What agencies have been getting wrong in music marketing

Traditional brand marketing isn’t enough when marketing to gen Z, and it's time for agencies to retune their strategies.

Gen Z does not care if your brand is popular

Why branded sonic is more effective than licensed music.

How does your award winning creative idea land online?

Poor-quality work that doesn't suit the platform being used means that millions of pounds in media spend can be wasted on digitally unsuitable ads, but there are ways to improve and ensure the message performs efficiently, as planned, with maximum impact.

Advertisers are losing millions: marketers must take fraud on streaming devices seriously

This summer, Ofcom revealed that more consumers than ever are switching off linear TV and turning on streaming and on-demand services instead. It's more critical than ever that marketers ensure they’re advertising in the right way and on the right platforms.

Attention, Interest, Desire and Action: what marketers need to know about full-funnel digital advertising

Tech can enable marketers to take an innovative, holistic approach to reaching and engaging customers effectively throughout their buying journey and, beyond that, build long-term relationships.

Media Quality Report: what lessons can marketers learn from last year?

The impact of inflation is being felt by many within the UK and media agencies and there is a pressing need - even more than normal - to maximise the potential of ad budgets and ensure ROI on all spend.

Breaking the ice: how Bet365’s curling ad reactivated its key audience

Betting ads are often heavily ‘call to action’ based – but this summer’s ‘Never Ordinary’ commercial from Bet 365 went against the grain and swept away its target audience by celebrating universal passions… and driving new conversions.

If lead generation costs so much, why not cut out the middle man?

In recent times, cold calling has gone cold, while the costs of advertising on LinkedIn have gone through the roof. Does lead generation need a radical rethink?

Can you trust your Google Ads Drafts and Experiments test results?

Google’s ‘Drafts and Experiments’ tool was created to help marketers propose and test changes to their Search and Display campaigns. But how can you be sure it’s telling you the truth?

Is Musk's Grok AI paving the way for an ad-free X?

With all X Premium+ subscribers to soon have access to xAI’s large-language-model (LLM), Grok, has Elon Musk finally found a resource to drive more paid subscribers to the social media platform formerly known as Twitter?

Can TV crack the code that drives sales activation?

Channel 4 and Philips are the latest pairing trying to encourage TV audiences to open their wallets in the middle of their favourite show. Does this mean combining product placement and QR codes is a viable new way to sell?

4 marketing tips for tackling 2023’s busiest shopping season

Developing a sense of brand value in consumers’ minds is part of the essential marketing work of building engagement, trust and relationships with customers to make the connection that becomes sales at this time of year.

“Provide the best possible platform for safe and responsible AI innovation”: eight experts on what Rishi Sunak’s UK AI Safety Summit should bring for marketers

As AI continues to innovate at a rapid rate, experts are urging the UK Government to strike a balance between responsible legislation and an ability to keep pace with the rest of the world.

“The key to survival is adaptability”: experts on AA/WARC’s latest forecasts as performance props up a wilting UK marketing sector

As online channels continue to take the lion’s share of UK adspend, a predicted industry-wide decline of 4.5% in real terms year-on-year (YoY) has marketers split on the best course of action.

How AI is changing Heinz’ marketing

Heinz produced 20,000 ad assets in a year with AI, unlocking the power of ‘creative performance’ and breaking the rules of the game.

“Q4 is the last chance saloon for brands”: 12 experts on why audience signal loss should trump recession fears for marketers

Main media spend’s increase and AI’s potential dominated the latest IPA Bellwether report’s news headlines, but what about everything else? From privacy issues to underperforming investment channels and a supposed industry-wide fear of innovation, here’s everything else you need to know from the IPA’s latest Bellwether.

Return of the Zuck: how has Meta managed to reinvigorate its ad offering?

Meta's ad-targeting efforts, now enhanced with AI, are helping it regain ground after Apple's privacy-policy changes and a metaverse misstep. PMW spoke to an expert panel on how Zuckerberg is ‘reeling’ back advertisers in one of the biggest comeback stories of 2023…

18 experts on why AI and sustainability present the greatest chances to get ahead in a recession

With the latest IPA Bellwether report predicting a recession in 2024, PMW’s panel of experts identified the biggest opportunities that marketers can leverage to help their organisations thrive amidst the chaos.

Developing marketing that is human-centric and AI-driven

AI has great potential, but it can't fix a fundamentally unsound marketing plan because its success relies on the human element.

80% will shop on October Prime Day, but Amazon shares the spotlight this time

More than half of shoppers feel Amazon can be beaten on discounts, with others highlighting quality and delivery advantages to looking elsewhere. PMW speaks to 10 marketers on why Prime Day will be different this year in the lead up to Christmas.

Cleaning up ‘Made for Advertising' sites: new industry definition helps brands cut down on junk content

Industry bodies have updated the definition of MFAs, hoping to clear-up exactly how to recognise them. However, will this new definition actually help solve the problem? Experts aren’t so sure…

Should marketers be excited about Amazon Prime Video ads?

With Prime Video subscribers soon to pay an extra fee to go ad free, is this the tipping point for CTV ads or just more fragmentation in a market lacking transparency? PMW spoke to experts from Vodafone, Croud, Showheroes and Teads for their candid opinions.

Navigating today’s complex consumer

How can brands best harness the necessary data to adapt their marketing to provide a relevant and highly personalised customer experience in a time of constant change?

To strike performance marketing gold, start with the people, not the tech

Martech maps can lead you on a wild goose chase. But listening to the tales of fellow travellers in adland can help marketers make sense of an increasingly fragmented landscape.

“A change worth embracing”: industry reacts to Google’s rumoured search partnership with TikTok

An opportunity for brands to access better customer insights or a data privacy breach waiting to happen? Google’s rumoured search integration onto TikTok’s platform is the news on every marketer's lips, but how should brands respond if the ‘GoogleTok’ partnership goes ahead?

Why in-app advertising is critical for performance marketers

In-app ads are a highly effective way for brands to accurately target, connect with and truly engage their audiences where they spend their most screen time – in a more efficient and customised way than mobile web advertising allows.

Leveraging technology for marketing success in 2023 and beyond

As marketing teams refocus and plan for the rest of 2023 and beyond, there are several technology trends that every marketer needs to be aware of to stay ahead of the curve.

Ad relevance is good for the advertiser, the consumer and the environment

One practical step digital advertisers can take to reduce their carbon footprint is to produce campaigns that are better targeted, more relevant and more attention-grabbing – increasing their impact and reducing the energy waste associated with ineffective online impressions.

How native keeps transforming to fill the performance gap for marketers

Native advertising continues to grow, even as adspend on social media platforms falls. The format can offer clear advantages and integrate seamlessly into relevant content, driving user interest and engagement.

Rob Mayhew: “I love my job, but it's ridiculous”

The pitching process should be an enjoyable creative experience. So why do 50% of marketers experience burnout and how can AI help?

“Define that creative goal into something you can measure”: how the worlds of brand and performance marketing are merging

Brand versus performance - diametrically opposed or capable of working together? PMW was on the ground at Paradigms 2023 in Lisbon to find out if the idea of ‘brandformance’ is more than just another industry buzzword.

Publisher direct deals: boosting sales revenue streams

Brands should capitalise on the data that publishers can provide, enabling marketers to target audiences in the most efficient way possible as the battle between privacy and scale continues.

Will cookie-less finally be a priority? Six marketers on what to expect at DMEXCO 2023

As the last annual conference before cookies are gone forever, what are marketers hoping from DMEXCO 2023?

More PII, more problems?

As users become less willing to share personally identifiable information and regulators crack down on user privacy, advertisers must find new, relevant ways to connect with the right audiences at the right time.

Paid social strategies that will build your B2B audience

Increasing brand awareness, boosting online following and generating qualified leads are key elements of a successful B2B marketing strategy, but how can marketers find the best targeted advertising and social platform options and use them to their greatest advantage?

Busting the myths of multiple retargeting partners

There are many misconceptions associated with using multiple retargeting partners, such as ‘our ads will appear too frequently’ or ‘it’s more expensive’. However, these myths can be bust.

“Let your teams do the why and AI do the what”: Mailchimp’s Global CMO on AI, C-suite influence and customer value

Global CMO of Intuit Mailchimp, Michelle Taite, lifts the veil on what should make a CMO tick - from incorporating AI and personalising at scale, to democratising data for better defined performance metrics.

Google turns 25: but can it still dominate the next decade?

Performance marketing owes a lot to Google. PMW speaks to ten marketers on Google’s origins, its impact on adland and if it will still reign supreme in another 25 years.

AI, AI, AI… is there any other future for marketing?

Last week, WARC forecasted global ad spend to hit $1trn in 2024, whilst the UK’s is still in decline. PMW spoke to seven marketing experts to offer advice on how brands can emerge on top in this new era of “digital efficiency”.

Beauty is in the ‘ear’ of the beholder: why beauty brands are missing a beat

Detailed analysis shows that brands in the beauty sector, as well as many others, still need to learn how to use music and sound most effectively to make a bigger impact on consumers.

Final day to enter the PMW 100 Powerlist for free: the search for the most influential people in performance marketing

With a day left to submit a free entry, senior leaders from WARC, Kantar, The Influencer Marketing Trade Body and the CEO of IAB Europe assemble to determine the 100 people making the biggest waves in the industry this year.

What does Amazon’s offsite ads programme mean for brands?

“The Amazon offsite ads programme could be indicative of wider e-commerce ad spend trends – breaking the duopoly, diversifying spend and embracing mobile-first.” The move signifies intent from the e-commerce giant to push into Google’s ad territory, but will this all be smooth sailing for brands?

Retail media: why you actually don’t want to be Amazon

Could retail media answer the marketing measurement dilemma? It’s a performance-based channel that delivers for branding, but retailers must avoid some temptations from traditional ad networks. Criteo’s MD Northern Europe reveals more.

AI is not taking away control from digital advertisers - it’s giving it back

AI was previously all about performance – but not always the right metrics. Now, rather than remaining an automated enigma, digital advertisers' applying AI today have better oversight on pursuing the outcomes that actually matter.

How to generate new revenue from old content through new platforms

Your content has commercial value on social platforms. So, gather your rights, figure out the strategy and ask; can you support that with paid media to accelerate growth, and build sustainable revenue as you serve content to the audience in their environment?

Why MediaMath’s collapse epitomises martech’s age-old nightmare

The reasons for the programmatic advertising pioneer’s shocking demise this summer– whose clients included PepsiCo, Adobe, and Sony – are still being debated, but one thing is clear: the unorganised division of tech stacks was incurring significant waste, costing the company millions.

Broadcast TV sees record-breaking decline – what will advertisers do?

Social media and streaming services are picking up the falling viewers from broadcast TV, as advertisers adjust their TV marketing strategies.

Preparing for a cookieless future: what advertisers need to know

As we shift from an opt-out to opt-in internet, the time is now for brands to smarten up on identity – cookies might be on the way out, but the value exchange of the open internet isn’t changing.

ITV: It’s time to disrupt ourselves

Ad funded streaming models from Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime have created some serious competition to the traditional TV industry. So the big broadcasters are taking drastic action to avoid being “eaten alive”. ITV reveals why to PMW.

“Advertisers need to take a leaf out of Barbie’s book”: 9 experts on how events like Barbenheimer can inspire marketers to be the centre of attention

Our panel of commentators on the Q1 2023 AA/WARC report on how July’s cinema blockbuster weekend and the Women’s World Cup are moments brands can live in, not just “spend around”

PMW begins the search for the 100 most influential people in performance marketing

Brands, agencies, platforms and tech providers have just one month to nominate their champions to be included amongst performance marketing’s top pioneers and experts.

“Shorter attention spans… present a huge challenge”: 16 experts on why video channels stole the limelight and brand budgets in the IPA Bellwether report

PMW’s expert panel on why the IPA report singled out video as a key channel for adspend growth and how marketers can stand out from the noise and alternative media channels ripe for investment in 2023 and beyond.

Marketing in a material world: how would you spend Barbie’s $100m budget?

Not every brand is granted the wish of a $100m marketing budget, but what can brands learn from big campaigns and apply with smaller budgets?

PMW UK Awards 2023: Vodafone, Ipsos and IAB Europe judges discuss what makes a winning performance marketing entry

With less than a week until the standard entry deadline for the PMW UK Awards 2023, judges from Vodafone, Ipsos, IAB Europe, Kugaii and Zenus Bank reveal what they will be looking for in a winning entry.

What went wrong at MediaMath? ‘Original’ DSP’s bankruptcy leaves adtech trouble in its wake

Bankruptcy of the independent programmatic pioneer shakes up the adtech market and leaves an unsettling black hole of debt in adland.

Unilever’s big performance rethink: 6 marketing experts on why ‘sales’ channels can be untapped brand builders too

With FMCG giant Unilever reframing performance media as helping both “first to mind and first to cart”, PMW spoke to our panel of marketing experts for their reaction on why retail media, CTV and influencer marketing are untapped channels for brand building beyond their ‘sales’ labels.

Affiliate marketing is now “everything”. But do blurred lines cause concerns for financial brands?

Financial services are a burgeoning sector in affiliate marketing. But as the practice becomes even less definable, how can marketers remain confident when “mistakes mean incidents”? PMW talks to senior leaders at HSBC and Cleo to chart the channel’s evolution beyond last clicks and cash incentives.

Supercharging search with generative AI: what does this mean for brands?

Big changes are coming to Google’s search tool that will have a dramatic impact on both the user experience and what strategies marketers need to adopt to make their brand’s online presence felt, from SEO to paid and sponsored ads and affiliate marketing.

Actions speak louder than words: how brands can authentically show support for the LGBTQ+ community in Pride Month – and beyond

From all-too-obvious rainbow-washing to being overly concerned about avoiding backlash, brands make many missteps during Pride Month – here’s how to ensure meaningful support all year round.

Why aren’t Cannes Lions winners as popular with the public?

Purpose is out and humour is in for Cannes Lions winners. System1 reveals how the public feels about last week’s awarded film ads.

10 things I got horribly wrong about Cannes Lions 2023

Do creatives really resent the adtechs? Is Gen AI going to take everyone's jobs? Can I run the length of the Croisette in five minutes? Robin Langford, Editor at Performance Marketing World, confesses his top misconceptions, biggest mistakes and flat out wrongness upon returning from a week at Cannes Lions 2023.

Days 4 and 5 at Cannes Lions: the murky origin story of performance marketing… and a brighter, inclusive future

The final days at Cannes Lions look at how brands can turn trends into storylines, why performance and PR are merging and why breaking down silos will drive the marketing industry forward.

Day 3 at Cannes Lions: yacht rock and blowouts

Cannes reaches a midpoint crescendo with maritime millions, creator commerce and digital personas steering the conversation, as AI fatigue sets in as the Big Tech platforms host their biggest parties yet.

“The way we think about AI in Cannes is it can improve, speed up workflows and reduce effort where a machine can do better”

Magnite’s Pete Danks discusses modern creativity shaped by data and how the right data can help build a business.

Cannes Lions Awards 2023: social, media, B2B and direct marketing entrants among those to watch

Many entrants to this year’s awards stood out for their use of strategy to drive sales and engagement – including social media, tech and performance marketing. PMW takes its pick of the best.

Day 2(.5) at Cannes Lions: scaling the walled gardens… and beaches

'Super Tuesday' continues at Cannes with discussions scaling data-sharing, using marketing muscle to move the dial on sustainability – and using data to make ads ‘beautiful again’, but also fostering a deeper customer relationship.

Day 2 at Cannes Lions: inside the large Hadron Collider of marketing

Marketing data colliding with the forces of regulation, the holy grail of real-time measurement and messaging and retail media are just some of the themes we took in on Day Two at the Croisette.

“The line with data is not allowing it to tell you the story – you have to go from data to actual insight”

Skai’s Margo Kahnrose talks to PMW about the right use of data to inform insight, and just how much legwork and labour generative AI is poised to take from marketers who can then move faster to stay in the moment with customers.

Don’t worry creatives, AI isn’t coming for you (yet)

Generative AI can't connect with human experiences at present, but that doesn’t mean it lacks utility – with human input, it is already democratising access to high-value marketing for brands and empowering creators.

"The beginning of a metamorphosis for the industry"

Wavemaker's Oli Saunders talks to PMW at Cannes about modern creativity mirroring eternal creativity and why there's no use getting caught up in buzzwords.

Day 1 at Cannes Lions “Don’t grade my homework… amplify my idea”

Day one of the world’s biggest festival of ad creativity unearths discussions around ads driving sales and leads, the performance marketing capabilities of the biggest platforms, and the tech solving marketing’s pain points.

“Modern creativity is powered by AI and finessed by humans”

Channel Factory’s Jovana Grujicic talks to PMW at Cannes about how using data to power creative helps make it more diverse, inclusive and equitable.

“The data isn't there to make the decisions. It's there to help us make decisions”: uniting two tribes at Cannes Lions with Anastasia Leng and Tom Goodwin

While generative AI will make waves at Cannes Lions this week, is technology in danger of reinforcing biases rather than breaking them down? PMW spoke to two experts in the field of creative data to find consensus among all the catastrophizing views.

“Cannes is guilty of hyping up buzzwords… but the advent of AI is more profound than this”: six performance marketers on the festival trends to watch next week

What will everyone be talking about on the Croisette this year? From retail media and CTV to Ad Net Zero and generative AI, an expert panel explains why technology will be taking a bigger part of the conversation at Cannes Lions than ever before…

The smart speaker (sound)wave: opening up high-value audiences for brands

Marketers seeking new ways to reach their target audiences in a relevant way must not miss the potential, interactivity and versatility offered by digital audio, with access to its fast-growing pool of highly engaged listeners.

‘What are we doing about AI?’

AI is likely to have a huge impact on the future of marketing, so senior marketers must look at what that will mean for their organisation, business ambition, approach to talent and strategic thinking.

Ben & Jerry’s axe Twitter budget – how many brands will follow?

Twitter’s “content moderation has become all but non-existent” stated Ben & Jerry’s. Improper regulation puts the platform at risk of becoming a “toxic cesspit” of hate speech, sinking Twitter further into dangerous waters if more brands leave the platform.

Progressive profiling: the key to unlocking the future of digital marketing

In a post-cookies environment, marketers will need to find a way to gather more accurate and up-to-date information directly from their target audience – and use it more effectively, to refocus and rebuild the brand/consumer relationship.

Why the current economic climate presents the perfect time to invest in marketing

Businesses have a unique opportunity to adapt, streamline processes, position themselves for future growth and stay ahead of the competition by investing in marketing, which can be a powerful driver of success.

How the market research industry can capitalise on Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionalise market research as much as any other industry – but there are caveats to consider alongside the technology's powerful benefits.

How marketers can better streamline their advertising supply chain

Marketers who want to do more than merely survive the current high-pressure advertising battleground must think strategically.

Is Snapchat having a creator comeback?

Ex-Meta head explains why Snapchat is more ‘fulfilling’ for creators and its monetization opportunities. But does a shift towards creators mean that it will finally compete with the big dogs?

Why Amazon Ads is outgrowing its own shopping sales

As Google and Meta lose their grip of online ad dominance, Amazon is emerging as the biggest beneficiary – even as its own e-commerce business reports no growth.

“The ethos throughout 2023 is spend smarter, not harder”: 15 marketers on the AA/WARC adspend growth predictions

What should marketers be doing to reinforce value? What are the opportunities ahead? Our expert panel dissect the latest AA/WARC results and the implications for performance marketers in 2023 and 2024.

Making conversation: Charlie Cadbury on bringing the smart speaker revolution to CTV ads

Voice assistants are becoming a mainstay of UK living rooms – but what’s next for the audio ad industry in the age of connected TV and generative AI?

Media inflation and Meta: what are your adspend alternatives?

Advertisers need to stay agile as they seek alternatives to Facebook and to optimise their digital media buying as audience behaviour and media prices constantly change.

More measurement, fewer cowboys: CTV must learn from past ad tech eras

Consumer privacy, transparency and accurate measurement must be at the heart of any personalised, programmatic CTV activity as the technology advances further.

Wasted creative: 55% of media budgets were misspent on suboptimal ads in 2022

Some of the world’s largest brands are significantly undermining their ad spend budgets by developing below par creative for online ads, new analysis reveals.

#ChatGPT ad? What experts have to say on Microsoft plans to introduce ads on AI-powered search

The next commercial frontier for Microsoft Bing X ChatGPT may seem an obvious move but industry experts tell PMW why brand suitability and safety needs to be at the forefront of brands’ minds before jumping into Bing Chat ads.

Creative automation: How to scale more personalised content in an oversaturated ad space

Brands that cut out the back-and-forth of localisation by using dynamic templates to rapidly personalise assets will regain creative control and cut through to customers.

The ABC of brand advocacy: A is for Acquisition

Acquiring high-value customers isn’t easy, but in times of cutbacks, loyalty and brand advocacy is more valuable than ever.

Six things performance marketers need to know about Australia

Australia is now the world’s 12th largest economy with just 0.3% of the global population. But a thriving digital (and DOOH) economy is about to face a new set of stricter data privacy laws. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

Weaning insurance marketers off their TV addiction: insights from Ifty Kerzner, Kissterra

Insurers still top the list for linear TV ad spend, despite a high level of personalisation required for each customer. But with State Farm recently ditching a Super Bowl commercial for TikTok, is this rather slow-moving industry ready for a performance marketing revolution?

Three factors that will change the role of marketers in 2023

What marketers should prioritise to avoid wasting millions on ineffective adspend this year

Are you a performance marketer… or a ‘Chief Dot Connector’?

Last week, an 800-strong audience at PM Unlocked welcomed a new type of event for London – with a rallying cry that performance marketing is breaking out from the bottom of the funnel.

Is AI like ChatGPT ultimately detrimental to the future of marketing?

Marketers need to understand how to work with generative AI to derive the greatest possible value from it while retaining the all-important human element

Why we’ll be reaching for the Lego to solve digital challenges this year

Taking play seriously can help your team build their way past blocks to creative, critical and strategic thinking about digital concepts and solutions

“Customers are no longer following a linear path through a funnel”: EssenceMediacomX CEO on merging giants, ethical AI and hidden data gems

Nearly a month on from the merger between agency behemoths MediaCom and Essence, Ryan Storrar celebrates the end of the beginning… and why he doesn’t want to see another upside down triangle on a slide ever again.

Why Hilton’s 10 minute TikTok went viral

‘10 minutes on TikTok is like three years in the real world’. What made this trend-bucking ad hit marketing gold?

“You can’t get away from the power of TikTok – it would be ridiculous to not test and learn in that environment”: finance marketing that’s showing its Mettle

The CMO of the free digital business banking service backed by Natwest Group talks ‘different’ voices in finance, how digital makes sense for financial services and what a growth strategy looks like.

“Make ChatGPT your overqualified intern”: Reprise’s Chloe Hawking on AI, diversity and the evolution of SEO

From four ways to future-proof your marketing career to challenging natural biases across internal teams – the CEO of one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest performance marketing agencies offers her advice for 2023.

Trusting consumers over influencers: what trends will shape brand marketing in 2023?

With the economy's tight grip on marketing budgets, what can marketers do to reach new and loyal customers?

Super Bowl LVII review: Disney dominates, co-branding needs tinkering and M&M’s recovers a near disastrous fumble

One for the animal lovers and the nostalgia-seekers, Super Bowl LVII saw a seemingly endless stream of adverts and PMW has put together a recap of everything you need to know.

Super Bowl LVII predictions: crypto sacked, big tech fumbles and brand partnership power plays

The potential end of crypto adverts, tech falling a yard short and brands partnering to split crazy costs - get all the expert analysis of the state of play ahead the Super Bowl’s famous advertising frenzy.

The Surreal deal: how a plucky new cereal brand is eating its rivals for breakfast

Cereal startup Surreal knows exactly what it's doing. With KPIs for humour and subverting Black Friday, the brand is all about maximum impact with minimum spend.

Six things performance marketers need to know about India

Set to become the world’s most populated country in 2023, India has a growing middle class and strong smartphone and CTV adoption. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

“Media efficiency will be a greater topic of conversation”: 50 marketers’ IPA reactions on first-party forward, optimising and the move to ‘brandformance’

With reported optimism for marketing spend playing out against downbeat views of prospects across UK industry, we ask our panel of marketing experts for their insights behind IPA’s latest figures.

‘Self-serving’ or progressive? 3 data marketing experts on the big US video measurement pact

News broke last week of Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros and Paramount uniting on video measurement standards. Industry experts question who this actually benefits.

AI Oh No: art becomes the next frontier in the data versus creativity wars

After automated ad buying and copy writing, AI-generated art could soon start transforming the media and marketing landscape.

The tech stack massacre, programmatic posters and 18 other marketing predictions for 2023

PMW’s panel of experts delve into what will happen in this year’s primary channels, and the tech and data moves marketers need to make to stay ahead of the curve.

Why creative and not data will win the battle for user attention on streaming platforms

When it comes to reaching a video audience, a user’s historical behaviour isn’t enough when the artwork is unengaging. Here’s why creative could be 'make or break' for an industry facing high competition.

Is it too late to save Twitter?

Elon Musk has left it to his Twitter followers to decide if he should step down as CEO, as advertisers are wary about returning to the turbulent platform.

The Meta and Google duopoly: will it collapse in 2023?

What are the ongoing – and upcoming trends – that could shift which platforms sit at the top of the pile, and make 2023 a year of change from the ‘status quo’?

Streaming video advertisers beware - not all subscribers want ads

As Netflix rolls out its pricing tiers, different attitudes and behaviours to ads on SVOD of people across countries and generations should give advertisers pause for thought.

Doin’ Good and disrupting the fizzy drink industry: Q&A with Alessandra Zehnder at Soulfresh

Soulfresh is a brand on a mission to change the food and drink industry, one category at a time. How can performance channels help the Australian brand repeat its success story in European markets?

Creative data: a marketer’s recession antidote

Embracing innovation in times of crisis will separate the brands that win and those that disappear.

How brands can strike the right tone during this festive season

New data from Kantar reveals that only 18% of consumers strongly agree they’re looking forward to Christmas ads, down 5% from last year. How can brands engage with their audience amid the current economic turmoil?

Some brands are spending less on performance… isn’t that the whole point?

From eBay to Airbnb, a clutch of household names are heralding a branding renaissance as they cut back on performance channels. Should other brands follow suit?

Christmas ad tracker: John Lewis has done it again, or has it?

Advertisers had been warned to read the room this Christmas, by not flaunting presents and gifting during a cost-of-living crisis. But do purpose-driven ads really triumph at Christmas?

Brands owe streaming audiences a different approach to ads

AVOD is gathering momentum as competition and CPMs increase. Audiences are expecting bolder forms of storytelling and ‘prime time’ could become a thing of the past.

Why digital out-of-home is an essential force in today's media mix

As posters go programmatic, it’s brands’ time to shine in this undervalued yet constantly overdelivering channel.

Pioneering the future of digital advertising in a cookieless world

The question that advertisers and marketers are now facing is how to navigate a post-cookie world while still delivering relevant and engaging media content. Here’s a guide to prepare ahead for the cookieless future.

Why the KPIs of brand value are changing in the cost-of-living crisis

Where once value might’ve referred to a cheaper alternative, in the current economic context, value now represents going above and beyond the transactional media investment.

How to keep the brand light burning in uncertain times

Taking a ‘glass half full’ approach and recognising the opportunities to maximise budgets rather than cut them are just some of the tips to burn your way through a challenging climate.

The devil’s in the data: 5 best Halloween marketing campaigns of all time

Roll over big data, it's time to do the monster maths. PMW creaks open the vaults to resurrect some of the best data-driven marketing campaigns from spooky seasons past…

“Brands can’t afford the risk of a spray and pray approach to campaigns”: 25 marketers on the outlook for adspend

After the news that adspend forecasts are downgraded for this year and next, marketers reflect on the need to embrace emerging technologies and measure and account for every penny of spend, while making sure they don’t blink in the face of uncertainty.

“This isn’t the time for business as usual”: 50 marketers and their insights on the latest outlook for marketing spend and direction

After the Bellwether report confirms a slowdown in marketing budget growth and a stagnant forecast for next year, marketers name possible green shoots still available and advise on how to make every bit of your spend count.

As collaborative marketing grows, creative control remains key

Collaborating with creators is a powerful tool for brands, but giving over creative control comes with its own risks. How can brands continue to create home-grown content that connects with audiences, while keeping their hands on the wheel?

The VOD generation: why video platforms are beating traditional TV for relevance

Massive survey of 10,000 Brits reveals that YouTube, TIkTok and Netflix are doing a better job at relevance, inclusion and access to ‘hard to reach’ audiences, than traditional TV counterparts.

Why moving budgets away from Meta and Google will be more complicated than you think

As ad platform dominance fragments in a privacy-centric world, advertisers should not shy away from the new, but there will be complications along the way.

Six things performance marketers need to know about China

China will generate over one quarter of all global consumption growth during the next decade. But access to this lucrative audience doesn’t come cheap. Read PMW’s bluffer’s guide to the region from our experts inside the country.

Why contextual alone is not the answer to the identity problem

Running short of first party marketing data but trying to wean off the cookies? Contextual targeting can help, but a blended approach is needed.

Prime Day 2.0: “the pressure to make a splash will be great”

Eight marketers highlight how the industry can get their best foot forward ahead of next week’s new prime-time Christmas shopping event.

Riding the TikTok algorithm: with great power comes great responsibility

Fast becoming the go-to search engine for youth ahead of Google, TikTok’s role in shaping modern society is stronger than ever. But is the ‘democratised discovery’ algorithm a true force for good?

Netflix’s high CPMs are ‘difficult to justify’

At $60 CPM, Netflix’s rumoured ad-supported tier is more expensive than the Super Bowl. Is it worth it?

Why ad podding will star in the next season of TV advertising

With both Netflix and Disney Plus going ad-funded, a new type of media buying is bringing the AVOD experience closer to its linear counterpart. Storytelling on CTV just got simpler…

Sustainability, cookies and recession: a time of challenge and change reflected at DMEXCO

There were noticeable differences at the two day expo conference this year. With some big names missing and less exhibitors, what were people really talking about?

Why ads will be Netflix’s saviour

Netflix ads were once considered unthinkable. But if done correctly, the platform’s next ad model can drive the company to even greater prominence as competition heats up.

‘The internet is worse for the environment than airlines’

This Ozone Day, digital marketers need to understand the impact of advertising on the environment, and what they can do to help.

The cookiepocalypse is nigh (again)!

The era of third-party online data is coming to an end… So what’s next for digital advertising – and how can you future-proof your business?

Twice as nice? Who needs a digital twin?

It sounds like science fiction, but digital twin technology is already here. With its growing list of real-world applications – from energy consumption to healthcare – how can this rapidly evolving tech help your business save money and run more efficiently?

Buckle up: how TikTok is keeping brands safe online

Businesses are increasingly launching out into the turbulent world of social media advertising. But how can you protect brand reputation while ensuring your message takes flight?

How tech is transforming market research

In this rapidly evolving field, AI and machine learning have already changed the landscape for good. So how can companies best use data-driven insights to grow their business?

‘Disney+ will look to market itself as a higher cost, but higher quality service’

Amid the content versus cost debate, Disney+ is placing its stake firmly in the belief of its offer with its launch of an ad-supported subscription tier. How will budgets be allocated with the continued integration of CTV in the marketing mix?

More ‘ad-ons’ for subscribers: marketers on Disney+ and its new subscription tiers to support ads in-stream

The new ad-supported subscription tier comes at a cost – the same cost as before to stay ‘ad free’. What steps can marketers take to craft their message in a high attention environment without disrupting the value for the viewing they are trying to reach?

Reinventing the QR code as the digital handshake

71% of consumers expect personalisation. QR codes provide a digital handshake with fully measurable solutions enabling a properly personalised and effective experience for customers.

Efficiency costs: why agencies playing the short game are destined to fail

Legacy practices of letting the media determine how agencies are structured have led to siloed thinking, operating inefficiencies and, ultimately, an inability to pivot at speed. It doesn't have to be this way...

“CMOs need a clear line of sight on their global media data for informed decisions on cuts” :10 marketing leaders talk possible adspend contraction

Despite an encouraging start to 2022, adspend faces scrutiny with the bite of the cost of living crisis. Industry commentators give their take on the latest AA/WARC figures.

Paid social strategy: 6 ways to ensure your creative stays ahead of the trends

Good ad creative improves click-through rates, reduces CPM [cost per thousand impressions] and improves awareness. So how can you make sure yours always hits the mark?

“Tough conversations in the boardroom as CMOs fight to hang on to their marketing budgets”: 25 marketers on the state of the industry ahead

From concerns about slowing consumer spend, marketing budget cuts, and confidence in first-party data strategies and attention seeking to weather the storm, we speak to industry leaders about the latest IPA Bellwether findings.

Retail media meets CTV: we’ve come a long way from infomercials!

Long gone are the days when you phoned in your order after seeing something you fancy – with retailers joining forces with streamers, what does that mean for brands?

Performance marketing people: eBay Ads gets new GM and Innocent’s social media manager moves on

Promotions at Interbrand and independent podcast agency Acast and a new office for Tug leads to new hires feature in our latest round of performance marketing movers.

Our ads don’t represent us: the importance of accessible creative

Why advertising needs to appeal to consumers, not to advertisers (and a lot of it doesn’t.)

How will the year of data privacy impact advertisers?

With Europe, the US and APAC all closing the net on privacy, effective strategies and efficient use of data will be more vital than ever for targeting consumers.

Postcards from Cannes: 15 performance marketers on why data is crashing the creativity party

As the sun sets on an eventful Cannes Lions, PMW quizzed some of this year's attendees at the French Riviera festival to get the scoop on the biggest marketing event of the year.

10 industry leaders discuss GARM three years on: Unilever, Meta and Google outline brand safety challenges ahead

From deep fakes to metaverse misinformation, how can the performance marketing industry counteract incoming threats from new technology and geo-political upheaval?

The open web strikes back: why brands need to nurture first-party audiences

Walled gardens have gained an unmerited ad-spend advantage on the back of privacy concerns – but now it’s time for brands to take action

Attention! Attention! It’s what you need to maximise engagement

Why bigger is not always better, and viewability could actually stop your ad being seen.

It’s time to embrace nostalgia marketing right now (before you forget)

Nostalgia marketing is taking the world by storm, as millennials and Gen-Z are longing for the past – and brands are taking them on an exciting journey through time.

Mind the (data) gap: can analysing every word on TV make us better marketers?

A guide on bridging a data gap in TV content that many media planners may not even realise exists...

Demand for on-demand is outstripping supply: so what’s the answer?

With ad-supported-video-on-demand [AVOD] booming, supply chains are struggling to keep up with creating the personalised ads required.

“Digital is now as vital as oxygen”: 20 industry views on UK ad spend record and the outlook for 2022

AA/WARC research recorded a landmark £31.9bn worth of the UK ad market in 2021 - industry commentators give their take on the significant bounceback last year and what lies in store for marketers in 2022 and beyond.

What’s the state of play for CTV across Europe?

Compared with the US, European CTV is in its infancy. If it is to mature quickly there are some key challenges that must be overcome.

Guaranteed performance for long form video – myth or reality?

Five changes you can make to find your audience and keep them engaged for longer.

“One of the most important years in digital marketing”: 30 industry views on the outlook for the year ahead

Following the release of the latest IPA Bellwether findings, PMW gets the views from more than 30 industry commentators on the positives and watch-outs for the year ahead

5 best Easter campaigns (from brands that have nothing to do with Easter)

Many brands have been hunting for a tenuous link between their product and Easter. The ‘unsexiest holiday of the year’ provides another delight for marketers with an opportunity to humour their audiences and increase engagement.

What’s the longer term impact of your TV ad spend, and how does it drive the funnel?

With marketers requiring accountability and accurate insights more than ever, the linear TV ad attribution model is probabilistic, not deterministic – meaning it’s probably not fit for purpose.

Stepping up from Google Ads: why marketers needn’t fear DV360

If your enterprise is looking for more oomph for its ads, Google has brought its DoubleClick and AnalyticsSuite together under one brand.

Stepping up from Google Ads: why marketers needn’t fear DV360

If your enterprise is looking for more oomph for its ads, Google has brought its DoubleClick and AnalyticsSuite together under one brand.

Ad battle: social is catching up fast with web-page display for engagement

Two-fifths of UK consumers are now more likely to engage with an in-feed ad on their social than on an online webpage, says new report.

Why 2022 will be the year of addressable TV – as long as the creative fits the bill

For years, Google and Facebook have taken ad money away from broadcasters. Now, finally, they can take it back with addressable TV advertising. 

Move over Machine Learning, Deep Learning is the real game-changer

We’re on the cusp of a revolution in ad-tech. As brands pivot to a privacy-first approach, could this be the best way to reach consumers with the right message, at the right time? 

Making the leap: is 2022 the year your B2B goes digital?

Here’s what you need to do to make the switch… and it’s not as daunting as you might think.

Adapting to the 'new normal': 15 views from performance marketers on the industry's recovery

With a forecast growth of more than 8 percent this year following a strong 2021, PMW asked industry commentators for their take on the latest Advertising Agency/WARC figures and what it means for the market in the year ahead.

What the cool kids think about your ads may surprise you

Pimple-popping and mukbang videos may be popular, but are they the sort of places your brand should be hanging around?

Beijing Winter Oympics: there’s (almost) no business like snow business

Watched by more people than any other event bar its summer sibling, the Winter Games are sure to grab headlines one way or another.

Video as a Service (VaaS): the secret superpower your marketing might be missing

Often overlooked but growing fast, discover how video can give a big boost to your SEO and social engagement.

Ad measurement and brand safety in question for half of advertisers

According to a new report by Mediaocean, the industry must work hard in the year ahead to uncover and exploit challenges presented by the rapid growth of CTV and omnichannel in 2021.

Creatives, Thinkers and Persuaders… Are you on the rise or a dying breed?

For any company in the data and marketing industry that would welcome some fresh thinking, there might be some nuggets of good news courtesy of an online quiz.

Why conversational AI is the future of customer experience

With customer behaviour going through a whirlwind of changes, conversational AI [artificial intelligence] looks likely to become the new kingmaker in CX leadership. 

Supply chain woes: brands have an important role to play

Rather than simply viewing stock issues as a problem beyond their control, brands need to understand what actions they can (and should) take.

‘We’ve got positive swagger’: a year in the life of a revamped agency

12 months on from iProspect’s relaunch as a ‘performance-driven brand-building’ media agency, is the holistic approach to marketing paying off?

Beauty is in the eye of the in-person sales

Despite the growth of influencers and AR, in-store is beating social for beauty and personal care. Here’s what performance marketers need to know about shifting consumer habits in a post-lockdown world. 

The price of success: it’s time to stop normalising ad fraud

It cost us $35billion last year – isn’t it time we purged bad actors from the dark corners of the internet?

Why mobile is key to unlocking the value of out of home advertising

Teamwork makes the dreamwork: by adopting an integrated strategy, the performance potential is limitless for out of home ads. 

Boris’s Plan B means online retailers need to have a Plan A

Now that Plan B is in motion, retailers need to make sure they are optimising their ad spend to get their products in front of those that are most likely to buy them. 

Boxing Day blues: unlocking customer satisfaction (and retention) this holiday season

From faulty gifts to hasty returns, the holiday period is the most important time of year for customer support. Here’s why smart search can be Santa’s best friend post-Christmas. 

How to create effective festive marketing material, as determined by AI

A Christmas to-do list for campaign marketers. The latest AI data reveals the top tips to create the ultimate cracker of a campaign.

Online sales: has the peak peaked?

Even if you’re feeling fatigued after Black Friday, here’s how you can make sure your ad strategy remains healthy.

Confused? Here’s how to thrive in 2022

Given that nobody could have predicted the past couple of years, how can we now best approach the immediate future? 

Data secrets of successful marketers: three routes to success revealed

To save others  reinventing the wheel, new research seeks to identify some winning practices that are already being adopted.

From Plan B to Plan CTV: optimising Christmas ads in turbulent times

As shoppers face another discordant December with Omicron and supply woes, marketers can find solace in the robust performance of smart TV ads. 

DAM you look good: creative automation technology is now a marketer’s best friend

How you can use Digital Asset Management to optimise the creative process, not kill it.

A new world record: global ad spend bounces back, with digital leading the charge

Aided by the e-commerce boom, advertising outstripped a strong economic recovery in 2021 and show no signs of slowing in the year ahead.

Data clean rooms: can they support the new ad infrastructure?

The concept isn’t new, but tougher regulations and browser restrictions have increased their relevance and boosted greater adoption and advances in clean room technology.

Dissecting the data reveals big tech’s wasteful secret

AI advertising systems are masking some startling inefficiencies, says AccuraCast’s Farhad Divecha. It’s time to weed them out with a closer look at the data.

Media agencies must fundamentally change what they do, to survive

Offering brands media buying clout alone will no longer cut the mustard, according to a new report

Why contextual targeting is making a resurgence, powered by Deep Learning

With cookies on the way out and big tech giants introducing privacy-first initiatives, retargeting looks set to undergo an AI-driven evolution.

How AI can help brands steer closer to inclusive design

Inclusivity is more important to marketers than ever; meanwhile customer segments and channels continue to proliferate. Maybe it’s time we had a little help marrying them up?

Don’t miss out: tips and tricks for optimising Black Friday campaigns

While shop windows and the Argos catalogue used to rule the roost, now Google and Amazon are the kings of retail. People search for products on both platforms, and retailers that appear high up on the search rankings are more likely to drive awareness and sales.

Can AI unleash creative nuance in J&J advertising?

Frame-by-frame, one healthcare giant is taking measurement of its visual ad portfolio to a granular level. Can machine learning really put a cost on creative?

2022: a year of recovery from the attention deficit

Welcome to the ‘attention recession’, where the sheer volume of media, particularly TV services, has become a liability. So what’s the solution for media brands?

Live and local: the tech business helping redefine e-commerce for FMCG brands

Adimo’s founder Richard Kelly explains how his ‘shoppable marketing’ platform has helped simplify the way we buy everyday products online

​​Has the pandemic consigned seasonal shopping to the bargain bin?

How to make sure your Christmas campaign doesn’t get stuffed like a (hard-to-find) turkey.

Are we finally winning the war on ad fraud?

It’s the scourge of marketing budgets across the world, but there are signs that fake ad clicks for cash are now on the wane.

Why video won’t reach its full potential until we get our standards straight

A suitable, agreed common framework is needed now to ensure robust, effective brand protection is in place by the time of the anticipated video boom.

Connected TV: five top tips for buying ads

These days CTV means telly is an accessible medium for marketers, without the massive budgets required for linear. So what are the best ways for advertisers to connect with consumers?

How to create an effective Halloween advert, as determined by AI

A little AI magic can determine what an effective Halloween ad campaign looks like.

Think macro: Digital media must open its eyes to what privacy can bring

There are so many problems with digital data, affecting everything down to the creative. But now we can tear up the archaic infrastructure that produces it, and rebuild something better.

Is the metaverse trackable? Facebook seems to think so

There’s a new landscape appearing fast over the horizon. As online use continues to accelerate and connections get easier and faster still, marketers need to start adjusting their sights now.

5 global media trends: Smart TVs soar as market fragments

A gargantuan global media report out this week depicts a growing landscape of smart devices and a looming ‘metaverse’. But the staying power of traditional outlets like radio means an omnichannel approach endures for marketers.

Advertisers know gaming is a huge media channel... but how do they unlock the new level?

A whopping 93 percent of media buyers intend to run in-game advertising by 2025, but many are still unsure how best to connect with this highly engaged audience. 

How China became the global powerhouse for AI unicorns

From facial recognition to augmented shopping, China is nurturing the start-ups powering the data-led AI revolution…

Calmer waters: brand risk subsides as post-pandemic confidence returns

After 18 months of upheaval, brands are facing fewer risks of appearing alongside harmful content and fake news. A new report looks into the reasons why…

Why CRM (still) fails

As a mature market, there are countless CRM solutions now available, many of which are loaded with fantastic features and functionality. So what makes the difference between failure and success? 

Not just a big splash: the role of digital advertising in B2B campaigns

Why marketers need to be smart, persistent and use all of their skills if their brand is to achieve its full potential.

Hedging bets: Why brands are returning to agencies after the in-housing trend

As the in-housing trend fades, Martin Kelly, APAC and UK CEO at Kepler Group, explains why the experience has made brands smarter... and performance marketing agencies more agile. 

The return of outdoor ads: is programmatic the future?

Unsurprisingly outdoor advertising was one of the channels hardest hit by the restrictions of the past 18 months, but now it’s starting to bounce back… and it’s more measurable than ever.

Ads and ad blocking: 7 predictions for the future

After the trials and tribulations of the last year, marketers and advertisers have started listening to users’ wants and needs, while also responding to their expectations. Here's what that could mean in the years ahead for online advertising.

How predictive analytics is helping marketers win the battle for attention

With Artificial Intelligence becoming smarter by the second, it’s now becoming possible to predict and steer customers’ shopping experiences before they happen. The future is now!

Mind the capability gap: significant challenges lie ahead for large advertisers

New research from the WFA points to five key areas where many of the world’s biggest brands are struggling to keep abreast of important changes.

Don’t let talent wars and delivery logistics hold e-commerce back

If e-commerce is to enjoy continued growth, the performance marketing sector must prepare for an increased strain on skills and last-mile logistics, warns the CEO of specialist agency Labelium.

Succeeding in the era of converged TV

How the fragmentation of programming can be used to the advantage of marketers.

Top companies help criminals net over $1.34billion a year

Ad revenue from some of the world’s biggest brands is funding piracy websites and apps, says a new report.

Marketing fraud: Half of internet traffic is now non-human

The lost revenue opportunities is already a huge problem for brands… and it’s still growing.

Marketers must prove performance effectiveness with certainty

Why the key bases of speed, usability and reliability are as important now as they’ve ever been.

"Performance dashboards need to evolve rather than become extinct"

When it comes to using dashboards, digital marketers are reaching a crossroads – but reports of their demise may be premature

AI-powered data reveals most trusted brands

Household goods feature strongly in a new ‘Brand Integrity Index’ revealing the top 100 brands across 50 different categories.

The dangers of relying on Artificial Intelligence

How is AI impacting TV attribution, digital acquisition and the reliance on media agencies?

Click fraud and bots are seriously undermining performance

At least half of today’s internet activity is non-human: so are the bots steering your business?

Contextual targeting: “Sometimes the old ways are truly the best”

The future of digital marketing is to embrace the tried and tested methods of the past and combine them with new technology.

Performance marketers aren’t spies or stalkers

The misuse of data has created a negative perception of personalisation that needs to be remedied with subtlety and nuance.

Luxury brands see performance marketing as ‘the Wild West’

The power of performance marketing channels is being ignored by luxury brands that are adopting a “snobbish attitude”.

Why Airbnb still needs performance marketing

No matter how dominant a brand is, performance media is always important, even if you’ve become a ‘verb’ in your category.

“Real-time bidding is in the crosshairs”

Businesses need to prepare for the next generation of data-driven advertising with caution and flexibility.

“That’s not performance marketing, that’s stupidity”

The former CEO of GroupM in Australia & New Zealand believes we should celebrate the science of marketing but not let it take over.

Digital teams need to go beyond "just counting"

Marketers need to think much harder about the value of digital display, according to the Chief Performance Officer at Havas Media Group.

Savvy marketers should be mixing creativity with performance

Performance marketing and brand building can't be separated, and so marketers should be focused on the middle ground between the two.