform that is dominated by Gen Z? Here are four ways TikTok can add a powerful new dimension to any B2B marketing campaign.

Right to reply: UK’s GDPR replacement - pop-up free paradise or pariah state?

The UK government has paused its much hyped Data Reform bill with plans for a bigger overhaul. But rather than simplifying the customer data journey, will replacing GDPR actually create more complexity?

Why contextual alone is not the answer to the identity problem

Running short of first party marketing data but trying to wean off the cookies? Contextual targeting can help, but a blended approach is needed.

Prime Day 2.0: “the pressure to make a splash will be great”

Eight marketers highlight how the industry can get their best foot forward ahead of next week’s new prime-time Christmas shopping event.

Riding the TikTok algorithm: with great power comes great responsibility

Fast becoming the go-to search engine for youth ahead of Google, TikTok’s role in shaping modern society is stronger than ever. But is the ‘democratised discovery’ algorithm a true force for good?

Data privacy and its impact on customer relations

Data privacy legislation is making it more difficult for advertisers to have meaningful connections with their customers. So how can organisations work around this and continue to send out direct and relevant messaging?

Netflix’s high CPMs are ‘difficult to justify’

At $60 CPM, Netflix’s rumoured ad-supported tier is more expensive than the Super Bowl. Is it worth it?

At Apple, A is now for Advertising

What should we make of Apple’s new found love of advertising, in the wake of its own changes to, on the face of it, champion user privacy?

Why ad podding will star in the next season of TV advertising

With both Netflix and Disney Plus going ad-funded, a new type of media buying is bringing the AVOD experience closer to its linear counterpart. Storytelling on CTV just got simpler…

Eat, drink and give subscriptions: why retailers are shifting their payment models

The majority of us love the festive holidays – so why don’t we subscribe to it?

Sustainability, cookies and recession: a time of challenge and change reflected at DMEXCO

There were noticeable differences at the two day expo conference this year. With some big names missing and less exhibitors, what were people really talking about?

Why ads will be Netflix’s saviour

Netflix ads were once considered unthinkable. But if done correctly, the platform’s next ad model can drive the company to even greater prominence as competition heats up.

Aim high with your data analysis: don't let cut-backs hold you back

Worried about marketing cuts? A measured response and long-term investment can ensure brands continue to grow through turbulent times and beyond

Managing hybrid marketing teams: 5 tips to get it right

Recognising burnout, ensuring continued personal development and facilitating communication are three of the skills you'll need to master if you want your team to thrive

‘The internet is worse for the environment than airlines’

This Ozone Day, digital marketers need to understand the impact of advertising on the environment, and what they can do to help.

What is the ‘helpful content update’... and how does it impact you?

Google’s latest algorithm change cracked down on clickbait written for high search rankings rather than humans. But how will this downgrade of ‘SEO-first’ websites affect marketing content strategies?

The cookiepocalypse is nigh (again)!

The era of third-party online data is coming to an end… So what’s next for digital advertising – and how can you future-proof your business?

The devil wears Prada: an influencer’s story

“This is an industry dominated by women and essentially created by women yet women are still massively disrespected and underpaid, compared to men.”

A new era of brand loyalty in Web3

Web3 creates a lot of possibilities and a lot of questions for brands. White Label Loyalty explain how it can be used by brands to remain relevant and steer consumer behaviour

Online hate speech: if you're not part of the solution you must be part of the problem

Hate speech and trolling have become synonymous with social media – and this can have a knock-on effect on brand reputation. So how can organisations turn this around, safeguard their social spaces and start using their platforms for good?

Ditch the pitch: 7 tips for marketing to Generation Z

They want businesses to help solve their problems, not try to sell them stuff. So how can marketers ensure this huge segment of the population is included in their sales strategies?

Winter is coming… Now is the time to rekindle loyalties so supply chain battles won't take you by surprise

Retailers are entering a time of uncertainty, but solid consumer relationships make excellent allies. What can brands do to ensure their customers can access what they need?

Corporate Game of Thrones: the CPO is coming

Organisations such as Netflix, Tinder and Twitter have all restructured to put product at the heart of their business strategies. We’re saying goodbye to the Chief Information Officer and hello to the Chief Product Officer.

Twice as nice? Who needs a digital twin?

It sounds like science fiction, but digital twin technology is already here. With its growing list of real-world applications – from energy consumption to healthcare – how can this rapidly evolving tech help your business save money and run more efficiently?

3 lessons in charity loyalty that marketers can tap into

Why do charities have a higher degree of loyalty from their supporters? The magic of a personal connection, seeing your customer as an individual and being able to build a 'community' should not be taken for granted.

Are you equipped to win the battle of the PPC Zombie apocalypse?

How do you ensure your PPC campaigns don’t stagnate and promote wastage and continue to deliver results in the long-term? Answer: learn how to ‘sniff out the dead’.

Right to reply: "TikTok’s partnership with Ticketmaster benefits only them"

Understanding your audience is fundamental, particularly for artists starting out in the music industry and organisers of live events. So why would anyone hand over vital first-party data to another company?

Lining up and joining up: product and marketing partnerships in practice

It’s often the digital experience that determines whether customers become loyal to a product, so why are product and marketing teams not collaborating more on joined-up goals to support the life cycle of the customer journey?

Buckle up: how TikTok is keeping brands safe online

Businesses are increasingly launching out into the turbulent world of social media advertising. But how can you protect brand reputation while ensuring your message takes flight?

I'm not Mystic Meg… How to make better decisions in an uncertain world

Predicting the future is not something business leaders are trained for. But simple analytics tools can turn this otherworldly art into a more precise science

It's time to set marketers free from the shackles of manual reporting – and let loose their creativity

CMOs should seize every opportunity to upskill their workforce – as well as providing them with the right tools – so they are better able to collect, analyse and, crucially, use their data

Data collaboration lessons from the greatest teams of all time

From Michael Jordan and the Bulls to Barcelona's tiki-taka style, data cooperation in marketing and teamplay in sports have more in common than you think.

A blip In the matrix or the sign of something more? Analysing Alphabet’s Q2 results

Google’s parent company has seen tepid results recently, but this is an opportunity for marketers. A renewed focus on innovative tools such as Performance Max and automated bidding could shape what the next era of advertising looks like.

How to 'be more Aldi' – and ride out the recession on social

Since Cuthbert the caterpillar cake made his triumphant return to UK supermarkets in June, more brands have become wise to the power of entertaining content. But how can marketers ensure engagement leads to a purchase?

The search is on: why Gen Z is ditching Google for TikTok and Instagram

It stands to reason that social app users accustomed to a particular platform will conduct their searches in the same space. So how can marketers ensure their message is reaching the right audience?

Advertising evolves – but if you can’t master the basics you won’t maximise the impact

Digital marketing changes minute by minute, so why is context still vital to the advertising industry?

The privacy dividend: why brands must get data ethics right

Brands have never held so much data. And with more data being hoarded, the more the ethics of data privacy, fairness and transparency is put under the spotlight. So why do so many big brands still ‘not get it’?

How tech is transforming market research

In this rapidly evolving field, AI and machine learning have already changed the landscape for good. So how can companies best use data-driven insights to grow their business?

Do the unexpected, and escape the industry’s context trap

An over-reliance on context could drive inevitable ‘more of the same’ with brands at risk of becoming ‘wallpaper’. How can marketers take hold of harnessing the unexpected?

The metaverse: 6 reasons for marketers to jump in now

The metaverse may seem small. It may be overhyped. It may seem alien or dangerous. But it — or some version of it— is likely to be a fundamental part of the future landscape. Here’s how brands are getting involved from the ground-up.

‘Disney+ will look to market itself as a higher cost, but higher quality service’

Amid the content versus cost debate, Disney+ is placing its stake firmly in the belief of its offer with its launch of an ad-supported subscription tier. How will budgets be allocated with the continued integration of CTV in the marketing mix?

More ‘ad-ons’ for subscribers: marketers on Disney+ and its new subscription tiers to support ads in-stream

The new ad-supported subscription tier comes at a cost – the same cost as before to stay ‘ad free’. What steps can marketers take to craft their message in a high attention environment without disrupting the value for the viewing they are trying to reach?

Finding insights in the ‘Feedback Fire Hose’

Relying on manual analysis and human tagging, can’t keep pace with the current customer feedback surge. Here’s how machine learning can help identify human subtle nuances such as sarcasm at scale…

'Email plays well with other channels – some don’t'

The latest performance benchmarks for email marketing shows resilience in the channel post pandemic, but the aggregate numbers are only part of the story.

The prescription for subscription growth

With subscription models talk of the town, brands need to be thinking about creating a positive user experience, where short term priorities focus on reducing involuntary churn.

Standing out from the crowd: what makes a winning performance marketing awards entry?

With just two weeks until the entry deadline for the PMW Awards UK 2022, judges from Samsung,, RNLI and Reddit reveal what they’ll be looking for in a winning entry, and how the industry’s needs are evolving.

Why advertisers need to include podcasting as part of their connected audio strategy

Advances in podcast tech can provide unique insights into consumer behaviour. So what does this mean for adspend? And how can brands use it to best effect?

Why supply chain issues are fostering a retail marketing evolution

Many brands are becoming more of a subscription service than anything else as their relationship to retailers fragments. To make sales at scale now requires a more retail-agnostic approach…

How to sweat your data to overcome marketing budget cuts

While advertising budgets shrink, marketers continue to under utilise their data. What are the steps and tools you need to get the most out of your analytics?

Human vs machine: when to use AI to guide creative decisions

Automated tools can now predict a digital ad’s in-market performance in as few as 15 minutes. Are traditional survey tools day’s numbered?

Reinventing the QR code as the digital handshake

71% of consumers expect personalisation. QR codes provide a digital handshake with fully measurable solutions enabling a properly personalised and effective experience for customers.

Authenticity and UGC – it’s a crowd mentality

Building and protecting consumer trust is essential in today’s marketplace. It’s time for brands to embrace the crowd in the age of authenticity… and user reviews offer a fast-track way to achieve this.

Moments of receptivity: message sent doesn’t equal message understood

Ensuring that audiences are in the right headspace to receive ads is essential to the success of a campaign. But how do you identify those crucial moments in the first place?

Efficiency costs: why agencies playing the short game are destined to fail

Legacy practices of letting the media determine how agencies are structured have led to siloed thinking, operating inefficiencies and, ultimately, an inability to pivot at speed. It doesn't have to be this way...

Is the market research incentive model flawed?

High quality feedback requires more than just rewarding respondents with extra cash. So how do marketers bridge the ‘say-do’ gap of surveys to ensure better data quality and compliance?

“Marketers should take note”: BeReal, the ‘anti-Instagram’ app

BeReal or TikTok: who really wins the authenticity war and what does it mean for social media marketers?

In a cost of living crisis, organic may become your closest ally

With consumer confidence low, now is an optimal time to look to schemes that provide wins in the long term, so brands can emerge from this dark period in a strong position.

The video era of social media: how influencer marketing is shaping the landscape

Watch episode two of our IG live series on influencer marketing with LTK’s India Sehmi and business influencer Emily Valentine. We talk invisible influence, creators in the metaverse, and why Instagram is fan-girling TikTok.

“What Google has done is just create more confusion”: 10 performance marketers on the Chrome cookie extension

The tracking cookie lives on for another two years… but many in the advertising industry can’t wait to dunk it for good.

“CMOs need a clear line of sight on their global media data for informed decisions on cuts” :10 marketing leaders talk possible adspend contraction

Despite an encouraging start to 2022, adspend faces scrutiny with the bite of the cost of living crisis. Industry commentators give their take on the latest AA/WARC figures.

The rise of Retail Media in the performance marketing playbook

With the cost per conversion within walled gardens increasing 27% in just one year, agencies and marketers are progressively seeing retail media as an alternative, transparent and safe way to reach audiences.

Why it's time for 'Time-in-View': consumer attention and engagement in the privacy-first world

The average person is now estimated to be exposed to 4000 commercial messages a day, making traditional 'viewability' measures less meaningful. It's high time for new success metrics.

Paid social strategy: 6 ways to ensure your creative stays ahead of the trends

Good ad creative improves click-through rates, reduces CPM [cost per thousand impressions] and improves awareness. So how can you make sure yours always hits the mark?

Data privacy: staying legal ahead of Google Analytics 4

Unless or until Google Analytics ensures compliance with regulations such as GDPR, here are some key considerations you need to factor in yourself.

“Tough conversations in the boardroom as CMOs fight to hang on to their marketing budgets”: 25 marketers on the state of the industry ahead

From concerns about slowing consumer spend, marketing budget cuts, and confidence in first-party data strategies and attention seeking to weather the storm, we speak to industry leaders about the latest IPA Bellwether findings.

5 things you need to hear right now about conversational commerce

With the market set to grow rapidly as more businesses register the benefits, here’s how to get ahead of the game to help your business grow.

Notes from a CMO: integrating acquisitions into your marketing plans

Here’s what you’ll want to know if you’re involved in one of the record numbers of M&As expected around the world this year.

Retail media meets CTV: we’ve come a long way from infomercials!

Long gone are the days when you phoned in your order after seeing something you fancy – with retailers joining forces with streamers, what does that mean for brands?

Performance marketing people: eBay Ads gets new GM and Innocent’s social media manager moves on

Promotions at Interbrand and independent podcast agency Acast and a new office for Tug leads to new hires feature in our latest round of performance marketing movers.

How machine learning will boost marketing performance in a post-cookie world

Purpose-built tools and techniques can bring a whole new scale and bang for buck – redrawing the boundaries between brand and performance marketing.

Why understanding customers’ delivery personas is key to e-commerce excellence

Consumer online shopping behaviour has changed for good – and retailers need to take note.

“It’s 1994 all over again”: why the foundations of Web3 need to be built by marketers

Suresh Balaji, HSBC Asia CMO, explains how the industry can avoid making the same privacy mistakes of the Web 1.0 and 2.0 eras.

Start-up blues: 3 mistakes to avoid with your marketing budget

Find out how to ensure there’s enough left in the pot to actually get your new venture off the ground

Why your campaign should start and finish with social media insight

With spending on market research at its highest level for years, are marketers missing a trick?

Our ads don’t represent us: the importance of accessible creative

Why advertising needs to appeal to consumers, not to advertisers (and a lot of it doesn’t.)

Four reasons why private equity is backing the UK marketing sector

A fragmented marcomms landscape and accelerated digitalisation has seen the UK marketing sector shoot ahead of its counterparts.

'Not the silver bullet': industry leaders on the implications of cuts to marketing spend

Performance marketing experts react to implications of marketing budget cuts in light of Government asks to cut prices to help consumers – and give advice to brands on how spend can be refocused.

Why big spenders are not your best customers

Putting your most important customers at the heart of everything you do is critical to brand survival – but who are they?

How will the year of data privacy impact advertisers?

With Europe, the US and APAC all closing the net on privacy, effective strategies and efficient use of data will be more vital than ever for targeting consumers.

Is it time to upgrade your analytics? 6 under-reported benefits of GA4

With Google having called time on Universal Analytics, now could be the right moment to get on board with a fancy new AI-tastic incarnation.

3 reasons why listening to customers makes you a better marketer

Customer feedback has been widely discussed over the past few years, but how might it shape the roles of marketers?

A new frontier for search: why brands should be using alternative search engines

With Gen-Z driving the bus for ethical consumerism, right now could be the perfect time to get on board and support the new kids on the search engine block.

Why agencies and their clients need to implement web accessibility right now

With the vast majority of sites not fully usable for the quarter of the US population living with disabilities, it’s not only they who are missing out.

Tank cakes and tax evasion: the rise and fall of Chinese influencers

China’s influencer economy is booming, but strict new regulations mean your time as a top ‘Key Opinion Leader’ can be short-lived. Here’s what performance marketers need to know …

Too hot to handle? How businesses can better manage data in a post-cookie world

With high profile brands being hit with GDPR fines, it’s essential brand performance is managed through the lenses of brand safety, privacy and compliance.

Affiliate programmes must not be a game of chance for gambling companies

Where ads appear can cause some major (and expensive) compliance issues, as regulators seek to get their industries into line.

Postcards from Cannes: 15 performance marketers on why data is crashing the creativity party

As the sun sets on an eventful Cannes Lions, PMW quizzed some of this year's attendees at the French Riviera festival to get the scoop on the biggest marketing event of the year.

Pre-launch data: the bread and butter for creators

If you don’t want to risk relying on gut instinct, reliable consumer insights will be vital information on the road to success.

Affiliate marketing and its retail revolution – with Rakuten Advertising's Rakhee Jogia

In conversation with Rakuten Advertising’s International MD, Rakhee Jogia, we talk about the revolutionary shifts in marketing, from ‘The Great Resignation’ and sustainability to what Amazon got right.

10 industry leaders discuss GARM three years on: Unilever, Meta and Google outline brand safety challenges ahead

From deep fakes to metaverse misinformation, how can the performance marketing industry counteract incoming threats from new technology and geo-political upheaval?

Measuring ROI: how real-time analytics solves marketing’s greatest problem

When a campaign's success hangs on ROI measurement, marketers cannot afford a data delay. Enter real-time analytics.

Why privacy-first programmatic requires end-to-end expertise

The adtech industry is witnessing a seismic shift as more and more advertisers enter the fray, but with an ever-growing expectation of privacy.

The open web strikes back: why brands need to nurture first-party audiences

Walled gardens have gained an unmerited ad-spend advantage on the back of privacy concerns – but now it’s time for brands to take action

Marketers are trying to run before they can walk… and stumbling

The need for speed is tempting some to skip critical infrastructure, introducing inefficiencies and errors that actually only scupper the ability to move effectively, and quickly.

Attention! Attention! It’s what you need to maximise engagement

Why bigger is not always better, and viewability could actually stop your ad being seen.

The savvy marketers’ toolkit: 3 tips to help supercharge success

Whether you’re dealing with the challenges thrown up by walled gardens, data fragmentation or cookie deprecation, here’s what you need to know to help you thrive.

It’s time to embrace nostalgia marketing right now (before you forget)

Nostalgia marketing is taking the world by storm, as millennials and Gen-Z are longing for the past – and brands are taking them on an exciting journey through time.

Find the right people at the right time: 3 steps to engaging with your intended audience online

The good news is there are more spaces than ever where advertisers can get in front of consumers; but the big question is, how do you find your particular audience and engage with it?

Mind the (data) gap: can analysing every word on TV make us better marketers?

A guide on bridging a data gap in TV content that many media planners may not even realise exists...

4 priorities for better targeting: why long-term value trumps quick conversions

ROI Genome Report shows that contextual targeting is 1.2 to 2.5 times more effective than other forms of targeting.

Why understanding gaming culture might be the advertiser's most important quest

Somewhere one of your customers is gaming right now. Can you unlock the next level?

Going live: the growing power of influencer marketing on Twitch

Until recently Twitch was known as the place to watch gamers in action – but the high levels of engagement makes its influencers extra-effective for brands.

Improve your e-commerce: are you ready to take it in-house?

Moving your operation closer to home needn’t be a headache if you do it with clarity – here are the three stages your journey should take.

How loyalty schemes can help during the cost of living crisis

Consumers want to feel good when they make purchases, but rarely more so than in the challenging times ahead.

“We can all see the costs to bear”: eight performance marketers on GDPR’s anniversary

GDPR is perhaps the most famous piece of privacy legislation in history, with an impact felt far beyond the EU. As the legislation reaches four years old, PMW spoke to five experts on what performance marketers can do to tackle future challenges.

GDPR four years on: is data privacy already out of date?

GDPR changed the world of marketing - but can it keep pace with the data deluge? From fingerprinting to the rise of Web3, PMW talks to the experts to uncover the impact of regulations on both consumer attitudes and marketing plans.

Demand for on-demand is outstripping supply: so what’s the answer?

With ad-supported-video-on-demand [AVOD] booming, supply chains are struggling to keep up with creating the personalised ads required.

The hybrid customer experience: 3 key challenges for companies

With uncertainty around prices, supply chain and shopping habits, investing in a hybrid customer experience model that reaches different consumers in unique ways has never been more important. However, challenges to implementing this strategy are persistent across industries and businesses.

Move fast, but please don’t break things – delivering great advertising that respects privacy

How marketers can learn a lot from healthcare and cryptocurrency: two areas that have always had to handle data with extreme care.

Know your business: four drivers of digital success in B2B marketing

Business-facing companies can learn a lot from B2C, but it’s vital to understand what makes it different too, so you can invest your time and money wisely.

Why performance marketing without a performance mindset isn’t enough in 2022

Different departments taking different actions, each driving towards its own goal, can bring success; but isn’t it better if everyone thinks the same way and heads there together?

Why are publishers shifting away from AMP?

Announced with a big fanfare in 2015, Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP] looked like the golden ticket to faster loading times and a better user experience. So what happened next?

Information asymmetry: why you need to watch out for a B2B power imbalance

When you first meet, potential customers will probably know much more about you than you do about them. If you don’t address that, you'll lose business, time and money.

Winning the last mile of performance marketing: can you improve your delivery and customer experience?

Along with an increase in sales comes a surge in savvy, as customers start to expect and demand more from their e-commerce.

9 in 10 UK businesses struggle to manage their brands' reputations

British brands recognise the importance of online perception but struggle to come up with a strategy, says report

The metaverse: where Gen Z discovers luxury brands?

In spite of a tradition of risk aversion with their marketing, high-end fashion has already begun to make its presence seen (if not, perhaps, felt) in cyberspace.

Men have changed: well, their online shopping habits have anyway

Why male shoppers should be part of your new email marketing strategy in 2022.

Marketing effectiveness down 23% in 2021 with less focus on metrics that matter

New research highlights continued reliance on “vanity measures” rather than the response, brand and business impact measures that matter to long-term organisational health.

“Digital is now as vital as oxygen”: 20 industry views on UK ad spend record and the outlook for 2022

AA/WARC research recorded a landmark £31.9bn worth of the UK ad market in 2021 - industry commentators give their take on the significant bounceback last year and what lies in store for marketers in 2022 and beyond.

What’s the state of play for CTV across Europe?

Compared with the US, European CTV is in its infancy. If it is to mature quickly there are some key challenges that must be overcome.

Does free speech equal an ad-free Twitter?

Musk’s pledge to reduce censorship on the platform could spell trouble for Twitter's advertising business model.

The B2B alternative to influencer marketing

With traditional ads beyond the budget of the average SME, it’s worth considering an area more commonly associated with B2C. And you don’t need to hire a Kardashian.

Lost in translation: is poor localisation costing you customers?

A quarter of consumers are less likely to purchase from brands with poor localisation practices, says a new report.

Guaranteed performance for long form video – myth or reality?

Five changes you can make to find your audience and keep them engaged for longer.

“The impact on measurement has been devastating”: Six performance marketers on Apple’s ATT one year on

The IOS 'adblock-alypse' continue to hit Facebook, as increasing numbers of iPhone users opt out from tracking on their devices. PMW quizzed six performance marketers for their experiences one year on from ATT.

Brand activism: using technology to deliver inclusive content at scale

Making sure your output is appropriately diverse and relevant is harder and more important than ever, so how can you stay on top of it all?

Why aren’t we talking about Ad Net Zero?

In the hunt for profits, the cost of action might seem to eat into margins; but the cost of inaction will inevitably be far higher.

Coping with the uncertain future of ad automation

A potted history of Google Ads features, plus 5 tips to help you survive and thrive.

Automated vehicle ads are set to put UK dealerships and buyers in the driver's seat

Shopping for a car? Soon you might not even have to leave Google’s search bar to find what you’re looking for.

“One of the most important years in digital marketing”: 30 industry views on the outlook for the year ahead

Following the release of the latest IPA Bellwether findings, PMW gets the views from more than 30 industry commentators on the positives and watch-outs for the year ahead

Doing more with less: finding the path to efficient and productive marketing initiatives

With so many different providers vying for our attention these days, martech is both a blessing and a curse. So what’s the best way forward through the maze of options?

Shopping scared: fear has a marked impact on how we buy

With one global threat seemingly following hard on the heels of another these days, what does that mean about the way we make purchases?

Gather no cookies: if privacy is the problem, is contextual the solution?

With well over a third of marketers unfamiliar with contextual advertising, a new report points to the need for a deeper conversation about what the new generation of technology can do.

5 best Easter campaigns (from brands that have nothing to do with Easter)

Many brands have been hunting for a tenuous link between their product and Easter. The ‘unsexiest holiday of the year’ provides another delight for marketers with an opportunity to humour their audiences and increase engagement.

Research as a Service: managing consumer research without using a traditional agency

How taking your research in-house could not only save you money but also allow you to probe the data more often and effectively.

In it for the long term: how brands can build successful influencer partnerships

As social begins to replace more traditional advertising, finding creators with real brand affinity is an effective way to drive authentic, inclusive customer interactions.

The industry must move from short-term metrics and focus on long-term performance

From viewability to internal benchmarks, the industry obsession with short-term metrics is becoming less viable. Is it time for marketers to turn their attention to customer experience?

Going live to thrive in digital advertising

What the recent popularity boom of Formula 1 can teach us about how we use data to engage with our audiences.

Solving the privacy jigsaw in APAC: tips from 5 performance marketers in the region

The Asia Pacific region is leading the world for adspend growth, but it remains a confusing and fragmented landscape for data regulation. PMW spoke to industry leaders across APAC to help future-proof performance marketers’ budgets.

“Think like creators, not advertisers”: what makes performance marketing on TikTok different?

From zombie survival games to delivery apps, TikTok is growing ROAS across industries and taking a bigger slice of brand budgets. Stephen Carroll, Growth Brand Partnerships Lead, UK, TikTok, highlights four key marketing lessons from those already winning on the platform.

Lost in transmission: what’s behind the audio ad spend disconnect?

Even though popularity of audio continues to soar, marketers remain hesitant to invest – so what’s stopping them and how can you get past it?

The future of a cookie-less world isn’t in the future

It’s on it’s way and looks certain to hit every marketer on earth by the end of 2023. Which is why you need to act NOW!

Why the media industry must take stock of Amazon’s store closures

Its flagship bricks and mortar shops may be slated to bite the dust, but the 260 new till-free grocery outlets set to launch across the UK could change not just how we shop but how we advertise.

Shoppers aren’t convinced by retargeting – here’s how to change their minds

For consumers to be happy to hand over their data they need to be convinced they are getting a fair exchange… and quality over quantity is the key

Use what you know: don’t overlook regionality when planning for context

As the reality of a cookie-less future draws closer, the race is on for brands to learn (and use) as much information as they can about their existing customers.

Beyond the platform: 3 great ways to boost your Amazon sales

It’s not enough just to be in the marketplace… to attract more customers and make them more likely to buy, you need to go further.

How retail media can help advertisers bridge the data gap

With online shopping still booming, can collaboration between advertisers and retailers overcome the new restrictions on data gathering?

Rich data = additional revenue: a guide for travel brands

Data is in the DNA of travel companies but its syndication is becoming ever trickier. So could curation be the answer?

Less is more: how does Artfinder maintain its success after 110 percent growth during lockdown?

The online art marketplace saw colourful success during the pandemic as everyone moved their transacting online. As the boom subsided, E-commerce Director Joshna Rughani tells us how they adapted once the high street reopened.

How Topics – and a ‘privacy-first’ world – are shaking up advertising strategies

As FLoC moves over for Topics, Google’s new privacy-friendly targeting tech seeks to find a good balance that will keep both consumers and marketers happy.

What can food brands learn about consumers from social data?

People’s conversations on social media can shine a valuable light on the latest trends – not least the country’s relationship with food; helping food brands create informed strategies.

The ROI of LOLs: Innocent and Monzo reveal their formula for funny social posts

What did the social media manager say to the CFO? Performance Marketing World delved into the comedic brains at Innocent Drinks, Monzo Bank and Sprout Social to get the punchline.

Why predictive measurement is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but a necessity in mobile marketing

As privacy measures continue to tighten with Google moving to match Apple’s protections on Android, marketers need to do more and more with less data.

From Tracking to Trust: it’s time to take control of first-party data

Learn from Performance Marketing Worldwide event partner OneTrust Preference Choice why it’s time to take control of first-party and how marketers can both capture and use it effectively to communicate with their audiences

The future of experience: blurring the boundaries between human and tech

With the digital genie stoutly refusing to go back into the bottle, some brands have thrived by humanising their customers’ online experience.

How to successfully bring performance marketing capabilities in-house

Brands are getting smarter and agencies more agile. Learn from Performance Marketing Worldwide event partner CvE why the ‘righthousing’ phenomenon is shifting the power dynamics in adland.

Shared values: the glue that keeps consumers coming back

Why continuing to build emotional loyalty is the key to a good long-term relationship (with your customers)

The case for AI: inflated KPIs, shrunken budgets and things that go click in the night

Why seemingly logical human decisions could be killing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns

QR codes and cryptocurrency: is this the future of customer loyalty?

With the use of digital currencies on the rise, they provide a cost-effective, flexible and controllable way to retain customers, via loyalty programmes and add-ons.

How COVID-19 fast-tracked the need for first-party data strategies

Lockdown created the perfect storm. Brands were forced to properly get to know their target audiences and those that succeeded are now better prepared for leveraging first-party data.

Is in-housing the future of marketing?

The question of where best to spend marketing resource is never more acute than in deciding whether to staff up or use agency talent.

What’s the longer term impact of your TV ad spend, and how does it drive the funnel?

With marketers requiring accountability and accurate insights more than ever, the linear TV ad attribution model is probabilistic, not deterministic – meaning it’s probably not fit for purpose.

Why new technologies and a digital space boom should be good news for customers

As we enter a new digital age in customer experience, how can organisations across a range of sectors get ahead?

Social commerce: why Beauty is sleeping on the job no longer

With increasingly advanced shopping capabilities appearing on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest, brands have been tapping into this e-commerce opportunity.

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