Taste credentials in marketing gone wrong – new season of Attention Seekers

It's very easy to make mistakes in marketing, especially when you're trying to be bold... and it doesn't always go to plan. FMCG marketing expert Gareth Turner remembers some cringe-worthy moments alongside his tales of success.

The iron woman of TV measurement: Attention Seekers, episode 15

The foundation of TV is linear. But will this always be the case? Jo Kinsella talks cross-channel CTV measurement, getting rid of industry noise, and what it's like proving yourself as a woman in a male dominated industry.

Rap singer, blockchain blinger: Attention Seekers, episode 14

Imagine knowing about the internet 20 years before it boomed... that's where we're at with the metaverse, predicted to be bigger than the internet according to Aaron Goldman, CMO of Mediaocean.

Heinz' empty shelves: Attention Seekers, episode 13

Retail royalty Rita Harnett explains why conversational commerce works, what headless commerce is, and why voice commerce causes family issues. We discuss the disaster of empty Heinz shelves, Robert Palmer's sexy girls, and why alarm clocks are so 'in' right now.

Dad's ads and band practice: Attention Seekers, episode 12

What kind of ads perform best for mums? Ads of dads. Tom Ollerton, Founder of Automated Creative questions 'what is the value of the metaverse?' and disregards best practice as playground copying.

Tackling change, leadership and SEO: Attention Seekers, episode 11

"Change brings opportunity and imperatives." In this bonus episode, Charli Rogers talks about the catalysts of change, the freedom of creativity and why a digital transformation can be overrated.

Are NFTs overrated? – Attention Seekers, episode 10

Marketers have more to learn from Donald Trump than you think. We talk with Adimo's Head of Marketing, Sarah Marsh, about the power of search, why NFTs are overrated and how GDPR does on the dating scene.

Devilled data: Attention Seekers, episode 9

"Bye bye cookies," says Airey Baringer with a skip in his step. The demise of third-party cookies presents exciting and challenging times ahead; Airey Baringer from TripleLift explains how we have to reinvent the system in order to succeed.

Social media's Willy Wonka: Attention Seekers, episode 8

Innocent Drinks' 'Head of Chaos' put "attention seeker" on his CV and got the job. He reveals how mistakes are good, that stepping over the line is encouraged and why his unruly methods pay off.

What Eurovision can teach marketers: Attention Seekers, episode 7

Eurovision and performance marketing have more in common than you think. Listen in to Sarah Dennis, Associate Editor at PMW, to see how two seemingly opposite industries, are almost one and the same.

Dating advice: Attention Seekers, episode 6

In a fast-paced world, Michael Arking from Social Motion Films says we need to slow down to get better results. His advice ranges from direct mail voodoo dolls to dating tips and disasters.

3000 miles to Morocco: Attention Seekers, episode 5

Charlie Cadbury predicts Elon Musk's Twitter dreams, reinvents a White and Black TV, and fascinates over the 'Internet of Things'.

Arrested in America: Attention Seekers, episode 4

Jim Hawker hates awards but loves the limelight. The co-founder of Threepipe Reply tells us how he seeks attention with Google Analytics 4, by diversifying cricket with The Hundred and by sitting in the back of a police car with celebrities.

THAT Will Smith Oscars moment: Attention Seekers podcast, episode 3

Abha Gallewalle, Manager of Global Social Strategy at ASICS, reveals how its important for brands to avoid attention as well as seek it, her ratings on the metaverse and customer service, and how to celebrate Olympic winners with subtlety.

The metaverse, telephone boxes and Harry Potter: Attention Seekers, episode 2

In episode 2 of our podcast, Joshna Rughani, E-commerce Director at Artfinder reveals what's getting her attention this week.

Attention Seekers: PMW unveils brand new podcast

Hollywood villains, fat cat art and Wordle on a lads’ chat. Robin Langford reveals his ratings on who’s performing in the industry right now and what’s getting his attention this week.