Ask yourself 'who cares'? Crafting high-value analytics projects for high-value decisions

Misdirected, misunderstood, too narrow in their appeal; analytics projects can so easily deliver unsatisfactory value because they are misvalued. So how can they deliver more meaningful metrics linked to business outcomes?

From ‘clustomers’ to customers: achieving effective personalisation at scale

Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but how can marketers build one-to-one customer relationships that last beyond the big calendar moments?

Why the Yellow Pages is the marketing playbook you need for 2024

Digging out an old copy of the Yellow Pages (last published in 2019) can remind ourselves of timeless direct marketing principles - make it easy, make it quick.

The rise of T-Commerce: coming to a TV screen near you

From retailers becoming media companies to media companies becoming retailers: Where is retail media heading?

Why advertisers get stuck measuring the wrong things: Dr Karen Nelson-Field on attention decay and the ad currency crisis

“At any one time, you might only be reaching 20% of the eyeballs you pay for, and that decay is different for every single platform.” One of the industry’s foremost thought leaders outlines why the most attention-grabbing element of an ad is rarely the creative itself…

CX is a love story, not a one night stand

Today, the majority of romances start digitally. The same goes for brands’ relationships with consumers.

How contextual intelligence is changing the advertising landscape

Are the days of blunt keyword blacklisting and thematic blocks over? Now that AI is capable of detecting the tiniest linguistic nuances within natural language, contextual advertising is about to become an incredibly powerful tool for marketers in the post-cooke age.

Super Bowl LVIII review: Michelob wins the day, use of celebrity must be savvy and simplicity is best

With the early birds and storytellers excelling, Super Bowl LVIII saw all of the good, the bad and the ugly advertising has to offer. PMW has put together a recap of everything you need to know.

Your ads are bad. And you should feel bad about it.

An increasing number of poorly made ads festoon our digital surfaces, is it a lack of knowledge or will?

Super Bowl ads: all fanfare and no substance?

What makes a Super Bowl ad work? It‘s not always the loudest or biggest commercials that prove the most effective, but the ones that take us by surprise and have a savvy media strategy beyond the $7m TV spot.

(Some) certainty in the age of uncertainty: 4 key marketing trends in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a transformative year for marketers, but what should their priorities be amid a deluge of elections, technological advances, media fragmentation and sporting spectacles?

Is another cookie delay inevitable? Why Google’s Privacy Sandbox risks turning into adtech quicksand

As industry watchdogs warn of competition concerns over Google’s big privacy shake up, should advertisers be preparing for yet another extension to the Chrome tracking cookie phase out?

Super Bowl LVIII preview: AI calling the plays, brand vs celebrity and avoiding Hail Marys

The importance of being brand relevant, AI’s impending influence and the benefits of nostalgia – get all the expert analysis of the state of play ahead of the Super Bowl’s famous advertising frenzy.

2024, the year of live events: CTV may be on the rise, but advertisers shouldn’t rule out linear

With CTV providing the catalyst for addressable marketing at scale, could the industry see people watching the Olympics 100m finals and be served with targeted ads?

Super Bowl LVIII: go early to win

Think you need to surprise viewers with your ad to get impact during the Super Bowl? Think again. The element of surprise can backfire in the big game.

Etihad Airways’ Chloe Wong: how to make your paid media fly

“It's crazy to think I was downloading Excel sheets and manually changing CPCs back in 2014.” Hear from PMW’s Global Awards Chair of Judges on how the performance marketing industry has changed over the past decade... and how to stand out from the crowd.

Why streaming should be a key part of your 2024 omnichannel strategy

Privacy-first, addressable and scalable - programmatic advertising in CTV is already ahead of the cookie depreciation curve. Now is the perfect time to dive into the stream.

Amazon launches ads on Prime Video in the UK – will we finally see AVOD take-off with it?

With Prime Video now housing both ad-supported and ad-free plans on its platform, experts are divided on whether or not the tech giant’s pivot into AVOD will pay off.

Drop it like it’s hot: why Solo Stove’s Snoop Dogg fizzle was down to misaligned KPIs

Now that the smoke has cleared, what can marketers learn from the celebrity’s ill-fated but high-profile brand collaboration with an outdoor cooking stove maker?

7 modern consumer trends marketers need to know

From birthday offers to zero party data, a recent report revealed exactly what trends are driving consumption as we kick-off 2024.

Unlocking the potential of the browser window - WebGPU and a new dawn for digital

A new browser technology that makes more use of a computer's graphic capabilities could transform web surfing into an immersive visual experience akin to high quality video games - and one that could open a goldmine of new marketing opportunities.

Finding truth amid the mobile click wars: Ben Jeger, Moloco

All too often, mobile app ads are blighted by hidden ‘X’ buttons, low quality content and a frustrating user experience. But can machine learning and smarter testing help wean the industry off its ‘last click’ obsession?

Leveraging trust and authenticity: the power of micro-influencers

In the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing, marketers constantly face new opportunities and challenges. But how can these be best leveraged and overcome?

Measuring the ‘Halo’ ad effect: why it’s CMM's time to shine in a post-cookie world

Thanks to the demise of third-party cookies, cross media measurement could now become the most effective solution, and an unsung hero, to support the arrival of the privacy-first era.

Email marketing is 45 – can it avoid a midlife crisis?

It's been 45 years since Gary Thuerk, 'the father of spam', sent the world's first unsolicited mass 'email' - smashing sales targets despite a reprimand from his boss. But can email marketing survive another half century?

Data Protection Day: 8 marketers on why this year’s privacy shake up is an “opportunity rather than a concern"

In a transformative year for tracking cookies and data, the occasion serves as a timely reminder that enhanced user privacy doesn’t have to come at the expense of relevant and effective marketing.

Privacy legislation is a bigger issue for marketers than recession

The industry needs to quit its obsession with tracking and measuring every minute detail and instead embrace a better and brighter future…with a little tech stack spring clean.

“Brands need to successfully seize the opportunity”: experts on AA/WARC’s latest forecasts as online spend skyrockets

As performance continues to be the bedrock of adspend amid economic uncertainty, a positive growth outlook has marketers hopeful for the year ahead.

Paid search: it’s time to address the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality

Paid search is a lucrative industry; Google Search Ad revenue currently stands at a staggering $176bn globally having grown 6.8% in 2023… but are we using it to its full potential?

IPA Bellwether reaction: 13 ways brands can win in a year of elections, recessions and sporting spectacles

From helping hard-up consumers to swapping out big tech for independent AI solutions, PMW’s expert panel provides some practical steps that brands can take to ensure their performance marketing succeeds in the year we finally go cookieless.

“Without solutions in place, marketers are going to start making really bad decisions” – 21 experts on cookies, AI and sustainability after IPA Bellwether

“Cautious optimism” spread the industry after the IPA Bellwether Q4 2023 was released. But are marketers in danger of being overly optimistic?

Attention isn’t dead – how to get attention in a world of attention seekers

The advertising industry is built on the search for attention, nothing we do in this industry works without it. The problem, however, is that apparently no one has any left to give.

Why the latest IPA Bellwether calls for cautious optimism: 12 marketers on the balance between short and long-term strategies

PMW’s panel of experts on the growing divergence between marketers’ internal and external business expectations, why spending through a recession is important and the need to embrace innovation.

OOH – the channel that performs on both streets and spreadsheets

No longer purely the domain of above the line marketing and complicated deals, out-of-home ads are being supercharged through advancement in automation and technology to make it a more impactful performance marketing channel.

How to be both – breaking out of the brand vs performance marketing debate

Performance is essential to drive short-term impact, but brand marketing is the trigger that enables that.

DOOH it better in 2024

Why DOOH has become an integral piece of the omnichannel puzzle for retailers and brands

Les Binet interview: why shareholder value is the best performance metric

One of the world's leading marketing experts on talking the language of the C-Suite, measuring share of search and why Amazon and Google are shifting towards econometrics.

Don’t build your house on condemned land

Businesses need to stop waiting for Google to end support for third-party cookies at the end of this year… and start investing in first-party data strategies today.

Four ways machine learning will change mobile advertising in 2024

From automated media buying to personalisation at scale, machine learning encourages advertisers to tap into the vast potential of the open internet with robust targeting capabilities, even as cookies go away.

Peeking behind the curtain of Google’s Performance Max: Tobias Hink, Precis

Busting open Google’s black box with a smart methodology – and a little detective work – can shed light on why your ads might be underperforming across the tech giant’s inventory.

From AI ‘rabbits’ to smart cars: 7 marketing experts on future tech at CES

The CES show in Las Vegas revealed a treasure trove of futuristic technology – but what are the implications of the latest consumer gadgets for marketers? PMW spoke to experts on the conference floor to talk about AI chips in cars, pocket assistants, and smart homes.

Meet the PMW People Awards judge chair: Jane Stiller, CMO at ITV

With just two weeks until the standard entry deadline for the PMW People Awards 2024, the marketing chief of the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster discusses paid search as a creative channel, launching ITVX and bringing Audrey Hepburn back to life…

The ‘golden age’ of social media is over – and it’s great news for sports fandom

Why positioning social as exclusively an audience awareness or audience acquisition driver is counter-productive.

Evolving trends in performance marketing: the impact of AI in 2024 and beyond

Build the right AI foundation through your CMS, align your AI strategy with your data strategy and adapt AI into your organisation's culture. Three ways to make sure you don’t get left behind competitors in the AI race this year.

4 marketing resolutions for 2024: rethink retail media, use AI to unlock the creator economy and demystify CTV

Connecting shopping habits to paid media, quitting the ‘growth-at-all-costs’ obsession and AI-powered influencer selection. PMW’s expert panel lists their top media priorities for the year ahead.

The good, the bad and the opportunity in telco advertising

What consumer data from testing over 100 Telco ads in 2022 and 2023 tell us about the industry’s creative prowess.

4 marketing resolutions for 2024: “think like a CEO”, deeper carbon cutting and brand safety in an election year

Ditching vanity metrics, taking CO2 measurement to the impression level and why the ‘good guys’ can’t ignore AI. PMW’s expert panel lists their top recruitment and social responsibility priorities needed for performance marketing success in 2024.

Why email (yes, email) will be hot in 2024

Email isn’t boring. In fact, with cookies finally getting punted in 2024, email in all its forms — advertising, newsletters, monetization, and data sourcing — is set to dominate.

Is your CRM focusing on the right data?

From collecting poor quality data to focusing on the wrong information, explore some of the key data stumbling blocks that prevent organisations from realising a return on investment from their CRM platform.

Take the risk out of your next influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is growing at a rapid rate, however, this growth has made the marketing format more heavily scrutinised, with questions about legality and compliance often raised – here’s how to ensure your brand remains compliant in 2024.

4 marketing resolutions for 2024: experts on AI, cookie death and ‘brandformance’

The demise of demographic targeting, harnessing the subscription revolution and the "novelty" of being human. PMW’s expert panel lists their top objectives for performance marketing success in 2024.

If the shoe (doesn’t) fit: why advertisers need to embrace the evolution of streaming

As the world of SVOD continues to innovate, how advertisers can best leverage this may seem daunting, but there is a key to thriving amidst the chaos – welcoming change.

Why digging deeper into humanity is the next big step forward for digital marketing

It’s easy to lose sight of real people and cultural context when examining data. If your brand campaigns are oblivious to what’s happening around them then they will not perform as well.

Yes, you can buy loyalty: why personalising discounts is key to unlocking Gen Z

Money can't buy you happiness, but if you can supplement it with discounts it can buy you a whole lot more stuff. That's why 90% of students regularly use discounts to support their spending and the reason brands need to get smart with their discounting.

Don’t be like Hollywood, Adland

The recent writer’s strikes show why marketers should put human creativity first.

Ring in the new: the year of generative AI lift off for music and brands

What are the opportunities (and threats) created by AI for the ad industry from a music and voice perspective?

Introducing your new tag-team champions of performance – consumer behaviour and generative AI

In the dynamic world of performance, performance marketers must ensure their paid search, paid social and the wider performance mix can deliver a substantial impact to the bottom line… here’s how.

Is programmatic broken? 3 experts unravel the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of missing media spend

Experts are calling for more transparency in the “opaque” open web programmatic supply chain in the wake of a damning report on its inefficiencies by the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

The marketing horoscope – what kind of marketer are you?

It turns out that astrology is the reason you couldn’t focus last Thursday. Forget data scientists and AI modelling, find out your perfect role and optimal productivity time based on the stars.

AI in 2024: “brands need to have their strategy ready to execute”

From virtual customer ‘try ons’ to analytics, businesses that are ready with AI will start to differentiate, says Criteo. PMW visits the AI Labs to understand how brands can get ahead.

Make music your beauty brand’s ambassador this festive season

With the business of beauty increasingly taking place across digital formats, is your brand adequately leveraging the opportunity for engagement presented by sonic strategies?

Google’s love triangle: the unconventional partnerships forming between search and social

While they make for strange bedfellows, Google, TikTok and X could be a marketing match made in heaven…

Advertising must shed its impression obsession for a cleaner (and greener) ecosystem

Why advertisers need to help the industry out by shifting budget towards high quality publishers, and away from cheap AI-generated Made for Advertising (MFA) sites.

How AI is shaping the future of influencer discovery

New technology can help brands can delve beyond metrics like followers, mentions and engagement rates and assess whether the partnership is effective in driving brand affinity, loyalty and commercial impact.

Why reporting opacity is holding CTV back

The rise of CTV has been a lightning rod for the marketing industry in 2023, but it has also been historically vulnerable to ad fraud. So, how can suppliers of CTV inventory overcome this lack of trust?

Leveraging sporting events to reach new audiences and create cultural moments

From the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup to the men’s Rugby World Cup, 2023 had no shortage of sporting events. Here’s why these major global moments present big opportunities for brands to step outside of their norms and expand their horizons… and how to best go about doing it.

What’s next for demographic targeting?

Marketers currently face a perfect storm of challenges that mean the way they target is being forced into evolution. But what are the options for demographic targeting in the cookieless environment?

DMA Awards winner spotlight: how Vodafone simplified the customer sales journey with a daring data storytelling campaign

Vodafone, M&S and IKEA scooped the top accolades at this year’s DMA Awards Data Storytelling category. As part of the judging panel, PMW Editor Robin Langford outlines why each entry scored so highly, and what marketers can adopt for their own campaigns next year.

SEO: the future is social

TikTok has already surpassed Google as the world's most popular search engine among Gen Z women. with 51% of the demographic using the platform for personalised news, Wikipedia snippets and even search widgets on their iPhones. So how can brands better rank on the app?

Exploring the magic of Meta’s multipliers

From Reels to Facebook, the growing popularity of video on Meta platforms is presenting new opportunities for brands to deliver higher lifts in ad recall, awareness, message association, favourability, and action intent.

From early bird to 11th hour shoppers: leveraging seasonal shopping trends to win share of wallet this peak season

With consumers becoming more divided between those already getting their Christmas shopping underway, those waiting to utilise sales and promotions, and others planning to make their purchases last minute, how can brands best pan their marketing strategies this festive season?

Should I slide into your DMs?: how brands can successfully get personal with consumers

There's a fine line between hyper personalisation and a creepy stalker vibe. Direct social marketing can be a hugely effective way of building brand loyalty and driving purchase consideration – but get it wrong, and your brand risks being cancelled or worse.

PMW Predicts… “the internet as we know it may be unrecognisable” with CTV and future tech

Data, measurement and targeting – a performance marketer’s three favourite things? Part five of PMW Predicts outlines the future of emerging technologies and CTV heading into 2024.

Ignore the noise. True Cyber Week success lies with existing customers

After the buzz of Black Friday, retention is key. Loyal customers are twice as likely to spend, presenting a crucial edge in today's fiercely competitive environment. But keeping customers is harder than ever in today's fast evolving media landscape.

PMW Predicts… retail media to take e-commerce and affiliate marketing to new heights

In part four of PMW Predicts, a litany of experts offer insight into the future of e-commerce, predicting continued investment in retail media to drive brands’ first-party data strategies…and an evolution in affiliate marketing.

8 top tips for an effective festive affiliate marketing campaign

Gone are the days of last-minute discounts; today’s affiliate marketing efforts require precision and strategic planning.

PMW Predicts… creators are the new brands

This week Elon Musk told advertisers abandoning X that they will be to blame for the platform’s death. In part three of ‘PMW Predicts’, a panel of slightly more level-headed social media and tech experts reveal their 2024 predictions for social media, influencer marketing and content creation.

Unleashing the power: AI’s transformational opportunity for modern marketing

While AI has the potential to increase efficiency, businesses must train staff to use the technology to ensure that they can intervene in critical areas such as governance, data privacy and ethics.

PMW Predicts…(finally?) a cookieless future for search and display

Searching for cookies? In part two of our ‘PMW Predicts’ series, 12 experts offer insight into how Google’s cookieless future and the ongoing innovation of the open web will influence search and display in 2024.

PMW Predicts… the niche-ification of AI

As a part of this week’s ‘PMW Predicts’ series, 10 marketing experts give some practical advice on AI, and how the self learning technology can be a key driver for unlocking marketing success in 2024.

What agencies have been getting wrong in music marketing

Traditional brand marketing isn’t enough when marketing to gen Z, and it's time for agencies to retune their strategies.

Black Friday review: Meta advertising comes up trumps

With 2023’s Black Friday bonanza now in the rear view, it’s time for marketers to take stock of what strategies worked and what didn’t. As the data pours in, early returns saw Meta ads win the day while marketers that emphasised full-funnel performance set themselves up for future success.

Attention – is it really the new advertising currency?

Impressions, views or viewability have been the primary metrics used by digital advertisers for some time, but are no longer the best way to gauge the reach and impact of ad campaigns.

“Online advertising is squarely in the crosshairs”: what the ICO’s 30-day cookie ultimatum means for the future of data compliance

“They’re not going to stop at the cookie pop-up, that’s where they will start.” With the ICO giving a 30 day deadline for UK websites to get their ‘nuclear opt-out’ ducks in a row, PMW spoke to a panel of experts to unpack what this means for the online advertising industry at large.

From analytics and data storytelling: a 5-minute guide to harnessing Gen AI for marketing

Not just a gimmick, Gen AI is actively boosting machine-powered efficiency. From streamlining content creation to simplifying data use, here is the 5-minute lowdown on how supercharged tools can help businesses work smarter, faster, and drive stronger performance.

Gen Z does not care if your brand is popular

Why branded sonic is more effective than licensed music.

How does your award winning creative idea land online?

Poor-quality work that doesn't suit the platform being used means that millions of pounds in media spend can be wasted on digitally unsuitable ads, but there are ways to improve and ensure the message performs efficiently, as planned, with maximum impact.

It’s time to turn Black Friday green

The objective of Black Friday is to boost sales, but could it also be used to drive positive change and offset some of the environmental impact of the day.

Beyond traditional SEO: how SGE is shaping the future of search

Generative AI marks a significant power shift from marketers to consumers - so how should search marketers adjust for the incoming behaviour shifts across search?

Last minute Black Friday tips: 14 marketing experts on how tech is turbocharging Christmas shopping strategies

Don’t panic! That’s the key message from PMW’s panel of experts as the pre-festive shopping frenzy gets underway. From ‘brandformance’ campaigns to AI-driven bid optimisation – here’s 14 tips and tweaks to help hit sales targets over the next few days.

Synergising Black Friday: navigating the Amazon-Google advertising landscape

AI is changing the game this Black Friday, helping marketers bridge the data and bidding gaps across major shopping platforms for the first time. Here’s how AI-driven bid optimisation can help drive sales during the crucial festive shopping frenzy.

Is your Black Friday experience leaving your customers feeling gloomy?

With Black Friday upon us, the battle for consumers’ attention is on, but it’s what happens once you’ve got it that matters.

Advertisers are losing millions: marketers must take fraud on streaming devices seriously

This summer, Ofcom revealed that more consumers than ever are switching off linear TV and turning on streaming and on-demand services instead. It's more critical than ever that marketers ensure they’re advertising in the right way and on the right platforms.

Search-quake: how should brands prepare for Google’s big AI shake-up?

Goodbye SERP, hello SGE. Search marketers are about to witness the biggest customer behavioural change since the advent of the smartphone. But are they ready for the death of the 'Search Engine Results Page' as Google paves the way for the ‘Search Generative Experience’?

In an omnichannel world, brands that still struggle with onboarding will be left in the dust

In the fragmented media landscape where attention spans are measured in seconds, omnichannel campaigns are key to making an impression on consumers. But a wide spread must be matched with precision, especially when tight marketing budgets leave no room for waste.

Attention, Interest, Desire and Action: what marketers need to know about full-funnel digital advertising

Tech can enable marketers to take an innovative, holistic approach to reaching and engaging customers effectively throughout their buying journey and, beyond that, build long-term relationships.

Media Quality Report: what lessons can marketers learn from last year?

The impact of inflation is being felt by many within the UK and media agencies and there is a pressing need - even more than normal - to maximise the potential of ad budgets and ensure ROI on all spend.

TikTok's rise: reshaping the future of search and discovery

Tapping into TikTok’s 'infinite-loop' of search, reviews, and participation can unlock a treasure trove of community engagement for brands. But to do this requires a strategy that goes beyond traditional creative and advertising spend.

Breaking the ice: how Bet365’s curling ad reactivated its key audience

Betting ads are often heavily ‘call to action’ based – but this summer’s ‘Never Ordinary’ commercial from Bet 365 went against the grain and swept away its target audience by celebrating universal passions… and driving new conversions.

“This could be a genuine game changer”: what the Meta and Amazon collaboration means for marketers

With Meta introducing a new feature in the US allowing users to shop on Amazon via their Facebook and Instagram accounts, PMW spoke to a panel of industry insiders and got the experts’ takes on what this means for brands, advertisers, agencies and consumers alike.

If lead generation costs so much, why not cut out the middle man?

In recent times, cold calling has gone cold, while the costs of advertising on LinkedIn have gone through the roof. Does lead generation need a radical rethink?

Voice assistants and LLMs: a marketing match made in heaven?

As generative AI propels users of digital media into more conversational interfaces, voice assistants are primed to evolve alongside them. But what does this mean for marketers?

Can you trust your Google Ads Drafts and Experiments test results?

Google’s ‘Drafts and Experiments’ tool was created to help marketers propose and test changes to their Search and Display campaigns. But how can you be sure it’s telling you the truth?

The straight skinny on Reels: how hyped should advertisers get?

Meta's Reels are in focus right now. Investors are wondering how they're performing for advertisers and just about everyone's watching to see if they curtail TikTok's status as the go-to platform for younger users. But the ‘reel’ magic might be in Meta's new measurement tools…

Is Musk's Grok AI paving the way for an ad-free X?

With all X Premium+ subscribers to soon have access to xAI’s large-language-model (LLM), Grok, has Elon Musk finally found a resource to drive more paid subscribers to the social media platform formerly known as Twitter?

Can TV crack the code that drives sales activation?

Channel 4 and Philips are the latest pairing trying to encourage TV audiences to open their wallets in the middle of their favourite show. Does this mean combining product placement and QR codes is a viable new way to sell?

4 marketing tips for tackling 2023’s busiest shopping season

Developing a sense of brand value in consumers’ minds is part of the essential marketing work of building engagement, trust and relationships with customers to make the connection that becomes sales at this time of year.

On your marks, get set, GO!: Why speed and agility are the new must-haves for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is still treated as an add on for many brands, yet clients are demanding cost-effective, fast and timely campaigns to stay on top of trends and compliment their wider strategy. But some forward-thinking brands are finding a new, more collaborative approach is paying off…

“Provide the best possible platform for safe and responsible AI innovation”: eight experts on what Rishi Sunak’s UK AI Safety Summit should bring for marketers

As AI continues to innovate at a rapid rate, experts are urging the UK Government to strike a balance between responsible legislation and an ability to keep pace with the rest of the world.

How to avoid ‘love-bombing’ your customers: the next era of marketing etiquette

Pressure from brands can drive marketers to go in so hard with campaigns that the target audience is deterred by the over-targeting and frequency of communications, among other factors. But there are ways to have more authentic, meaningful and successful personalised interactions with customers.

Protecting customers’ data and experiences in a cookie-less world

Marketers need to demonstrate a responsible, customer-first approach to the use and protection of first-party data if they are to gain crucial and meaningful audience insights that can inform their brand strategy.

“The key to survival is adaptability”: experts on AA/WARC’s latest forecasts as performance props up a wilting UK marketing sector

As online channels continue to take the lion’s share of UK adspend, a predicted industry-wide decline of 4.5% in real terms year-on-year (YoY) has marketers split on the best course of action.

‘OK’ to ‘Amazed’: tapping into the psychology of personalisation to make brand related experiences unforgettable

How can marketers help brands to cut through the noise in a saturated market with increased gate-keeping? Fortunately, there is a solution: emotion-driven design is the key to creating brand experiences that resonate with customers.

Search generative experience and the new SEO battlefields

As Google implements AI-based changes to its search function, brands need to devise fresh strategies to optimise their ranking and appearance in search results.

How AI is changing Heinz’ marketing

Heinz produced 20,000 ad assets in a year with AI, unlocking the power of ‘creative performance’ and breaking the rules of the game.

How the cookie crumbles: what the death of third-party cookies means for marketers

Google’s decision to scrap third-party cookies may not prove to be the disaster many marketers expect.

Why attention-adjusted reach curves are the next evolution in ad measurement

The difference between people who are reached and those who actually view an ad is dramatic. So how can advertisers sort the signal from the noise?

What is data worth to Gen Z?

Consumers’ feelings about brands collecting, storing and using their data can vary dramatically, with some more willing to make the trade-off than others, so it’s an area marketers should consider with care.

What is BMPL and how can it overcome media buying challenges?

Businesses face extra pressure on marketing budgets, leading them to explore new adspend management practices and ways to reduce cash flow risks.

“Q4 is the last chance saloon for brands”: 12 experts on why audience signal loss should trump recession fears for marketers

Main media spend’s increase and AI’s potential dominated the latest IPA Bellwether report’s news headlines, but what about everything else? From privacy issues to underperforming investment channels and a supposed industry-wide fear of innovation, here’s everything else you need to know from the IPA’s latest Bellwether.

Return of the Zuck: how has Meta managed to reinvigorate its ad offering?

Meta's ad-targeting efforts, now enhanced with AI, are helping it regain ground after Apple's privacy-policy changes and a metaverse misstep. PMW spoke to an expert panel on how Zuckerberg is ‘reeling’ back advertisers in one of the biggest comeback stories of 2023…

18 experts on why AI and sustainability present the greatest chances to get ahead in a recession

With the latest IPA Bellwether report predicting a recession in 2024, PMW’s panel of experts identified the biggest opportunities that marketers can leverage to help their organisations thrive amidst the chaos.

Clarity, proof and storycraft: three lessons from judging the DMA Awards 2023

What makes a winning data-led marketing awards entry? Incrementality, gamification and some creative magic can certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

25 experts on why main media bouncing back in the IPA Bellwether report should give marketers hope for next year

PMW’s panel of experts on why investment in brand building during a recession can be the best way to promote longevity, so long as ad-spend remains diversified and sales promotions aren’t neglected when the right opportunities arise.

25 years of Google: how competition shaped the internet giant

AI is the prime battleground where Google needs to focus its energies if it’s to stay the literal byword for the internet in the future.

Think you know what (or where) your communities are? Think again.

Marketing to individuals is a thing of the past. Harness brand communities like Gymshark and Abel & Cole to increase conversion rates and cut down on wasted marketing spend.

Karren Brady on Women in Business: “I've learned from the most competitive team game in the world”

The Apprentice’s Karren Brady speaks about her career in football ahead of her Women In Business & Tech event.

Is the media agency model moving towards outcome-based payment?

In a progressively splintered media landscape, brands are seeking a simpler, holistic and results-based service from their agencies. But is that too much to ask for from overstretched teams? PMW spoke to both sides to ask if the future of brand-agency relations will be performance based.

Real talk about advertising ROI: how to focus on the fundamentals

Creativity is the lifeblood of advertising, but money – and payment methods for ad campaigns – is the lifeblood of any business. Here's how advertising agencies and in-house advertising departments can make modern, structural changes that really affect their bottom line.

One question is enough: the future of audience validation

One way to get to know audiences without relying on tracking is through consumer validation, but this can be limited in size, time consuming and costly as an investment. But now, a combination of AI modelling and one simple question can transform how you understand audiences

“Brands need to adapt”: unpacking the influence of TikTok and Meta’s rumoured ad-free subscription tiers

“The effectiveness of performance marketing campaigns may depend more on the quality of content and partnerships rather than the sheer volume of advertising spend.” PMW spoke to the experts to uncover just how marketers need to react to the growing popularity of paid-for ad-free subscriptions.

The top 20 media agencies for new business in 2023 so far

PMW’s global agency rankings, courtesy of Campaign Advertising Intelligence, reveals the brands spending on media and performance, and the agencies winning the work in the first half of 2023.

Developing marketing that is human-centric and AI-driven

AI has great potential, but it can't fix a fundamentally unsound marketing plan because its success relies on the human element.

80% will shop on October Prime Day, but Amazon shares the spotlight this time

More than half of shoppers feel Amazon can be beaten on discounts, with others highlighting quality and delivery advantages to looking elsewhere. PMW speaks to 10 marketers on why Prime Day will be different this year in the lead up to Christmas.

Cleaning up ‘Made for Advertising' sites: new industry definition helps brands cut down on junk content

Industry bodies have updated the definition of MFAs, hoping to clear-up exactly how to recognise them. However, will this new definition actually help solve the problem? Experts aren’t so sure…

Has Amazon become too dominant in online retail?

Is this month’s decision by the US competition regulator to sue Amazon for illegally stifling competition a watershed moment? PMW spoke to experts from Accuracast, Automated Creative and Threepipe Reply for their candid opinions.

Six things performance marketers need to know about South Korea

South Korea offers one of the biggest and most digitally engaged audiences in the world, with a huge gaming, influencer marketing and e-commerce audience keen to swap engaging experiences for their data… provided brands are transparent about its use. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

Should marketers be excited about Amazon Prime Video ads?

With Prime Video subscribers soon to pay an extra fee to go ad free, is this the tipping point for CTV ads or just more fragmentation in a market lacking transparency? PMW spoke to experts from Vodafone, Croud, Showheroes and Teads for their candid opinions.

How can e-commerce marketing teams deliver great omnichannel shopping experiences while cutting costs?

Regardless of whether a customer interacts with their Instagram page or website, how can companies be sure of consistent branding? The answer is by using a digital experience platform.

Six things performance marketers need to know about New Zealand

New Zealand's affluent economy makes it a highly attractive market despite its small population, but marketers need to be wary of new data privacy legislation. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

Navigating today’s complex consumer

How can brands best harness the necessary data to adapt their marketing to provide a relevant and highly personalised customer experience in a time of constant change?

Preparing for the future of partnership marketing

Buyers, partners, and technologies are all evolving at a breakneck pace. Marketers need to keep up.

To strike performance marketing gold, start with the people, not the tech

Martech maps can lead you on a wild goose chase. But listening to the tales of fellow travellers in adland can help marketers make sense of an increasingly fragmented landscape.

“A change worth embracing”: industry reacts to Google’s rumoured search partnership with TikTok

An opportunity for brands to access better customer insights or a data privacy breach waiting to happen? Google’s rumoured search integration onto TikTok’s platform is the news on every marketer's lips, but how should brands respond if the ‘GoogleTok’ partnership goes ahead?

Why in-app advertising is critical for performance marketers

In-app ads are a highly effective way for brands to accurately target, connect with and truly engage their audiences where they spend their most screen time – in a more efficient and customised way than mobile web advertising allows.

Leveraging technology for marketing success in 2023 and beyond

As marketing teams refocus and plan for the rest of 2023 and beyond, there are several technology trends that every marketer needs to be aware of to stay ahead of the curve.

Ad relevance is good for the advertiser, the consumer and the environment

One practical step digital advertisers can take to reduce their carbon footprint is to produce campaigns that are better targeted, more relevant and more attention-grabbing – increasing their impact and reducing the energy waste associated with ineffective online impressions.

Age quake: marketers are unprepared for the great digital demographic shift

An ageing population will force marketers' hands sooner or later, so why not leverage this audience's spending power now?

How native keeps transforming to fill the performance gap for marketers

Native advertising continues to grow, even as adspend on social media platforms falls. The format can offer clear advantages and integrate seamlessly into relevant content, driving user interest and engagement.

Rob Mayhew: “I love my job, but it's ridiculous”

The pitching process should be an enjoyable creative experience. So why do 50% of marketers experience burnout and how can AI help?

“Define that creative goal into something you can measure”: how the worlds of brand and performance marketing are merging

Brand versus performance - diametrically opposed or capable of working together? PMW was on the ground at Paradigms 2023 in Lisbon to find out if the idea of ‘brandformance’ is more than just another industry buzzword.

Publisher direct deals: boosting sales revenue streams

Brands should capitalise on the data that publishers can provide, enabling marketers to target audiences in the most efficient way possible as the battle between privacy and scale continues.

Will cookie-less finally be a priority? Six marketers on what to expect at DMEXCO 2023

As the last annual conference before cookies are gone forever, what are marketers hoping from DMEXCO 2023?

Brainlabs' funding bonanza: can challenger agency’s growth match its global ambition?

‘Digital first’ agency making waves in adland is now valued at $320m following a new investment boost. Now it’s setting its sights on global expansion.

The future of brand growth will come from gaming advertising

Brands and agencies need gaming advertising in their media plans or risk being left behind

Greenwashing: who’s talking about it and what are their priorities?

Brands that make unsubstantiated environmental claims or try to hide behind blanket statements relating to positive change risk paying a high reputational price – instead, they need to take authentic steps to earn consumers’ trust.

More PII, more problems?

As users become less willing to share personally identifiable information and regulators crack down on user privacy, advertisers must find new, relevant ways to connect with the right audiences at the right time.

Are retailers leaving money on the table with limited channel strategies?

Brands want the ability to engage with customers in all the ways retailers can – but that means every channel available should be an option to them.

Paid social strategies that will build your B2B audience

Increasing brand awareness, boosting online following and generating qualified leads are key elements of a successful B2B marketing strategy, but how can marketers find the best targeted advertising and social platform options and use them to their greatest advantage?

Unilever: how to sponsor the World Cup without looking like you’re cashing in on the hype

Huge cultural moments see many brands jump on the bandwagon. So how can advertisers get involved in the craze authentically that makes them stand out and earn engagement? Unilever tells PMW.

Ignoring AI will set marketers back decades

Contrary to popular opinion, can AI actually allow marketers to be more human in the way we engage with audiences?

Busting the myths of multiple retargeting partners

There are many misconceptions associated with using multiple retargeting partners, such as ‘our ads will appear too frequently’ or ‘it’s more expensive’. However, these myths can be bust.

“Let your teams do the why and AI do the what”: Mailchimp’s Global CMO on AI, C-suite influence and customer value

Global CMO of Intuit Mailchimp, Michelle Taite, lifts the veil on what should make a CMO tick - from incorporating AI and personalising at scale, to democratising data for better defined performance metrics.

The key questions publishers should be asking their SSPs

From incremental revenue measurement to unique advertiser demand, publishers can optimise their monetisation stacks by asking more of their automated ad selling partners.

Google turns 25: but can it still dominate the next decade?

Performance marketing owes a lot to Google. PMW speaks to ten marketers on Google’s origins, its impact on adland and if it will still reign supreme in another 25 years.

Simple marketing strategies can deliver in times of economic uncertainty

One way to rekindle customer loyalty in tough times is by showing more loyalty to them too.

Need for speed: when and how to build a website at pace

Building a website quickly doesn't mean your business must settle for less; these are the approaches you need, from ‘agile’ to Umbraco.

The biggest untold opportunity in B2B marketing

Companies need to fully understand the evolving B2B marketplace and their internal drivers before they can take the steps needed to achieve the digital transformation that can drive effective growth.

How podcast advertisers can build a win-win relationship with creators

Existing standard podcast listener metrics are not serving advertisers or creators well, but what can they do to achieve fairer results?

“Fast emerging as a promising ‘brandformance’ solution”: the brand-side benefits of TikTok’s new Search Ads Toggle

New 'Negative Keyword’ filters affirm TikTok as a serious search competitor for Google and Microsoft - but what opportunities does the new tool present for brands?

AI, AI, AI… is there any other future for marketing?

Last week, WARC forecasted global ad spend to hit $1trn in 2024, whilst the UK’s is still in decline. PMW spoke to seven marketing experts to offer advice on how brands can emerge on top in this new era of “digital efficiency”.

Beauty is in the ‘ear’ of the beholder: why beauty brands are missing a beat

Detailed analysis shows that brands in the beauty sector, as well as many others, still need to learn how to use music and sound most effectively to make a bigger impact on consumers.

Final day to enter the PMW 100 Powerlist for free: the search for the most influential people in performance marketing

With a day left to submit a free entry, senior leaders from WARC, Kantar, The Influencer Marketing Trade Body and the CEO of IAB Europe assemble to determine the 100 people making the biggest waves in the industry this year.

Taking the plunge to treat your retail media FOMO

The surge of retail media may be daunting for marketers feeling the pressure to invest and get involved but knowing where you want to go and an effective measurement plan implemented from the start will offer confidence to keep evolving once your retail media strategy is off the ground.

Adding value in the cookieless world – the circular approach

As brands try to find ways to bridge the gap left by the removal of cookies, it is clear they need to change the way they think about data, technology and collaboration, and bring the human element back to targeting, because relationships and innovation will be key to success.

What does Amazon’s offsite ads programme mean for brands?

“The Amazon offsite ads programme could be indicative of wider e-commerce ad spend trends – breaking the duopoly, diversifying spend and embracing mobile-first.” The move signifies intent from the e-commerce giant to push into Google’s ad territory, but will this all be smooth sailing for brands?

Retail media: why you actually don’t want to be Amazon

Could retail media answer the marketing measurement dilemma? It’s a performance-based channel that delivers for branding, but retailers must avoid some temptations from traditional ad networks. Criteo’s MD Northern Europe reveals more.

Sustainable advertising isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a must

Measurement is a vital component of successful marketing – and the same is true of the need for companies to provide real evidence of their work to make the advertising industry ever-more sustainable on the way to achieving ‘ad net zero’ by 2050.

How can e-commerce marketing teams deliver great omnichannel shopping experiences while cutting costs?

Regardless of whether a customer interacts with their Instagram page or website, how can companies be sure of consistent branding? The answer is by using a digital experience platform.

Listen up Musk: social media’s toxic ‘wild west’ has a chance to try again

The social media revolution gives advertisers a chance to try again with new app ASCEND that reevaluates how we rate content and advertising, target users and prioritise mental health.

How audio can learn from programmatic's past

How the growth of programmatic audio can be leveraged without the ‘growing pains’ experienced during the growth of programmatic display and video, and what buyers should watch for digital audio to catch up to its video and display peers.

AI is not taking away control from digital advertisers - it’s giving it back

AI was previously all about performance – but not always the right metrics. Now, rather than remaining an automated enigma, digital advertisers' applying AI today have better oversight on pursuing the outcomes that actually matter.

TikTok update: “less engagement equals less revenue”, how will the EU’s DSA regulations really impact the platform’s advertising effectiveness?

With TikTok announcing incoming updates that will see EEA users have the option to opt-out of personalised feeds, PMW spoke to the experts and got insight into what the consequences of adhering to the DSA might be.

What performance agencies do wrong when pitching

Best practice from firms that excel at winning new business can be embedded in agencies of all types.

How to generate new revenue from old content through new platforms

Your content has commercial value on social platforms. So, gather your rights, figure out the strategy and ask; can you support that with paid media to accelerate growth, and build sustainable revenue as you serve content to the audience in their environment?

Why MediaMath’s collapse epitomises martech’s age-old nightmare

The reasons for the programmatic advertising pioneer’s shocking demise this summer– whose clients included PepsiCo, Adobe, and Sony – are still being debated, but one thing is clear: the unorganised division of tech stacks was incurring significant waste, costing the company millions.

Retail Media is just the start: why ‘Barbenheimer’ could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for cinema and brands

With Barbie hailing the return of the summer blockbuster, movie theatres are primed for an untapped data double-bill with studios and CPG brands.

Unlocking sustainable advertising: no reinvention required

Sustainable digital advertising is possible without reinventing the wheel by simply adopting the right platforms and practices that have sustainability, transparency and efficiency at their core.

Broadcast TV sees record-breaking decline – what will advertisers do?

Social media and streaming services are picking up the falling viewers from broadcast TV, as advertisers adjust their TV marketing strategies.

How you can supercharge your email marketing campaigns with AI

AI has made leaps within email marketing and can empower marketers to create more engaging emails that resonate with audiences. There are limitations of an AI approach to email campaigns, but the efficiency and results at scale AI brings means we humans can focus on the strategy.

Preparing for a cookieless future: what advertisers need to know

As we shift from an opt-out to opt-in internet, the time is now for brands to smarten up on identity – cookies might be on the way out, but the value exchange of the open internet isn’t changing.

Embracing paid search in the age of ChatGPT and generative AI

The debate around whether AI will herald the end of the golden era of search should not come at the expense of the benefits for integrating AI into paid search marketers. Here’s why marketers should take note and get on board.

ITV: It’s time to disrupt ourselves

Ad funded streaming models from Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime have created some serious competition to the traditional TV industry. So the big broadcasters are taking drastic action to avoid being “eaten alive”. ITV reveals why to PMW.

I love my job… but I hate my industry

Marketers are too easily swayed by the latest technology and have lost sight of the true value of different channels to specific campaigns. It's time to reset with a focus on strategy and data and a joined-up approach in the meaningful service of client needs.

Coca Cola’s Ana Afán Ruiz: PMW’s Chair of Judges talks EU, data creativity and celebrating “invisible” success

From politics to performance marketing, PMW’s Chair of Judges has a track record for building teams and engagement on a world stage – but which awards entries will impress her the most?

“A greater battle for attention and engagement”: experts talk AA/WARC’s UK adspend forecasts and what digital’s bounceback means for marketers

Online marketing is taking the lion’s share of UK ad-spend, but what should marketers be emphasising to stand out and move away from ‘one-size-fits-all’, while at the same time ensuring they have the capabilities to prove effectiveness?

Are you tapping into WhatsApp?

‘Dark social’ chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are poised to be the next big thing for consumers to communicate with retailers. But how can brands integrate these platforms to drive down call centre stress and drive up customer satisfaction?

“Advertisers need to take a leaf out of Barbie’s book”: 9 experts on how events like Barbenheimer can inspire marketers to be the centre of attention

Our panel of commentators on the Q1 2023 AA/WARC report on how July’s cinema blockbuster weekend and the Women’s World Cup are moments brands can live in, not just “spend around”

Measurement strategies in a cookieless world

Imminent changes to the use of cookies mean marketers must rethink strategies to target consumers, and build a new way to measure the performance of campaigns – which can help prove ROI and help to defend, or even increase, budgets.

Deinfluencing’s popularity has grown among consumers – so why are marketers reluctant to embrace the trend?

With spending-money at a premium among most Brits, the lavish, often unrealistic lifestyles of influencers aren’t quite cutting the mustard for consumers anymore, with many beginning to favour advertising that operates in the more financially-realistic world of ‘de-influencing’.

Is it time for a martech ecosystem rethink?

A fragmented approach to an often complex web of marketing technology (MarTech) systems can make them difficult for marketers to navigate. The resulting inefficiencies and missed opportunities can limit the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

PMW begins the search for the 100 most influential people in performance marketing

Brands, agencies, platforms and tech providers have just one month to nominate their champions to be included amongst performance marketing’s top pioneers and experts.

Measuring consumer attention is vital for advertisers

There is now so much content from so many different sources that traditional metrics are no longer effective as targeting or measurement tools, but a clear picture of consumer attention is needed to maximise the impact of ad budgets.

“Tech will allow marketers more time to do what they do best”: 9 experts on how AI can solve brands’ H2 marketing puzzle

The latest IPA Bellwether report honed in on brands’ intention to use AI to drive efficiency – with the use of AI-powered technology identified as a core opportunity. PMW’s panel of marketing experts share how brands can avoid being left behind without being overwhelmed by the generative AI hype machine.

“An audit of planned and past spend can give insights into where wastage is occurring”: 10 marketing experts on the importance of accountability when it comes to your budgets

IPA’s results show growth in the more ‘accountable’ channels within the main media segment. PMW asked its panel of experts how marketers can ensure that every penny counts and why data partnerships mean power.

Marketers need clearer receipts to map and maximise return ratios

Under ever-increasing scrutiny, marketers need clear, detailed and accurate breakdowns to justify everything from tech investment to adspend – and to listen to, and act on, what the performance data tells them.

“Brands need to come off the discounting drug”: 20 experts on alternatives to sales promotions for brands ahead of a tough golden quarter

The record-busting growth in sales promotions reported in the latest IPA Bellwether results caused debate among the industry’s commentators. Should marketers rely on discounts to signal support for customers at the expense of margins, or do other means offer a competitive advantage?

“Shorter attention spans… present a huge challenge”: 16 experts on why video channels stole the limelight and brand budgets in the IPA Bellwether report

PMW’s expert panel on why the IPA report singled out video as a key channel for adspend growth and how marketers can stand out from the noise and alternative media channels ripe for investment in 2023 and beyond.

Marketing in a material world: how would you spend Barbie’s $100m budget?

Not every brand is granted the wish of a $100m marketing budget, but what can brands learn from big campaigns and apply with smaller budgets?

Savvy students planning summer back-to-campus shopping spree: are brands ready?

Gen Z students are already carefully budgeting and planning what to invest in for their return to campus, so it’s the ideal time for brands to take action to engage students and earn a place in their shopping baskets and lives.

“A faulty methodology will lead to faulty conclusions”: Google responds to controversial claims it misled advertisers

In mid-June, a report alleged that Google has been misleading its advertisers with regard to placement of video ads on third-party websites. The tech giant has responded to the allegations and PMW has the expert takes you need to dissect the debate.

“You can’t pay for the cool factor”: why a B2B brand launched a music album and how it hit over one million streams

In perhaps the ultimate feat of performance marketing, project management software ClickUp invested in the production and release of an original music album…with very little idea of what success would look like, let alone if it would be achieved…one big question needed to be answered - why?

What’s the point? Tips for success in the new era of retail loyalty

Marketers need to rethink their approach to engaging and attracting increasingly savvy, cash-strapped shoppers, and get the most out of their marketing budget to build customer loyalty and boost revenues.

The top 15 performance marketing agencies for new business: $3.5bn won so far in 2023, with three top performers busting $500m each

PMW’s bi-monthly global performance marketing agency rankings, courtesy of Campaign Advertising Intelligence, reveals the agencies winning performance marketing work this year so far – and the brands investing the most.

How do you solve a problem like Twitter’s advertising business? With consumers!

Linda Yaccarino, who joined Twitter as CEO in May, needs to strike a successful balance between user satisfaction and advertiser demands to increase loyalty, trust and revenue.

How to compete in a mobile-first world when you don’t have an app

Lifestreet’s Lily Stoelting reveals the innovations taking place in contextual targeting, and why app-to-web can help performance marketers scale campaigns and be cost efficient.

The original Prime Day returns: 12 e-commerce experts on how to “hijack the hype”

Twelve performance marketers highlight how the industry can optimise their marketing strategies ahead of today’s sales extravaganza.

What is making marketers revive a measurement technology from the 1950s?

Rather than jump on the Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) bandwagon, the industry should be looking forward with tech, not backwards 70+ years.

PMW UK Awards 2023: Vodafone, Ipsos and IAB Europe judges discuss what makes a winning performance marketing entry

With less than a week until the standard entry deadline for the PMW UK Awards 2023, judges from Vodafone, Ipsos, IAB Europe, Kugaii and Zenus Bank reveal what they will be looking for in a winning entry.

Open marketplace vs direct advertiser-publisher buying

As the open marketplace becomes ever-less useful to brands due to addressability problems, there is a strategic option for marketers considering alternative ways to reach the most relevant audiences at scale.

What went wrong at MediaMath? ‘Original’ DSP’s bankruptcy leaves adtech trouble in its wake

Bankruptcy of the independent programmatic pioneer shakes up the adtech market and leaves an unsettling black hole of debt in adland.

The consumer journey is shortening and Apple is releasing updates. What are the challenges facing affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has a perception issue. As it evolves to cover more of the marketing mix, hear from Rakuten, Microsoft and on the concerns for the changing channel.

Retailers, drive new revenue through one-to-one personalisation

Seamless personalisation across all channels is what it takes to raise the customer experience to a level where they feel valued and understood, which will encourage them to return and purchase more – and improve affinity and loyalty more than brand and price combined.

Unilever’s big performance rethink: 6 marketing experts on why ‘sales’ channels can be untapped brand builders too

With FMCG giant Unilever reframing performance media as helping both “first to mind and first to cart”, PMW spoke to our panel of marketing experts for their reaction on why retail media, CTV and influencer marketing are untapped channels for brand building beyond their ‘sales’ labels.

Affiliate marketing is now “everything”. But do blurred lines cause concerns for financial brands?

Financial services are a burgeoning sector in affiliate marketing. But as the practice becomes even less definable, how can marketers remain confident when “mistakes mean incidents”? PMW talks to senior leaders at HSBC and Cleo to chart the channel’s evolution beyond last clicks and cash incentives.

Supercharging search with generative AI: what does this mean for brands?

Big changes are coming to Google’s search tool that will have a dramatic impact on both the user experience and what strategies marketers need to adopt to make their brand’s online presence felt, from SEO to paid and sponsored ads and affiliate marketing.

Hiring a marketing agency? Here’s your essential checklist to ensure it’s secure, compliant and provides a good quality of service

Agency selection can be an expensive and complex process, so it's important to get the basics right from the outset.

Data doesn’t lie, but are your metrics misleading you?

Customers interact with multiple channels and campaigns, and marketing do not exist in isolation, so relying solely on short-term, siloed data is a recipe for failure for brands. To make more effective and informed decisions that truly drive growth, marketers must look beyond those metrics.

Actions speak louder than words: how brands can authentically show support for the LGBTQ+ community in Pride Month – and beyond

From all-too-obvious rainbow-washing to being overly concerned about avoiding backlash, brands make many missteps during Pride Month – here’s how to ensure meaningful support all year round.

Why aren’t Cannes Lions winners as popular with the public?

Purpose is out and humour is in for Cannes Lions winners. System1 reveals how the public feels about last week’s awarded film ads.

10 things I got horribly wrong about Cannes Lions 2023

Do creatives really resent the adtechs? Is Gen AI going to take everyone's jobs? Can I run the length of the Croisette in five minutes? Robin Langford, Editor at Performance Marketing World, confesses his top misconceptions, biggest mistakes and flat out wrongness upon returning from a week at Cannes Lions 2023.

Days 4 and 5 at Cannes Lions: the murky origin story of performance marketing… and a brighter, inclusive future

The final days at Cannes Lions look at how brands can turn trends into storylines, why performance and PR are merging and why breaking down silos will drive the marketing industry forward.

Day 3 at Cannes Lions: yacht rock and blowouts

Cannes reaches a midpoint crescendo with maritime millions, creator commerce and digital personas steering the conversation, as AI fatigue sets in as the Big Tech platforms host their biggest parties yet.

Cannes Lions Awards 2023: social, media, B2B and direct marketing entrants among those to watch

Many entrants to this year’s awards stood out for their use of strategy to drive sales and engagement – including social media, tech and performance marketing. PMW takes its pick of the best.

TikTok made me search it: how creators are shaping content discovery

Google has had to concede that it is coming second to social media as a way to discover content, and thus adjust to evolving consumer behaviours or risk further loss of market share. This signals that brand marketers need to adapt beyond traditional SEO strategies and strengthen their online presence and social connections to deliver greater personalisation and authentic experiences.

Are we sleepwalking into a sustainability blind spot with digital advertising?

With so much investment being ploughed into the sector, it is critical that marketers, brands, platforms and publishers do not overlook factors involved in sustainability, but work on making more efficient use of resources, reducing the environmental footprint of digital advertising and seizing fresh opportunities.

Day 2(.5) at Cannes Lions: scaling the walled gardens… and beaches

'Super Tuesday' continues at Cannes with discussions scaling data-sharing, using marketing muscle to move the dial on sustainability – and using data to make ads ‘beautiful again’, but also fostering a deeper customer relationship.

Day 2 at Cannes Lions: inside the large Hadron Collider of marketing

Marketing data colliding with the forces of regulation, the holy grail of real-time measurement and messaging and retail media are just some of the themes we took in on Day Two at the Croisette.

Don’t worry creatives, AI isn’t coming for you (yet)

Generative AI can't connect with human experiences at present, but that doesn’t mean it lacks utility – with human input, it is already democratising access to high-value marketing for brands and empowering creators.

Day 1 at Cannes Lions “Don’t grade my homework… amplify my idea”

Day one of the world’s biggest festival of ad creativity unearths discussions around ads driving sales and leads, the performance marketing capabilities of the biggest platforms, and the tech solving marketing’s pain points.

Creating the next Grand Prix winner: how AI is helping brands supercharge their ad testing

The winners of this year’s Cannes Lions awards represent the peak of ad creativity, but where did those ideas come from? And how much time did it take to validate these ideas before investing in the reality? Welcome to the world of creative ad testing…

“The data isn't there to make the decisions. It's there to help us make decisions”: uniting two tribes at Cannes Lions with Anastasia Leng and Tom Goodwin

While generative AI will make waves at Cannes Lions this week, is technology in danger of reinforcing biases rather than breaking them down? PMW spoke to two experts in the field of creative data to find consensus among all the catastrophizing views.

“Cannes is guilty of hyping up buzzwords… but the advent of AI is more profound than this”: six performance marketers on the festival trends to watch next week

What will everyone be talking about on the Croisette this year? From retail media and CTV to Ad Net Zero and generative AI, an expert panel explains why technology will be taking a bigger part of the conversation at Cannes Lions than ever before…

Why tech brands dominate the US top 50 – and how to break through

73% of US adults consider themselves a superfan of at least one brand, yet some of the biggest industries in the world are completely absent from the US top 50 list.

The smart speaker (sound)wave: opening up high-value audiences for brands

Marketers seeking new ways to reach their target audiences in a relevant way must not miss the potential, interactivity and versatility offered by digital audio, with access to its fast-growing pool of highly engaged listeners.

‘What are we doing about AI?’

AI is likely to have a huge impact on the future of marketing, so senior marketers must look at what that will mean for their organisation, business ambition, approach to talent and strategic thinking.

Ben & Jerry’s axe Twitter budget – how many brands will follow?

Twitter’s “content moderation has become all but non-existent” stated Ben & Jerry’s. Improper regulation puts the platform at risk of becoming a “toxic cesspit” of hate speech, sinking Twitter further into dangerous waters if more brands leave the platform.

Progressive profiling: the key to unlocking the future of digital marketing

In a post-cookies environment, marketers will need to find a way to gather more accurate and up-to-date information directly from their target audience – and use it more effectively, to refocus and rebuild the brand/consumer relationship.

Recession-proof your social spend: measure what matters

Rather than reduce overall spend in a tricky economy, marketers should instead focus on optimising their media mix – using measurement to prioritise efficiency and effectiveness will help them get the most out of their budget.

“Out of Home can already be used as a performance marketing channel”: Mo Moubayed, Veridooh

With digital screens going programmatic and outdoor mobile searches driving higher conversions, DOOH is no longer just a brand building tool. But how do you verify OOH panels and billboards in the real world? That was the multi-million dollar question on which adtech firm Veridooh was formed …

Affiliate and influencer marketing are converging

What do marketers need to know to get the most out of influencer and affiliate partnerships in the years ahead?

UK Data Protection Bill: will marketers sink or swim?

Upcoming regulatory changes in the UK present marketers with a potentially daunting data management challenge, but steps can be taken to stay ahead of the curve and improve customer engagement while complying with the new rules.

GDPR five years on: can regulation keep up with innovation?

It’s been half a decade since GDPR changed the way marketers view data privacy, but is the regulation dated – and is DPDI coming to the rescue for the UK now that it is out of the EU? PMW speaks to the experts to find out.

Why the current economic climate presents the perfect time to invest in marketing

Businesses have a unique opportunity to adapt, streamline processes, position themselves for future growth and stay ahead of the competition by investing in marketing, which can be a powerful driver of success.

TikTok banned in Montana: is this the beginning?

Having launched brands and influencers to fame, the first state ban causes divisive opinion amongst marketers, as one in three Americans support the ban.

How to leverage emerging AI technologies like ChatGPT for digital marketing

The uptake of useful and productive AI tools is booming across the sector, but AI will not replace marketers – instead, teams can use this technology to gain radical business benefits. But there are risks and caveats to consider.

Brands and media owners: the blurring of the lines

In the first-party data era, brands are becoming audience owners in their own right. Nowhere is this clearer than in retail, where retail organisations are monetisng their valuable shopper audiences with advertisers via retail media networks. But brands are discovering that customer data is both a reward and a responsibility...

Deinfluencing, authenticity and the future of creator partnerships

A decline in consumers’ trust in and respect for influencer content has created a huge opportunity for marketers willing to risk potential criticism by embracing greater authenticity and ‘editorial balance’ from creator channels.

The top 20 global media agency rankings now revealed on PMW

PMW subscribers can see which media agencies across the globe are ranking top of the charts in 2023 for new business wins – every two months.

How the market research industry can capitalise on Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionalise market research as much as any other industry – but there are caveats to consider alongside the technology's powerful benefits.

How marketers can drive scale for niche audiences

It’s critical that marketers don’t rely on lookalike assumptions, but harness the data available to them to reach beyond their traditional audiences.

Knowledge is power: how marketers are using data to actively shape their campaigns

Marketing teams are using campaigns to drive lead generation or increase revenue. But to do that successfully, marketing analytics tools need to be used to do more than ever before.

How marketers can better streamline their advertising supply chain

Marketers who want to do more than merely survive the current high-pressure advertising battleground must think strategically.

“The person you were marketing to a year ago may be in a different position – make sure you understand who they are today”

Prioritising short-term gains at the expense of your customers needs to be firmly put in the past, but how can the use of data to truly learn from their interactions help? Tealium’s CMO Heidi Bullock spoke to PMW about why investing in ethical marketing data management is paying off for brands.

It’s (finally) time for a data revolution

Consumers want better brand experiences but aren't willing to share their data – a stalemate that presents a serious problem as we move towards a personal data economy.

Is Snapchat having a creator comeback?

Ex-Meta head explains why Snapchat is more ‘fulfilling’ for creators and its monetization opportunities. But does a shift towards creators mean that it will finally compete with the big dogs?

“At this point it’s too hard to put the genie back in the bottle”: the time is now for marketers to embrace AI

In the wake of Sitecore adding generative AI to its suite of composable software solutions, Chief Product Officer Dave O’Flanagan offers insight as to why the technology is beneficial to performance marketing.

Why Amazon Ads is outgrowing its own shopping sales

As Google and Meta lose their grip of online ad dominance, Amazon is emerging as the biggest beneficiary – even as its own e-commerce business reports no growth.

“The ethos throughout 2023 is spend smarter, not harder”: 15 marketers on the AA/WARC adspend growth predictions

What should marketers be doing to reinforce value? What are the opportunities ahead? Our expert panel dissect the latest AA/WARC results and the implications for performance marketers in 2023 and 2024.

Reply hazy, try again: driving efficiency in marketing to win when uncertainty looms

In unstable times marketers can take action to combat tightening budgets and intense competition to create more impactful campaigns.

Amazoogle: the pairing you didn’t know you needed

Amazon and Google are rivals in many respects, but marketers can strategically combine their benefits to support a customer-focused marketing plan

“How do brands avoid becoming non-essential?” 35 performance marketers on the IPA Bellwether results

Is it time to discount or defend price premiums? As this week’s IPA report paints a picture of unsteady adspend growth, PMW quizzed our panel of marketing experts on navigating the rocky year ahead - with AI, supply chain transparency, CTV and retail media emerging as key themes.

As the industry leaves MTA behind, it’s time for MMMM: Media Mix Modelling and More

Media Mix Modelling is back, but on its own is not enough – modern technologies must be added to achieve much-needed incremental, granular insight into live digital campaigns

Media vs sales performance: how marketers can break the language barrier with AI

Digital marketers can harness the power of technology to translate their measurements into sales metrics that prove the impact of their campaigns in terms the C-suite understands.

Making conversation: Charlie Cadbury on bringing the smart speaker revolution to CTV ads

Voice assistants are becoming a mainstay of UK living rooms – but what’s next for the audio ad industry in the age of connected TV and generative AI?

Pitching SEO investment to the C-suite when times are tough

Search has evolved to become an important tool for overall business growth, adding value by enabling brands to spot future trends early and anticipate consumer behaviour.

China’s answer to ChatGPT? Alibaba refuses to be left behind in the global AI development race

Tech giant produces a generative AI chatbot of its own - will China have the edge on more regulated Western markets? We spoke to AI experts for the implications…

Media inflation and Meta: what are your adspend alternatives?

Advertisers need to stay agile as they seek alternatives to Facebook and to optimise their digital media buying as audience behaviour and media prices constantly change.

Will TikTok revolutionise the search ad market?

TikTok is preparing to allow businesses to bid on specific keywords and phrases related to their products or services, and compete in the visual search space - what will this mean for the market?

More measurement, fewer cowboys: CTV must learn from past ad tech eras

Consumer privacy, transparency and accurate measurement must be at the heart of any personalised, programmatic CTV activity as the technology advances further.

On the house: ‘premiumising’ brands through sampling

In a tempting cocktail of marketing know-how, smart data usage and tech, the DUSK app shows how to reduce price sensitivity and ‘premiumise’ brand in a short and sweet apéritif.

Why and how dating apps can solve your data challenges

With dating app use soaring among younger users, marketers have a new platform to engage with relevant users in the data-rich environment found there

Wasted creative: 55% of media budgets were misspent on suboptimal ads in 2022

Some of the world’s largest brands are significantly undermining their ad spend budgets by developing below par creative for online ads, new analysis reveals.

How to future-proof brand experiences in the B2B customer journey

Businesses that get the brand experience right are more likely to inspire loyalty, driving repeat purchases and a shorter purchase journey.

How automation can supercharge your SEO and save you money

An accountant will always use a calculator, why wouldn’t an SEO expert use automation?

Twitter inflates its API prices amid tanking ad revenue

Musk’s platform is currently valued at half the price he paid for it, and with ad spend plumenting the billionaire tech ‘genius’ has reframed Twitter’s API pricing model into two tiers separated by $41,900 per month.

#ChatGPT ad? What experts have to say on Microsoft plans to introduce ads on AI-powered search

The next commercial frontier for Microsoft Bing X ChatGPT may seem an obvious move but industry experts tell PMW why brand suitability and safety needs to be at the forefront of brands’ minds before jumping into Bing Chat ads.

Creative automation: How to scale more personalised content in an oversaturated ad space

Brands that cut out the back-and-forth of localisation by using dynamic templates to rapidly personalise assets will regain creative control and cut through to customers.

Why product information is the key to better customer experience

Amid the ongoing economic uncertainty, marketers need to make optimal use of marketing tech and timely personalisation to help their business thrive.

The six types of gamers (and how to sell to them)

From casual Candy Crushers to immersed Elden Ringers- the gaming audience is huge, diverse and lucrative. But how can marketers engage with each type of player in this highly personal environment?

The ABC of brand advocacy: A is for Acquisition

Acquiring high-value customers isn’t easy, but in times of cutbacks, loyalty and brand advocacy is more valuable than ever.

Forget app installs: how your agency or brand can use app-to-web to acquire high-value customers.

The TLDR: you don’t need an app or app installs to drive performance.

The power of experience: proving effectiveness with measurement

Imagination’s Chief Strategy Officer Tom Gray discusses the theory and practice behind the debunked myth that you can’t measure the effectiveness of experience – and why experiential marketing is a “priceless” tool in a brand’s armour.

Four ways to solve complexity in digital ad campaigns

From programmatic ad exchanges to data clean rooms - digital marketing can be a daunting industry to get to grips with. But a ‘test and learn’ attitude and first party data focus can give you an edge on over-planning competitors.

“Creators are completely essential to brand marketing strategies” but, there’s a measurement gap

Influencer marketing is taking up an increasing portion of the marketing spend, but much of its influence still remains immeasurable.

“Every half decent marketer needs to be a highly curious individual”: Mark Evans on the lessons of today for the leaders of tomorrow

Industry veteran Mark Evans has been in the game long enough to learn the difference between significance and success, and why balancing the pursuit of both with intrinsic motivation is the best lesson to teach marketing’s future generations.

“Winning brands are adaptive and have the tech and processes to listen to what customers are telling them”: how to ‘do’ great CX

Merkle’s Anne Stagg on customer expectation, responsible use of AI, a mutual understanding of the value of personal data and “keeping it simple” – the winning ingredients marketers need for customer experience.

How the right advice can help drive sales – even through a recession

To power your business through tough times, you need to know what you have, ask the right questions, and listen to and act on the wisdom of trusted advisors.

Six things performance marketers need to know about Australia

Australia is now the world’s 12th largest economy with just 0.3% of the global population. But a thriving digital (and DOOH) economy is about to face a new set of stricter data privacy laws. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

TikTok takes on Google and Microsoft in the search ads game

Does Google have cause for concern as TikTok aims to provide the answer to effectively targeting younger generations, or are the brand safety risks warning advertisers off?