The ‘intrepreneur’ generation: PMW 30 Under 30 winners announced

Builders, change-makers, innovators… and revenue generators. The rising stars of performance marketing are transforming companies and cultures from the inside out. Meet all the winners of PMW’s first young professionals awards.

"84% of millennials don't trust traditional advertising" – Sam Crocker,

A collector of unusual objects, but sharer of great advice. Sam Crocker gives us his 3 top tips for young performance marketers.

The unknown boundaries of the metaverse – Isabelle Bagge, Amobee

Listening to 'How To Fail' showed Isabelle how to win a PMW 30 Under 30 Award. Amobee's Senior Client Success Manager gives advice on how to create success for yourself.

Why we need to decentralise performance marketing – Breckon Lewis, Tinuiti

Regaining trust for publishers and reducing ad fraud in the morning, followed by an afternoon of increasing personalisation for consumers – a relatively low key day for this 30 Under 30 winner.

The importance of unifying zero, first, second and third-party data – Krishan Gandhi, iCrossing UK

Rising to success at iCrossing as part of their Senior Leadership team at 27, Krishan is one to watch in the data and technology sector. Here he divulges how his 'Apple Store', DNA and Eminem all attribute to his win.

"Fair measurement is key" – Nicole Wellman, Rakuten Advertising

Spotify playlist 'DISCOLAND' is the secret to success, according to Nicole Wellman, as well as other skills and secrets she's learnt on the way.

Dreaming of pre-iOS14 days – Tim Hyde, TWH Media

Read the diary of this CEO, his tips to the top and advice for the next winners of PMW's 30 Under 30 Awards.

Tribal and melodic techno from DJ Maro – AKA Megan Beatty, Media.Monks B.V.

Listen to the remix from the Senior Director of Digital Strategy at Media.monks. She takes us on a journey to FI/RE with all some unusual beat drops and build ups you wouldn't expect.

"If you don't ask, you don't get" – Amy Ratcliffe, CHS

Planning Director Amy Ratcliffe dedicates the award to her team and reveals her ambitions for CHS as a London ad agency.

Huge opportunities for growth in APAC region – Clara Gandakusuma, Rakuten Advertising

Looking outward for help and inspiration carves paths to success... and a PMW 30 Under 30 Newcomer Award.

Search sorcery – Tom Pool, Blue Array

Working magic is part of Tom Pool's daily life in performance marketing, that and Kendrick Lamar.

Attention is becoming a core KPI – Piper Heitzler, Amobee

Piper provides insights into cookie deprecation and lends advice to marketers for the year ahead. Listen in to one of PMW's 30 Under 30 winners.

If you're a CMO, watch out! – Lotte Hill, RocketMill

Rocketing to the top, Media Director Lotte Hill recommends failing to achieve success. And apparently there's more time in the day than we think...

It's all about attention, and a little about champagne – Chinelle Brandford, MediaHub WW

A goldfish now has a longer attention span than humans, so it's more important than ever for brand's to streamline their messaging and listen to 30 Under 30 winners like Chinelle...

Achieving a right brain left brain balance – Amanda Zwerin, Ally

Brand versus performance? Right brain or left brain? It's the big questions for our 30 Under 30 winner.

How the pandemic actually increased awareness for sustainability – Rosie McLeod, Rakuten

Google ads, true crime and not the Harlem Shake are front of mind for this winner, and sustainability comes to the front of others since the pandemic.