Retail marketers have lost control of social media ad spend, study finds

Consumers are flocking to social media for purchasing, but new research sparks concern in how retail marketers place their social ad spend.

UK advertisers to increase programmatic DOOH spend by a third

Programmatic digital out-of-home is taking budget out of digital and traditional channels, proving high value for both brand and performance campaigns.

Despite AI’s growth, 60% of marketing managers are considering a career change for access to better technology

Burdened with increasing financial pressures and budget cuts, the majority of marketing managers are eyeing the exit door in search of more flexible working conditions.

Battle of the brands: 49% of UK adults discover new brands from streaming TV ads

Amazon Ads offers new insights for brands looking to break into the streaming TV ad game – from how much emphasis to place on innovation to ensuring you capture the correct audience.

Consumers are blind to AI’s benefits – brands need to prove the data value transaction

Despite continual demand for better personalisation and more streamlined purchase journeys, British shoppers remain sceptical of the benefits of AI-powered automation and for one reason: data privacy.

Global ad spend recovers: to top $1trn for first time next year

Performance channels lead the recovery as five companies – Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Bytedance and Meta – now draw over half of global advertising investment.

Gamers, learners, and positive about the relevance of online ads: how can your brand get – authentically – in front of a TikTok user?

Latest data profiles the younger audience on TikTok, and reveals the possibilities for brands to get ahead on TikTok are endless, if you can understand what makes the platform’s users ‘tick’.

‘Delete Snapchat’ searches soar 1,019% as ‘My AI’ feature scares users

Humanising AI comes with many dangers, as Snapchat discovered when its ‘My AI’ feature caused panic it posted stories without command and ignored chat messages.

The TV market monopoly is over, but why is CTV adoption still so slow?

Retail media is growing three times as fast as CTV and YouTube’s ad revenue is set to be 17.4% higher.

Diversifying online and offline investment: don’t overdo digital

Focusing on digital in isolation can cost businesses 20% of their marketing spend’s ROI - a potential solution? Omnichannel investment.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

Two-thirds of people prefer websites recommended by ChatGPT instead of Google – what does this mean for the future of search results pages?

Short term solutions: marketers’ investing heavily in strategies that deliver quickfire results amid economic gloom

Areas such as social media have enjoyed increased investment at the expense of brand strategy as marketers search for short-term strategies that will get budget-restricted customers buying.

Marketers rank their top 11 uses for automation: report generation, data monitoring and quality control top list

Experts within the ad industry believe that automation may not only lead to increased profitability but could also be the key to solving typical ad ops pain-points like inefficient processes and human error.

AA/WARC: Online formats dominate UK adspend as search and online display takes 76% of £9bn investment in Q1 2023

Adspend in the UK was up just 0.1% year-on-year, with a forecast of 2.6% growth for the next three quarters of 2023 as AA/WARC report forecasts online to prop up growth even more than previous years.

IPA Bellwether: UK marketing budgets hold on to “stronger than expected” growth ahead of a predicted flatline in 2024

Marketing investment remains in a stubborn growth period as brands support customers with sales promotions and respond to competitor challenges with innovation, but warnings arise of the need for a longer-term approach to bolster performance ahead of the Golden Quarter.

Nervous Nellies: is your use of AI suitable for the cautious consumer?

On a global scale, AI has the majority of people excited, but the majority of people are also nervous. What does this mean for businesses and how should marketers go about advertising AI-powered products and tools to consumers?

How to build brand fast with short-term success in TV ads

System1 and ITV reveal the secret to short-term TV ad impact for brands in new performance marketing report.

#TravelTok - how marketers and brands can leverage its popularity

TikTok is fast becoming the go-to platform for travel inspiration and new data sheds light on the insights that could take your brand to the top of TikTok’s trending travel videos.

ChatGPT hit 5 million app downloads in only three weeks…but how does it stack up against the competition?

Generative AI large language model and OpenAI’s global phenomenon, ChatGPT, hit global app stores late last month and in just three weeks has surpassed 5 million downloads across the iOS and Google Play stores.

Global adspend to rise by $23bn in 2023, but signs of slowing growth in digital pointing to maturity

The downgraded forecasts from dentsu’s latest analysis reveal media price inflation to drive growth and APAC enjoying the strongest regional uplift, but digital growth slowdown still paves way for the channel to take the lion’s share of spend for the next three years.

Audiences love CTV – but marketers are yet to crack the cross-platform code

Research from Nielsen has revealed that CTV’s booming popularity is driving marketers to invest, but inconsistent measurement solutions and difficulty reaching target audiences has them struggling to maximise ROI.

Content marketing budgets boom but 58% of marketers unable to secure strong ROI

Research has identified a stark contrast between marketers’ use of analytics and data in their content marketing among those satisfied with their ROI and those not.

UK consumers prefer product placement in TV and film rather than traditional TV advertising

An affinity for product placement in TV and film over traditional commercials was identified because of the authenticity it adds to the viewing experience, creating an opportunity for brands to increase awareness in an era of ad-free streaming.

Top 10 festivals for social reach: Creamfields is the 'most Instagrammable' event, but not the most attended

Bigger isn't always better for brands looking to amplify their social media reach at festivals. Glastonbury is the biggest live music gathering in the UK but only the second most popular for Instagram users.

AA/WARC: UK adspend growth to ground to near halt this year as social media falls for the first time in 2022

Adspend grew by nearly 9% in 2022 despite a drop in Q4, and while online dominated last year’s investment, all channels have downgrades in growth expectations this year.

Addressable TV ads trump broad audience advertising... providing 7% more happiness

Research from Finecast and System1 uncovered that targeting ads for addressable audiences and prioritising right-brain attributes that trigger “broad-beam awareness”, like humour and familiar places, is a recipe for advertising success.

AI's golden age? The technology revealed to be an essential part of marketing strategies for 87% of brands

More than half (61%) of senior brand marketers have revealed they are already using AI in their advertising, prompting some to speculate we are on the cusp of AI’s golden age.

UK’s e-commerce sector investment bucks European trends as Google catches Meta for ad spend

E-commerce companies across Europe are backing themselves with increased investment across inventory and ad spend despite variable economic conditions.

Multi-channel madness: 47% of retailers believe there are too many channels to sell from

To meet all consumers’ shopping expectations, 94% of organisations have a multi-channel retail strategy in place, but almost half (49%) struggle to evaluate which channel is working for them best.

IPA Bellwether: marketing budgets see growth spurt to kick off 2023

An 8.2% growth rate for the start of the year shows continued investment in brand support, while uncertainty looms, but sustainability and adoption of tech signal green shoots of opportunity for marketers.

Media buying ‘platform paralysis’ is losing billions in revenue for agencies

First-party CTV and retail media campaigns are using more media buying platforms, costing marketers significant time and dollars switching and aggregating data between them.

Spring spike: Brits say their gardens will be the social space of the summer

Post-pandemic, people have become accustomed to maximising the value of their home’s outdoor space and are looking to invest in home and garden purchases this spring.

Linear and digital convergence: tailoring your ads to meet CTV’s booming popularity in Europe

Stringent data laws and changing viewer habits have made TV advertising more challenging, but the growing popularity of CTV and convergence of linear and digital presents an opportunity for everyone to win the ad game.

That’s how the cookie crumbles: consumers demand personalisation from brands without reliance on cookies

Brands generally enjoyed positive ROI in 2022 when investing in customer engagement, but research suggests many are still failing to meet consumers’ changing personalisation expectations.

The gaming and tech affinity: are you in touch with a ‘typical’ YouTuber?

The preference for watching TV on mobile devices, the belief in their influence when it comes to tech and a skew towards a younger audience are just some of the revelations from new data profiling YouTube users.

Unsuccessful search: 80% of consumers abandoning e-commerce retailers’ on-site search bar due to poor user experience

Despite almost 7 in 10 consumers going directly to an online retailer’s search bar, converting searches into purchases remains a tricky task.

Half of of digital advertisers don’t currently measure emissions produced by digital ads

IAB Europe’s study reveals that sustainability is one of the top three challenges facing advertising businesses, according to marketers themselves.

All to play for: gaming and CTV set to drive £4bn in adspend by 2026

Doubling of spend over the next three years means eyes are on these emerging channels, says new research.

“It’s time to be where your audience is”: 92% of TikTok users are ‘purchase ready’

The TikTok audience is more receptive to influencers and social commerce than on any other platform. Just don’t make your content look like an ad, new research suggests…

AA/WARC: forecasters warn of a decline “in real terms” for UK 2023 ad market

3.8% forecast growth for adspend this year, with search and online display propping up many traditional channels, but 2023 set to see slowest growth for the market in a decade bar pandemic-hit 2020.

IPA Bellwether: marketing budgets weather economic storm… for now

Cost of living crisis weighs heavily on marketers in the UK, with adspend forecast to fall this year by 0.3%, but opportunities remain with increased reliance on digital and “the importance of investing in resources” to get through the downturn.

Meta cheaper than 2021 pre-Black Friday, as tech giant ‘reels’ in spend with 4000% rise on short-form video

Conversion rates recover post-iOS 14 as Black Friday alone attracts a 47% increase year-on-year, but TikTok shown to trump Meta in efficiency for Q4 2022.

Trust issues: 77% of marketers name a drop in consumer trust as biggest issue for social media advertising

Survey of marketing experts reveals that nine in 10 still plan to use social media to advertise this year, but most platforms will see a drop in advertising or monetising content.

Global adspend to grow next year to $741bn, but media price inflation drives the rise

Digital channels will see the strongest rates of growth and the biggest share of advertising investment in 2023 and 2024, but without inflation, adspend would actually fall next year.

Christmas ad tracker: who’s in tune with their brand?

John Lewis loses out to Aldi, Lidl and TK Maxx in UK Christmas ad music league table.

Black Friday rivalries: retailers focus on big ticket items and researching competitors

Businesses spend more time researching rivals this year as retailers shift away from non-essential Goods in 2022's Black Friday with internet sales to generate $1.12trn globally.

One in five Brits ‘can’t afford to be loyal’ to brands

More than half of UK consumers have switched brands they were previously loyal to because of the cost of living crisis.

Six in 10 consumers will leave a brand if it’s advertised next to ‘misinformation’

Stay at home’ content consumption is on the rise amid cost of living concerns, but if your ad doesn’t catch interest in the first five seconds, you lose your customer’s attention…

Meta tops the ranks as most used e-commerce platform but TikTok reach is on the up

New research reveals that despite tech giants pulling out of live shopping in the UK, almost two-thirds of surveyed customers bought more than one thing through a social platform over the summer.

APAC CTV adspend drops 41%, as Roku dominates the US

Programmatic ads on connected TV are soaring in North America and EMEA, but stagnating across Asia. Yet the arrival of closed premium networks on Netflix and Disney+ is heralding a two-tier ad ecosystem...

59% of UK won’t be watching the World Cup this year

A winter World Cup has changed consumer behaviour and where they watch the global tournament. Will it be as popular as advertisers hope?

UK adspend forecast to hit £35bn in 2022 with more muted growth prospects next year

The downgrade from July’s previous forecast reflects the reality of the impact of high inflation and the cost of living crisis, but Q4 adspend is set to near £10bn amid Christmas and the FIFA World Cup.

Stunting growth: Marketing budgets rise at slowest pace since pandemic-ridden 2021

While much weaker than the start of the year, marketing budgets remain in growth as companies continue to invest in their brands – with digital channels getting the bulk of the boost.

Who’s really leading the VOD subscription race?

Netflix share prices rise 14.4%, whilst Paramount+ skyrockets with subscription sign ups.

Social media and search engines are neck and neck in guiding young shopper habits

Whether it’s influencer recommendations, trending products or reviews of services, will social media take over the likes of Google?

37% are prioritising buys to help cope with less heating this winter

Survey of UK consumers find that alternative ways to keep warm this winter and more ‘socialising’ at home are just some of the measures people are taking to save money.

Tracking the trackers: UK retail brands use on average 10 online trackers (with half used to share info to third parties)

Fashion retail brands use the most online trackers for advertising, while the UK’s top retail brands are not trusted by one in five consumers.

UK consumers would go back to shopping in the 80s and 90s if they had the choice

Shoppers pine for the shopping experience of old as nearly half regularly buy vintage.

70% of US consumers have shopped online from abroad in the past year

High delivery costs are named as a key barrier to shopping globally, but it hasn’t stopped many US shoppers, but 22% would abandon their carts if they can’t use their preferred payment method.

47% of UK shoppers expect bigger discounts this winter as bargains and family-only gift shopping takes priority

Three-quarters of UK consumers state they’ll cut back on Christmas spending this year, and almost half care less about Black Friday shopping. What are the lookouts to get people to spend in the festive quarter?

Digital display ad spend up in the first half of 2022, while paid social remains stable

Latest Ad Intel data from Nielsen records spend returning to pre-pandemic levels across UK media, but advertisers may have to reassess spend in H2 amid the cost of living crisis.

Social media is top of class for ‘back to school’ ads as almost nine in 10 consumers plan to shop online

Consumers prefer to see ‘back to school’ ads on social media compared to other channels, but they’re more likely to go the route of retail or e-commerce to shop for the new term.

Christmas (shopping) comes early: 29% plan to start by the end of August

Value for money trumps the priorities lists for peoples’ Christmas shopping this year, with more than half concerned about affording Christmas amid the cost of living crisis.

Global adspend to slow as social media warned of $40bn black hole

Social media companies are set to record a multi-billion dollar shortfall over 2022 and 2023, while growth forecasts for adspend across all channels and markets are cut by $90bn.

“Creators are the new retailers” – but influencers are losing brands in an economic downturn

Latest poll from US and UK influencers reveals payment issues from brands in the last year, whilst LTK says spend on influencer marketing is growing.

Make it relevant: ads are acceptable on smart TV in return for free content say almost 7 in 10 consumers

UK consumers find it acceptable to watch ads on their smart TVs in return for free content, but there are caveats…

Global consumers rate DOOH ads as trustworthy, 7% more so than social media

DOOH ads gaining traction for performance with half of consumers encouraged to buy ‘there and then’ after seeing a DOOH ad.

Online adspend grows by £1.5bn, but threat of “real-term contraction” looms across whole UK ad market

Forecasts for 2022 adspend upgraded, and online advertising to account for nearly three quarters of all spend this year, but pressures ahead for 2023.

Brand trust is in decline as 75% of US and UK consumers are not comfortable buying from companies with poor data ethics

The survey underscores declining consumer trust in targeted advertising and the need for responsible data strategies.

How do you maximise ROI as a marketer? Answer: don’t be afraid to spend on your campaigns

Nielsen report finds underspending in 50% of media plans, with maximum ROI in jeopardy.

E-commerce competition holds up in Q2 as CPM rises 27% across the globe

Latest reporting on Meta ad trends indicates a dramatic drop in US click through rates, while sustainability-based messaging drives higher than average conversions across the world.

Global ad spend forecasts: digital now makes up majority of overall spend worldwide

Soaring media price inflation, geopolitical tension, key elections and the FIFA World Cup are accelerating brands' reliance on data and digital channels to navigate an uncertain world in 2022 and beyond.

“Brands must put creators front and centre”: 55% of UK brand marketers set budget aside for the metaverse

91% of creators are keen to know more about the metaverse, with 55% of UK brand marketers already set budget aside taken from other marketing channels. Are you ready?

Digital ad spend up 30.5% in Europe in strongest year-on-year rise since 2008

All 28 markets covered by new research grew ad spend in 2021, and social and video drives display demand.

41% prefer streaming TV over traditional, pointing advertisers towards CTV

Research from Rakuten Advertising reveals the importance of context when connecting with your audience to improve recall, resonance and ROI.

Attention favours context: 14% increase in purchase intent when display ads placed in context

New eye-tracking highlights increased brand favourability and recall when display ad was placed in a relevant context.

Streaming is the most inclusive media platform for LGBTQ+ community

LGBTQ+ members view streaming content as the most inclusive programming across media platforms, reveals new report from Nielsen.

Up to 30% of premium video ad budgets allocated to streaming

Programmatic campaigns set to account for half of premium video selling by 2026 with an 80% year-on-year growth in programmatic ad views in 2021.

Brand versus performance marketing: is the classic ‘60:40’ split now defunct?

Survey of global marketers reveals that many multinationals still don’t use profit and revenue based KPIs to assess their e-commerce performance.

Commerce on the commute: UK adults spend £179bn a year on mobile devices while out of home

Mobile spenders in Britain are on the rise since the pandemic, with young adults averaging almost six mobile purchases a week whilst commuting.

“CTV hits the sweet spot”: eye-tracking study reveals top platforms for ad attention

80% of European users prefer CTV reveals new study that used eye trackers and electrodermal responses to measure the optimal state of engagement.

Eyes on the high impact prize: High impact formats drive 72x more attention than display ads

Eye-tracking panel study opens the doors to understanding the “new metric of attention”.

Planning for attention: 75% of TikTok and YouTube audiences are engaged for ads (versus 58% for TV)

Consumer attention metrics show advertisers how to have the greatest impact by reaching their audiences when they are most engaged, with radio and Facebook hampered by the most distracted audiences.

AVOD viewers: two-thirds accessing ad-funded streaming across Europe

With Netflix considering an ad-funded tier, new research shows more than two-thirds of CTV viewers are consuming free-streaming content on a weekly basis.

"Market share isn’t won in physical stores": ASDA wins at converting offline shoppers

Analysis of TV advertising impact for ASDA vs Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco reveals it is easier to convert offline shoppers to online than existing online shoppers.

Facebook bounceback: daily user numbers return to growth

Despite slowing revenue growth, Facebook’s daily active users are up after last quarter’s slump and parent Meta continues heavy investment in Reels and AI.

Digital dominates global marketing spend: 53% of marketers to boost social media budgets

Nielsen reveals that social media is marketers’ ‘most bankable’ channel - but few are confident about ROI measurements on their marketing spend

Connected TV ad campaigns hit highest viewability levels at 93%

Global comparisons highlight an increase in ad campaign and viewability across the board against reduced brand risk, with video viewability holding pole position.

The AR generation: Gen Z are driving the shift towards more immersive shopping experiences

A study from Snap reveals Gen Z’s guiding influence through the digital landscape and their desire to create meaningful connections. How can brands combine the two with immersive shopping experiences?

Hybrid shopping: 70 percent of businesses getting lost on the customer journey

The pandemic has changed customer behaviour. Connecting customer journeys across digital and physical touchpoints is now a priority, yet a unified approach is lacking and brands are missing out.

Amazon brands: sponsored product ads account for 81 percent of ad spend

Sponsored campaigns among Amazon US marketplace brands rely heavily on product ads as new report reveals benchmarks for performance

The race for car ad CTR: Q4 to Q1 is the best time to market

The automotive sector is seeing a resurgence as click through rates recover from a pre-pandemic low, says new research

The lead impressionist: Amazon increases Google Shopping share by more than 50 percent

Online giant dominated 2021 impressions on Google Shopping platform, while pandemic caused blips in search volume trends and CPC jumped by 50 percent.

Is brand loyalty dead? Data shows incentives, not emotions, drive the ‘habit’ generation

A new report reveals that consumers can become habitual but not ‘loyal’ to brands, while understanding customer pain points and offering them rewards to buy can increase repeat purchases.

Economy unlocked: Record ad spend growth driven by performance platforms

Green shoots ahead for the UK advertising market as those in the industry can expect the market to expand next year by more than a third since the pandemic-hit 2020.

Brand or agency: who’s in charge of supply path optimisation?

Programmatic advertising needs daily care beyond a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. But should brands or agencies take the lead?

Shopping trends: search ads beat paid social for Christmas gift inspiration

As the golden quarter of e-commerce begins, exclusive survey results reveal 4 key insights into what shoppers really think of online ads.

The investment gap: Adspend on linear TV and social media ‘twice as high as daily consumption’

Are advertisers overspending on linear TV and social media? New global research suggests a rethink is needed.

UK marketing budgets hit four-year high: online video biggest driver for growth

Strong investments in performance marketing are boosting overall ad budgets in the UK, but supply and virus jitters are fuelling uncertainty.

The influencer generation: 10 percent of fashion shoppers start journey on TikTok

With physical retail shopping limited during 2020, social and mobile shopping gained in popularity. New research shows that TikTok is driving purchases.

Programmatic trends: video a key driver for growth

Despite the pandemic, programmatic investments have remained stable in Europe as transparency improves, says new research. 

A third of consumers ‘find diverse advertising more engaging’

Diversity and values-led shopping are now ‘key drivers’ for customer acquisition and engagement, according to new findings from the DMA.

Digital Demand Tracker: What brands and sectors are being searched for this week?

A look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth in online searches, and the reasons why.

Digital Demand Tracker: What brands and sectors are being searched for this week?

A look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth in online searches, and the reasons why.

Digital Demand Tracker: What brands and sectors are being searched for this week?

A look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth in online searches, and the reasons why.

Digital Demand Tracker: What brands and sectors are being searched for this week?

A look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth in online searches, and the reasons why.

Digital Demand Tracker: What brands and sectors are being searched for this week?

A look at the companies and sectors receiving the largest growth in online searches, and the reasons why.

How do iOS 14.5 opt-in rates compare globally?

New data shows how international consumers are responding to the new pop-up prompt from Apple.