Three things you might have missed this week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From Elon Musk suggesting subscription fees for Twitter/X to finding out if ‘brandformance’ is actually real, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Is TikTok underrated by analytics? Platform ‘only gets 21% of credit for clicks’

TikTok has released a new first-party data measurement tool to solve campaign measurement issues.

Scope3 opens up digital advertising emissions data to all

Increased visibility into digital advertising’s carbon emissions aims to align the industry, drive reduction, and be a catalyst for change.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Showheroes, Wavemaker, SMG, Analytic Partners and IMPACT+

From CTV ad carbon reduction to next-gen marketing forecasting tools, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Elon Musk to charge subscription fee: “final nail in Twitter’s coffin”

Elon Musk plans to charge all Twitter, now X, users a subscription fee. Will this give Threads the edge?

Gen X set to be richest generation of all time, so why do advertisers ignore them on social?

Wavemaker report shows that 92% of Gen X are on social media, but advertisers aren’t accessing them. Here’s how.

TikTok defends itself after €345m fine for child safety breach

The Bytedance-owned platform joins YouTube under scrutiny for how it handles children’s personal data.

Performance marketing people: Onetag hires new COO and Outbrain announces suite of senior moves

In our latest round-up of industry moves, industry veteran Lee Lythe joins Basket as CMO and OMG EMEA has a new CEO.

The PMW 100 Powerlist: final winners 20 - 1 revealed

“The Olympian”, “The Brainiac” and “The Green Guardian” are among the final winners to join the PMW 100 Powerlist today, but who has been crowned the most influential person in performance marketing? All is revealed below…

UK advertisers to increase programmatic DOOH spend by a third

Programmatic digital out-of-home is taking budget out of digital and traditional channels, proving high value for both brand and performance campaigns.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore...

From TikTok finally opening up Shop in the US and Criteo answering retail media’s fragmentation issues with a new DSP, here’s everything PMW think you might have missed from this week.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Samsung TV, Glovo, Magnite and Scope3, BRIA AI and TrafficGuard

From democratising generative AI to PMax ad fraud solutions, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

The PMW 100 Powerlist: winners 60-41 revealed

Day three of PMW’s 100 Powerlist reveal welcomes 'The Harmoniser', 'The Renaissance Man' and 'The North Star’ to the squad – find out more about them below.

TikTok Shop opens in the US

After reports of a failed expansion last summer, the online marketplace has finally launched.

Personal B2C interactions on social media are 'most memorable' for consumers – report

Brands are leaning on AI to assist with scaling personal interactions with consumers. However, as authenticity becomes a priority, will automation satisfy them?

Criteo unveils DSP to solve retail media fragmentation

Criteo launches first retail media solution to integrate online and in-store with closed loop measurement.

The PMW 100 Powerlist: winners 100-81 revealed

‘The Soothsayer’, ‘The A/B Alchemist’ and ‘The Search Sensei’ have all made the PMW 100 Powerlist – but who are they? The unveiling of the most influential people in performance marketing starts today.

Performance marketing people: IMPACT+ hires new CMO and Proctor + Stevenson undergoes management buyout

In our latest round-up of industry moves, GumGum continues to scale with the addition of a veteran executive and Gucci brings in a new Executive VP and Chief Brand Officer.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From reasoning behind Shopify’s surprise collaboration with Amazon to YouTube re-igniting its short-form video competition with TikTok and Instagram, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

What do consumers really think of Web3?

Web3, the metaverse, NFTs… is it the next frontier of the internet or a flop? For brands, they should only be worried about one thing – if they enter the world of Web3, will consumers be there too?

Meta considers paid ad-free Facebook and Instagram model

An ad-free model may help Meta fend off EU privacy concerns as a future of a divergent worldwide tech landscape looks more likely.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Circana, Adimo, Gopuff, Optimizely and Bidstack

From fast customer feedback to in-game ads, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Six tech giants named as gatekeepers under Digital Markets Act

Commentators predict big tech to fight the new law which aims to promote a fair and open market.

YouTube adds links within Shorts to re-up competition with TikTok and Instagram

Google-owned platform is hoping the changes will increase engagement and prevent comment spam and scams, as it capitalises on the growing user appetite for short-form video.

Despite AI’s growth, 60% of marketing managers are considering a career change for access to better technology

Burdened with increasing financial pressures and budget cuts, the majority of marketing managers are eyeing the exit door in search of more flexible working conditions.

Shopify to offer “Buy with Prime” in surprise collaboration with Amazon

Once thought of as rivals, an upcoming app will allow merchants to access Prime’s benefits while still using a Shopify-powered website.

Pret A Manger doubles discounts for better customer data

Expansion of the loyalty scheme helps the food chain optimise sales strategies for trends such as the most popular office days, preferred Friday ‘treats’ and regional coffee preferences.

Performance Marketing People: Snap hires UK GM and FullStory commits to new CMO

In our latest round-up of industry moves, a long-time Aldi marketer jumps ship to Asda and The Social Element makes a series of changes.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Sinch, Reddit, Automated Creative, SeenThis and Shopee

From measuring incrementality on Reddit Ads to ChatGPT-powered creative optimisation, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Are customers ghosting you because of poor email deliverability? Probably.

Just 8% of all email traffic is delivered to the intended inbox and 44% of businesses admit they are not confident in their deliverability knowledge, likely hindering their email marketing revenue.

Battle of the brands: 49% of UK adults discover new brands from streaming TV ads

Amazon Ads offers new insights for brands looking to break into the streaming TV ad game – from how much emphasis to place on innovation to ensuring you capture the correct audience.

PM News: Deliveroo expands advertising platform to Hong Kong, Lenovo seeks data control and TikTok to reportedly axe outside e-commerce links

From Deliveroo introducing its ‘Media and Ecommerce’ platform to Asia, to TikTok allegedly removing links to competing e-commerce platforms from its app, here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Consumers are blind to AI’s benefits – brands need to prove the data value transaction

Despite continual demand for better personalisation and more streamlined purchase journeys, British shoppers remain sceptical of the benefits of AI-powered automation and for one reason: data privacy.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Exactly how much attention is required to drive lower funnel actions?

New study reveals exactly how much attention is required to drive campaign outcomes and minimise media wastage.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: OMG, Semrush, Twilio, Emplifi and Ozone

From 20 million Tesco Clubcard member insights to SEO friendly podcast transcription, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Infillion purchases MediaMath following $22m bid for bankrupt DSP

The adtech firm is set to become MediaMath’s new owner for a fraction of the $1bn price tag once placed on the recently-bankrupt company.

Global ad spend recovers: to top $1trn for first time next year

Performance channels lead the recovery as five companies – Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Bytedance and Meta – now draw over half of global advertising investment.

PM News: Amazon enlists influencers for 'Inspire' page, GroupM drops MFAs, YouTube advances AI for musicians

From Amazon putting up $25-per-video to encourage influencers to contribute to its ‘Inspire’ page to GroupM’s curtailing of MFAs and YouTube’s AI development with its music partners, here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

The UK's top 100 coolest brands according to kids

With 72% of the UK’s kids aged 7-14 deeming it ‘cool’, Netflix has won Generation Alpha’s hearts, while homegrown British brands struggle to gain a foothold on the list.

Programmatic ad spend to increase in anticipation of cookie demise

Investment in automated ad buying is increasing as tracking cookies crumble. New research highlights the top eight ways marketers are trying to fight adspend wastage in the privacy-first age.

Performance marketing people: Former Twitter staffer launches startup AR performance agency

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Ramarketing adds a Harvard-trained scientist to its staff and Brave Bison has a new CMO.

Gamers, learners, and positive about the relevance of online ads: how can your brand get – authentically – in front of a TikTok user?

Latest data profiles the younger audience on TikTok, and reveals the possibilities for brands to get ahead on TikTok are endless, if you can understand what makes the platform’s users ‘tick’.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Top five adtech tools this week: AppLovin, Sinch, Wayflyer, Nielsen and

From taking the guesswork out of marketing for e-commerce to tracking a campaign's carbon emissions, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

‘Delete Snapchat’ searches soar 1,019% as ‘My AI’ feature scares users

Humanising AI comes with many dangers, as Snapchat discovered when its ‘My AI’ feature caused panic it posted stories without command and ignored chat messages.

The Women’s World Cup has more advertising appeal than the men’s – here’s why

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup has broken almost all of its previous viewership and attendance records and brands have taken note. Here’s how the best ads married sports fans with the general public to generate mass appeal.

Threads in crisis? Meta’s Twitter/X rival sees 79% decline in daily active users

Everyone’s been watching to see if Threads would replace X. But with X trying to rebuild its advertising reputation and Threads’ daily users plummeting, are marketers relishing having less platforms to worry about?

The TV market monopoly is over, but why is CTV adoption still so slow?

Retail media is growing three times as fast as CTV and YouTube’s ad revenue is set to be 17.4% higher.

PM news: Google repays advertisers, restructuring of its UK base continues and is Amazon building an adtech tool for publishers?

Google has dominated this week’s performance marketing news cycle, from claiming that recent credits issued to agencies had nothing to do with Adalytics controversial report, to the continued restructure of its UK office. Here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Ad fraud sees first spike since May as bad actors capitalise on Women’s World Cup’s popularity

Packed stands, incredible goals and glass ceilings shattered, the 2023 Women’s World Cup has it all. Unfortunately, the immense marketability of the tournament has made it a target for fraudsters looking to steal ad dollars.

Performance marketing people: BBC Good Food publisher hires new CCO and Alight Media fills Head of Marketing role

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Meta’s former head of AR, VR, Metaverse Automation and Platform Engineering has joined Sandsoft Games as its new Chief Technology Officer.

Three things you might have missed last week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

With Q3 well and truly underway and PMW’s Media Spend Index now fully released, there’s been a litany of content and understandably, you may have missed a thing or two - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Diversifying online and offline investment: don’t overdo digital

Focusing on digital in isolation can cost businesses 20% of their marketing spend’s ROI - a potential solution? Omnichannel investment.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Magnite, Pubmatic, SAP Emarsys, RAAS Lab and Twilio

From personalised digital wallet offers to generative AI mixed into customer data platforms, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Which Fortune 100 companies have the most loyal customers?

Tech companies dominate the top of the list, with Alphabet (Google) customers named the most loyal.

This week in performance marketing: TikTok toggles off recommendation algorithm for EU compliance | Twitter’s new X logo ‘hindering happiness’ | Facebook ads cybercrime on the rise

TikTok races to comply with the EU’s DSA law by 28th of August, Twitter’s rebrand off to a shaky start and advertising cybercrime continues to be a thorn in Facebook’s side - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Half of UK consumers are bored or frustrated by “unhelpful” personalisation from brands

Startlingly, 70% of consumers believe the promotions they receive from brands do not align with their interests and the use of outdated technology is to blame.

Sprout Social snaps up influencer marketing platform Tagger Media for $140m

The purchase further demonstrates how the worlds of paid social and influencer marketing are becoming more entwined as brands seek cross measurement with paid social to break down data solos.

Performance marketing people: New marketing leaders at John Lewis and VCCP, while food brand Chobani hires former Google marketing lead

Blackbird.AI and Kao welcome new marketing chiefs, while VCCP, Wavemaker and Mindshare UK promote from within.

Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

In the wake of IPA Bellwether and AA/WARC’s quarterly reports, the industry has been abuzz, so understandably a story or two might have gone by the wayside - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Criteo, DoubleVerify, PRophet, Google Performance Max and Investis Digital

From image recognition guiding shoppers in-store to AI-powered pitch generators, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

Two-thirds of people prefer websites recommended by ChatGPT instead of Google – what does this mean for the future of search results pages?

Rising stress levels for marketers as six in 10 feel the weight of ‘delivering more with less’

AI will help unlock budgets but drive productivity, but new research reveals that marketers are more stressed than a year ago, and could do with more new business and investment.

This week in performance marketing: CityAM bail-out, Warner Bros. ad restructure, Meta’s“year of efficiency” and Ralph Lauren’s ‘phygital’ shoe

London’s free business newspaper, CityAM, has been bought by online beauty retailer THG, Warner Bros. Discovery is heading in a new advertising direction, Meta’s ‘back to basics’ approach pays dividends and Ralph Lauren brings together the worlds of physical and digital commerce with its ‘phygital’ shoe launch - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Short term solutions: marketers’ investing heavily in strategies that deliver quickfire results amid economic gloom

Areas such as social media have enjoyed increased investment at the expense of brand strategy as marketers search for short-term strategies that will get budget-restricted customers buying.

Adtech worlds collide as DoubleVerify buys Scibids for $125m

In a move billed by DoubleVerify as a win not only for the two adtech companies, but advertisers themselves, the acquisition will see DV’s verification technology unite with the AI-powered optimisation capabilities of Scibids.

Sky Media joins ITV’s programmatic platform, Planet V

Planet V is the UK's second largest video ad buying platform after Google.

PMW launches the Media Spend Index: senior marketers rate and rank the channels, platforms and skills getting the best returns

TikTok, or Facebook? Paid search or influencer marketing? PMW’s exclusive global panel of industry experts reveal where marketers will be spending their money in 2024– and where they’re getting the best returns now.

Performance marketing people: Wayfair veteran named new CMO, while Adludio chief steps down after nine years

New leaders at Pattern, The Responsible Marketing Agency and Bountiful Cow are among the new hires and promotions in our latest performance marketing industry round-up.

“Sustainable media performs better”: Scope3 identifies a 36% overlap between ‘green’ advertising and high performing ads

Q2 has seen an uptick in sustainability initiatives from digital advertisers, prompting optimism from experts that although ads continue to be a major carbon emitter, more organisations are removing their heads from the sand.

Marketers rank their top 11 uses for automation: report generation, data monitoring and quality control top list

Experts within the ad industry believe that automation may not only lead to increased profitability but could also be the key to solving typical ad ops pain-points like inefficient processes and human error.

AA/WARC: Online formats dominate UK adspend as search and online display takes 76% of £9bn investment in Q1 2023

Adspend in the UK was up just 0.1% year-on-year, with a forecast of 2.6% growth for the next three quarters of 2023 as AA/WARC report forecasts online to prop up growth even more than previous years.

More than half of marketers ousted from strategy talks, but still expected to ‘do the work’

Despite being able to contribute, marketers are seen as more ‘doers’ than strategists, according to new research, while half of marketing managers are concerned that using AI may steal their jobs as they feel pressured to use it more for efficiency.

This week in performance marketing: Google cookie-phase out begins, Twitter cracks down on hate speech amid rebrand to ‘X’ and TikTok ups ad transparency

Google finally appears ready to make good on its promise to phase-out cookies, Twitter is taking strides towards winning back advertisers while simultaneously ushering forward a confusing rebrand and TikTok is all about transparency - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to worry about this week.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Veridooh,, Anzu, Yext and ViewersLogic

From AI-generated customer review responses to 3D in-game media quality measurement, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Performance marketing people: General Motors, True Religion and Yahoo all welcome new CMOs

Our round-up of the week’s industry movers includes two new agency launches specialising in performance marketing, and new marketing leaders at Zendesk and The True Traveller.

Why the majority of business are missing a CX trick with below-par customer intelligence

With just over a quarter (26%) of businesses using data to improve their CX, the importance of appropriate investment in and leveraging of CI should be at the forefront of marketers’ minds.

Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

Barbie, IPA Bellwether and branding, these were the hot topics inundating your news feeds in the week just gone, so you would be excused to have missed a story or two here and there - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

IPA Bellwether: UK marketing budgets hold on to “stronger than expected” growth ahead of a predicted flatline in 2024

Marketing investment remains in a stubborn growth period as brands support customers with sales promotions and respond to competitor challenges with innovation, but warnings arise of the need for a longer-term approach to bolster performance ahead of the Golden Quarter.

Google and TikTok’s popularity grows as UK advertisers move away from Meta in the interest of diversification

UK-based ecommerce businesses have been diversifying their ad spend at the expense of Meta, as overall ad-spend sees dramatic decline as inflation pinches, but experts say this is no cause for alarm.

Performance marketing people: Target veteran named retail giant’s marketing chief and new CMO faces for AWS, Dutch Bros and Island Pacific Supermarket

PMW’s latest round-up of industry movers includes promotions at Decathlon Hong Kong and Initiative, while Apparel Group India and The Raja Group welcome new marketing leaders.

59% of marketers turn to retail media and data collaborations to optimise customer journey

Study finds marketers’ priorities have shifted towards better understanding the customer journey with a 16% increase in concern identified since Q4 of last year.

Nervous Nellies: is your use of AI suitable for the cautious consumer?

On a global scale, AI has the majority of people excited, but the majority of people are also nervous. What does this mean for businesses and how should marketers go about advertising AI-powered products and tools to consumers?

How to build brand fast with short-term success in TV ads

System1 and ITV reveal the secret to short-term TV ad impact for brands in new performance marketing report.

Stop the email noise: 79% of consumers delete your brand’s emails at least half of the time – even if they love you

Scanning subject lines and giving fake addresses are just some of the lengths consumers will go to avoid emails from brands, but the email address is still the top piece of information they share, and they are open to (personalised) offers as long as you’re not creepy about it.

Performance marketing people: Coca-Cola gives generative AI a leadership face and Volvo hires former L’Oréal US marketing lead to surge growth online

PMW’s latest round-up of industry movers sees new leaders at Carat India, iProspect, Revolut and streaming service NOW.

Social media use is on the decline but TikTok continues to rise

Time spent on social media has declined among consumers for just the second time in a decade, but a switch to a more ‘focussed’ rather than casual audience might be good news for advertisers.

#TravelTok - how marketers and brands can leverage its popularity

TikTok is fast becoming the go-to platform for travel inspiration and new data sheds light on the insights that could take your brand to the top of TikTok’s trending travel videos.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Revolut, Ozone, Shopify, Semrush and Yahoo

From ‘financial super app’ ads to measuring carbon impact at campaign level, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Influencer marketing ‘influences’ sales growth: 6 in 10 marketers report boosted sales, clicks and traffic when using creators

New research reveals that despite a quarter of marketers suffering budget cuts, influencer marketing remains steadfast as over 50%l said they are investing more into the channel this year.

Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

In the wake of PMW’s Cannes Lions coverage, our 30 Under 30 Awards Winners, newly published case studies and of course all the news analysis you could ask for, it’s understandable if some things fell through the cracks – fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Forbes: the world’s most influential CMOs – 10 who are leading on the performance marketing front

Forbes recently unveiled its 2023 list of the 50 most influential global CMOs, recognising the marketing leaders who are driving the most impact on the largest scales. PMW delved through those named and has identified 10 CMOs who are setting the standard in performance marketing.

Publishers strike back: Meta axes news sharing in Canada after controversial legislation passes senate floor

Ad dollars put at risk as Meta rejects option to pay news outlets compensation each time a Facebook or Instagram user shares their content. But is this an important breakthrough for publishers to regain control of their own ecosystems?

Five ways marketers can optimise their programmatic media and supply chain transparency

Programmatic media spend allows advertisers to automate large parts of the digital advertising process through use of the open web. However, still a relatively new phenomenon, some marketers aren’t getting the most out of their programmatic investments - here’s how to use it effectively and avoid the many traps.

“It’s not about more data, it’s about the quality of data”

Tim Geenen of analytics portal Rayn gives us one minute of his time at Cannes to tell us what he thinks about the opportunities around generative AI.

Is advertising getting better or has the industry stalled since the pandemic?

Is advertising getting better? A question the industry rarely stops to consider, because of course it is…right?

Cannes Lions Creative Data Awards: the winners

This year’s winners are proving that creativity and data can be a match made in heaven rather than two opposing forces.

Roblox offers brands’ the opportunity to scale innovation and self-serve their advertising

The promise of a more democratised ad-ecosystem should appeal to brands and Roblox’s new program's founding partners hope their long-term media spend commitments will alleviate trepidation from organisations hesitant to join up.

Just 33% of consumers believe online ads are more relevant than offline – is the power of personalisation up for debate?

With many consumers not convinced of online ad relevance and almost half unable to tell the difference between their pre and post-GDPR ad experiences, should brands be calling their personalisation investments into question?

Performance marketing people: Ogury bolsters its Board and former TikTok staffer joins Known

In our latest round-up of industry moves…Weber Shandwick finds its new UK President in-house and Hawk fills its newly created Regional Sales Director position with a former dentsu Associate Director.

ChatGPT hit 5 million app downloads in only three weeks…but how does it stack up against the competition?

Generative AI large language model and OpenAI’s global phenomenon, ChatGPT, hit global app stores late last month and in just three weeks has surpassed 5 million downloads across the iOS and Google Play stores.

Sharing sustainability failure is just as important as celebrating success - why the industry needs to unite under a test-and-learn approach to achieve Ad Net Zero

Avoid insincerity, embrace transparency and work outside of your own organisation. These are just a few of the ways by which the digital advertising industry can achieve goals like Ad Net Zero and carbon negativity - but what will it take to unite a fragmented ecosystem around a set of common standards?

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Finecast, Yahoo Advertising, Amazon Ads, Hawk and Outbrain

From ‘total TV measurement’ to conversational ads, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

TikTok and Unilever leverage #CleanTok trend to create global marketing category

Attracting over 35bn views in the 12 months to March 2023, TikTok’s #CleanTok community is one of the platform’s most popular.

Cannes Lions 2023: Creative Data Awards shortlist announced

The contenders for the Creative Data Awards celebrating work that was enhanced by the creative use and interpretation of data have now been revealed.

Digital publishers’ year-on-year revenue sees almost no increase despite 18.3% growth in subscriptions

It’s been a static period of revenue growth for digital publishing in Q1 of 2023, with boosts to subscription and audio offset by the declining popularity of desktop and surprisingly, mobile.

Cannes versus Machine: PMW goes on location to chart ad creative’s technology revolution

Our series over the course of Cannes Lions will delve into the relationship between ad creative and data led performance marketing, with podcasts, video interviews and a daily blog from the Cannes Lions festival.

Top 10 most misspelt fashion brands and how to ensure your organisation’s name has strong SEO

Brand names are crucial to an organisation’s success and failure to name a business in a way that encourages good SEO contributes to failure down the line - data from JOOR breaks down how to avoid the many brand name pitfalls.

Rio Ferdinand and Qatar Tourism rapped by ad watchdog for Instagram post because #ad was not “prominently displayed”

ASA ruling against Rio Ferdinand and Visit Qatar is a warning to brands that #ad is not enough as Visit Qatar falls foul of placement issues.

Bacardi and Tesco back The Trade Desk's bid to fill cookie tracking void

As regulators circle Google, the Trade Desk unveils a regional open-source alternative to third-party ad tracking cookies, called European Unified ID, with a number of high profile brands already on board.

Ad-quake: Are EU regulators about to break up Google’s adtech party?

As regulators in the EU and US scrutinise Google's ad dominance, PMW spoke to a panel of performance marketing experts to examine how advertisers could benefit from more competition in the ad ecosystem.

Twitter’s new CEO woos back advertisers with promise of “world’s most accurate real-time information source”

On a mission to make Twitter “a global town square for communication”, new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has taken her first steps. But will it be enough to win back brands after a reported 28% ad revenue slump?

Is retail media diminishing consumers’ shopping experiences? 64% of brands and retailers think so

This figure falls to just less than half (48%) in the UK, a region supposedly drastically lacking in its use of off-site programmatic advertising and open web’s retail media opportunities.

Instagram’s big algorithm reveal: how brands can crack the code to drive more social conversions

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, revealed the app’s algorithms last week to encourage engagement, as competition with TikTok heats up.

PMW UK Awards 2023: Coca-Cola’s Ana Afán Ruiz announced as Chair of Judges

The Head of E-commerce GB at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners leads PMW’s expert panel for this year, as the early bird deadline for entries approaches.

UN Secretary General urges creation of global AI watchdog: “We must take these warnings seriously”

With generative AI developers themselves among the loudest voices giving off “alarm bells” over the tech’s latest developments, PMW spoke to Martech experts to get their take on potential AI-safeguards.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Kantar, Reddit, Brightbid, Twilio and Ogury

From super-fast ad testing to AI powered CRM, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Google Ads goes dark: your questions answered

Last week, Google’s ad platform suffered an outage and the news cycle went into meltdown as thousands of marketers were unable to access their accounts. PMW spoke to a search marketing expert to provide clarity and advice for any future reporting blips.

What is a creator saying about my brand? New tool automates proof of work for influencer marketing industry

Video and audio data analysis solution from IMTB and RippleXn lets marketers get a view of where their brands – and their competitors – are being talked about on social media.

"Cut the crap": how to turn ad sustainability intentions into successful ethical and business outcomes

How are marketers going beyond 'greenwashing' to deliver real reductions to their CO2 emissions? And is it benefiting their business? Part two of PMW’s State of Sustainability in Digital Advertising report shines a light on those already setting the gold standard towards achieving 'Ad Net Zero' and how and why other businesses can replicate this success.

The Apple effect? Consumer searches for VR skyrockets 300% after Vision Pro reveal

In the wake of Apple announcing the impending launch of its first spatial computer headset, online searches for the technology saw a global boom, strengthening the notion that mixed reality may soon become a viable channel for performance marketing.

"70% of marketers are making vital decisions alone"

“The great reshuffle” is separating marketers from other decision makers, with job transitions causing longer sales cycles and lower win rates.

Fatboy Slim and Rob Mayhew join marketers in breaking down Cannes’ “exclusive club”

DJ and influencer donate 1% of all Cannes Lions earnings to support the #CannesForAll initiative alongside brands and agencies to bring more diverse talent to Cannes.

Performance marketing people: ex-Amazon staffer joins Say it Now and Kepler Group continues its global expansion

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Billion Dollar Boy appoints an industry veteran to the newly created role of Global Performance Director and EssenceMediacom UK makes a litany of internal promotions.

“Naive at best”: why Twitter’s ‘ungovernable’ community notes ought to have marketers concerned

Twitter’s newest feature puts content regulation in the hands of its user base. Some experts believe this should have brands abandoning the platform, or risk appearing alongside “content that could be manipulated or trolled into some form of community verification”.

Apple Vision: should marketers now take Mixed Reality seriously as a performance channel?

Next big thing or Google Glass? Introducing Apple Vision Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook claims we have entered a “new era for computing”, but what about advertising? Is mixed reality about to become a viable performance marketing channel driving sales and conversions in a blended physical and digital world? The experts have their say.

Business leaders list AI and tech skills gap among top 3 concerns for 2023

UK business confidence has stabilised, but with the skills gap still a significant cause for concern and generative AI growing, how can marketers and their organisations work together to keep-up with innovation?

Brits have been hit with festival fever and advertisers should be getting in on the fun

Data from eBay Ads UK has found that this summer’s festival season is primed to be one of the biggest in years, presenting an exciting opportunity for advertisers to capitalise on search and e-commerce trends.

Performance marketing people: former Google X CBO joins Flight Story and EssenceMediacomX bolsters its leadership team

In our latest round-up of industry moves, a long-time Unilever Chief Marketer steps down and Mediahub restructures its leadership team following APAC Executive Director's resignation.

Global adspend to rise by $23bn in 2023, but signs of slowing growth in digital pointing to maturity

The downgraded forecasts from dentsu’s latest analysis reveal media price inflation to drive growth and APAC enjoying the strongest regional uplift, but digital growth slowdown still paves way for the channel to take the lion’s share of spend for the next three years.

20 NHS Trusts caught sharing patients’ personal data with Facebook: “There’s no excuse not to have a crystal-clear understanding”

Using analytics tool Meta Pixel, several NHS Trust websites were unknowingly illegally sharing patients’ personal data with Facebook that could be used for targeted advertising. PMW spoke to the experts on why this is such a glaring breach and how brands can avoid falling into the same trap.

Audiences love CTV – but marketers are yet to crack the cross-platform code

Research from Nielsen has revealed that CTV’s booming popularity is driving marketers to invest, but inconsistent measurement solutions and difficulty reaching target audiences has them struggling to maximise ROI.

PMW Global Awards 2023: all 18 winners announced

From K-Pop to ‘Goatbusters’; the winners of the Performance Marketing World Global Awards 2023 have been revealed. With work spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe and the MENA region, we showcase the campaigns, teams and people that took the top accolades – and offer analysis on why they won.

Meta steps out walled garden for summer with ‘decentralised’ Twitter copycat

‘Game on’ says Twitter after leaked reports that Instagram’s new text-based social network will be released as soon as June – outside of Meta’s exclusive family of apps for the first time.

Post-cookie concerns: just 24% of publishers and advertisers have a plan in place

Publishers and advertisers are planning to prioritise contextual and attention-based solutions in the coming months, but the majority remain woefully unprepared for how they are going to compete in a cookie-less world.

Shutterstock to buy GIPHY and its 15 billion daily impressions from Meta

The mobile content platform with 1.7 billion daily users has been purchased by Shutterstock for $53m from Meta.

Is Twitter better off without Musk?

Elon Musk’s departure as CEO has some experts suggesting that Twitter is back in business for advertisers, but with the tech genius staying on as CTO, just how much control will incoming CEO Linda Yaccarino have?

Is Meta’s future murky? EU hits Facebook parent with record €1.2bn fine

Meta receives fifth fine in two years, as marketers question its ‘over-hyped promises of the future’.

Content marketing budgets boom but 58% of marketers unable to secure strong ROI

Research has identified a stark contrast between marketers’ use of analytics and data in their content marketing among those satisfied with their ROI and those not.

Performance Marketing People: Musk steps down as Twitter CEO and Snap announces new EMEA Senior Marketing Director

In our latest round-up of industry moves, InstaVolt hires a new Marketing Director and Havas Media Group India shakes up its leadership team.

Google to move 1% of users to cookie-less Sandbox next year: “Advertisers shouldn’t wait on a ‘maybe’”

Google plans to migrate 1% of Chrome’s users to its ‘Privacy Sandbox’ in Q1 of 2024 as it continues its push for third-party cookie depreciation by the end of next year. But should brands be acting now?

How marketers can best build brand trust

Brand trust is a difficult metric to define – and measure, but its intrinsic link to customer loyalty makes it significantly important to marketers. Here’s a roadmap for both defining and building brand trust.

Facebook and Instagram paid blue ticks to put a price tag on authenticity?

Meta Verified “threatens to undermine the core essence” of Facebook and Instagram, raising questions for creators and brands on the platforms.

UK consumers prefer product placement in TV and film rather than traditional TV advertising

An affinity for product placement in TV and film over traditional commercials was identified because of the authenticity it adds to the viewing experience, creating an opportunity for brands to increase awareness in an era of ad-free streaming.

YouTube’s CTV ad changes: “unskippable” opportunity or potential pitfall for advertisers?

YouTube has announced two changes to its CTV ads format. While many experts believe they present a good opportunity for brands to increase their visibility, some warn of the dangers of becoming a “visual tax” for viewers.

Top 5 martech tools this week: Scope3, Canopy, Chatmeter, Kinetix and Gem Display

From ‘always on’ ad decarbonisation to next-gen dynamic creative optimisation, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Patagonia seeks B Corp agency to handle EMEA performance marketing

Search comes after the purpose clothing brand donated future profits to combat climate change.

Six in 10 Gen Z social media users turning to platforms for money-saving content

Consumers are rethinking the value of social media and with a significant uptick in the popularity of money-saving content across platforms, brands need to be cautious they don’t fall “out of touch”.

KSI and JD Sports rapped by ASA for promotional Instagram post not identified as an #ad

The sports retailer and popular YouTuber was found to violate the CAP Code by neglecting to identify sponsored content posted to KSI’s Instagram as marketing communication.

Why women’s football is full of untapped advertising potential for brands

Women’s football has greater mass consumer reach than men’s, experts say, after a record breaking 77,390 spectators attended the Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley last week.

Is TikTok’s new search widget a threat to Google’s ad dollars?

With TikTok’s surreptitious addition of search widgets fuelling rumours that it’s reframing itself as a search engine, Google’s search algorithm may not be the only one brands need to worry about.

Head in the sand: brands risk losing their audience if they don’t switch to post cookie targeting solutions

Advertisers are far less aware of the cookieless targeting technologies available to them than they should be, prompting a need for marketers to educate themselves on what ID-less solutions are out there.

Top 5 martech tools this week: Unbounce, Analytic Partners, Reddit, Recurly, Impact+ and Scibids

From cross-platform subscription analytics to carbon cutting programmatic campaigns, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Meta tests generative AI ads - a USP for brands?

The social media giant is currently testing the AI-powered ad tool technology in its ‘AI Sandbox', granting access to a select group of advertisers with expansion plans for later this year.

Performance Marketing World Global Awards UK 2023: shortlist announced

With work for Toyota, Etihad and KFC among the nominations, here are the campaigns, teams and people that made it through to the final round, ahead of the winner’s announcement at the end of the month.

Analysis of top 35 Christmas ads reveals six ways brands can optimise long-term impact

Aldi, Coca-Cola, Sky and Lego are the most consistent brands scoring long term effectiveness from their Christmas ads, with key patterns linking their success.

Kantar introduces AI-powered brand performance tracker to guide brands’ marketing investments

BrandNow claims to generate real-time data robust and reliable enough to allow brand owners to instantly measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities with an outlook geared towards future growth.

Why a “measurement crisis” helps performance marketers prove their effectiveness in the boardroom

Amidst decreasing marketing budgets, less consumer spending and antsy board members, CMOs need to prove their worth. Here’s how marketers can help leverage measurement to take their brand to the top.

Performance marketing people: Teads hires ex Yahoo and Dentsu staffer and Calendly has a new CPO

In our latest roundup of industry moves, the former Global Head of Media at Mastercard joins Journey Further and Utiq marks its launch with a series of hires across it German division.

Google takes on ChatGPT with Bard launch: what performance marketers need to know

Move could shake up search marketing forever with an assistive AI chatbot that can generate text for many regular tasks, such as translations, Q&As, computer coding and Excel formulas.

6% of ad spend was 'wasted on fake traffic' in 2022

Research estimates a total of $142bn in revenue was lost last year due to marketers inadvertently optimising campaigns for fake audiences.

When is the best time to post on social media in 2023?

Are you posting high quality content but not getting the engagement you expect? Check the time before you post to avoid social media dead zones.

TikTok teaches brands performance marketing tips in new advertiser hub

TikTok World Hub covers four main areas of focus – creative, commerce, performance and branding – with video and written content aimed at “teaching brands how to drive the most value from and optimise their advertising”.

Marketers are eager to leverage generative AI but lack the understanding to do so

Almost three quarters of marketers plan to incorporate generative AI into their martech stacks but 59% fear they lack the knowledge to fully capitalise on the tech’s potential.

Instagram tests UGC sharing tool to help brands bridge gap with creators

Brands can get access to deeper insights into user trends and get better value from ad targeting.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Foresight Factory, App Radar, Amplified Intelligence, Transcosmos and Storyteq

From using AI to find ‘fast followers’ to automated ad copy generated in seconds, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Microsoft launches ads on ChatGPT-powered Bing search

Queries in Bing Chat are on average three times longer than traditional search queries – opening up more data for brand advertisers. But will it get ‘first mover advantage’ over Google in the AI ad space race?

TikTok, ITV, ASOS and Ocado to speak at PMW FutureCommerce event live in London

Hear from some of the UK’s biggest brands sharing their winning e-commerce marketing strategies in a fast-moving world of AI, CTV and retail media.

Steven Bartlett’s Flight Story buys performance marketing agency in US

“We’re stepping into the third iteration of the internet as we know it.” Dragon’s Den star doubles down on data-driven marketing with the acquisition of Mint Performance Marketing.

Performance Marketing People: Kantar Media hires new Global CEO and former Meta staffer joins Anzu

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Onetag makes two new hires to bolster its UK expansion and a former Lead Data Scientist at Facebook has been appointed VP, Head of Data Science at Dataseat.

Google’s competition with TikTok heats up as it expands YouTube Shorts’ offerings for advertisers

Amid declining ad revenue, Google has added several new features to YouTube Shorts aimed at enticing advertisers to reconnect with the platform, but experts fear Shorts’ is failing to adequately differentiate itself from TikTok.

Amazon becomes Pinterest’s first ever third-party ad partner

After reporting major Q1 losses and share price drop for Pinterest, a partnership with Amazon hopes to deliver strong performance to advertisers in the first ever third-party ad deal on the platform.

CX disconnect: businesses believe in AI-driven personalisation but consumers aren’t sold

Over 80% of businesses maintain that AI-driven personalisation will improve customer experiences, but fear over how their data will be used is holding consumers back from embracing the technology.

Snap launches new ad formats and AI-powered solutions for advertisers

Part of the social network's ambitious growth plans, Snapchat has introduced several new advertising features allowing marketers to engage with its community of over 750 million monthly users.

Extra extra: advertising within news brands increases consumers’ trust and perception of a brand

Nearly four in five (79%) Brits are worried about fake news circulating on social media and almost three quarters are turning to news brands for help verifying stories.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Attest, Yext, Ocient, Intent IQ and Media HQ

From ‘no code’ website builds to AI optimised press releases, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Samsung and Amazon invest in data clean rooms to bolster CTV ad measurement privacy

Data clean rooms appear to be the wave of the future for advertisers looking to expand their first-party data programs without jeopardising consumers’ privacy.

AI arms race: Making Science launches generative AI platform to outperform GPT-4

New generative AI platform insists it has overcome two significant issues currently faced by users of older Large Language Models like OpenAI.

“It seems that ‘going private’ is no longer just for the rich”: increasing interest in private healthcare spells trouble for the NHS

Analysis of online search data reveals a dramatic leap in interest for private healthcare and with the NHS floundering, with brands such as AXA, BUPA and Benenden reaping more SEO exposure.

Performance Marketing People: Staffbase hires Adobe and KPMG veteran as CMO and VaynerMedia expands

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Team ITG has a new Global Managing Partner and former Facebook exec joins Double Verify.

The CTV paradox: marketers shift spend to streaming despite questions over effectiveness

EMEA Marketers expect ad budgets to grow but are struggling with effective cross-media measurement. So why the leap of faith into Connected TV ads?

Top 10 festivals for social reach: Creamfields is the 'most Instagrammable' event, but not the most attended

Bigger isn't always better for brands looking to amplify their social media reach at festivals. Glastonbury is the biggest live music gathering in the UK but only the second most popular for Instagram users.

Trouble in the metaverse: Microsoft’s $68.7bn Activision deal shut down in the UK

The deal could have opened a realm of data-led marketing possibilities for brands in the emergent metaverse, but competition concerns scupper the bid for the publisher of ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Warcraft’.

AA/WARC: UK adspend growth to ground to near halt this year as social media falls for the first time in 2022

Adspend grew by nearly 9% in 2022 despite a drop in Q4, and while online dominated last year’s investment, all channels have downgrades in growth expectations this year.

IAB: digital adspend tops £26bn as retail media data revealed for first time

Desktop outgrew mobile for UK adspend in the first time in report's history as 2022 defied political, economic and regulatory headwinds - search accounting for more than half of all spend.

Addressable TV ads trump broad audience advertising... providing 7% more happiness

Research from Finecast and System1 uncovered that targeting ads for addressable audiences and prioritising right-brain attributes that trigger “broad-beam awareness”, like humour and familiar places, is a recipe for advertising success.

Twitter’s ‘everything app’: a marketer’s dream?

Condemning ChatGPT, a failed rocket launch and copying WeChat: Musk is busy again.

90% of mobile game publishers falling short of privacy regulations

Research warns that mobile game developers “putting profit over privacy” is nothing but a short-term strategy that will jeopardise long-term growth.

Croud cuts carbon emissions with Cedara measuring tool

Agency’s pledge comes as data reveals that the digital advertising industry makes up 3.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing the aviation industry’s 2.5%.

Google set to incorporate generative AI into its ads business

Following the release of its AI chatbot Bard last month, Google is reportedly preparing to ramp up its use of the technology by adding generative AI to Google Ads.

AI's golden age? The technology revealed to be an essential part of marketing strategies for 87% of brands

More than half (61%) of senior brand marketers have revealed they are already using AI in their advertising, prompting some to speculate we are on the cusp of AI’s golden age.

UK’s e-commerce sector investment bucks European trends as Google catches Meta for ad spend

E-commerce companies across Europe are backing themselves with increased investment across inventory and ad spend despite variable economic conditions.

Digital marketing agency Climb Online accelerates APAC expansion

After establishing a new office in The Philippines, Climb Online has brought on Mazuma Mobile Australia, its first Australian client.

Multi-channel madness: 47% of retailers believe there are too many channels to sell from

To meet all consumers’ shopping expectations, 94% of organisations have a multi-channel retail strategy in place, but almost half (49%) struggle to evaluate which channel is working for them best.

Watch the 9 most effective ads of the year: KFC, Cadbury’s and Starbucks drive sales with storytelling

Kantar’s creative ad testing platform, covering digital, TV, print and outdoor, uncovers how humour and emotive storytelling engage viewers and drive sales.

IPA Bellwether: marketing budgets see growth spurt to kick off 2023

An 8.2% growth rate for the start of the year shows continued investment in brand support, while uncertainty looms, but sustainability and adoption of tech signal green shoots of opportunity for marketers.

Gold-plated rush: Brewdog’s controversial Gold* Can competition is back

After failing to make good on its promise of ‘solid gold’ cans in a previous iteration of the campaign, costing its CEO almost £500,000, the Scottish beer firm has poked fun at itself and doubled down on the importance of “reading the fine print”.

Top 25 sectors for influencer marketing effectiveness: healthcare and accommodation benefit most

Influencer marketing is a cost effective solution that demonstrates ROI – but some industries hold more power than others, reveals latest data from Emplifi.

Steven Bartlett’s Flight Story acquires Zebu Digital to boost Web3 marketing capabilities

The company’s expertise will form part of the marketing and communication agency’s latest innovation arm, Flight3, to help clients capitalise on the emerging worlds of blockchain, AI and VR.

Majority of UK brands still rely on third-party cookies two years post Apple’s IDFA update

In the face of an almost industry-wide recognition that first-party cookies are better for the customer, brands are still failing to prioritise going cookie-less.

Performance marketing people: Spotify has a new Head of Consumer Marketing and Group M shuffles its COOs

In our latest round up of industry hires, Meta's former VP of Northern Europe is set to join YouGov as Chief Executive, LoopMe has hired new Client Director and Seedtag has made some internal moves.

Channel 4 matches ad viewers to Nectar data to boost sales by 29%

Broadcaster’s new retail media offering pays off for trial brands, including Garnier, Weetabix, Walkers, McCain, Pepsi and McVitie's running targeted ads on the All4 platform.

Podcast hosting platform Libsyn renews multi-year ad partnerships

Exclusive deals with shows from Dr. Phil, A Date With Dateline and Very Bad Wizards, covering programmatic ads and host-read announcements.

Media buying ‘platform paralysis’ is losing billions in revenue for agencies

First-party CTV and retail media campaigns are using more media buying platforms, costing marketers significant time and dollars switching and aggregating data between them.

Hospitality giant Mitchells & Butlers convinced to change tack and appoint new digital agency

Competitive pitch saw agency 26 sell its strategic and data-driven capabilities well enough to convince Mitchells & Butlers to abandon its incumbent media partner, Havas Media Group.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Bytebrew, Kevel, Bria, IAS and DESelect

From mobile game ad optimisation to fighting marketing fatigue via CRM tools, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

See you later search, social commerce is taking over

Cemented by the death of telephone customer service, and driven by younger generations, how can brands get ahead of the uptick in social media shopping?

Returning to the helm? Search data reveals the bounceback of cruises as Brits cement travel plans

Whether nearby shores or a Caribbean adventure, British holidaymakers are once again looking to cruises to get them there – but with an eye on prices.

Meta launches AI model capable of cutting specific objects out of images

‘SAM’ has the potential to help advertisers by easing the process of contextualising and 'slicing and dicing' images to sell ads.

“The consultants are coming for our lunch”: marketing leaders warn of rocky year ahead

Over 100 global marketing and advertising leaders portend a challenging 12 months ahead for the industry, but maintain a cautious optimism that businesses who get creative will carve out success.

Spring spike: Brits say their gardens will be the social space of the summer

Post-pandemic, people have become accustomed to maximising the value of their home’s outdoor space and are looking to invest in home and garden purchases this spring.

Linear and digital convergence: tailoring your ads to meet CTV’s booming popularity in Europe

Stringent data laws and changing viewer habits have made TV advertising more challenging, but the growing popularity of CTV and convergence of linear and digital presents an opportunity for everyone to win the ad game.

That’s how the cookie crumbles: consumers demand personalisation from brands without reliance on cookies

Brands generally enjoyed positive ROI in 2022 when investing in customer engagement, but research suggests many are still failing to meet consumers’ changing personalisation expectations.

Performance marketing people: EssenceMediacom bolsters EMEA team and L'Oreal shuffles its CDMOs

In our latest round-up of industry moves, GWI dual appoints a pair of Non-Executive Directors to its board and dentsu hires a new Global CEO of dentsu Global Services.

The CX dilemma: expectations grow while budgets shrink

Wunderman and Thompson report identified retail leaders are caught between a desire to dramatically overhaul their CX and a lack of resources to do so.

TikTok fined £12.7m by UK watchdog over misuse of children's data

Social media giant said it has "invested heavily" to protect children after ICO ruling says 1.4 million children gained access to the app without parental consent back in 2020.

ChatGPT ‘wrong on more than half of Google Analytics 4 FAQs’

AI powered-Bot was wrong on 52% of its answers, suggesting it's unlikely to change the face of the digital marketing industry any time soon.

Saving every penny: shoppers turning to mobile apps for deals and rewards

Study indicates increasing popularity of in-store use of retailers’ mobile apps as consumers look to get bang for their buck with offers and reward schemes.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Reddit, Hawk, Signifyd, Calendly and Veridooh

From matching search data to poster and audio campaigns to next-gen CRM, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Subscription-based companies outpace the S&P 500, says new research

In the face of economic uncertainty and low levels of consumer confidence, Zuora’s SEI insists subscription-based companies have been able to maintain growth and make their products indispensable for consumers.

Performance Marketing World shortlisted for Innovation of The Year at PPA Awards

A brand revamp for the always-on ‘Netflix generation' - PMW’s practical and purposeful new website joins BBC Good Food App and Radio Times in national awards list for editorial innovation.

ChatGPT banned in Italy over potential data protection breaches

Open AI bot gets its first western government ban and potential $21m fine in response to data concerns. But similar privacy fears have been growing across the world, including the US.

Talon continues global expansion with acquisition of Evolve

Partnership will see the OOH media agency gain a bigger international footprint while Evolve enjoys broader data and tech capabilities.

Performance Marketing People: Former VISA staffer joins UNICEF and Harvey Nichols gets a new e-commerce Director

In our latest round up of industry moves, Snapchat has found its new President of Americas after losing key execs to Netflix and tech startup Studiospace continues to add experienced veterans to its workforce.

Levelling the playing field for TV and streaming: the UK’s draft Media Bill explained

UK Government publishes long-awaited Media Bill to bring Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video under same regulation as linear TV.

Wozniak, Musk and 1,000 tech leaders urge global pause on ‘dangerous’ AI development race

Open letter warns of 'profound risk to society and humanity' that could have 'catastrophic' effects if AI expansion goes unchecked.

UK Government launches regulatory white paper aimed at promoting AI growth without putting the public at risk

Five principles form the new national blueprint for regulators to drive responsible innovation while maintaining public trust in the technology.

The “affordable” luxuries: ‘bridge’ brands see fashion searches grow to outstrip designer labels

Luxury labels largely saw their search volumes fall as consumers seemingly seek affordable alternatives but cost of living concerns potentially disrupted brand loyalty across the fashion industry last year.

Tick tock for TikTok? 488% increase in searches for ‘is TikTok banned’

With 5.2 million TikTok-related searches every month, a 32% rise in ‘delete TikTok account’ queries is not insignificant.

Jack’s back: Alibaba founder resurfaces as Chinese tech giant announces major six-part split

Billionaire tech tycoon Jack Ma spotted after his mysterious absence from the public eye since 2020, just as the government forces a restructuring of the retail, media and entertainment behemoth.

Disney ousts its metaverse division in first round of job cuts

Part of a broader plan to layoff more than 3% of its workforce in the coming months by way of saving $5.5bn across the company, Disney has decided its metaverse unit will be the first to go.

System1 adds an audio-only element to its ‘Test Your Ad’ tool

‘Test Your Ad Audio’ allows advertisers to optimise their audio adverts for different audience segments to maximise their impact and subsequent market share growth.

Cookie deprivation leads to an 8% year-on-year increase in contextual targeting spend

Data suggests UK advertisers will commit an additional £770m to contextual targeting in 2023 as they shift their focus to attention metrics by way of future proofing campaigns against the influence of signal loss.

Blis diversifies its Audience Explorer tool with Vodafone partnership

Privacy-first platform is attempting to create the most accurate and updated audience insights tool, without compromising consumer anonymity.

Skai helps clients measure across walled gardens with ‘unified performance advertising’ tool

Holistic planning, testing, activation, optimisation within and across ‘closed’ platforms such as Google and Meta made possible through upgraded AI-powered solution for advertisers.

AOP urges digital industry to help combat illegal data scraping

The decline of tracking cookies has sparked a need for more accurate first-party data to understand customer behaviour. However, the AOP claims unscrupulous tech vendors are jeopardising the future of data by stealing publishers’ IP.

Ozone partners with LGBTQ+ favourite PinkNews to diversify its programmatic

The partnership aims to further diversify Ozone’s list of publishing partners to enhance its insight and activation capabilities.

WPP acquires influencer marketing agency Goat

Data-led influencer agency joins WPP’s latest acquisitions, merging with INCA.

The data privacy paradox: how brands can use data to navigate contradicting consumer expectations

A new study has identified a lack of consistency between consumer desires for brands’ use of their data and their willingness to share personal information online.

Performance marketing people: Gravity Road leaves its creative to TikTok star and ASICS bolsters its performance marketing with in-house promotion

Our latest round-up of performance marketing industry moves includes new roles being created and filled at M&C Saatchi, appointments at iProspect and Little Dot Australia bringing onboard a former BBC staffer.

Dentsu upgrades Effective Attention technology to maximise audience attention and curb waste

The inclusion of dentsu’s media carbon calculator data hopes to help brands better understand the carbon impact of their digital advertising campaigns and optimise their inventories for attention efficiency.

Cinema is top for video ads in first US cinema attention measurement study

Dentsu, Lumen and National CineMedia use eye-tracking software to measure attention in cinema ads, finding cinema the number-one video media platform.

TikTok refreshes its Community Guidelines following UK government ban

The Chinese-owned app has released new guidelines, updating privacy and regulation principles in light of security concerns from global governments

Almost half of UK Muslims have altered their Ramadan spending habits due to the cost of living crisis

Budget supermarkets lead the way as the Holy Month on the Islamic calendar approaches, and brands and advertisers need to be wary of consumer spending habits this Ramadan.

More jobs to go at Amazon with AWS, Advertising and Twitch positions among those affected

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy informs staff in a memo today about the “difficult decision” to axe another 9,000 roles.

Netflix powers-up ad measurement tools as hybrid tier ‘hits one million subscribers’ in US

DoubleVerify and IAS partnerships help marketers authenticate whether or not real-life human beings were viewing ads on the video streaming platform.

Digital publishing revenue ended 2022 3% up on 2021

Despite the increase in overall revenue, just 43% of companies reported growth, indicating that the rises are concentrated among top performers.

Half of brands eyeing a shift from paid advertising to earned content creation as budgets tighten

With a possible recession looming, brands’ marketing budgets are under increasing pressure to maximise ROI while minimising spend, and research suggests that UGC might be a winning strategy.

Performance marketing people: ex-Meta head takes the marketing reins at BDB and former Burger King marketing chief returns to the food industry

Our latest round-up of movers in the performance marketing industry include new faces at DoubleVerify and SmartFrame, AppsFlyer’s new hire zeroing in on fraud and board appointments at Semrush.

Confirmed: TikTok banned on UK Government devices

UK Parliament has just confirmed that TikTok is banned on governmental devices, following the lead of EU and US bans, with the potential to “significantly shake up the social media landscape”.

ASOS signs 3 year deal with Criteo

After a rocky year for marketing at ASOS, Criteo aims to boost the retail media business with new native ad formats in search and across CTV.

The state of martech: three-quarters of marketers looking for simplification in 2023

Software and services taking the lion’s share of marketing investment for businesses as they chase simplification, integration and yet… more data.

Meta abandons NFTs amidst restructuring

A twitter thread on Monday from Meta fintech lead announced the news, amidst Meta’s ‘year of efficiency’ restructuring.

More layoffs at Meta: 10,000 jobs to go as restructure timeline announced

After a 13% reduction in headcount at the end of last year, Mark Zuckerberg announces plans to flatten Meta’s organisation, cancel low priority projects and reduce hiring rates.

ITV hopes to ‘recession proof’ businesses with new Recovery Budget Planner tool

The Planner aims to help marketers make stronger cases to Financial Directors on how advertising can help brands return to growth following an economic downturn.

APAC: What the ‘metaverse generation’ wants

In one of the largest metaverse consumer surveys to date, some stark differences in expectations of the metaverse between APAC’s Millennials and Gen Z were identified, along with some interesting points of parity.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Hawk, SoundOut, Acxiom, HubSpot and un:hurd

From TikTok music-matching for brands to carbon-cutting for creative, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Meta rumoured to be launching a Twitter competitor codenamed ‘P92’

The new app will reportedly launch as a “decentralised social network for sharing updates” and will be interoperable with Mastodon.

Carbon emissions from digital ads fall 63% when optimised for attention time

With digital technology accounting for 4% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, data reveals an opportunity for marketers to minimise their campaign’s impact on CO2 while improving overall effectiveness.

AI uncovers that digital ads which evoke emotions are four times more likely to drive brand equity

Kantar and Affectiva’s study suggests that “attention is necessary but insufficient for advertising effectiveness” and use of humour in digital ads presents a significant opportunity for marketers to leapfrog their competition and facilitate long-term consumer engagement.

CAP appoints Influencer Marketing Trade Body as member

The first new member in over a decade as influencers represent an increasingly significant part of advertising and complaints to the ASA.

TikTok announces new measures to strengthen European user data protections

‘Project Clover’ intends to not only meet European data security standards, but ideally set new ones.

Ride the viral wave: 76% of social media users would share content from a brand or celebrity they like

Brits are plugged into social media, with 7.5 million visiting social media platforms more than 10 times a day.

McLaren confirms its MCL60 will display digital ads for the entire 2023 Formula 1 season

Pioneering the technology with tests at the 2022 US Grand Prix, the Formula 1 team has become the first to recognise the potential benefits of embedding digital advertising within their race cars.

Performance marketing people: Former Direct Line CMO joins tech start-up and KFC replaces its outgoing CMO...for now

In the latest edition of industry moves, MINT brings on a new Director of Sales to head up its UK expansion, GumGum solidifies its presence in Germany and Reprise appoints a new Global Head of Social.

Performance Marketing Unlocked: 800 marketers attend two-day live event to hear from Budweiser, EA Games and HSBC

Huge new trade show and London ExCel featured over 20 speakers from major brands, including The Body Shop, Lloyds and Just Eat - with true measurement, harmonising organic with paid channels and the rise of generative AI among the big topics discussed.

Going backwards? Just 4.7% of adspend last year put behind ads featuring women in professional settings

New research covering 2022’s ads showed a decrease in depictions of professional women, a drop in adspend for ads featuring darker-skinned women compared to 2021, and the continued invisibility of women over 60.

Top 50 ads of the year: Asda, Disney+ and Amazon among best performing commercials

2022 saw a sharp increase in the popularity of Christmas-themed ads, while travel ads highlighting a return to normalcy post-pandemic proved to be a constructive emotional throughline.

Brits are among the most active enforcers of their “right to be forgotten”

From 2015-2021, over 1 million requests were submitted to Google and Microsoft Bing seeking the erasure of their data from certain web pages, with half of the requests coming from Western European countries.

Want global recognition and an interview with PMW? Last chance to enter the 30 Under 30 Awards

Got something to shout about and need some help shouting? Enter you or a colleague before it’s too late and we’ll help you spotlight it.

Connected packaging has grown by 27% in the past 12 months

Connecting with consumers by turning packaging into a digital experience by scanning, tapping or pointing a smartphone device is becoming increasingly popular, research has found.

76% of businesses can directly link email marketing to their success

Most businesses consider their own email marketing to be successful, despite it being under-resourced and too focused on open rates and clickthrough metrics.

Swamped by inflation: 3.6% boost for UK marketing salaries as pay becomes a sticking point during 2023

Remuneration tops the priority list in 2023, but digital marketing professionals are also on the lookout for opportunities to progress and the ability to flex their digital and technical muscle.

Almost half of consumers are annoyed by constant SMS marketing from brands

New research uncovers a fine line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ SMS marketing, with purchase opportunities abound for effective use, but also the threat of losing customers if poorly executed.

New mobile data analysis platform Skyrise launches following merger

Manchester-based agencies Regital and Skyrise Intelligence will harness mobile network data to offer ‘real world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media'.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Alkimi, Veridooh, Yext, Moloco and Seedtag

From blockchain-powered ad exchanges to London-wide poster verification, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Deadline day: GA4 auto-migration is upon us

UA users must opt-out of the GA4 auto-migration ahead of the deadline to ensure they can create customised settings for the new setup, or risk being stuck with an automated traffic measurement strategy.

Semrush boosts online education offer with acquisition

The platform has acquired TTT and its 300+ hours of training content in a bid to offer a new standard of digital marketing education.

Barb to expand audience measurement to include content on video-sharing platforms

Move will make it easier for advertisers to compare performance across linear TV and video on demand platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

Research finds real-life ratings and reviews trump influencer or celebrity-led endorsements

The new study indicates that consumer purchase decisions are impacted more so by authentic UCG from regular consumers as opposed to anything else.

Grey area: half of Brits ‘hold brands accountable for content they are adjacent to’

The study explored how consumers’ perceptions of a brand are influenced when it advertises alongside ‘questionable content’.

Performance marketing people: YouTube's CEO steps down and Boots' CMO appointed chair of AA's Front Foot network

In the latest round-up of industry moves, Wavemaker makes changes to its UK and France operations, Kisseterra appoints a new CEO and Asana hires a former Facebook product marketer.

The gaming and tech affinity: are you in touch with a ‘typical’ YouTuber?

The preference for watching TV on mobile devices, the belief in their influence when it comes to tech and a skew towards a younger audience are just some of the revelations from new data profiling YouTube users.

Personalisation: 75% of marketers lack faith in senior leadership’s understanding of customer marketing’s value to business

Research from Planning-inc has identified a disconnect between senior marketers and senior leadership regarding the need for personalisation in order to facilitate consumer loyalty.

Meta trials paid subs to help creators boost communities and engage with followers

Trial run of Meta Verified and the introduction of Broadcast Channels to Instagram makes it easier for creators to establish their online presence.

DV launches new tool to “verify viewability” on CTV at scale

The ‘TV off’ issue will be addressed with a new solution to plug the gap from lack of technical standards to measure in the CTV environment.

Unsuccessful search: 80% of consumers abandoning e-commerce retailers’ on-site search bar due to poor user experience

Despite almost 7 in 10 consumers going directly to an online retailer’s search bar, converting searches into purchases remains a tricky task.

Half of of digital advertisers don’t currently measure emissions produced by digital ads

IAB Europe’s study reveals that sustainability is one of the top three challenges facing advertising businesses, according to marketers themselves.

Two thirds of marketers to prioritise full-funnel media planning in 2023

PMW exclusive: “marketers need to apply a performance mindset across the entire marketing funnel and hold every penny accountable”

Weaning off the quick sales addiction: new report offers 3 step guide to long-term customer success

Merkle outlines how long-term customer relationships should be prioritised over short-term boosts to profits.

Performance marketing people: Meta makes moves with internal promotions and Google veteran joins Moloco

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Britvic appoints a new Marketing Director, Adludio grows its UK operations and John West Foods announces a big internal promotion.

Vodafone rapped for failing to ensure paid Instagram collaboration was identified as an ad

The ASA found that Vodafone used Wimbledon tickets to pay a popular reality TV personality for sponsored posts but failed to ensure they were identified as marketing communications.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Charlie Oscar, Lotame, Bidstack, Shutterstock and Amplified Intelligence

From sports gaming ads and AI image generation to incremental insights and CDP connections, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Unilever continues to increase digital investment following €500m boost to marketing in 2022

After adding half a billion euros to its marketing spend last year, Unilever says it will reaffirm its faith in digital’s ability to generate growth with continued investment in 2023.

How the price of love adds up this Valentine’s Day

13% of Brits will not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year as the cost-of-living crisis compromises Cupid.

Kantar sets up 'marketing effectiveness practice' to guide brands through economic uncertainty

The marketing effectiveness practice will aim to help organisations optimise digital platforms to enhance their long term durability rather than simply delivering short-term sales targets.

ANA responds to Biden’s crackdown on consumer data collection

“Don't throw out the champagne with the cork” warns American trade body after President uses State of Union Address to call for a ban on targeted advertising to children.

Big tech versus the EU: are AWO proposals for single ad consent form “too complicated”?

Report suggests fighting the ‘accountability crisis’ by banning big tech from collecting personal data for ad purposes - but one expert suggests following Apple's lead instead.

Hogwarts Legacy: top 10 Twitch streamers generate thousands in ad revenue just a day after launch

The 50 most-watched new streams uploaded since the year’s most anticipated video game launched have more than 16.2 million views - with each thousand views worth £2.92.

All to play for: gaming and CTV set to drive £4bn in adspend by 2026

Doubling of spend over the next three years means eyes are on these emerging channels, says new research.

Attention please: 83% of UK marketers believe attention is an important factor in reducing digital ads’ environmental impact

Research conducted by Teads in collaboration with CensusWide has revealed that 91% of UK marketers think attention measurement is important.

Performance marketing people: Vouchercodes brings new Director of Marketing and NBCUniversal bolsters reality TV credentials with SVP of Marketing hire

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Ozone announces a series on internal promotions, Specsavers restructures its marketing team and Croud hires a former Google strategy analyst.

Meet Bard – Google’s answer to ChatGPT in race to conquer AI space

Google set to unveil new conversational AI service as ChatGPT success prompts subscription offer and Microsoft gears up for tech announcements.

The point of most return: Out of home mobile searches are more likely to get consumers buying

Study reveals mobile searches conducted in out of home locations are 38% more likely to lead to a purchase compared to homebound mobile searches.

Kantar helps brands find their sweet spot for pricing

The new tool aims to alleviate brands of some of the risk that comes with launching new products in today’s financial climate.

Why 55% of travel spend happens after the ‘Winter Blues’ period

Cash-strapped Brits are determined to take a holiday, but their final destination is still up for grabs. PMW quizzed 15 performance marketing experts, and 5,000 UK consumers, to examine a sector outpacing all other verticals for search growth.

Steven Bartlett defends Social Chain’s value after sale to rival for £7.7m

Agency that helped propel Dragon’s Den and Diary of a CMO podcast star into the limelight is sold, prompting a defence of its sell off value from the superstar entrepreneur.

Millions of dollars syphoned from advertisers in large scale audio fraud scheme

DoubleVerify’s Fraud Lab has discovered the first audio-based large-scale ad impression fraud scheme.

Need a holiday? PMW launches ‘Playbook’ series for travel marketers

From AI-powered concierges to ‘revenge travellers’, a new 7-part series combines exclusive consumer research and expert panels to help travel brand marketers navigate a turbulent year for travel.

YouTube woos creators away from TikTok with 45% cash incentives for short clips

‘Shorts Monetization Process’ comes into effect today, which will see creators earn up to a 45% share of the revenue from ads viewed between an uncapped shorts video fund.

“Micro-upskilling”: DMA calls on industry to build learning cultures to help plug skills gap

The DMA’s “micro-upskilling” pilot results reveal better learning experiences but more work needed to embed learning as part of culture

Performance Marketing Unlocked: Unilever, Samsung, Nivea, EA Games and HSBC among major brands speaking live

In a month’s time, over 500 marketers will assemble in London’s ExCeL for an event powered by brands. With high-profile speakers, cutting edge tips, and some big surprises... can you afford to miss out?

“It’s time to be where your audience is”: 92% of TikTok users are ‘purchase ready’

The TikTok audience is more receptive to influencers and social commerce than on any other platform. Just don’t make your content look like an ad, new research suggests…

Twitter looks to calm advertiser fears with new brand safety tools

Extended partnerships with DoubleVerify and IAS will let brands and agencies know if their ad is placed around inappropriate content, as Musk mulls an ad-free subscription model.

AA/WARC: forecasters warn of a decline “in real terms” for UK 2023 ad market

3.8% forecast growth for adspend this year, with search and online display propping up many traditional channels, but 2023 set to see slowest growth for the market in a decade bar pandemic-hit 2020.

Performance marketing people: Netflix and Reddit leadership shuffles, former Twitter seniors move on and incoming IPA President takes EMEA and UK helm at GroupM

In our latest round-up of industry moves, leadership shuffles and promotions also announced for SINE Digital, a new COO joins Publicis Groupe and Google veteran becomes YouTube MD.

Ad server built has Disney – called YODA

New technology supplies ads across Hulu and Disney+ platforms with first-party data, as the media giant has fun naming adtech after characters from its famous movie franchises.

Performance marketing in 3D: Anzu granted patent to measure viewability in virtual worlds

Ground-breaking technology works across multiple gaming platforms, including consoles, to monitor how viewable ad campaigns are based on distance, angle, time and other factors.

L’Oréal appoints Productsup to handle data and commerce operations

Product-to-consumer platform Productsup hopes to provide L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand with more control over its product data across all channels.

Alphabet cuts 12,000 jobs globally as tech titans stumble

Google’s parent company becomes the latest major ad platform to announce significant cuts after similar announcements from Amazon and Microsoft.

100 million TikTok views gets you a side hustle – worth the average UK salary

8.6 million YouTube views. 97 million TikTok views. No, we’re not talking about the latest stats, but what you’d need to earn the average UK salary with a social side hustle.

50th gorilla joins Gorilla Marketing family

Manchester digital agency adopts 50th gorilla to supercharge eco-conscious business strategy and to mark milestone of adding to client roster.

Emplifi plugs into ChatGPT for AI generated captions for social posts

A solution for overworked social teams? Customer experience platform takes social media branding to another level of automation.

Performance marketing roles among top 15 fastest growing jobs in the world

Despite hiring slowing in many countries, the need to drive business growth is creating opportunities for marketing and sales professionals in 2023, LinkedIn research reveals.

Puss in Boots teaches Spanish with AI

Chatbots become a new way to drive measurable engagement for brands, with language app Memrise and DreamWorks Animations teaming up to provide language lessons with AI.

Shutterstock partners Meta to boost data for AI image library

AI generated content is predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2023 – and this new partnership looks to add a level of credibility and transparency for creators and advertisers alike.

IPA Bellwether: marketing budgets weather economic storm… for now

Cost of living crisis weighs heavily on marketers in the UK, with adspend forecast to fall this year by 0.3%, but opportunities remain with increased reliance on digital and “the importance of investing in resources” to get through the downturn.

Third of shoppers don’t care where they buy from as “long as it works”

Loyalty takes a backseat in 2023 as brands are under pressure to deliver ‘right-first-time’ digital experiences to the customer.

Jargon Buster: marketing explainer series now free for registered PMW users

Performance Marketing World has expanded its PMW Jargon Buster – the evolving guide to explaining key industry terms – providing free access to all registered users.

Seven in 10 brand-side marketers plan to increase spend outside ‘walled gardens’ on the open web

Despite more than nine in 10 marketers believing that Google will finally stick to its 2024 deadline to withdraw third-party cookies, 73% admit their organisation is only “somewhat” prepared for the withdrawal of third-party cookies.

IAB Europe ad consent ‘Action Plan’ approved after legal battle

Breakthrough means that a key component of how ad tracking in Europe is handled could soon be getting some much needed clarity.

Performance marketing people: New marketing heads at the helm of Co-op and Denny’s while dentsu shuffles EMEA exec team

Former CEC Entertainment marketing chief joins Denny's, Havas Media Group India gets new director of marketing, and new senior leads at Meta and Disney Star make up our latest round-up of people moves.

How poetry and meditation improve data collection

Radical research methods proven to challenge conventional thinking and help understand new markets.

Mobile ad spend to top $360bn but growth to slow in 2023

Growth in mobile ad spend dropped to 14% year-on-year in 2022, while short video apps expected to drive ad spend this year.

PMW Global Awards 2023: entry deadline extended as six new judges join panel

Showcase your best work from any region to a panel of judges from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, India and the USA.

43% of UK female students would now consider a career in digital after competing in nationwide initiative

Increase in female participants taking part in BIMA’s annual Digital Day challenge drives inspiration for considering digital as a career.

Search and social shunned in favour of new digital channels

60% of media agency leaders believe newer digital channels will be the key to growth in 2023.

Microsoft plans to build “most complete” omnichannel retail media platform

Tech giant reveals ambitions for a retail ad network via offsite and in-store proofs of concept that aim to help retailers monetise onsite inventory and activate first-party data.

KIA should have gone to Specsavers

44% of people can’t identify KIA’s new logo but confusion creates search queries. Was the redesign actually a success?

Media giants Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros and Paramount unite on video measurement standards

Advertising firm OpenAP creates first industry committee with major national programmers in the US to focus on premium video currency and unify measurement across platforms.

Performance marketing people: Ogury’s new CEO and Google VP joins ASOS

ASOS welcomes Google VP as a non-executive director while FTG sees Expedia leader join its board and Ogury and Teads elevate from within in the first round-up of industry moves of 2023.

Meta cheaper than 2021 pre-Black Friday, as tech giant ‘reels’ in spend with 4000% rise on short-form video

Conversion rates recover post-iOS 14 as Black Friday alone attracts a 47% increase year-on-year, but TikTok shown to trump Meta in efficiency for Q4 2022.

Shopify woos big retailers with open integration tools

The e-commerce platform is giving retailers access to its infrastructure to integrate with their own systems via the new ‘Commerce Component’ tool.

Scope3 brings carbon neutral inventory to Yahoo

Integration aims to bring carbon neutral inventory to advertisers via Yahoo’s automated ad exchange for publishers.

Meta fined €390m after decision that it cannot “force consent” for targeted ads

The tech giant is ordered to bring its operations into compliance within three months.

Finance influencers outpace other industries in subscriber growth

Users are heading to social media for financial advice, as trust in government is tested.

Trust issues: 77% of marketers name a drop in consumer trust as biggest issue for social media advertising

Survey of marketing experts reveals that nine in 10 still plan to use social media to advertise this year, but most platforms will see a drop in advertising or monetising content.

Twitter lifts political ad ban as Musk looks to boost revenue

Ads from politicians and issue-based groups, which have been restricted since 2019, could unlock more revenue for controversy-stricken Twitter.

Meta forced to pay $725m over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

One of the biggest political controversies of the modern age ends with a hefty fine for the Facebook parent company, which gave app developers access to information from users’ friends.

Instagram stars and brands of 2022: Tom Holland, Dua Lipa and Mo Salah top list

With many UK sporting triumphs this year, sports accounts have had the biggest gain on social media platforms.

YouTube wins NFL Sunday Ticket as sports streaming battle heats up

Landmark $14bn deal signals how big tech is changing the market for live sports rights, as Google blitzes Apple and takes on Amazon to bring in a lucrative new audience and ad inventory options.

Blake Lively and the Kardashians battle for most influential fashion moment of 2022

The Met Gala’s influence ripples throughout the year. What other top fashion moments feature in 2022’s search trends – and how do they influence buyer behaviour?

4 in 5 consumers still splashing on higher end products despite cost of living concerns

Quality skincare and cosmetics tops the priority list for consumers in the run-up to Christmas, and with inflation worries almost all consumers are actively price-matching to get the best deals.

Own goal: Sony tweets by Rio Ferdinand banned for breaches of ad labelling codes

Tweets by the former England star referencing “Playstation House” social event received complaints for not being clearly identified as ads for Sony.

Digital publishing revenues climb as subscriptions see positive growth

Multi-platform and mobile devices were the winners of revenue growth in Q3, while a growth in subscriptions indicates that even in a cost of living crisis, consumers will pay for quality content.

eBay unlocks Pinterest creators’ audiences with Idea Ads

eBay UK promotes DIY decor and creator marketing in a Paid Partnership campaign on Pinterest, using a ad new format on the social platform.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Yahoo, Hawk, Innovid, Teads and Footsprint

From carbon cutting to cookieless ID solutions and programmatic posters and cross-platform CTV metrics, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

FC Barcelona paid search ad banned for failure to disclose risks and ownership rights of NFTs

Ad watchdog rules that the top-tier football club omitted material information surrounding the cryptocurrency, in a warning to brands looking to use NFTs to market in the future.

Performance marketing people: ClubMed welcomes new marketing boss, Brewdog promotes CMO

Our final round-up of industry moves of the year sees a new Marketing Director at a leading travel operator, while a London-based agency welcomes the face to lead its new programmatic specialism.

Netflix is giving advertisers their money back – is it a big deal?

Stock prices are diving and Netflix is refunding its advertisers for missed targets in the first few months of its ad-funded tier.

33% of senior marketers say poor internal communication is a barrier for improving campaign effectiveness

Uniting departments with clear messages is becoming a growing challenge for marketers compared to 2021, but lack of data and limited budgets still top the list of barriers.

Going remote: marketing comes top in remote-working friendly industries

Marketing and media are the top two industries for remote roles, beating HR, finance and recruitment sectors.

Amazon takes on TikTok with personalised short video shopping feed

Inspire, a new short-form video and photo feed, lets consumers explore products and ideas and shop from content created by influencers, brands and other customers

UK adspend trends for 2022: Meta’s e-commerce dominance is slipping

TikTok has overtaken Amazon and Pinterest for e-commerce ad spend as Meta drops 10% in a year.

TikTok reveals ‘What's Next’ for 2023: lessons from Burberry, Tampax and Channel 4

Three major brand campaigns from this year show what works on the platform: thinking like a creator, boosting positivity and building ‘hyper-niche clubs’.

Brits want brands to get political as cost of living crisis bites

Ongoing economic uncertainty means Britons want to be told everything’s going to be alright - but just 16% of Britons believe brands shouldn’t address political or societal issues.

Global adspend to grow next year to $741bn, but media price inflation drives the rise

Digital channels will see the strongest rates of growth and the biggest share of advertising investment in 2023 and 2024, but without inflation, adspend would actually fall next year.

Top 10 subscription services that Brits will cancel next year

A new study looks at which subscription services – including Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple TV and Disney+ – consumers are likely to cancel in 2023. Which came top?

Retail media goes mainstream: over 90% of advertisers partner with retailers to reach consumers

New study from IAB Europe and Microsoft indicates that retail media is now an established part of media plans.

Web congestion: e-commerce sites handling up to 80% more traffic this festive shopping season

Two billion visits on Black Friday 2022 alone across 12,000 e-commerce sites throughout Europe, the US and APAC.

The day the ads disappeared: Google outage “cost advertisers thousands per hour”

Many Google users enjoyed ad-free browsing for several hours last Thursday... and advertisers lost crucial pre-Christmas traffic. Is the ad industry still too reliant on the tech giants?

Tech talent search: 27% of UK businesses are looking abroad and even making the leap to emerging hubs

Tech professional? On the hunt for a new job? Then businesses are on the lookout for you – wherever you are – with one in four UK firms looking to hire abroad to curb their skills gap.

Christmas ad tracker: who’s in tune with their brand?

John Lewis loses out to Aldi, Lidl and TK Maxx in UK Christmas ad music league table.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: HypeAuditor, Voggt, Yext, Nest Commerce and CLICKON

Google deliveries, collectible communities, influencer media kits and optimised video production: here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

The year in Reddit: Ukraine, acorns, r/place and… Nicholas Cage

Away from Twitter’s tribulations, this year Reddit continued to mature as an ad platform with strong performance credentials and a highly engaged user base.

Six in 10 SMBs will see static or slashed marketing budgets next year

UK small to medium businesses will zero in on acquisition in 2023 despite it costing more than retention.

Mayor of London and Ogilvy UK take top prize at DMA Awards with ‘Have a Word’ campaign

A list of all the winners at this year’s DMA Awards in London revealed, including MG OMD and Specsavers bagging the gongs in the Performance Marketing Activity and Data Insight categories.

Cracking the social code: Bazaarvoice links revenue to organic Facebook posts

Bridging the ‘measurement gap’ between paid and organic social posts, the new tools will enable social media managers to optimise top performing posts to drive more revenue.

Pinterest search trends reveal style ‘cheat sheet’ for 2023 marketing plans

Pinterest users are planners, and “guesswork is not enough”. How can brands use the platform’s search data to prepare for the year ahead?

Yahoo and Taboola enter 30-year contract for native advertising

Yahoo takes 25% stake in Taboola in a commercial agreement aiming to generate $1bn in annual revenue.

3 big media trends of the year: The rise of s-commerce, video fragmentation and social news

Social media is moving beyond text and image sharing to become the dominant platform for shopping, news and entertainment, according to a new global study.

Too much data and too little budget: CMO’s list top challenges in 2022

Over two-thirds of CMOs are overwhelmed by the volume of marketing data at their disposal, according to new research from integrated marketing data platform Adverity.

Brand loyalty out the window as 64% of consumers switch to cheaper brands

Food and drink prices soar to their highest in 40 years, impacting consumer behaviour in the grocery sector.

Acceleration Partners moves full throttle on influencer offer with new acquisitions

The global partnership marketing agency has acquired Influencer Response and Volt Agency.

Christmas ad tracker: Cadbury tops effectiveness charts with consumers

It’s been a tricky season for Christmas advertisers hoping to get the tone right in a cost of living crisis. Kantar reveals their chart toppers for ad effectiveness.

Performance marketing people: new leaders at Reprise Digital, Integral Ad Science and former Google exec to spearhead regulator Ofcom’s Online Safety Group.

L’Oreal, M&S, Billion Dollar Boy and Seedtag are among the many organisations welcoming new faces in this week’s round-up of industry moves.

UK Stop Ad Funded Crime set up to tackle online fraud

$68bn of global adspend was lost to fraud and funding criminal activities this year. The UK initiative brings together clients and agencies to tackle ad funded crime, for the world to follow.

Is client still king? Agencies now more comfortable being honest with clients

“Wrong KPIs” are a rising concern, as agencies don’t believe compensation should be linked to performance, WFA research reveals.

Cash flow concerns: 43% of marketing firms concerned about keeping up with salary expectations

Marketing and media firms are more likely to find running a business challenging in the current climate, with payroll and benefits named as the biggest single cost increase.

From Twitter to TikTok?

Half of Twitter’s top advertisers are reported to have left the platform. Will they flock to TikTok as Musk continues on a rocky path in the driver's seat?

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Mirakl, Planning-inc, Making Science, Adludio and Hoopla Digital

From next-gen CRM and retail media to CTV and language translation tools, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Performance marketing people: Twitter exodus, new CMO at Tripadvisor and WPP hires UK President

More departures at Twitter, a boomerang return for Disney CEO and new faces following a restructure at News UK are just part of our latest round up of industry moves.

Marketing salaries revealed: talent pool for digital needs more supply

CRM, SEO and PPC managers are among the most sought after candidates in marketing with in-house expertise becoming more of an asset.

Black Friday rivalries: retailers focus on big ticket items and researching competitors

Businesses spend more time researching rivals this year as retailers shift away from non-essential Goods in 2022's Black Friday with internet sales to generate $1.12trn globally.

Video of the night: PMW UK Awards 2022

Watch the video highlights of this year's PMW Awards 2022 UK, including interviews with some of the winners and attendees at the biggest night in the UK performance marketing calendar.

One in five Brits ‘can’t afford to be loyal’ to brands

More than half of UK consumers have switched brands they were previously loyal to because of the cost of living crisis.

“Not all deals are created equal”: 12 performance marketers offer last-minute Black Friday tips

One of the biggest shopping days of the year is almost upon us. But economic turmoil means this will be a Black Friday like no other. PMW asked our expert panel for some on-the day advice to marketers and retailers alike.

In the dark this Black Friday? Almost half of younger consumers will give false data to brands

Marketers hoping to collect data amidst the Black Friday sales may come a cropper as savvy Brits hand out alternative contacts – and be warned, they will not tolerate irrelevant comms.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Emplifi, Audiencerate, Eidgensi, Ivanti and Expandi

From a ‘web2.5’ agency to interactive audio ads and UGC tools to B2B advertising, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Celeb-led, ambitious and young: are you reaching a ‘typical’ Reddit user?

New data profiles Reddit’s core visitors beyond standard demographics, revealing an affinity with influencers (and doing some influencing themselves).

Football v Christmas: 29% of World Cup viewers set to buy football-themed Christmas gifts

In the hot competition between World Cup Fever and the Christmas spirit, new research reveals that almost four in 10 consumers are more excited about the football season than the festive season.

In pictures: PMW Awards 2022 - on the night

All the glamour, colour and celebrations at the PMW Awards 2022 - take a look below to see what went on.

Under pressure: CMOs feeling the push to prove short-term marketing ROI

The current climate is causing concern among CMOs that creative campaigns are to be curbed as budgets come under the microscope.

Over half of Brits to cut back on Black Friday spend in response to inflation

Even those planning purchases are unsure of how much they will spend as economic turmoil bites hard.

Marketing to gamers: integrated ad experiences power up engagement

With one in three gamers saying ads negatively impact their experience, brands need to be more co-op friendly to reach this lucrative and growing audience. Ready player two?

ITV supercharges retail media offer with Boots and Tesco partnership

As the new look ITVX streaming service goes live, the broadcaster announces a raft of new services for advertisers, including enhanced measurement tools and an improved ad platform.

PMW Awards 2022: the winner's circle in pictures

Take a look at our gallery of worthy winners at this year's PMW Awards, held in London. Can you spot your team, colleagues or peers?

Carlyle buys performance marketing agency Incubeta

The acquisition will boost Incubeta’s proprietary ad technology, which counts Hyundai, Heineken, M&S, and L'Oréal among its clients.

Six in 10 consumers will leave a brand if it’s advertised next to ‘misinformation’

Stay at home’ content consumption is on the rise amid cost of living concerns, but if your ad doesn’t catch interest in the first five seconds, you lose your customer’s attention…

Croud blends creative and performance with Born Social acquisition

Third acquisition in a year bolsters the agency’s brand and creative offer on top of its digital and data-led credentials.

Publicis and Carrefour to create retail media joint venture

New joint venture is expected to begin operating in 2023 to address retail media growth across Europe and Latin America.

Great British Bake Off final: who’s the Instagram showstopper?

Instagram’s most popular Great British Bake Off contestants are ranked in a new study, as the final takes to UK screens at 8pm tonight.

Economic turmoil forces 70% of marketers to change their Black Friday discount plans

More than a third of marketers taking part in Black Friday have reduced the deals they will be offering, as the recession starts to bite.

Performance marketing people: marketing goes out of this world with new head at Virgin Galactic and former Nokia Global CMO joins Pizza Express

This week’s round-up of the latest performance marketing people moves includes new faces at Merkle, Ozone, WPP and Lucky Generals.

Super apps, AVOD, retail media and a gaming explosion: 10 media predictions for 2023

The economic landscape alongside consumers’ approach to content, commerce and community sets the tone for ten key media trends in 2023.

In pictures: Performance Marketing World Awards 2022

The PMW team was on hand to capture the glitz and glamour of last night’s live ceremony in London, including some of the winners and the afterparty.

Data clean rooms: how urgently are marketers and publishers reacting to the cookie phaseout?

Over a third of publishers worldwide are more likely to use data clean rooms than marketers, but both cite privacy and budget as major challenges. The strategies for identity adoption are dividing opinions in the industry.

Performance Marketing World Awards: all 24 winners announced

The winners of the second annual Performance Marketing Awards 2022 UK have been revealed. Here are the campaigns, teams and people that took the top accolades at our live show in London.

Meta tops the ranks as most used e-commerce platform but TikTok reach is on the up

New research reveals that despite tech giants pulling out of live shopping in the UK, almost two-thirds of surveyed customers bought more than one thing through a social platform over the summer.

Meta lays off over 11,000 workers

The job cuts affect 13% of its workforce as Zuckerberg apologises for ‘over-hiring’. Can the embattled market leader in social media stop the slide with TikTok snapping at its heels?

Ozone debuts pre-roll video ads with Abba Voyage and AKA

Digital ad platform Ozone has launched a pre-roll video capability with a debut campaign from the integrated creative, marketing and advertising agency, AKA.

The top Twitch streamers in Europe: revealed

US streamer Ninja is the top Twitch streamer on the continent, while France and Germany are the European countries that use Twitch the most.

Airbnb’s 'anti-search' strategy pays off with best-ever quarter

Much-hyped move towards brand building drives success as CEO says performance marketing function is to “laser focus” supply and demand rather than “just purchase a large amount of customers.”

Dishing the dirt: 8 in 10 consumers “like negative reviews”

Over a quarter of global consumers want a fine of over 20% of the business’ total revenue for posting fake reviews.

US midterms: political ad spend soars… but are parties ditching Facebook?

Political ad spending is expected to break records this cycle, but Meta’s Facebook isn’t the key battleground it once was, according to reports.

Performance marketing people: new hires at M&C Saatchi Performance, ShareChat and LTK

In our latest round up of industry movers and shakers, UK agencies twentysix and Campfire make a suite of senior hires, while Dentsu International welcomes a new CEO of ANZ.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Acast, Google, Blis, SoundOut and Swipe Back

From Discord to DOOH and music matching to podcast ads, here’s our weekly round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Twitter to announce mass layoffs at 4pm: "The house is melting down"

Musk earlier told investors that he intended to reduce the company’s staff from around 7,500 down to just over 2,000. “It’s total chaos”, says one staff member.

APAC CTV adspend drops 41%, as Roku dominates the US

Programmatic ads on connected TV are soaring in North America and EMEA, but stagnating across Asia. Yet the arrival of closed premium networks on Netflix and Disney+ is heralding a two-tier ad ecosystem...

Meta amps up performance marketing tools ahead of the holidays

‘Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns’ - Meta’s rival to Google’s Performance Max - relies on automation to find the right audiences for advertisers, as opposed to intricate, manual targeting.

Myleene Klass Instagram posts for Next and Skechers banned by ASA for not being identifiable as ads

The singer and presenter has had ads banned for her own book, and posts for two major fashion brands.

Money down the drain: 75% of marketers admit to customer data blindspots in their team as two-thirds are worried about budget cuts

Most marketers believe they’re under more pressure to prove ROI and ROAS during the cost of living crisis, but research reveals that marketers in Europe and the US have wasted at least 30% of budgets in the past six months.

Tripadvisor partners Turkish tourist agency for first native content on Prime Video

Created by the travel platform’s newly launched in-house studio, the video series will offer high-impact exposure opportunities for global destinations seeking to drive visitation and awareness.

59% of UK won’t be watching the World Cup this year

A winter World Cup has changed consumer behaviour and where they watch the global tournament. Will it be as popular as advertisers hope?

Streaming and rewarded display among Amazon’s new ad solutions

Amazon listened to the research and created seven new ad solutions, revealed in NYC this week.

Transform your social strategy with McLaren Racing and Vodafone at PMW live event in London on 7 December

PMW’s Social Media Transformation event is jam-packed with case studies from the ground up, and solutions to help you kickstart or refocus your 2023 social media strategy.

UK adspend forecast to hit £35bn in 2022 with more muted growth prospects next year

The downgrade from July’s previous forecast reflects the reality of the impact of high inflation and the cost of living crisis, but Q4 adspend is set to near £10bn amid Christmas and the FIFA World Cup.

Cost of living prompts consumer rethink of ad-funded streaming services

While more than a quarter of surveyed UK consumers state that they will cancel a Netflix subscription if it became ad-funded, this has dipped from 36% saying they will drop an ad-funded Netflix sub six months ago.

Sephora’s subpar website launch is ‘giving empty shelves’

After all the hype and expectation of a ‘fully-immersive’ and ‘inspiring’ new site, the launch was met with some basic – but major – technical difficulties.

Performance marketing people: Wimbledon scores former Disney+ VP, and Shaken Udder gets new Marketing Director

This week’s round-up of performance marketing people moves includes leadership hires at Merkle, and new heads at VCCP Group and Yahoo.

Top costumes we’ll be wearing this Halloween: Google searches ranked

New research analyses thousands of Google searches to reveal the top make-up looks and costumes this spooky season.

The travel sector’s renaissance: 63% of UK travellers planning a holiday abroad

‘Brands should take note and offer flexibility’ as new data shows a clear appetite for holidays, but travellers remain cautious.

ASOS’ ‘poorly planned’ marketing budget causes major losses

The online fashion retailer saw sales growth of only 1% in the last year and has built up £153m net debts, with the CEO now set to change the course for its marketing strategy after revealing that 80% of marketing budget was used for performance.

Klarna takes on the tech giants with new shopping features

The Buy Now Pay Later provider has unveiled Klarna Spotlight – a suite of products including shoppable content, intelligent search and an upgraded carbon tracker.

Apple opens lock screen to brands with ‘Live Activities’ on iOS

Move over Widgets. Apple just opened a prime piece of real estate to brands - the iPhone lock screen.

Snapchat expands £3.99 paid subscription service

New premium tier options include customisable notifications, flexible message expirations and Halloween Bitmojis.

Cool or creepy? Meta Quest Pro uses eye-tracking to measure engagement

While not explicitly mentioning virtual ads, new additions to Meta’s privacy policy include an “Eye Tracking Privacy Notice” to help "personalise your experiences and improve Meta Quest". Is this the next level of attention metrics?

How Adidas, Burger King, Nike and Snickers are using data to inspire creative customer engagement

Joint study uncovers 5 key themes from how the world's top brands are using technology to drive creativity and commercial success.

Meta explores the role of creative in marketing effectiveness

'People' and 'Product' are key to driving the highest ROIs across sectors, with brand cue, logo attributes, text, product and person attributes ranked by sector.

TikTok and IAS give advertisers confidence with third-party brand safety measurement

Marketers are slowly getting their way onto TikTok to take advantage of its huge user base, but can they trust their ads will appear next to suitable content?

Meta ordered to sell Giphy - this time it’s final

The ruling closes the book on the long-running saga which saw Meta appeal original sale order and a tribunal decision that the CMA acted lawfully in reaching its decision.

Uber targets hungry consumers and travellers with in app-ads (using your own data)

Retail media continues to grow, with ‘Journey Ads’ already being used by 40 brands to target customers throughout their entire journey and as they wait for an Uber Eats order.

Stunting growth: Marketing budgets rise at slowest pace since pandemic-ridden 2021

While much weaker than the start of the year, marketing budgets remain in growth as companies continue to invest in their brands – with digital channels getting the bulk of the boost.

Who’s really leading the VOD subscription race?

Netflix share prices rise 14.4%, whilst Paramount+ skyrockets with subscription sign ups.

IAB Europe locks horns with Belgian regulator over open web tracking framework

A long-running dispute between the EU regulator and a major ad trade body has intensified, with a key component of ad tracking hanging in the balance.

E-commerce decision making: Web scraping overtakes internal data collection

With the golden quarter around the corner, e-commerce organisations now prioritise web scraping when making decisions.

Clearpay rapped by ad watched for “irresponsibly” encouraging spending on Instagram

The Buy Now Pay Later provider was told by the ASA to ensure future ads did not encourage people to spend more than they could afford.

Reading the finance room: Reddit users show due diligence for budgeting and buying

All is not lost for big-ticket purchases providing they are essential, as Reddit’s community becomes more engaged in conversations on spend-tracking and trim back on non-vital buys.

88% of digital advertisers “unknowingly sharing data before user has given consent”

A murky supply chain means advertisers are vulnerable to huge regulatory fines and reputational costs, even if they have strong internal data privacy measures.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: DoubleVerify’s Attention Lab and Match2One’s Shopify App

From real time segmentation to matching customer IDs and creative insights, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Channel 4 picks ViewersLogic for TV attribution platform

Big news for marketers looking to optimise campaign performance, with empirical insights linking their TV ads to sales, footfall, app downloads, and account openings via the national TV broadcaster. .

Increased spend in TikTok in 2023 planned by 85% of brands - while just 39% plan a hike in Meta budgets

Latest research of Meta ad trends shows year-on-year hikes in CPM and CPC globally, with the US seeing dramatic rises in click-throughs compared to 2021.

Are over-55s underrepresented in ads because they’re hard to please?

Advertisers under-represent older demographics despite their commercial potential, finds ITV and System1. Over-55’s account for 65% of TV impressions, but are hard to please.

Tesco retains EssenceMediacom following performance power-up

Recently-combined agencies offer "innovative" marketing capabilities to supermarket giant, to continue running its retail, bank and mobile accounts.

Make it snappy: 31% of Brits want to communicate in one line or less

With almost none of us preferring to speak on the phone, ‘One Line Wonder’ is the most common communication persona, making ‘less’ definitely worth more.

Netflix finally reveals £4.99 ad-funded streaming tier: can the data match the hype?

The ‘Basic with Adverts’ plan will keep all the original features but will average four to five minutes of ads per hour, with some shows restricted.

Performance Marketing Unlocked: two day extravaganza coming to London in March 2023

The marketing community will assemble in London’s ExCeL for an event powered by brands. With high-profile speakers, cutting edge tips, tailored sessions and some big surprises... can you afford to miss out?

Performance marketing people: Former BBH CEO joins Say It Now board, leadership shuffles at twentysix and Reprise

Changes and promotions at Publicis Groupe, Dentsu and FCB Inferno while Evelyn Partners bolsters its senior team in this week’s performance marketer people moves round-up.

Matching music to marketing campaigns: BMG uses AI tagging across entire music catalogue

Need the perfect earworm to amplify an ad campaign? Now AI can unearth some hidden gems to settle the score for TV ads, audio, paid social and more courtesy of a major record label.

Social media and search engines are neck and neck in guiding young shopper habits

Whether it’s influencer recommendations, trending products or reviews of services, will social media take over the likes of Google?

Netflix partners BARB: mystery viewing figures solved?

The data will be used by advertisers, competitors and journalists to determine the success of various Netflix shows. Just in time for the streaming giant to open its ad-supported tier.

Opening purse strings? CMOs looking to increase marketing spend

More than half of CMOs expect to outsource their marketing activity to agencies, with platform integration and digital strategy needing the most support.

Cracking the creative code? Kantar tool predicts ad effectiveness ‘in 15 minutes’

Predictive tech analyses ads by creative elements, such as humour, sustainability or timing, to identify which ones are most likely to drive brand impact ... and even content performance in different cultures.

37% are prioritising buys to help cope with less heating this winter

Survey of UK consumers find that alternative ways to keep warm this winter and more ‘socialising’ at home are just some of the measures people are taking to save money.

As seen on TV: 7M Discovery matches ‘TV mentions’ to marketing insights

Adtech transcription tool offers a new layer of data for media planners to calculate true ROI of ad spend.

UK’s top brands valued at $283bn, but are falling behind global competition

Price conscious consumers will pay 14% more for brands that they think are worth it, as Vodafone tops the charts of most valuable UK brand for the fifth year in a row.

Channel 4 and seven major UK brands offer money saving tips in special commercial break

Boots, Co-Op, giffgaff, Go.Compare, Lidl, Nationwide Building Society and Vodafone feature in a unique TV ad break that will link to a bespoke website to help tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Reddit woos advertisers with live chat, pixel helper and 1,000 more community segments

The social media giant is also offering free advertising credit to prove its performance credentials to curious marketers.

Kim Kardashian’s $1.3million fine for undisclosed crypto ad

Whilst Kimmy K takes a legal hit despite clearly stating her content as an #AD, brands are also culpable for influencers’ failures to comply.

Tracking the trackers: UK retail brands use on average 10 online trackers (with half used to share info to third parties)

Fashion retail brands use the most online trackers for advertising, while the UK’s top retail brands are not trusted by one in five consumers.

Tech tracker round-up: fighting ad carbon emissions and creating Web3 customer data platforms

How is AI being used to understand the seven types of gamer – and why is Sprout Social partnering Salesforce? We round-up the biggest ad tech innovations around the world in one place.

ASA raps for TikTok video with 'negative gender stereotypes'

The advertising watchdog felt the “one-sided” post was likely to cause “widespread harm and offence. A stark reminder to performance marketers that context and sequential ad placements require careful planning.

“Everything app x”: Musk announces $44bn Twitter deal is back on

Tesla’s CEO makes a screeching U-turn on Twitter… and reveals his plans to shake up social media with the ultimate super app.

UK consumers would go back to shopping in the 80s and 90s if they had the choice

Shoppers pine for the shopping experience of old as nearly half regularly buy vintage.

PMW Jargon Buster: new explainer series for performance marketers goes live

Do you know your CMP from your CDP? Our handy guide goes beyond a simple glossary to help practitioners and managers alike skill up fast.

Less than half of marketers are making use of their tech stack capabilities

Social commerce, audio and CTV are among the top tech support adoptions being explored, piloted or deployed.

PMW Awards go global: showcase your best work to the world

Performance Marketing World is launching its first-ever global awards and is now open for entries. Here's your chance to shout about your team's innovation on a truly global scale.

Nestlé gets new MD for UK and Ireland, Omnicom and Hearts & Science shuffle internal teams

Our latest round-up includes new hires at The Specialist Works and Havas Media Group, and former PMW Award winner joins Crossmedia.

70% of US consumers have shopped online from abroad in the past year

High delivery costs are named as a key barrier to shopping globally, but it hasn’t stopped many US shoppers, but 22% would abandon their carts if they can’t use their preferred payment method.

What do you listen to on your commute? 15 most popular business podcasts revealed

Start your day right, with a ranking of the top business podcasts according to Google’s monthly search results.

47% of UK shoppers expect bigger discounts this winter as bargains and family-only gift shopping takes priority

Three-quarters of UK consumers state they’ll cut back on Christmas spending this year, and almost half care less about Black Friday shopping. What are the lookouts to get people to spend in the festive quarter?

9 most searched questions about NFTs – and their answers

These are the internet’s most Googled NFT questions, racking up a total of over 1.5 million monthly searches – and the answers to them from a Cryptocurrency expert.

Gamified shopping: Asda ditches 'points' in new loyalty programme

Mission-based shopping tasks add a new twist to loyalty schemes. Can a gamified approach boost loyalty amid an economic downturn?

Tug expands with US push

The performance marketing agency is further building its North American presence with a new New York office in response to client demand.

Stick or twist? Four in 10 consumers less loyal to brands than a year ago

Cost of living crisis hits consumer loyalty as well as spending, as brands grapple with chasing possible switchers with offers versus building up loyalty among their customer base.

Amazon jumps ahead of Black Friday with ‘second Prime Day’ in October

The two-day sale means marketers must bring their 'golden quarter' campaigns forward this year, as the fight for share of voice (and wallets) intensifies amid global economic turmoil.

‘Moments’ by Storyly turns individual users into creators

The new Storyly product allows users to create and post their own Stories directly in the mobile app.

Performance marketing people: new boss at DBB as VanyerMedia shakes up EMEA team

Hubble gets a new MD, BrightBid CEO joins the Forbes tech council and AdTonos amps up its sound board with advisors from Spotify and AdsWizz. View all the latest movers and shakers within performance marketing below…

Decarbonising data: Essence launches sustainable programmatic marketplace

Going beyond just ‘offsetting’, a major ad agency is aiming to reduce total carbon emitted per publisher by 33% on average

Swedish adtech firm BrightBid targets London’s start up scene

BrightBid claims to offer an antidote to the rapid cost inflation across Google's ad network, with AI-powered bidding technology to help smaller firms compete in a crowded market.

Performance Marketing World Awards UK 2022: shortlist announced

With work for Asda, Samsung and BrewDog among the nominations, here are the campaigns, teams and people that made it through to the final round, ahead of a glitzy live ceremony in London.

Start-up blues: UK businesses feel location limits their ability to become a unicorn

Businesses in the North are more ambitious than those in London, but feel most hampered by regional barriers.

Over half of CMOs feel unprepared for data privacy changes

CMOs are falling short in data usage and preparations for changes in regulations

First party data trove: Tripadvisor launches own ad content studio

First client San Diego Tourism Authority signs $1.5m commitment to launch digital and interactive out-of-home campaign to attract travellers.

BeReal plans to skip ads with in-app purchases

Popular photo-sharing app comes under pressure to prove it's more than just a passing craze.

Combo! Mobile gaming giants assemble largest premium in-game ad network

Angry Birds meet Talking Tom Cat to bring an audience of 1.3 billion monthly active players to brands via interactive ads, rewards and celebrity calls.

Roblox expands immersive ad tools for brands

Popular multiplayer game connects users with interactive billboards, posters, and other ads inside games as it struggles to maintain growth post-pandemic.

Shopify beefs up cross-border commerce with translation tools

UK merchants are now selling to an average of 8 international markets on Shopify.

Instagram Reels ‘getting 10 times less engagement than TikTok’- report

Meta is struggling to get its short-form video to take off, even though Reels accounts for a fifth of the time people spend on Instagram.

Another social app copycat: TikTok debuts BeReal clone

TikTok copies BeReal’s main feature of posting authentic content in a limited time window. Will BeReal survive against the tech giant?

The Merge: has Ethereum solved crypto’s carbon problem?

A historic moment for a greener blockchain ecosystem also paves the way for a more secure and transparent relationship between brands and customers.

Instagram scales back Shopping features to focus on short form video

Rather than give up on e-commerce, Instagram will re-engage existing buyers with branded content and ads.

Twitter shareholders approve Musk deal (that he’s trying to cancel)

A bad case of buyer's remorse? The battle between the billionaire and the bird takes another twist as new texts reveal Musk’s jitters.

Two-thirds of marketing bosses suffering from ‘data overload’

The growing numbers of channels and platforms is distracting a third of CMOs from monitoring increasingly complex consumer behaviours.

Why Starbucks' new NFT loyalty programme is grounded in reality

Coffee chain follows McDonald’s and Wendy’s into the metaverse. But unlike virtual restaurants, Starbucks NFT rewards are tied into its existing loyalty ecosystem.

A not-so-golden quarter for retail? PMW launches ‘Playbook’ series for in-house marketers

From Christmas planning tips to ‘mystery boxes’, a new 7-part report combines exclusive consumer research and expert panels to help retail brand marketers navigate a frugal festive season.

Lionesses get one million searches in the back of the net

Searches for the roll call of stars on the England women’s football team were up more than 2,000% compared to 2021.

Digital display ad spend up in the first half of 2022, while paid social remains stable

Latest Ad Intel data from Nielsen records spend returning to pre-pandemic levels across UK media, but advertisers may have to reassess spend in H2 amid the cost of living crisis.

Reddit snaps up Spiketrap to ramp up its contextual targeting in conversations

Reddit is evolving its algorithms and recommendation engines with the latest acquisition in a string of new buys.

McLaren Racing, Vodafone and Direct Line to speak at PMW’s Social Media Transformation 2022 event in London

Host of major brands including Nasdaq, Flo Health Inc., and Superbet offer best practice tips, panel discussions…and a real-life demo of marketing in the metaverse.

Top 10 skills for marketing professionals have changed by 50%

SEO soars and PR plummets: LinkedIn’s new data reveals how the ‘resourceful modern marketer’ has changed since 2015, and what marketing skills are deemed most valuable today.

68% of consumers uncomfortable with their data being used for ads, but two-thirds are still likely to visit a site after being targeted

Despite six in 10 media experts naming privacy policy understanding as a priority, 29% have not taken any action to manage policy changes.

SMS for marketing: engagement rates up across all age groups

Survey of UK consumers finds that SMS marketing is equally well received by Baby Boomers and Gen Z

Performance marketing people: TikTok promotion, Netflix bolsters ad offering with Snapchat hires and Pinterest’s new Head of Global Business Marketing

McDonalds hires a new Chief Impact Officer, Mediabrands appoints Head of Performance for China and Yext gets a new CMO in the latest round-up of performance marketing people moves.

Social media is top of class for ‘back to school’ ads as almost nine in 10 consumers plan to shop online

Consumers prefer to see ‘back to school’ ads on social media compared to other channels, but they’re more likely to go the route of retail or e-commerce to shop for the new term.

PMW Masterclass goes live: practical video lessons from the experts in performance marketing

September means it’s time to go back to school and learn the latest performance marketing skills, from server-side tracking to influencer marketing. Are you ready for the new term?

Snap restructures ad business with loss of 20% of staff and a refocus on core priorities

Google UK and Ireland VP to join as Snap President in EMEA as part of regional and departmental restructuring.

Posters go programmatic: Google expands DOOH ads into 360 display ad network

Placements combine traditional channels with the digital efficiency of programmatic, adjusting messages throughout the day

TikTok trials ‘Nearby’ feed – becoming the ultimate ‘super app?’

New tool places social app in direct competition with classified apps like Yelp and Google in the race for geo-targeted ad dollars – a boost for local businesses?

Christmas (shopping) comes early: 29% plan to start by the end of August

Value for money trumps the priorities lists for peoples’ Christmas shopping this year, with more than half concerned about affording Christmas amid the cost of living crisis.

Clickbait killer? Google shakes up SEO with ‘Helpful Content’ update

Algorithm update targets “content that seems to have been primarily created for ranking well in search engines rather than to help or inform people”. Performance marketers have some new rules to learn...

Global adspend to slow as social media warned of $40bn black hole

Social media companies are set to record a multi-billion dollar shortfall over 2022 and 2023, while growth forecasts for adspend across all channels and markets are cut by $90bn.

Digital fitness: DMA launches Marketing Strategy Skills Bootcamps

The DfE-funded programmes aim to help unemployed or SME staff develop data and digital skill sets.

Performance marketing people: NFL marketing SVP moves to NWSL, Yahoo’s new Director of Native for APAC and Disney+ Hotstar announces new EVP

Leadership hires at Hill+Knowlton, dentsu, GroupM and DoubleVerify among this week’s performance marketing people moves.

Marketing and IT leaders at war, who’s in charge?

86% of marketing and IT leaders want to improve website agility but disagreements over website ownership and competing priorities are putting up barriers.

Microsoft ramps up ads on Outlook for free users

A more aggressive approach signals a push towards its £69.99 subscription service as competition in the cloud storage sector heats up.

Tech tracker: Meta gives SMEs an AI power-up as WeChat monetises video ‘Channels’

How is Twitter boosting audience measurement amid Musk’s ‘bot’ claims? Why is Tencent monetising its new WeChat videos so soon? And how is taking on Salesforce? Here’s all the latest adtech news in one place…

“Creators are the new retailers” – but influencers are losing brands in an economic downturn

Latest poll from US and UK influencers reveals payment issues from brands in the last year, whilst LTK says spend on influencer marketing is growing.

Desktop adblocking creeping back up to 2018 high

Declining numbers of publishers use adblock walls as a revenue recovery strategy for adblocking.

Marketers among the world’s best ‘sleepers’ in industry with more than four in 10 bagging over seven hours a night

Marketing, advertising and PR among the industries that admit to being most likely to get on average seven-plus hours ‘zzzz’ a night.

'Entertaining content fuels product discovery': TikTok launches Shopping Ads

Advertisers can test new formats to put shopping experiences directly in front of the TikTok community.

Hunker down or double up? Inflation rises above 10% in July, but what does this mean for marketers?

As UK inflation hits a new 40-year high, with the poorest likely to feel the biggest impact, how should marketers react?

Performance marketing people: Former HSBC APAC CMO joins Standard Chartered Bank, easyJet hires ASOS big hitter as CMO and Tug gets new Toronto MD

Our latest round-up of people moves in performance marketing also names new Customer Initiatives Officer at VoucherCodes, a suite of senior management hires at multilocal and managing partner at The Specialist Works.

Nielsen and Amazon ink three-year deal to measure NFL Thursday Night Football

The agreement marks the first time a streaming service has been included in Nielsen’s National TV measurement service, with promises of “apples-to-apples comparisons across their multi-channel media investments”.

Game over: Unity rejects AppLovin takeover bid to buy rival instead

Mobile marketing company spurned in favour of buying rival IronSource, as gaming and marketing continue to merge and monetise.

Facebook gets into the delivery business with Doordash partnership

No more home collections as Meta takes aim at the likes of Amazon and Postmates, as it looks to win back younger users in one area TikTok can’t reach.

Experience versus price: most Brits value smooth customer journey over cheaper price tag

Even with rising inflation, 98% of shoppers admit a good experience could tempt them to spend more, while gamification is becoming a stronger marketing technique in a digital world.

Make it relevant: ads are acceptable on smart TV in return for free content say almost 7 in 10 consumers

UK consumers find it acceptable to watch ads on their smart TVs in return for free content, but there are caveats…

Global consumers rate DOOH ads as trustworthy, 7% more so than social media

DOOH ads gaining traction for performance with half of consumers encouraged to buy ‘there and then’ after seeing a DOOH ad.

Making the leap: 41% of performance marketers tempted to change jobs… but where to?

Our survey launches PMW’s Performance Marketing Workforce series, uncovering the trends in organisational culture, working practices, salary inflation and the responses to the skills gap.

TikTok gets serious about music with Ticketmaster team up and streaming app

Plans for a US music service and in-app ticket purchases show the social media app has Spotify and Apple in its sights.

UK consumers shun social media shopping and turn to buying now and paying later

Facebook is the social shopping platform of choice for both UK and US shoppers while TikTok struggles to attract Brits to part with their cash.

Kantar changes the RGM roadmap with completion of StepUp acquisition

From MapQuest to Waze, the world has changed. AI and frequent real-time insights aim to change the RGM game for CPG brands.

Is live shopping already dead? Facebook axes feature to focus on Reels

The format remains wildly popular in China, but has failed to take off elsewhere, with TikTok also pulling back efforts in Europe and the US.

Why is Amazon’s ad business outperforming Meta and Google?

Ad tracking changes hurt Amazon rivals much more in Q2, as the shopping giant dodges the worst effects of Apple’s privacy crackdown.

Performance marketing people: former adviser to Bill Gates joins HiveMind and new leaders across dentsu

Kin + Carta’s Americas chief steps up to Global CEO, new faces at the Ozone Project and Analytics Partners hires CMO.

Euro 2022 final: Lionesses dominated on the pitch and on social

England came top of the social game as the most talked about team, with 26% of the tournament’s tweets coming from UK accounts, partly thanks to BBC push.

Top 6 global media agencies for activity growth: dentsu X leads the way

International league table singles out Dentsu X as the most active agency in terms of client work, while Mediabrands takes the top slot among holding companies.

Audio ads go mainstream, but can metrics and anti-fraud tech keep up?

As audio ads grow in popularity, third-party verification will play a critical role in preserving digital audio media quality, a YouGov report finds.

The TikTok effect: small businesses have tripled spend on social media since pandemic

Paid social pays off for small businesses, with TikTok’s budget transparency making it the platform to watch despite Meta’s dominance.

Google delays cookie demise (again) until 2024

Internal feedback shows that advertisers needed more time to switch to Google’s cookie replacement, with a new deadline set for around two years’ time.

Online adspend grows by £1.5bn, but threat of “real-term contraction” looms across whole UK ad market

Forecasts for 2022 adspend upgraded, and online advertising to account for nearly three quarters of all spend this year, but pressures ahead for 2023.

Smart speaker ads ‘fire up the brain’: neuro research indicates higher audience engagement

Branded smart speaker ads trigger a 25% increase in overall brain activity when compared to branding in standard audio ads, according to a new brain study.

Monetising your music: Facebook pays users ad commission for featuring licensed songs

Meta shows seriousness about copyright protection while fuelling the creator economy. We’re all performance marketers now.

Top tech: Business leaders rank AI and Web3 as essential in next two years

Nearly 9 in 10 business leaders view the metaverse and Web 3.0 as essential to success, but AI trumps both with 91% seeing it as crucial over the next two years.

InfoSum upgrades privacy and data clean rooms with Platform Sigma

Customer-centric organisations will be able to collaborate across unlimited datasets, unlocking planning, measurement, and analytics for the privacy-first world.

Merkle aims to simplify customer experience management with ‘CXM on demand’

Early adopters include London North Eastern Railway, which now has capacity to send out 40x more personalised emails and texts,

Fighting misinformation with AI: Zefr partners with

Acquisition of Israeli AI firm bolsters Zefr’s technology-led approach to identifying and defunding misinformation, in the wake of TikTok appointing them as brand safety partner.

Ethical adtech? Terrific teams? Remarkable ROAS? Enter PMW’s 2022 Awards

Show off your proudest campaigns, initiatives and superstar staff across 26 categories, with judges from Samsung, Deliveroo, Vitality ready to assess the best in performance marketing this year.

One-third of subscriber churn happens in the first 24 hours

The first 24 hours are critical to engage with your new subscribers while a multi-channel referral approach is a key to conversion.

Facebook’s new update takes on TikTok’s popular style

Meta’s new update for Facebook separates the Home and Feeds tab, copying the content style made famous by TikTok.

Brand trust is in decline as 75% of US and UK consumers are not comfortable buying from companies with poor data ethics

The survey underscores declining consumer trust in targeted advertising and the need for responsible data strategies.

DSP meets SSP: Hawk teams up with Azerion to boost omni-channel tools for clients

Automated ad buying platform Hawk Platform, has struck a global partnership with Azerion’s proprietary SSP, Improve Digital.

Going to waste: two-thirds of UK brands are underutilising their marketing data

Brands are limiting their data’s effectiveness by focussing on general analysis activations rather than more sophisticated techniques that could help improve ROI.

Brits swap staycations for Euro breaks as searches for airlines soar in summer travel peak

Package holiday firms also enjoy a rise in search, while in the fashion sector Shein continues to rise in growth and Next search volumes slump.

Don’t miss PMW live today on Instagram for episode 2: the symbiotic relationship between brands and influencers

Join PMW live today on our Instagram channel to discuss influencer marketing with global platform LTK, influencer Emily Valentine and Campaign Magazine.

Top 15 tech tools to future-proof marketing outcomes

Latest ‘state of the industry’ report finds that marketers are hunkering down their Web3 preparations while AI remains the most significant tech out there.

Strong but slowing growth for UK marketing budgets as cost of living crisis bites

IPA Bellwether report for Q2 2022 shows stagnant main media budgets, with performance marketing spend seeing steep drops in growth rates.

How do you maximise ROI as a marketer? Answer: don’t be afraid to spend on your campaigns

Nielsen report finds underspending in 50% of media plans, with maximum ROI in jeopardy.

GumGum and JW Player link viewability and contextual tools

Clients across both platforms will now have access to proprietary viewability technology and MRC-accredited contextual, brand safety and suitability technologies.

YouTube partners with Shopify to expand social commerce tools

Major new pact opens Shopify commerce platform to 2 billion YouTube users, as Alphabet takes on both Amazon and TikTok in the new creator economy.

E-commerce competition holds up in Q2 as CPM rises 27% across the globe

Latest reporting on Meta ad trends indicates a dramatic drop in US click through rates, while sustainability-based messaging drives higher than average conversions across the world.