How UST went from ‘best-kept secret’ to tripling engagement benchmarks

A tech company that was only known through organic networking and referrals had a rebrand gaining 1.5 million impressions.

How Corona boosted YouTube view-through rates by 141%

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How Farfetch saw £1m in sales with a Performance Influencer model

Over six months, Buddy Media enlisted 12 influencers to drive new customer acquisition and increase revenue for the luxury retail platform.

How a powerful social media campaign rewrote the narrative for Down syndrome

Combining influencer marketing, targeted social media and powerful positive branding messages helped a charity change perceptions (and potentially policy) around Down syndrome.

Prioritising authenticity: how Elemis increased revenue through creator commerce

Off the back of a super-charged 2020s, Elemis had a focus on boosting sales for its best-selling lines via increased traffic to The team wanted to embrace a more consistent ongoing influencer strategy as part of its marketing mix.

This pencil went viral on TikTok in 8 seconds, how?

From zero followers two months ago to now being used by Richard Branson and Michelle Obama. How did this pencil rise to fame, and at a skyrocketing pace?

How Alienware used a little more conversation to boost click through rates

The Dell-owned gaming and console company found Reddit’s Conversation Placements - despite a small real estate - increased CTR compared to other placements, with a nod to the importance of authenticity when engaging with the gaming community

How a government department combatted confusion to make E10 petrol more than a label

The UK government reached out to Reddit’s army of car enthusiasts to communicate an important message to the public as fast, and cost-efficiently, as possible.

How the ECB boosted live cricket audiences during a pandemic

Growing a cricket fanbase via a completely new nationwide event is tricky enough without an ongoing pandemic to contend with too. Here’s how the ECB and Threepipe Reply batted a sticky wicket to generate half a million ticket sales…

How DBS Singapore blended branding and performance marketing to boost applications

By finding synergies between branding and performance marketing, DBS Bank Singapore has seen business outcomes and brand interest reach new heights.

How Vitality found purpose in their performance

The insurance company became more aligned with societal changes and stepped out of its performance marketing bubble.

How Norton sold antivirus software to online gamers

The software company targeted gamers on TikTok and Twitch, and managed to amass over 47million impressions across all markets.

How Moonpig used lockdown to take creative risks

In a year like no other, online card and gift retailer Moonpig released the shackles on its performance marketing efforts to test and explore like never before. 

How Fix8 pivoted to sell kombucha direct to consumers

As health consciousness increased because of COVID-19, so did the demand for kombucha. But with shops shut, Fix8 had to find new ways of distributing its products.

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Little Moons' mochi balls are a social media sensation. Here's what you can learn about generating buzz, Gen-Z style.

How the Stroke Association grew donations during lockdown

Lockdown forced the charity’s hand and the resulting overhaul saw donations and income grow and the organisation adopt a more cohesive approach to its marketing.

How War Paint is using TikTok to sell men’s makeup

Men’s makeup brand War Paint for Men has begun trialling TikTok and Shopify’s social commerce features to create engaging ad content that relates to its customers.