“Living the performance marketing dream”: 30 Under 30 winners announced

In a rapid and transforming industry, it’s the younger generation that is pioneering the future – driving change, inclusivity and innovation in every click.


Why persistence and patience are key in performance marketing – Victoria Pace, CJ

“Filling your own cup first” is how this PMW 30 Under 30 winner rose to success.

AI will set brands apart in connecting with customers in the future – John Berggren, Acquco

“The future is in capable hands” said this year’s PMW 30 Under 30 judge. Meet one of the future leaders here.

Data transparency needs to change – Jared Gifford, Havas People

PMW 30 Under 30 Winner reveals how easy it is to stay motivated in performance marketing and the top three essential skills to impact real change.

You need to use brand formats for performance purposes – Matthew Russel, VERB

PMW 30 Under 30 winner explains how to make bolder trading decisions and hold your nerve when trusting long-term investment.

To be a performance marketer, you have to be altruistic – Ella French, Rakuten Advertising

This PMW 30 Under 30 winner admits her ambitions to change the education around performance marketing.

“Never sleepwalk after good performance” – Ruby Young, Croud

Croud’s PPC Strategy Director explains the importance of a PMW 30 Under 30 Award.

Comparison is the enemy of confidence – Katie Yang, Global Performance Commerce

This 30 Under 30 winner tells PMW her top skills and the important ability to ‘pivot’ when needed.

Rapid growth comes from mistakes – Ryan Davies, Kwalee Ltd

This PMW 30 Under 30 flies the flag for mobile gaming, and recommends his (second) favourite podcast.

The three essential Cs of performance marketing – Oliver Williams, Total Media

Why creativity is an essential skill for performance marketers and using non-traditional media metrics.

Brand building with performance marketing – Marcella Monteiro, RocketMill

Audience advocacy and long-term gains shouldn’t be overlooked within performance marketing.

Affiliate is low risk and high ROI – Gemma Ngona, Boots UK

Small hurdles make success easier. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Progress always involves risk – Aoife McAnulty, Rakuten Advertising

This winner gives advice on how to get motivated and the top three skills to secure success in performance marketing.

Consumers want to blend brand and performance too – Rebecca Fry, OMG

Social commerce’s growth both streamlines and fragments customer journeys. How does this PMW 30 Under 30 winner want to change the industry?

Elon Musk is down to earth – Zach Miller, Megaphone Marketing

Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk? This 30 Under 30 winner reveals what he’d change about the industry and who he thinks would make the better boss out of the two tech titans.

Performance marketing is weirdly inaccessible – Victoria Daka, Mediahub

People still don’t see the jobs behind the ads in performance marketing. This 30 Under 30 winner wants to change that.

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