Advertisers must get ‘adventurous again’ as half of consumers block brands for irrelevant ads

Budget cuts, declining consumer spend and changing industry standards has left marketers using a broad spray and pray approach to digital advertising, which has left consumers feeling ‘bombarded’.

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From PMW’s Black Friday review to uncovering exactly why music marketing needs a revamp, here’s everything the editorial team think you might have missed from last week.

Majority of UK shoppers ‘have never purchased anything through social media ads’

While social media platforms are seen as a key direct marketing tool for retailers, less than one in 10 make multiple purchases in a year via the channel.

PMW Global Awards 2024: easyJet’s Chloe Wong named Chair of Judges

The PPC manager of one of the UK’s largest commercial airlines will lead a stellar judging panel to celebrate the global performance marketing industry.

Is Snoop Dogg a performance marketer?

With a clickbait strategy, Snoop Dogg takes influencer marketing to the next level. But what does it do to consumer trust?

Amazon continues to bolster its social commerce standing with Snap collaboration

As Amazon’s competition with TikTok heats up following the launch of TikTok Shop in the US, the e-commerce giant has further strengthened its social commerce offering, now partnering with both Snap and Meta’s social platforms.

YouTube to require creators to flag synthetic content

With looming elections, ongoing military conflicts and public health crises, YouTube’s pre-emptive crackdown on misleading AI content means advertisers have a new set of pitfalls to avoid in terms of brand safety and content strategy.

John Lewis’ Christmas ad is back, but not quite top 10, says System1

The Christmas ad race is heating up, with Morrisons joining Aldi and M&S Food in System1’s top charts, and John Lewis posting its best score since 2020.

Meta partners with Amazon to let shoppers buy directly from Facebook and Instagram ads

Upon linking their Meta accounts with Amazon, users will be able to shop selected ads directly from the platforms and check-out using their Amazon accounts without having to change apps.

TikTok will only pay creators for videos over one minute long – a potential for in-video ad placement?

TikTok is closing its $2bn Creator Fund in December, after criticism over its revenue sharing, replacing it with a new ‘Creativity Program’.

Performance Marketing People: Claxon continues succession plan with new GM

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Superson launches a new EMEA hub and Initiative bolsters its planning offering with two new hires.

Meta to offer ad-free subscriptions for Facebook and Instagram in Europe

EU, EEA and Switzerland users will be able to choose between paying a monthly subscription to use Facebook and Instagram without ads, or continue using the platforms for free with ads.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From Amazon leap-frogging TikTok and Microsoft for global ecommerce ad-spend to 12 experts on why a recession shouldn’t be marketers’ main concern, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

LADbible’s owner buys female media brand Betches for $24m

Purchase gives the social-first publisher a foothold in the US market, offering advertisers a chance to connect with an engaged audience of 250 million users.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Amazon Ads, Azerion, News UK, IAS and Kepler

From Made for Advertising site detection to News UK’s big first-party ad push, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From the industry reaction to MFAs’ new definition to the top 20 media agencies revealed, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Meta releases brand safety controls for Facebook and Instagram Reels

Ongoing partnership with Zefr unlocks measurement and brand suitability on Meta’s short-form video apps.

Meta enjoys three-year ad performance high in welcome news for e-commerce retailers

With the holiday season approaching, a litany of advertising opportunities have opened up for e-commerce retailers as Instagram Reels’ ad costs decline while performance increases and TikTok remains a worthwhile investment.

Meta and TikTok test ad free subscription tiers outside of the US

Potentially due to the EU’s new DSA privacy act leaving organisations hamstrung on the personalisation-front, as well as diminishing ad spend, Meta and TikTok have become the latest platforms to trial ad-free paid subscription tiers.

SocialChain launches new proposition following £7.7m sale to Brave Bison

Boasting a new creator-led model that rejects traditional hierarchies and “solves the rapid evolution of social and the marketing innovations”, the agency has already added big-name clients to its roster including John Lewis, Holland and Barrett and the British Army.

‘The second worst ad campaign in the world’ highlights how only 8% of social ads are relevant to users

Bango buys the world’s least viewed print ads to protest poor social media targeting, including pages on avian farming magazine ‘Emu Today and Tomorrow’.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Expandi, Outbrain, Magnite, Theorem and Good-Loop

From resurrected ABM tool Jabmo to reducing ad CO2 emissions via ‘Smart-Throttling’, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Will brand safety decide who wins the Threads vs Twitter war?

Musk and Zuckerberg go head to head in a platform war, with neither app looking overly appealing to brands. Mindshare reveals more.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From Elon Musk suggesting subscription fees for Twitter/X to finding out if ‘brandformance’ is actually real, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Showheroes, Wavemaker, SMG, Analytic Partners and IMPACT+

From CTV ad carbon reduction to next-gen marketing forecasting tools, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Elon Musk to charge subscription fee: “final nail in Twitter’s coffin”

Elon Musk plans to charge all Twitter, now X, users a subscription fee. Will this give Threads the edge?

TikTok defends itself after €345m fine for child safety breach

The Bytedance-owned platform joins YouTube under scrutiny for how it handles children’s personal data.

The PMW 100 Powerlist: final winners 20 - 1 revealed

“The Olympian”, “The Brainiac” and “The Green Guardian” are among the final winners to join the PMW 100 Powerlist today, but who has been crowned the most influential person in performance marketing? All is revealed below…

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore...

From TikTok finally opening up Shop in the US and Criteo answering retail media’s fragmentation issues with a new DSP, here’s everything PMW think you might have missed from this week.

TikTok Shop opens in the US

After reports of a failed expansion last summer, the online marketplace has finally launched.

Personal B2C interactions on social media are 'most memorable' for consumers – report

Brands are leaning on AI to assist with scaling personal interactions with consumers. However, as authenticity becomes a priority, will automation satisfy them?

The PMW 100 Powerlist: winners 100-81 revealed

‘The Soothsayer’, ‘The A/B Alchemist’ and ‘The Search Sensei’ have all made the PMW 100 Powerlist – but who are they? The unveiling of the most influential people in performance marketing starts today.

Meta considers paid ad-free Facebook and Instagram model

An ad-free model may help Meta fend off EU privacy concerns as a future of a divergent worldwide tech landscape looks more likely.

Six tech giants named as gatekeepers under Digital Markets Act

Commentators predict big tech to fight the new law which aims to promote a fair and open market.

YouTube adds links within Shorts to re-up competition with TikTok and Instagram

Google-owned platform is hoping the changes will increase engagement and prevent comment spam and scams, as it capitalises on the growing user appetite for short-form video.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Sinch, Reddit, Automated Creative, SeenThis and Shopee

From measuring incrementality on Reddit Ads to ChatGPT-powered creative optimisation, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

PM News: Amazon enlists influencers for 'Inspire' page, GroupM drops MFAs, YouTube advances AI for musicians

From Amazon putting up $25-per-video to encourage influencers to contribute to its ‘Inspire’ page to GroupM’s curtailing of MFAs and YouTube’s AI development with its music partners, here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Performance marketing people: Former Twitter staffer launches startup AR performance agency

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Ramarketing adds a Harvard-trained scientist to its staff and Brave Bison has a new CMO.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Threads in crisis? Meta’s Twitter/X rival sees 79% decline in daily active users

Everyone’s been watching to see if Threads would replace X. But with X trying to rebuild its advertising reputation and Threads’ daily users plummeting, are marketers relishing having less platforms to worry about?

PM news: Google repays advertisers, restructuring of its UK base continues and is Amazon building an adtech tool for publishers?

Google has dominated this week’s performance marketing news cycle, from claiming that recent credits issued to agencies had nothing to do with Adalytics controversial report, to the continued restructure of its UK office. Here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Performance marketing people: BBC Good Food publisher hires new CCO and Alight Media fills Head of Marketing role

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Meta’s former head of AR, VR, Metaverse Automation and Platform Engineering has joined Sandsoft Games as its new Chief Technology Officer.

Three things you might have missed last week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

With Q3 well and truly underway and PMW’s Media Spend Index now fully released, there’s been a litany of content and understandably, you may have missed a thing or two - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

This week in performance marketing: TikTok toggles off recommendation algorithm for EU compliance | Twitter’s new X logo ‘hindering happiness’ | Facebook ads cybercrime on the rise

TikTok races to comply with the EU’s DSA law by 28th of August, Twitter’s rebrand off to a shaky start and advertising cybercrime continues to be a thorn in Facebook’s side - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Sprout Social snaps up influencer marketing platform Tagger Media for $140m

The purchase further demonstrates how the worlds of paid social and influencer marketing are becoming more entwined as brands seek cross measurement with paid social to break down data solos.

PMW launches the Media Spend Index: senior marketers rate and rank the channels, platforms and skills getting the best returns

TikTok, or Facebook? Paid search or influencer marketing? PMW’s exclusive global panel of industry experts reveal where marketers will be spending their money in 2024– and where they’re getting the best returns now.

This week in performance marketing: Google cookie-phase out begins, Twitter cracks down on hate speech amid rebrand to ‘X’ and TikTok ups ad transparency

Google finally appears ready to make good on its promise to phase-out cookies, Twitter is taking strides towards winning back advertisers while simultaneously ushering forward a confusing rebrand and TikTok is all about transparency - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to worry about this week.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Veridooh,, Anzu, Yext and ViewersLogic

From AI-generated customer review responses to 3D in-game media quality measurement, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Performance marketing people: General Motors, True Religion and Yahoo all welcome new CMOs

Our round-up of the week’s industry movers includes two new agency launches specialising in performance marketing, and new marketing leaders at Zendesk and The True Traveller.

Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

Barbie, IPA Bellwether and branding, these were the hot topics inundating your news feeds in the week just gone, so you would be excused to have missed a story or two here and there - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Performance marketing people: Coca-Cola gives generative AI a leadership face and Volvo hires former L’Oréal US marketing lead to surge growth online

PMW’s latest round-up of industry movers sees new leaders at Carat India, iProspect, Revolut and streaming service NOW.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Revolut, Ozone, Shopify, Semrush and Yahoo

From ‘financial super app’ ads to measuring carbon impact at campaign level, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

In the wake of PMW’s Cannes Lions coverage, our 30 Under 30 Awards Winners, newly published case studies and of course all the news analysis you could ask for, it’s understandable if some things fell through the cracks – fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Publishers strike back: Meta axes news sharing in Canada after controversial legislation passes senate floor

Ad dollars put at risk as Meta rejects option to pay news outlets compensation each time a Facebook or Instagram user shares their content. But is this an important breakthrough for publishers to regain control of their own ecosystems?

Roblox offers brands’ the opportunity to scale innovation and self-serve their advertising

The promise of a more democratised ad-ecosystem should appeal to brands and Roblox’s new program's founding partners hope their long-term media spend commitments will alleviate trepidation from organisations hesitant to join up.

TikTok and Unilever leverage #CleanTok trend to create global marketing category

Attracting over 35bn views in the 12 months to March 2023, TikTok’s #CleanTok community is one of the platform’s most popular.

Rio Ferdinand and Qatar Tourism rapped by ad watchdog for Instagram post because #ad was not “prominently displayed”

ASA ruling against Rio Ferdinand and Visit Qatar is a warning to brands that #ad is not enough as Visit Qatar falls foul of placement issues.

Twitter’s new CEO woos back advertisers with promise of “world’s most accurate real-time information source”

On a mission to make Twitter “a global town square for communication”, new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has taken her first steps. But will it be enough to win back brands after a reported 28% ad revenue slump?

Instagram’s big algorithm reveal: how brands can crack the code to drive more social conversions

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, revealed the app’s algorithms last week to encourage engagement, as competition with TikTok heats up.

PMW UK Awards 2023: Coca-Cola’s Ana Afán Ruiz announced as Chair of Judges

The Head of E-commerce GB at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners leads PMW’s expert panel for this year, as the early bird deadline for entries approaches.

What is a creator saying about my brand? New tool automates proof of work for influencer marketing industry

Video and audio data analysis solution from IMTB and RippleXn lets marketers get a view of where their brands – and their competitors – are being talked about on social media.

The Apple effect? Consumer searches for VR skyrockets 300% after Vision Pro reveal

In the wake of Apple announcing the impending launch of its first spatial computer headset, online searches for the technology saw a global boom, strengthening the notion that mixed reality may soon become a viable channel for performance marketing.

Fatboy Slim and Rob Mayhew join marketers in breaking down Cannes’ “exclusive club”

DJ and influencer donate 1% of all Cannes Lions earnings to support the #CannesForAll initiative alongside brands and agencies to bring more diverse talent to Cannes.

“Naive at best”: why Twitter’s ‘ungovernable’ community notes ought to have marketers concerned

Twitter’s newest feature puts content regulation in the hands of its user base. Some experts believe this should have brands abandoning the platform, or risk appearing alongside “content that could be manipulated or trolled into some form of community verification”.

PMW Global Awards 2023: all 18 winners announced

From K-Pop to ‘Goatbusters’; the winners of the Performance Marketing World Global Awards 2023 have been revealed. With work spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe and the MENA region, we showcase the campaigns, teams and people that took the top accolades – and offer analysis on why they won.

Meta steps out walled garden for summer with ‘decentralised’ Twitter copycat

‘Game on’ says Twitter after leaked reports that Instagram’s new text-based social network will be released as soon as June – outside of Meta’s exclusive family of apps for the first time.

Shutterstock to buy GIPHY and its 15 billion daily impressions from Meta

The mobile content platform with 1.7 billion daily users has been purchased by Shutterstock for $53m from Meta.

Is Twitter better off without Musk?

Elon Musk’s departure as CEO has some experts suggesting that Twitter is back in business for advertisers, but with the tech genius staying on as CTO, just how much control will incoming CEO Linda Yaccarino have?

Facebook and Instagram paid blue ticks to put a price tag on authenticity?

Meta Verified “threatens to undermine the core essence” of Facebook and Instagram, raising questions for creators and brands on the platforms.

YouTube’s CTV ad changes: “unskippable” opportunity or potential pitfall for advertisers?

YouTube has announced two changes to its CTV ads format. While many experts believe they present a good opportunity for brands to increase their visibility, some warn of the dangers of becoming a “visual tax” for viewers.

KSI and JD Sports rapped by ASA for promotional Instagram post not identified as an #ad

The sports retailer and popular YouTuber was found to violate the CAP Code by neglecting to identify sponsored content posted to KSI’s Instagram as marketing communication.

Is TikTok’s new search widget a threat to Google’s ad dollars?

With TikTok’s surreptitious addition of search widgets fuelling rumours that it’s reframing itself as a search engine, Google’s search algorithm may not be the only one brands need to worry about.

Top 5 martech tools this week: Unbounce, Analytic Partners, Reddit, Recurly, Impact+ and Scibids

From cross-platform subscription analytics to carbon cutting programmatic campaigns, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Meta tests generative AI ads - a USP for brands?

The social media giant is currently testing the AI-powered ad tool technology in its ‘AI Sandbox', granting access to a select group of advertisers with expansion plans for later this year.

Performance Marketing World Global Awards UK 2023: shortlist announced

With work for Toyota, Etihad and KFC among the nominations, here are the campaigns, teams and people that made it through to the final round, ahead of the winner’s announcement at the end of the month.

TikTok teaches brands performance marketing tips in new advertiser hub

TikTok World Hub covers four main areas of focus – creative, commerce, performance and branding – with video and written content aimed at “teaching brands how to drive the most value from and optimise their advertising”.

Instagram tests UGC sharing tool to help brands bridge gap with creators

Brands can get access to deeper insights into user trends and get better value from ad targeting.

Google’s competition with TikTok heats up as it expands YouTube Shorts’ offerings for advertisers

Amid declining ad revenue, Google has added several new features to YouTube Shorts aimed at enticing advertisers to reconnect with the platform, but experts fear Shorts’ is failing to adequately differentiate itself from TikTok.

Amazon becomes Pinterest’s first ever third-party ad partner

After reporting major Q1 losses and share price drop for Pinterest, a partnership with Amazon hopes to deliver strong performance to advertisers in the first ever third-party ad deal on the platform.

Snap launches new ad formats and AI-powered solutions for advertisers

Part of the social network's ambitious growth plans, Snapchat has introduced several new advertising features allowing marketers to engage with its community of over 750 million monthly users.

Twitter’s ‘everything app’: a marketer’s dream?

Condemning ChatGPT, a failed rocket launch and copying WeChat: Musk is busy again.

Steven Bartlett’s Flight Story acquires Zebu Digital to boost Web3 marketing capabilities

The company’s expertise will form part of the marketing and communication agency’s latest innovation arm, Flight3, to help clients capitalise on the emerging worlds of blockchain, AI and VR.

See you later search, social commerce is taking over

Cemented by the death of telephone customer service, and driven by younger generations, how can brands get ahead of the uptick in social media shopping?

TikTok fined £12.7m by UK watchdog over misuse of children's data

Social media giant said it has "invested heavily" to protect children after ICO ruling says 1.4 million children gained access to the app without parental consent back in 2020.

WPP acquires influencer marketing agency Goat

Data-led influencer agency joins WPP’s latest acquisitions, merging with INCA.

Performance marketing people: Gravity Road leaves its creative to TikTok star and ASICS bolsters its performance marketing with in-house promotion

Our latest round-up of performance marketing industry moves includes new roles being created and filled at M&C Saatchi, appointments at iProspect and Little Dot Australia bringing onboard a former BBC staffer.

TikTok refreshes its Community Guidelines following UK government ban

The Chinese-owned app has released new guidelines, updating privacy and regulation principles in light of security concerns from global governments

More jobs to go at Amazon with AWS, Advertising and Twitch positions among those affected

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy informs staff in a memo today about the “difficult decision” to axe another 9,000 roles.

Performance marketing people: ex-Meta head takes the marketing reins at BDB and former Burger King marketing chief returns to the food industry

Our latest round-up of movers in the performance marketing industry include new faces at DoubleVerify and SmartFrame, AppsFlyer’s new hire zeroing in on fraud and board appointments at Semrush.

Confirmed: TikTok banned on UK Government devices

UK Parliament has just confirmed that TikTok is banned on governmental devices, following the lead of EU and US bans, with the potential to “significantly shake up the social media landscape”.

Meta abandons NFTs amidst restructuring

A twitter thread on Monday from Meta fintech lead announced the news, amidst Meta’s ‘year of efficiency’ restructuring.

More layoffs at Meta: 10,000 jobs to go as restructure timeline announced

After a 13% reduction in headcount at the end of last year, Mark Zuckerberg announces plans to flatten Meta’s organisation, cancel low priority projects and reduce hiring rates.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Hawk, SoundOut, Acxiom, HubSpot and un:hurd

From TikTok music-matching for brands to carbon-cutting for creative, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Meta rumoured to be launching a Twitter competitor codenamed ‘P92’

The new app will reportedly launch as a “decentralised social network for sharing updates” and will be interoperable with Mastodon.

CAP appoints Influencer Marketing Trade Body as member

The first new member in over a decade as influencers represent an increasingly significant part of advertising and complaints to the ASA.

Want global recognition and an interview with PMW? Last chance to enter the 30 Under 30 Awards

Got something to shout about and need some help shouting? Enter you or a colleague before it’s too late and we’ll help you spotlight it.

Meta trials paid subs to help creators boost communities and engage with followers

Trial run of Meta Verified and the introduction of Broadcast Channels to Instagram makes it easier for creators to establish their online presence.

Vodafone rapped for failing to ensure paid Instagram collaboration was identified as an ad

The ASA found that Vodafone used Wimbledon tickets to pay a popular reality TV personality for sponsored posts but failed to ensure they were identified as marketing communications.

Steven Bartlett defends Social Chain’s value after sale to rival for £7.7m

Agency that helped propel Dragon’s Den and Diary of a CMO podcast star into the limelight is sold, prompting a defence of its sell off value from the superstar entrepreneur.

YouTube woos creators away from TikTok with 45% cash incentives for short clips

‘Shorts Monetization Process’ comes into effect today, which will see creators earn up to a 45% share of the revenue from ads viewed between an uncapped shorts video fund.

Performance Marketing Unlocked: Unilever, Samsung, Nivea, EA Games and HSBC among major brands speaking live

In a month’s time, over 500 marketers will assemble in London’s ExCeL for an event powered by brands. With high-profile speakers, cutting edge tips, and some big surprises... can you afford to miss out?

Twitter looks to calm advertiser fears with new brand safety tools

Extended partnerships with DoubleVerify and IAS will let brands and agencies know if their ad is placed around inappropriate content, as Musk mulls an ad-free subscription model.

Performance marketing people: Netflix and Reddit leadership shuffles, former Twitter seniors move on and incoming IPA President takes EMEA and UK helm at GroupM

In our latest round-up of industry moves, leadership shuffles and promotions also announced for SINE Digital, a new COO joins Publicis Groupe and Google veteran becomes YouTube MD.

Emplifi plugs into ChatGPT for AI generated captions for social posts

A solution for overworked social teams? Customer experience platform takes social media branding to another level of automation.

Jargon Buster: marketing explainer series now free for registered PMW users

Performance Marketing World has expanded its PMW Jargon Buster – the evolving guide to explaining key industry terms – providing free access to all registered users.

Performance marketing people: New marketing heads at the helm of Co-op and Denny’s while dentsu shuffles EMEA exec team

Former CEC Entertainment marketing chief joins Denny's, Havas Media Group India gets new director of marketing, and new senior leads at Meta and Disney Star make up our latest round-up of people moves.

Search and social shunned in favour of new digital channels

60% of media agency leaders believe newer digital channels will be the key to growth in 2023.

Performance marketing people: Ogury’s new CEO and Google VP joins ASOS

ASOS welcomes Google VP as a non-executive director while FTG sees Expedia leader join its board and Ogury and Teads elevate from within in the first round-up of industry moves of 2023.

Twitter lifts political ad ban as Musk looks to boost revenue

Ads from politicians and issue-based groups, which have been restricted since 2019, could unlock more revenue for controversy-stricken Twitter.

Meta forced to pay $725m over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

One of the biggest political controversies of the modern age ends with a hefty fine for the Facebook parent company, which gave app developers access to information from users’ friends.

Own goal: Sony tweets by Rio Ferdinand banned for breaches of ad labelling codes

Tweets by the former England star referencing “Playstation House” social event received complaints for not being clearly identified as ads for Sony.

eBay unlocks Pinterest creators’ audiences with Idea Ads

eBay UK promotes DIY decor and creator marketing in a Paid Partnership campaign on Pinterest, using a ad new format on the social platform.

Amazon takes on TikTok with personalised short video shopping feed

Inspire, a new short-form video and photo feed, lets consumers explore products and ideas and shop from content created by influencers, brands and other customers

UK adspend trends for 2022: Meta’s e-commerce dominance is slipping

TikTok has overtaken Amazon and Pinterest for e-commerce ad spend as Meta drops 10% in a year.

TikTok reveals ‘What's Next’ for 2023: lessons from Burberry, Tampax and Channel 4

Three major brand campaigns from this year show what works on the platform: thinking like a creator, boosting positivity and building ‘hyper-niche clubs’.

Brits want brands to get political as cost of living crisis bites

Ongoing economic uncertainty means Britons want to be told everything’s going to be alright - but just 16% of Britons believe brands shouldn’t address political or societal issues.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: HypeAuditor, Voggt, Yext, Nest Commerce and CLICKON

Google deliveries, collectible communities, influencer media kits and optimised video production: here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

The year in Reddit: Ukraine, acorns, r/place and… Nicholas Cage

Away from Twitter’s tribulations, this year Reddit continued to mature as an ad platform with strong performance credentials and a highly engaged user base.

Cracking the social code: Bazaarvoice links revenue to organic Facebook posts

Bridging the ‘measurement gap’ between paid and organic social posts, the new tools will enable social media managers to optimise top performing posts to drive more revenue.

3 big media trends of the year: The rise of s-commerce, video fragmentation and social news

Social media is moving beyond text and image sharing to become the dominant platform for shopping, news and entertainment, according to a new global study.

Acceleration Partners moves full throttle on influencer offer with new acquisitions

The global partnership marketing agency has acquired Influencer Response and Volt Agency.

From Twitter to TikTok?

Half of Twitter’s top advertisers are reported to have left the platform. Will they flock to TikTok as Musk continues on a rocky path in the driver's seat?

Croud blends creative and performance with Born Social acquisition

Third acquisition in a year bolsters the agency’s brand and creative offer on top of its digital and data-led credentials.

Meta lays off over 11,000 workers

The job cuts affect 13% of its workforce as Zuckerberg apologises for ‘over-hiring’. Can the embattled market leader in social media stop the slide with TikTok snapping at its heels?

Dishing the dirt: 8 in 10 consumers “like negative reviews”

Over a quarter of global consumers want a fine of over 20% of the business’ total revenue for posting fake reviews.

US midterms: political ad spend soars… but are parties ditching Facebook?

Political ad spending is expected to break records this cycle, but Meta’s Facebook isn’t the key battleground it once was, according to reports.

Performance marketing people: new hires at M&C Saatchi Performance, ShareChat and LTK

In our latest round up of industry movers and shakers, UK agencies twentysix and Campfire make a suite of senior hires, while Dentsu International welcomes a new CEO of ANZ.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Acast, Google, Blis, SoundOut and Swipe Back

From Discord to DOOH and music matching to podcast ads, here’s our weekly round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Meta amps up performance marketing tools ahead of the holidays

‘Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns’ - Meta’s rival to Google’s Performance Max - relies on automation to find the right audiences for advertisers, as opposed to intricate, manual targeting.

Myleene Klass Instagram posts for Next and Skechers banned by ASA for not being identifiable as ads

The singer and presenter has had ads banned for her own book, and posts for two major fashion brands.

Transform your social strategy with McLaren Racing and Vodafone at PMW live event in London on 7 December

PMW’s Social Media Transformation event is jam-packed with case studies from the ground up, and solutions to help you kickstart or refocus your 2023 social media strategy.

Snapchat expands £3.99 paid subscription service

New premium tier options include customisable notifications, flexible message expirations and Halloween Bitmojis.

Meta explores the role of creative in marketing effectiveness

'People' and 'Product' are key to driving the highest ROIs across sectors, with brand cue, logo attributes, text, product and person attributes ranked by sector.

TikTok and IAS give advertisers confidence with third-party brand safety measurement

Marketers are slowly getting their way onto TikTok to take advantage of its huge user base, but can they trust their ads will appear next to suitable content?

Meta ordered to sell Giphy - this time it’s final

The ruling closes the book on the long-running saga which saw Meta appeal original sale order and a tribunal decision that the CMA acted lawfully in reaching its decision.

Clearpay rapped by ad watched for “irresponsibly” encouraging spending on Instagram

The Buy Now Pay Later provider was told by the ASA to ensure future ads did not encourage people to spend more than they could afford.

Performance Marketing Unlocked: two day extravaganza coming to London in March 2023

The marketing community will assemble in London’s ExCeL for an event powered by brands. With high-profile speakers, cutting edge tips, tailored sessions and some big surprises... can you afford to miss out?

Reddit woos advertisers with live chat, pixel helper and 1,000 more community segments

The social media giant is also offering free advertising credit to prove its performance credentials to curious marketers.

Kim Kardashian’s $1.3million fine for undisclosed crypto ad

Whilst Kimmy K takes a legal hit despite clearly stating her content as an #AD, brands are also culpable for influencers’ failures to comply.

Tech tracker round-up: fighting ad carbon emissions and creating Web3 customer data platforms

How is AI being used to understand the seven types of gamer – and why is Sprout Social partnering Salesforce? We round-up the biggest ad tech innovations around the world in one place.

ASA raps for TikTok video with 'negative gender stereotypes'

The advertising watchdog felt the “one-sided” post was likely to cause “widespread harm and offence. A stark reminder to performance marketers that context and sequential ad placements require careful planning.

“Everything app x”: Musk announces $44bn Twitter deal is back on

Tesla’s CEO makes a screeching U-turn on Twitter… and reveals his plans to shake up social media with the ultimate super app.

PMW Jargon Buster: new explainer series for performance marketers goes live

Do you know your CMP from your CDP? Our handy guide goes beyond a simple glossary to help practitioners and managers alike skill up fast.

PMW Awards go global: showcase your best work to the world

Performance Marketing World is launching its first-ever global awards and is now open for entries. Here's your chance to shout about your team's innovation on a truly global scale.

BeReal plans to skip ads with in-app purchases

Popular photo-sharing app comes under pressure to prove it's more than just a passing craze.

Instagram Reels ‘getting 10 times less engagement than TikTok’- report

Meta is struggling to get its short-form video to take off, even though Reels accounts for a fifth of the time people spend on Instagram.

Another social app copycat: TikTok debuts BeReal clone

TikTok copies BeReal’s main feature of posting authentic content in a limited time window. Will BeReal survive against the tech giant?

Twitter shareholders approve Musk deal (that he’s trying to cancel)

A bad case of buyer's remorse? The battle between the billionaire and the bird takes another twist as new texts reveal Musk’s jitters.

McLaren Racing, Vodafone and Direct Line to speak at PMW’s Social Media Transformation 2022 event in London

Host of major brands including Nasdaq, Flo Health Inc., and Superbet offer best practice tips, panel discussions…and a real-life demo of marketing in the metaverse.

SMS for marketing: engagement rates up across all age groups

Survey of UK consumers finds that SMS marketing is equally well received by Baby Boomers and Gen Z

Performance marketing people: TikTok promotion, Netflix bolsters ad offering with Snapchat hires and Pinterest’s new Head of Global Business Marketing

McDonalds hires a new Chief Impact Officer, Mediabrands appoints Head of Performance for China and Yext gets a new CMO in the latest round-up of performance marketing people moves.

PMW Masterclass goes live: practical video lessons from the experts in performance marketing

September means it’s time to go back to school and learn the latest performance marketing skills, from server-side tracking to influencer marketing. Are you ready for the new term?

Snap restructures ad business with loss of 20% of staff and a refocus on core priorities

Google UK and Ireland VP to join as Snap President in EMEA as part of regional and departmental restructuring.

TikTok trials ‘Nearby’ feed – becoming the ultimate ‘super app?’

New tool places social app in direct competition with classified apps like Yelp and Google in the race for geo-targeted ad dollars – a boost for local businesses?

'Entertaining content fuels product discovery': TikTok launches Shopping Ads

Advertisers can test new formats to put shopping experiences directly in front of the TikTok community.

Performance marketing people: Former HSBC APAC CMO joins Standard Chartered Bank, easyJet hires ASOS big hitter as CMO and Tug gets new Toronto MD

Our latest round-up of people moves in performance marketing also names new Customer Initiatives Officer at VoucherCodes, a suite of senior management hires at multilocal and managing partner at The Specialist Works.

Making the leap: 41% of performance marketers tempted to change jobs… but where to?

Our survey launches PMW’s Performance Marketing Workforce series, uncovering the trends in organisational culture, working practices, salary inflation and the responses to the skills gap.

TikTok gets serious about music with Ticketmaster team up and streaming app

Plans for a US music service and in-app ticket purchases show the social media app has Spotify and Apple in its sights.

UK consumers shun social media shopping and turn to buying now and paying later

Facebook is the social shopping platform of choice for both UK and US shoppers while TikTok struggles to attract Brits to part with their cash.

Is live shopping already dead? Facebook axes feature to focus on Reels

The format remains wildly popular in China, but has failed to take off elsewhere, with TikTok also pulling back efforts in Europe and the US.

Performance marketing people: former adviser to Bill Gates joins HiveMind and new leaders across dentsu

Kin + Carta’s Americas chief steps up to Global CEO, new faces at the Ozone Project and Analytics Partners hires CMO.

Euro 2022 final: Lionesses dominated on the pitch and on social

England came top of the social game as the most talked about team, with 26% of the tournament’s tweets coming from UK accounts, partly thanks to BBC push.

The TikTok effect: small businesses have tripled spend on social media since pandemic

Paid social pays off for small businesses, with TikTok’s budget transparency making it the platform to watch despite Meta’s dominance.

Monetising your music: Facebook pays users ad commission for featuring licensed songs

Meta shows seriousness about copyright protection while fuelling the creator economy. We’re all performance marketers now.

Ethical adtech? Terrific teams? Remarkable ROAS? Enter PMW’s 2022 Awards

Show off your proudest campaigns, initiatives and superstar staff across 26 categories, with judges from Samsung, Deliveroo, Vitality ready to assess the best in performance marketing this year.

Facebook’s new update takes on TikTok’s popular style

Meta’s new update for Facebook separates the Home and Feeds tab, copying the content style made famous by TikTok.

Don’t miss PMW live today on Instagram for episode 2: the symbiotic relationship between brands and influencers

Join PMW live today on our Instagram channel to discuss influencer marketing with global platform LTK, influencer Emily Valentine and Campaign Magazine.

YouTube partners with Shopify to expand social commerce tools

Major new pact opens Shopify commerce platform to 2 billion YouTube users, as Alphabet takes on both Amazon and TikTok in the new creator economy. Instagram Story rapped for failure to disclose ad status

The ASA ruled that the Story by influencer Molly-Mae Hague failed to make clear commercial interest.

Meet the PMW UK Awards judges: Greg Levine, Vitality

“If we held a performance marketing awards show a decade ago, we'd have 12 people. We’re filling ballrooms now!” Hear from our Chair of Judges on why now is the time to celebrate your success stories, large or small.

Influencer Marketing Trade Body launches regulatory advice service REASSURE

Advertising regulation is playing catchup to the rapidly changing digital landscape, with children’s safety on social being a main concern. The IMTB aims to answer these issues with new regulatory advice service.

Musk’s big bluff: $44bn Twitter takeover scrapped over spam bot claims

A messy legal fight will place the social network’s ad reach, and the billionaire’s contract, under the microscope.

“Keeping it reel”: differentiating between Love Island star and authentic influencer

Watch PMW’s Instagram live with Love Island’s Liberty Poole and her brand partner Skinny Tan to explore the difference between aspirational and relatable influencers, how they can be used for your brand, and why Instagram is in decline.

TikTok’s rumours of “abandoned e-commerce expansion” after staff shortages in UK

TikTok has faced bad press since it's been rumoured they have failed their e-commerce expansion into the US and Europe.

Performance marketing people: new DoubleVerify VP, Paralympian joins Interbrand as strategist and LoopMe scoops former Merkle director

Promotions at Wavemaker Asia-Pacific and Precis Digital, Kepler veteran elevated to Global CEO and a new CEO of Amazon Worldwide Stores are part of the latest round of performance marketing people moves.

TikTok’s music gets a brand remix with Jackleg Studio as official “Sound Partner”

Music-makers for Ray Ban, American Express, Valentino and more, Jackleg Studio becomes part of TikTok’s programme to help brands tap into music and sound on the platform.

PMW goes live with Love Islander Liberty Poole, Skinny Tan and Campaign Magazine

Join PMW live on our Instagram as we invite 2021 Love Islander Liberty Poole, Skinny Tan’s Hayley Hall and Gurjit Degun from Campaign Magazine to an online discussion about how brands can get the most out of influencer marketing.

Deliveroo woos FMCG brands with new ad platform

Brands can reach an audience hungry for food content with relevant offers across Deliveroo’s apps and via social media, email and push notification campaigns.

Performance marketing people: Former Sony Playstation President chairs Bidstack, Hiscox gets new marketing director and Braze snaps up new CMO

Teads continues to bolster its US leadership team, while Cavai, Cowshed Social and Journey Further see new C-suite hires, Wavemaker welcomes a new Head of Addressable and former Haymarket alumni bags a Business Director role at Verasity.

Display ad dominance: Meta fails in bid to quash CMA decision to sell Giphy

Tribunal rejects all but one of Meta’s challenges as part of appeal against reversing its acquisition of the animated GIF platform in May 2020.

War on deep fakes: tech giants sign new EU ‘anti-disinformation’ code

The world's biggest technology companies are set to sign up to an updated version of the EU's code, designed to improve data transparency (and reduce fake news in ads).

New Pinterest fund elevates under-represented creators

New initiative supports the work of creators from groups with a lower representation on the internet with connection to monetisation opportunities including advertising and e-commerce.

Bad news: is Facebook about to unfriend publishers?

Multi-million dollar licensing deals hang in the balance as news giants fear a shift away from publisher tie-ups and onto AI-curated content. Should performance marketers be concerned?

Sweaty Betty, Omaze, Gousto and more join PMW at London event

Join us in June to hear from the cream of the crop of British brands and their winning performance marketing strategies in PMW’s latest live event.

ASA starts using AI to identify influencers who fail to disclose ads in posts

The watchdog releases its annual report and discloses how it is using tech to tackle misleading influencer advertising.

Love Island partners with Reddit, providing fans with the ultimate fire pit gossip

Do you want to go for a chat? Love Island’s official fan partnership with Reddit gives fans behind the scenes access and exclusive content on the islanders.

Musk puts Twitter deal 'on hold' until fake user estimates resolved

Elon Musk has put his deal to buy Twitter on hold until he gets more information about fake accounts on the platform.

TikTok ‘Pulse’ puts ads next to top 4% of content

New tracking pixels and contextual tools show TikTok is gunning for Meta, offering advertisers placement next to top-performing, safe content, while measuring buyer intent in new ways.

Twitter metrics error: Musk plans major shake up as advertisers hit by ‘double counted users’

Turmoil at the social media giant leaves performance marketers with misleading data, as the new billionaire owner mulls paid subs for businesses and less ads space.

Elon Musk to buy Twitter for $44bn

The world’s town square now has a new owner in the form of the world’s wealthiest person. How will this affect ads on the platform… and its audience?

Unilever ditches data on children under new global marketing initiative

FMCG giant ‘raises the bar’ by not collecting or storing data of under 16s, not using ‘kidfluencers’ and limiting influencers that appeal to children.

TikTok sponsors PMW’s UK Paid Social Media Seminar in London

The Performance Marketing World team is delighted to announce that TikTok is the sponsor of its live UK Paid Social Media Seminar on Tuesday 26 April.

China clamps down on big tech with ‘algorithm inspectors’

Tencent, Alibaba,, Mietuan, and ByteDance are among the internet giants that could face scrutiny over the way social media platforms serve ads and content to entice users.

Future expands YouTube and social expertise with two social tech acquisitions

Media platform buys two businesses to support social drive and inform editorial strategies with machine learning, continuing their acquisition spree.

WPP becomes latest Reddit partner in social commerce push

The link up harnesses commerce and tech expertise across media agencies including GroupM, to drive commerce through the social network’s 100,000 communities.

Salesforce boosts social tools with Sprout partnership

Global partnership lets the CRM giant’s customers manage their presence across platforms through a suite that turns social data into meaningful insights.

PayGapApp goes viral: how a Twitter bot exposed brand hypocrisy on International Women’s Day

Warm words? Meet cold hard data. As marketers flocked to social media yesterday to #BreakTheBias, a plucky little bot was quietly tweeting out the actual pay divide at each company… and people shared the stats in droves.

Ad industry giants unite on addressable media standards

The biggest organisations in advertising have just reached a major milestone in global ad tracking standards. Here’s what performance marketers need to know about Addressable Media Identifiers (AMIs).

Celebs don’t always equal sales: why two-thirds of this year’s Super Bowl ads could flop

As brands scrimmage in one of the biggest global ad events of the year, AI predicts that most commercials from the big game will miss the mark if not integrated into a deeper brand story.

Influencer crackdown: fail to declare ads and we’ll name and shame, says ASA

Advertising Standards Authority to take out ads unmasking those who fail to flag ad posts.

This week on PMW: Walmart resurrects RFID tags; Microsoft’s gaming gamble

Why is Walmart bringing back in-store tracking tags? What’s smart about Sky’s new sponsorship tool? And which new tech is most talked about? We round up the biggest news and moves in performance marketing this week…

This week on PMW: T-Mobile’s in-taxi videos; blockchain ads come to China

What did Brits spend Boxing Day searching for? Why is T-Mobile buying an in-taxi video firm? How are user surveys being integrated into programmatic ads? We look at the big news and moves in performance marketing this week… 

Twitter sells mobile ad platform for a billion dollars

Despite MoPub generating strong revenue, Twitter’s mobile ad ambitions have been thwarted by Apple’s new privacy opt-ins.

This week on PMW: Unruly takes CTV programmatic as Dorsey exits Twitter

How does Unruly’s new CTV ad exchange work? Who is Twitter's new boss? And why is Taco Bell ditching Christmas? We round-up the biggest news and moves in performance marketing this week...

This week on PMW: Yahoo’s programmatic posters, Snap shakes up ad buying

How is Snap recalibrating its ad inventory to boost performance? And why is Yahoo applying programmatic principles to posters in Singapore? We round up the biggest news and moves in performance marketing this week…

This week on PMW: Meta’s new agency, early Christmas for John Lewis

Why did John Lewis launch its Christmas ad two weeks early? Who won Facebook’s lucrative Meta account? And it's all change at TikTok’s top. We round-up the biggest stories in performance marketing this week...

This week on PMW: Amazon’s new ads and witching hour Whoppers

What is Facebook's new name? How do Amazon’s latest ad formats work? And ‘witch’ Halloween ads are getting the best results? We round up the top news and moves in performance marketing this week...

How Squid Game is winning the influencer marketing battle royale

Netflix’s brutal TV show has become a global phenomenon, with major brands battling to sign the stars generating tens of millions of followers. 

This week on PMW: Roblox goes programmatic, InMobi buys AppSumer

What new Facebook tools can overcome Apple’s ad privacy clampdown? And how is gaming phenomenon Roblox opening up to programmatic ads? We look back at the biggest news, campaigns and moves in performance marketing this week...

This week on PMW: Pinterest shopping tools, Sky Glass and taco temptations

How did Taco Bell use WhatsApp to drive in-store sales? And how can Pinterest's new shopping tools boost conversions? We look back at the biggest news, campaigns and moves in performance marketing this week...

Facebook goes dark: How a six-hour outage cost billions

Facebook's biggest outage since 2008 is a stark reminder for advertisers to spread their bets... and flex their creativity.

The performance marketing world this week: TikTok, Clubhouse and ‘the worst campaign in the world’

From Ellesse’s shoppable TikTok launch event to a poster-based search ad stunt, we round-up the biggest news, campaigns and industry moves in performance marketing this week. 

GroupM and Twitch offer livestream gaming insights for brands in APAC

Twitch has partnered with media agency GroupM to give brands and advertisers across Asia Pacific access to insights into the live streaming gaming platform’s audiences. 

The performance marketing world this week: Nike’s new app and Pepsi’s latest data tool

How is Nike using its first-ever free brand app to boost sales in Asia? And how is Pepsi bridging local in-store sales with a global AI merchandising tool? Catch up on this week’s product launches, biggest campaigns and industry shake-ups in our packed weekly round-up below...

Joining the conversation: Reddit opens chat threads to ads for the first time

Reddit’s new ‘conversation’ format is designed to help advertisers reach people when they are most engaged - sharing their passions and interests on one of the most popular, and overlooked, sites on the internet.