How Specsavers sold ‘invisible’ products with Snapchat’s AR

Contact lenses are practically invisible, so how can you make a creative and engaging campaign that converts customers into sales?

How UGC helped Samsonite unlock a 254% jump in revenue

Spearheaded by authentic, user generated content, Samsonite’s partnership with Bazaarvoice Galleries saw conversion rates across its social and marketing channels enjoy a 4x increase.

How Chelsea Peers used personalisation to double its category page sales conversions

AI-powered ‘Category Merchandising’ allowed Chelsea Peers to unlock the full potential of its pyjama products, more than doubling its conversion rates with an emphasis on curve- and maternity-sized pieces.

How Born Ugly increased MitoQ’s average engagement by 74% with a digital-first rebrand

Headlined by a digital campaign combining both native and display creative formats and strategies to drive traffic, MitoQ reframed its value proposition to break into the market for cellular health.

Blending AI and the weather: How L'Oréal's Vichy increased the number of customers completing its digital skin diagnostic by 193%

Adding geo-targeting and AI automation to its ad creation and personalisation processes helped L'Oréal's French dermo-cosmetics brand, Vichy, reduce its CPA by 56%... and increase ROAS tenfold.

How Waverton increased the performance of its website by 129% – and learned more about its customers

Reduced loading times, increased viewership and a drastically improved overall performance score, Organic was tasked with a complete ‘digital transformation’ of Waverton’s customer experience - here’s how it delivered.

How P&O Cruises used SEO to bounce back post-COVID with 1,200% rise in traffic to newcomer pages

The transport company righted the ship post-pandemic by using website SEO to tap into new customer segments previously left in uncharted waters with visibility of its port pages increasing by nearly 20% and traffic by nearly 85%.

How Aviva used creative and paid social to raise awareness of Britain’s decaying nature by 35.3 million impressions

In partnership with Krow Group, the Aviva Community Fund has helped raise £664,472 in support of the Save Our Wild Isles campaign that combined interactive Instagram stories, non-skippable 6” YouTube ads, idea pins on Pinterest and in-feed posts and stories on Meta.

How PokerStars achieved a $5.33 return for every $1 invested into AI-driven optimisation of its YouTube campaigns

Teaming up with Scibids AI allowed the online poker website to streamline over 200 YouTube campaigns from top to bottom, resulting in an average campaign optimisation uplift of 66.62% when compared to demand-side platforms’ benchmarks.

How weaving an omnichannel retail media strategy into one centralised platform saw CordaRoy’s ROI increase 22% in a month

Partnering with omnichannel marketing platform Skai, bean-bag chair brand CordaRoy’s and ad agency Marshall centralised retail media management and fostered the launch of the brand’s new product lines.

Domino’s Pizza boosts ROAS by 400% in first contextual and attention-based campaign

GumGum and Playground xyz give Domino’s Pizza all the toppings in joint solution for a cookie-less future.

How LiveScore Bet used the 2022 FIFA World Cup to drive clicks and leads via contextual ads

Popular gambling company smashed the average industry fill rate, achieving several thousand unique engagements, with its interactive image-streaming campaign for frenzied football fans.

How UST went from ‘best-kept secret’ to tripling engagement benchmarks

A tech company that was only known through organic networking and referrals had a rebrand gaining 1.5 million impressions.

A double win: LATAM Airlines reduces cost per user and carbon emissions with adtech

South America’s largest carrier reduced CO2 emissions linked to digital advertising by 14 tonnes in a single campaign, whilst reducing CPU by 83%.

How Corona boosted YouTube view-through rates by 141%

What to do next? A question that Corona asked to VidMob to make the most of its successful video campaign on social media, proving the power of data-driven creative.

Eye tracking drives Toyota’s click to conversion up by 77%

A trio of agencies teamed up with Tobii to boost Toyota’s clicks and conversions, proving that eye tracking is becoming a vital tool to help understand attention.

How PensionBee reduced ad costs and boosted acquisitions with creative data insights

Here’s how the fast growing scale-up decreased their Meta CPA from £130 to £88 for a specific campaign and used Automated Creative’s insights to shape their TV ad.

How IBM reached and retargeted 1.4 million B2B Safari users

ID5 and MediaMath helped IBM promote its cloud and AI products to IT professionals, providing more competitive CPMs while honouring the users’ privacy choices.

How a creative testing strategy boosted ad spend returns by 22% for Fluent

An iterative approach from LifeStreet helped performance marketing agency Fluent quickly identify new creative lifts, increasing engagement with its in-app ads.

How Charlotte Tilbury Beauty reduced cost per acquisition by 29% with Scibids’ custom bidding

The beauty brand increased its reach without increasing its CPAs. In two months conversation rates increased by 60% and they doubled viewable reach within budget limits by optimising frequency.

‘FACE’ the music: in-game ads from EMPIRE and Anzu make chart topper for Babyface Ray

The in-game ad campaign from a US record label “exceeded expectations”, reaching thousands of gamers, helping Babyface Ray achieve his highest-charting release.

How SYZYGY ensures Deliveroo a peak standout for first time downloads

A continual test and learn approach in app store optimisation meant SYZYGY exceeded Deliveroo’s targets of first-time app downloads in 2021.

How a government department combatted confusion to make E10 petrol more than a label

The UK government reached out to Reddit’s army of car enthusiasts to communicate an important message to the public as fast, and cost-efficiently, as possible.

How Starcom leveraged Samsung UK data to maximise high-level product revenue

By aligning ad spend relative to the profits generated by individual products, spend increased fourfold and revenue was doubled.

How the ECB boosted live cricket audiences during a pandemic

Growing a cricket fanbase via a completely new nationwide event is tricky enough without an ongoing pandemic to contend with too. Here’s how the ECB and Threepipe Reply batted a sticky wicket to generate half a million ticket sales…

How a light bulb supplier increased online revenues by 107%

The e-commerce veteran saw triple-digit growth in revenue by using Google Shopping as their main driver.

How Moonpig used lockdown to take creative risks

In a year like no other, online card and gift retailer Moonpig released the shackles on its performance marketing efforts to test and explore like never before.