Christmas ads are built to last but are yours fatiguing consumers?

Positive Christmas advertising experiences can build year-long brand loyalty from customers…but marketers need to avoid inadvertently creating ad fatigue while attempting to leverage this opportunity.

PMW Global Awards 2024: easyJet’s Chloe Wong named Chair of Judges

The PPC manager of one of the UK’s largest commercial airlines will lead a stellar judging panel to celebrate the global performance marketing industry.

Is Snoop Dogg a performance marketer?

With a clickbait strategy, Snoop Dogg takes influencer marketing to the next level. But what does it do to consumer trust?

Court witness accidentally reveals Google’s secret search pact with Apple

The case revealed that Google pays Apple a huge 36% of all search ad revenue from Safari for the privilege of reaching the lucrative iOS user audience, but is it worth it?

Performance Marketing People: OMD UK promotes internally for new CEO

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Iris fills the new role of Managing Director for Data Driven and Performance and Ozone hires a new CMO.

Sam Altman joins Microsoft after shock OpenAI sacking

After being fired by OpenAI on Friday and with talks to reinstate him as Chief Executive failing at the weekend, Sam Altman has pivoted into a new position with his former employer's biggest investor, Microsoft.

Spotify’s ad marketplace expands to Asia and Latin America with AI

The global expansion aims to bring podcast ad buying and monetisation for creators in these markets.

YouTube to require creators to flag synthetic content

With looming elections, ongoing military conflicts and public health crises, YouTube’s pre-emptive crackdown on misleading AI content means advertisers have a new set of pitfalls to avoid in terms of brand safety and content strategy.

John Lewis’ Christmas ad is back, but not quite top 10, says System1

The Christmas ad race is heating up, with Morrisons joining Aldi and M&S Food in System1’s top charts, and John Lewis posting its best score since 2020.

TikTok will only pay creators for videos over one minute long – a potential for in-video ad placement?

TikTok is closing its $2bn Creator Fund in December, after criticism over its revenue sharing, replacing it with a new ‘Creativity Program’.

Performance Marketing People: Claxon continues succession plan with new GM

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Superson launches a new EMEA hub and Initiative bolsters its planning offering with two new hires.

Walmart and NBCUniversal partnership allows viewers to ‘shop the moment’ as shoppable ads’ popularity surges among brands

Walmart, Peacock, Amazon and Home Depot are among the brands getting involved in shoppable ads to engage CTV viewers’ while watching their favourite content.

Five media trends for 2024: demographic-based targeting is out and the AVOD revolution is in

2024 is forecast to bring a renewed focus on library content and expanded approaches to audience measurement as changes to viewing habits will force marketers to realign their targeting metrics to focus on one thing – the consumer.

Top six Christmas ads competing with John Lewis for sales effectiveness: Vodafone makes surprise connection

Santa returns and battles it out against brand characters in 2023’s Christmas ads, as System1 reveals the early leaders in the Christmas ad race in terms of short term sales effectiveness beyond their long-term branding power.

ISBA publishes framework for ‘Responsible Retail Media’ to earn advertisers’ trust

To accelerate retail media investment, the framework is intended to alleviate brands’ trepidation surrounding the UK’s fragmented media landscape.

Cracking the YouTube code: Playground xyz and TVision bring real-time attention measurement to video platform’s CTV advertisers

Connected TV (CTV) and YouTube have become valuable advertising channels for brands, but breaking through their black-boxes to gather accurate measurement data has been challenging…until now.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From the top 100 global brands for sustainability communications to PMW launching its 2023 Retail Playbook, here’s everything the editorial team think you might have missed from last week.

Disney+ launches 'Standard with Ads' in UK to match Netflix

After releasing its AVOD tier 10 months ago in the US, Disney+ today releases an ad tier in the UK, to compete with Netflix.

AI safety jitters: 43% of UK SMEs do not plan to innovate with AI over the next 12 months.

On the eve of the inaugural UK AI Safety Summit, industry bodies are calling on the UK Government to become a pioneer in responsible AI innovation

Amazon’s new Gen AI tool lets advertisers spruce up boring ads

The e-commerce giant has announced a series of new ad-tech innovations, including generative AI for product images and ad optimisation.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Sky Media, Kantar, Nielsen, PRophet and Go Inspire

From AI celebrity recognition insights to off platform video measurement, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

TfL begins £2.5bn search for media partners across bus and rail

The UK’s largest OOH network is hiring commercial media partners.

IAB: UK digital ad-spend up 5% in H1 2023 despite economic turbulence

Search ads continue to dominate investment, accounting for 50% of all spend, while video – likely driven by short-form online video’s popularity – enjoyed the strongest growth.

LADbible’s owner buys female media brand Betches for $24m

Purchase gives the social-first publisher a foothold in the US market, offering advertisers a chance to connect with an engaged audience of 250 million users.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From the latest IPA Bellwether report dropping a bombshell to Baroness Karren Brady talking about women in business, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Netflix ad-supported subscribers rise 70% in just three months

Results help validate the streaming giant’s decision to pivot to ads, with Disney+ and Amazon Prime following in its footsteps, providing some reassurance to jittery brands worried about high prices and low volumes.

Netflix introduces first live sporting event and single-title sponsorships to increase advertising for brands

A “binge ad format” is also among the roster of new opportunities for sponsors, which intend to broaden reach for brands without impairing viewing experience; T-Mobile, Nespresso and Frito-Lay’s Smartfood are among the first brands on-board.

ITV opens up live TV to addressable targeting options for advertisers

ITV has launched addressable advertising across its YouView audience, opening up one-to-one audience targeting for advertisers in live broadcast viewing across 1.3 million households.

Six jobs at risk from AI (and what to do about it)

300 million full-time jobs are at risk, according to Goldman Sachs. JPMorgan and HubSpot comment on how AI will change the industry and how marketers can adapt as copy writing is listed as the number one job at risk.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From the industry reaction to MFAs’ new definition to the top 20 media agencies revealed, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Botify, Spotify, Aryel, parcelLab and Plus Company

From measuring ROI based on SEO, to Spotify CTV ads via Roku, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Cannes Lions bid: investment consortium approaches Ascential with offer

Reports suggest the bid sent to the B2B information company is for the events arm alone, as Ascential posts booming revenues for Cannes Lions 2023.

The three factors driving ROI: attention, creativity and spend

Each factor contributes to the commercial impact of an ad, but maximum ROI is only achieved when all three factors work together.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From Amazon introducing an ad tier to entries opening for PMW’s 2024 People Awards, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Amazon to introduce ads to Prime Video

Prime will become the latest streaming service to incorporate an ad-tier to its platform, but will advertisers see this as an opportunity for investment in CTV or further fragmentation of an already splintered market?

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Showheroes, Wavemaker, SMG, Analytic Partners and IMPACT+

From CTV ad carbon reduction to next-gen marketing forecasting tools, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

The PMW 100 Powerlist: final winners 20 - 1 revealed

“The Olympian”, “The Brainiac” and “The Green Guardian” are among the final winners to join the PMW 100 Powerlist today, but who has been crowned the most influential person in performance marketing? All is revealed below…

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore...

From TikTok finally opening up Shop in the US and Criteo answering retail media’s fragmentation issues with a new DSP, here’s everything PMW think you might have missed from this week.

Criteo unveils DSP to solve retail media fragmentation

Criteo launches first retail media solution to integrate online and in-store with closed loop measurement.

The PMW 100 Powerlist: winners 100-81 revealed

‘The Soothsayer’, ‘The A/B Alchemist’ and ‘The Search Sensei’ have all made the PMW 100 Powerlist – but who are they? The unveiling of the most influential people in performance marketing starts today.

Performance marketing people: IMPACT+ hires new CMO and Proctor + Stevenson undergoes management buyout

In our latest round-up of industry moves, GumGum continues to scale with the addition of a veteran executive and Gucci brings in a new Executive VP and Chief Brand Officer.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

From reasoning behind Shopify’s surprise collaboration with Amazon to YouTube re-igniting its short-form video competition with TikTok and Instagram, here’s everything PMW’s editorial team think you might have missed from this week.

Six tech giants named as gatekeepers under Digital Markets Act

Commentators predict big tech to fight the new law which aims to promote a fair and open market.

YouTube adds links within Shorts to re-up competition with TikTok and Instagram

Google-owned platform is hoping the changes will increase engagement and prevent comment spam and scams, as it capitalises on the growing user appetite for short-form video.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Sinch, Reddit, Automated Creative, SeenThis and Shopee

From measuring incrementality on Reddit Ads to ChatGPT-powered creative optimisation, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

PM News: Amazon enlists influencers for 'Inspire' page, GroupM drops MFAs, YouTube advances AI for musicians

From Amazon putting up $25-per-video to encourage influencers to contribute to its ‘Inspire’ page to GroupM’s curtailing of MFAs and YouTube’s AI development with its music partners, here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Performance marketing people: Former Twitter staffer launches startup AR performance agency

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Ramarketing adds a Harvard-trained scientist to its staff and Brave Bison has a new CMO.

Three things you might have missed last week that you shouldn’t ignore…

The performance marketing industry is one of the most fast-paced and fluid in the world, making it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Top five adtech tools this week: AppLovin, Sinch, Wayflyer, Nielsen and

From taking the guesswork out of marketing for e-commerce to tracking a campaign's carbon emissions, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

The Women’s World Cup has more advertising appeal than the men’s – here’s why

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup has broken almost all of its previous viewership and attendance records and brands have taken note. Here’s how the best ads married sports fans with the general public to generate mass appeal.

Performance marketing people: BBC Good Food publisher hires new CCO and Alight Media fills Head of Marketing role

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Meta’s former head of AR, VR, Metaverse Automation and Platform Engineering has joined Sandsoft Games as its new Chief Technology Officer.

Three things you might have missed last week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

With Q3 well and truly underway and PMW’s Media Spend Index now fully released, there’s been a litany of content and understandably, you may have missed a thing or two - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

This week in performance marketing: TikTok toggles off recommendation algorithm for EU compliance | Twitter’s new X logo ‘hindering happiness’ | Facebook ads cybercrime on the rise

TikTok races to comply with the EU’s DSA law by 28th of August, Twitter’s rebrand off to a shaky start and advertising cybercrime continues to be a thorn in Facebook’s side - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

In the wake of IPA Bellwether and AA/WARC’s quarterly reports, the industry has been abuzz, so understandably a story or two might have gone by the wayside - fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Criteo, DoubleVerify, PRophet, Google Performance Max and Investis Digital

From image recognition guiding shoppers in-store to AI-powered pitch generators, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

This week in performance marketing: CityAM bail-out, Warner Bros. ad restructure, Meta’s“year of efficiency” and Ralph Lauren’s ‘phygital’ shoe

London’s free business newspaper, CityAM, has been bought by online beauty retailer THG, Warner Bros. Discovery is heading in a new advertising direction, Meta’s ‘back to basics’ approach pays dividends and Ralph Lauren brings together the worlds of physical and digital commerce with its ‘phygital’ shoe launch - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to know this week.

Adtech worlds collide as DoubleVerify buys Scibids for $125m

In a move billed by DoubleVerify as a win not only for the two adtech companies, but advertisers themselves, the acquisition will see DV’s verification technology unite with the AI-powered optimisation capabilities of Scibids.

Sky Media joins ITV’s programmatic platform, Planet V

Planet V is the UK's second largest video ad buying platform after Google.

PMW launches the Media Spend Index: senior marketers rate and rank the channels, platforms and skills getting the best returns

TikTok, or Facebook? Paid search or influencer marketing? PMW’s exclusive global panel of industry experts reveal where marketers will be spending their money in 2024– and where they’re getting the best returns now.

This week in performance marketing: Google cookie-phase out begins, Twitter cracks down on hate speech amid rebrand to ‘X’ and TikTok ups ad transparency

Google finally appears ready to make good on its promise to phase-out cookies, Twitter is taking strides towards winning back advertisers while simultaneously ushering forward a confusing rebrand and TikTok is all about transparency - here’s all the performance marketing news you need to worry about this week.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Veridooh,, Anzu, Yext and ViewersLogic

From AI-generated customer review responses to 3D in-game media quality measurement, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Why the majority of business are missing a CX trick with below-par customer intelligence

With just over a quarter (26%) of businesses using data to improve their CX, the importance of appropriate investment in and leveraging of CI should be at the forefront of marketers’ minds.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Revolut, Ozone, Shopify, Semrush and Yahoo

From ‘financial super app’ ads to measuring carbon impact at campaign level, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Five ways marketers can optimise their programmatic media and supply chain transparency

Programmatic media spend allows advertisers to automate large parts of the digital advertising process through use of the open web. However, still a relatively new phenomenon, some marketers aren’t getting the most out of their programmatic investments - here’s how to use it effectively and avoid the many traps.

“It’s not about more data, it’s about the quality of data”

Tim Geenen of analytics portal Rayn gives us one minute of his time at Cannes to tell us what he thinks about the opportunities around generative AI.

Is advertising getting better or has the industry stalled since the pandemic?

Is advertising getting better? A question the industry rarely stops to consider, because of course it is…right?

Cannes Lions Creative Data Awards: the winners

This year’s winners are proving that creativity and data can be a match made in heaven rather than two opposing forces.

Roblox offers brands’ the opportunity to scale innovation and self-serve their advertising

The promise of a more democratised ad-ecosystem should appeal to brands and Roblox’s new program's founding partners hope their long-term media spend commitments will alleviate trepidation from organisations hesitant to join up.

Just 33% of consumers believe online ads are more relevant than offline – is the power of personalisation up for debate?

With many consumers not convinced of online ad relevance and almost half unable to tell the difference between their pre and post-GDPR ad experiences, should brands be calling their personalisation investments into question?

Sharing sustainability failure is just as important as celebrating success - why the industry needs to unite under a test-and-learn approach to achieve Ad Net Zero

Avoid insincerity, embrace transparency and work outside of your own organisation. These are just a few of the ways by which the digital advertising industry can achieve goals like Ad Net Zero and carbon negativity - but what will it take to unite a fragmented ecosystem around a set of common standards?

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Finecast, Yahoo Advertising, Amazon Ads, Hawk and Outbrain

From ‘total TV measurement’ to conversational ads, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

TikTok and Unilever leverage #CleanTok trend to create global marketing category

Attracting over 35bn views in the 12 months to March 2023, TikTok’s #CleanTok community is one of the platform’s most popular.

Cannes versus Machine: PMW goes on location to chart ad creative’s technology revolution

Our series over the course of Cannes Lions will delve into the relationship between ad creative and data led performance marketing, with podcasts, video interviews and a daily blog from the Cannes Lions festival.

PMW UK Awards 2023: Coca-Cola’s Ana Afán Ruiz announced as Chair of Judges

The Head of E-commerce GB at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners leads PMW’s expert panel for this year, as the early bird deadline for entries approaches.

UN Secretary General urges creation of global AI watchdog: “We must take these warnings seriously”

With generative AI developers themselves among the loudest voices giving off “alarm bells” over the tech’s latest developments, PMW spoke to Martech experts to get their take on potential AI-safeguards.

What is a creator saying about my brand? New tool automates proof of work for influencer marketing industry

Video and audio data analysis solution from IMTB and RippleXn lets marketers get a view of where their brands – and their competitors – are being talked about on social media.

The Apple effect? Consumer searches for VR skyrockets 300% after Vision Pro reveal

In the wake of Apple announcing the impending launch of its first spatial computer headset, online searches for the technology saw a global boom, strengthening the notion that mixed reality may soon become a viable channel for performance marketing.

Fatboy Slim and Rob Mayhew join marketers in breaking down Cannes’ “exclusive club”

DJ and influencer donate 1% of all Cannes Lions earnings to support the #CannesForAll initiative alongside brands and agencies to bring more diverse talent to Cannes.

Performance marketing people: ex-Amazon staffer joins Say it Now and Kepler Group continues its global expansion

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Billion Dollar Boy appoints an industry veteran to the newly created role of Global Performance Director and EssenceMediacom UK makes a litany of internal promotions.

PMW Global Awards 2023: all 18 winners announced

From K-Pop to ‘Goatbusters’; the winners of the Performance Marketing World Global Awards 2023 have been revealed. With work spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe and the MENA region, we showcase the campaigns, teams and people that took the top accolades – and offer analysis on why they won.

Shutterstock to buy GIPHY and its 15 billion daily impressions from Meta

The mobile content platform with 1.7 billion daily users has been purchased by Shutterstock for $53m from Meta.

Performance Marketing People: Musk steps down as Twitter CEO and Snap announces new EMEA Senior Marketing Director

In our latest round-up of industry moves, InstaVolt hires a new Marketing Director and Havas Media Group India shakes up its leadership team.

YouTube’s CTV ad changes: “unskippable” opportunity or potential pitfall for advertisers?

YouTube has announced two changes to its CTV ads format. While many experts believe they present a good opportunity for brands to increase their visibility, some warn of the dangers of becoming a “visual tax” for viewers.

Top 5 martech tools this week: Scope3, Canopy, Chatmeter, Kinetix and Gem Display

From ‘always on’ ad decarbonisation to next-gen dynamic creative optimisation, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Top 5 martech tools this week: Unbounce, Analytic Partners, Reddit, Recurly, Impact+ and Scibids

From cross-platform subscription analytics to carbon cutting programmatic campaigns, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Performance Marketing World Global Awards UK 2023: shortlist announced

With work for Toyota, Etihad and KFC among the nominations, here are the campaigns, teams and people that made it through to the final round, ahead of the winner’s announcement at the end of the month.

Analysis of top 35 Christmas ads reveals six ways brands can optimise long-term impact

Aldi, Coca-Cola, Sky and Lego are the most consistent brands scoring long term effectiveness from their Christmas ads, with key patterns linking their success.

Google takes on ChatGPT with Bard launch: what performance marketers need to know

Move could shake up search marketing forever with an assistive AI chatbot that can generate text for many regular tasks, such as translations, Q&As, computer coding and Excel formulas.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Foresight Factory, App Radar, Amplified Intelligence, Transcosmos and Storyteq

From using AI to find ‘fast followers’ to automated ad copy generated in seconds, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Google’s competition with TikTok heats up as it expands YouTube Shorts’ offerings for advertisers

Amid declining ad revenue, Google has added several new features to YouTube Shorts aimed at enticing advertisers to reconnect with the platform, but experts fear Shorts’ is failing to adequately differentiate itself from TikTok.

Samsung and Amazon invest in data clean rooms to bolster CTV ad measurement privacy

Data clean rooms appear to be the wave of the future for advertisers looking to expand their first-party data programs without jeopardising consumers’ privacy.

AI arms race: Making Science launches generative AI platform to outperform GPT-4

New generative AI platform insists it has overcome two significant issues currently faced by users of older Large Language Models like OpenAI.

Performance Marketing People: Staffbase hires Adobe and KPMG veteran as CMO and VaynerMedia expands

In our latest round-up of industry moves, Team ITG has a new Global Managing Partner and former Facebook exec joins Double Verify.

The CTV paradox: marketers shift spend to streaming despite questions over effectiveness

EMEA Marketers expect ad budgets to grow but are struggling with effective cross-media measurement. So why the leap of faith into Connected TV ads?

Google set to incorporate generative AI into its ads business

Following the release of its AI chatbot Bard last month, Google is reportedly preparing to ramp up its use of the technology by adding generative AI to Google Ads.

Watch the 9 most effective ads of the year: KFC, Cadbury’s and Starbucks drive sales with storytelling

Kantar’s creative ad testing platform, covering digital, TV, print and outdoor, uncovers how humour and emotive storytelling engage viewers and drive sales.

Gold-plated rush: Brewdog’s controversial Gold* Can competition is back

After failing to make good on its promise of ‘solid gold’ cans in a previous iteration of the campaign, costing its CEO almost £500,000, the Scottish beer firm has poked fun at itself and doubled down on the importance of “reading the fine print”.

Hospitality giant Mitchells & Butlers convinced to change tack and appoint new digital agency

Competitive pitch saw agency 26 sell its strategic and data-driven capabilities well enough to convince Mitchells & Butlers to abandon its incumbent media partner, Havas Media Group.

Meta launches AI model capable of cutting specific objects out of images

‘SAM’ has the potential to help advertisers by easing the process of contextualising and 'slicing and dicing' images to sell ads.

Performance marketing people: EssenceMediacom bolsters EMEA team and L'Oreal shuffles its CDMOs

In our latest round-up of industry moves, GWI dual appoints a pair of Non-Executive Directors to its board and dentsu hires a new Global CEO of dentsu Global Services.

ChatGPT banned in Italy over potential data protection breaches

Open AI bot gets its first western government ban and potential $21m fine in response to data concerns. But similar privacy fears have been growing across the world, including the US.

Performance Marketing People: Former VISA staffer joins UNICEF and Harvey Nichols gets a new e-commerce Director

In our latest round up of industry moves, Snapchat has found its new President of Americas after losing key execs to Netflix and tech startup Studiospace continues to add experienced veterans to its workforce.

Levelling the playing field for TV and streaming: the UK’s draft Media Bill explained

UK Government publishes long-awaited Media Bill to bring Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video under same regulation as linear TV.

Disney ousts its metaverse division in first round of job cuts

Part of a broader plan to layoff more than 3% of its workforce in the coming months by way of saving $5.5bn across the company, Disney has decided its metaverse unit will be the first to go.

Performance marketing people: Gravity Road leaves its creative to TikTok star and ASICS bolsters its performance marketing with in-house promotion

Our latest round-up of performance marketing industry moves includes new roles being created and filled at M&C Saatchi, appointments at iProspect and Little Dot Australia bringing onboard a former BBC staffer.

Cinema is top for video ads in first US cinema attention measurement study

Dentsu, Lumen and National CineMedia use eye-tracking software to measure attention in cinema ads, finding cinema the number-one video media platform.

Netflix powers-up ad measurement tools as hybrid tier ‘hits one million subscribers’ in US

DoubleVerify and IAS partnerships help marketers authenticate whether or not real-life human beings were viewing ads on the video streaming platform.

Performance marketing people: ex-Meta head takes the marketing reins at BDB and former Burger King marketing chief returns to the food industry

Our latest round-up of movers in the performance marketing industry include new faces at DoubleVerify and SmartFrame, AppsFlyer’s new hire zeroing in on fraud and board appointments at Semrush.

ASOS signs 3 year deal with Criteo

After a rocky year for marketing at ASOS, Criteo aims to boost the retail media business with new native ad formats in search and across CTV.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Hawk, SoundOut, Acxiom, HubSpot and un:hurd

From TikTok music-matching for brands to carbon-cutting for creative, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Going backwards? Just 4.7% of adspend last year put behind ads featuring women in professional settings

New research covering 2022’s ads showed a decrease in depictions of professional women, a drop in adspend for ads featuring darker-skinned women compared to 2021, and the continued invisibility of women over 60.

Want global recognition and an interview with PMW? Last chance to enter the 30 Under 30 Awards

Got something to shout about and need some help shouting? Enter you or a colleague before it’s too late and we’ll help you spotlight it.

Barb to expand audience measurement to include content on video-sharing platforms

Move will make it easier for advertisers to compare performance across linear TV and video on demand platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

Meta trials paid subs to help creators boost communities and engage with followers

Trial run of Meta Verified and the introduction of Broadcast Channels to Instagram makes it easier for creators to establish their online presence.

DV launches new tool to “verify viewability” on CTV at scale

The ‘TV off’ issue will be addressed with a new solution to plug the gap from lack of technical standards to measure in the CTV environment.

Steven Bartlett defends Social Chain’s value after sale to rival for £7.7m

Agency that helped propel Dragon’s Den and Diary of a CMO podcast star into the limelight is sold, prompting a defence of its sell off value from the superstar entrepreneur.

YouTube woos creators away from TikTok with 45% cash incentives for short clips

‘Shorts Monetization Process’ comes into effect today, which will see creators earn up to a 45% share of the revenue from ads viewed between an uncapped shorts video fund.

Performance Marketing Unlocked: Unilever, Samsung, Nivea, EA Games and HSBC among major brands speaking live

In a month’s time, over 500 marketers will assemble in London’s ExCeL for an event powered by brands. With high-profile speakers, cutting edge tips, and some big surprises... can you afford to miss out?

Performance marketing people: Netflix and Reddit leadership shuffles, former Twitter seniors move on and incoming IPA President takes EMEA and UK helm at GroupM

In our latest round-up of industry moves, leadership shuffles and promotions also announced for SINE Digital, a new COO joins Publicis Groupe and Google veteran becomes YouTube MD.

Ad server built has Disney – called YODA

New technology supplies ads across Hulu and Disney+ platforms with first-party data, as the media giant has fun naming adtech after characters from its famous movie franchises.

Jargon Buster: marketing explainer series now free for registered PMW users

Performance Marketing World has expanded its PMW Jargon Buster – the evolving guide to explaining key industry terms – providing free access to all registered users.

Search and social shunned in favour of new digital channels

60% of media agency leaders believe newer digital channels will be the key to growth in 2023.

Media giants Fox, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros and Paramount unite on video measurement standards

Advertising firm OpenAP creates first industry committee with major national programmers in the US to focus on premium video currency and unify measurement across platforms.

Scope3 brings carbon neutral inventory to Yahoo

Integration aims to bring carbon neutral inventory to advertisers via Yahoo’s automated ad exchange for publishers.

YouTube wins NFL Sunday Ticket as sports streaming battle heats up

Landmark $14bn deal signals how big tech is changing the market for live sports rights, as Google blitzes Apple and takes on Amazon to bring in a lucrative new audience and ad inventory options.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Yahoo, Hawk, Innovid, Teads and Footsprint

From carbon cutting to cookieless ID solutions and programmatic posters and cross-platform CTV metrics, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Netflix is giving advertisers their money back – is it a big deal?

Stock prices are diving and Netflix is refunding its advertisers for missed targets in the first few months of its ad-funded tier.

Brits want brands to get political as cost of living crisis bites

Ongoing economic uncertainty means Britons want to be told everything’s going to be alright - but just 16% of Britons believe brands shouldn’t address political or societal issues.

The day the ads disappeared: Google outage “cost advertisers thousands per hour”

Many Google users enjoyed ad-free browsing for several hours last Thursday... and advertisers lost crucial pre-Christmas traffic. Is the ad industry still too reliant on the tech giants?

Top 5 adtech tools this week: HypeAuditor, Voggt, Yext, Nest Commerce and CLICKON

Google deliveries, collectible communities, influencer media kits and optimised video production: here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

3 big media trends of the year: The rise of s-commerce, video fragmentation and social news

Social media is moving beyond text and image sharing to become the dominant platform for shopping, news and entertainment, according to a new global study.

Christmas ad tracker: Cadbury tops effectiveness charts with consumers

It’s been a tricky season for Christmas advertisers hoping to get the tone right in a cost of living crisis. Kantar reveals their chart toppers for ad effectiveness.

From Twitter to TikTok?

Half of Twitter’s top advertisers are reported to have left the platform. Will they flock to TikTok as Musk continues on a rocky path in the driver's seat?

Meta lays off over 11,000 workers

The job cuts affect 13% of its workforce as Zuckerberg apologises for ‘over-hiring’. Can the embattled market leader in social media stop the slide with TikTok snapping at its heels?

Ozone debuts pre-roll video ads with Abba Voyage and AKA

Digital ad platform Ozone has launched a pre-roll video capability with a debut campaign from the integrated creative, marketing and advertising agency, AKA.

Airbnb’s 'anti-search' strategy pays off with best-ever quarter

Much-hyped move towards brand building drives success as CEO says performance marketing function is to “laser focus” supply and demand rather than “just purchase a large amount of customers.”

US midterms: political ad spend soars… but are parties ditching Facebook?

Political ad spending is expected to break records this cycle, but Meta’s Facebook isn’t the key battleground it once was, according to reports.

Cost of living prompts consumer rethink of ad-funded streaming services

While more than a quarter of surveyed UK consumers state that they will cancel a Netflix subscription if it became ad-funded, this has dipped from 36% saying they will drop an ad-funded Netflix sub six months ago.

Klarna takes on the tech giants with new shopping features

The Buy Now Pay Later provider has unveiled Klarna Spotlight – a suite of products including shoppable content, intelligent search and an upgraded carbon tracker.

How Adidas, Burger King, Nike and Snickers are using data to inspire creative customer engagement

Joint study uncovers 5 key themes from how the world's top brands are using technology to drive creativity and commercial success.

Meta explores the role of creative in marketing effectiveness

'People' and 'Product' are key to driving the highest ROIs across sectors, with brand cue, logo attributes, text, product and person attributes ranked by sector.

Top 5 adtech tools this week: DoubleVerify’s Attention Lab and Match2One’s Shopify App

From real time segmentation to matching customer IDs and creative insights, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack…

Channel 4 picks ViewersLogic for TV attribution platform

Big news for marketers looking to optimise campaign performance, with empirical insights linking their TV ads to sales, footfall, app downloads, and account openings via the national TV broadcaster. .

Netflix finally reveals £4.99 ad-funded streaming tier: can the data match the hype?

The ‘Basic with Adverts’ plan will keep all the original features but will average four to five minutes of ads per hour, with some shows restricted.

Performance Marketing Unlocked: two day extravaganza coming to London in March 2023

The marketing community will assemble in London’s ExCeL for an event powered by brands. With high-profile speakers, cutting edge tips, tailored sessions and some big surprises... can you afford to miss out?

Matching music to marketing campaigns: BMG uses AI tagging across entire music catalogue

Need the perfect earworm to amplify an ad campaign? Now AI can unearth some hidden gems to settle the score for TV ads, audio, paid social and more courtesy of a major record label.

Netflix partners BARB: mystery viewing figures solved?

The data will be used by advertisers, competitors and journalists to determine the success of various Netflix shows. Just in time for the streaming giant to open its ad-supported tier.

Cracking the creative code? Kantar tool predicts ad effectiveness ‘in 15 minutes’

Predictive tech analyses ads by creative elements, such as humour, sustainability or timing, to identify which ones are most likely to drive brand impact ... and even content performance in different cultures.

As seen on TV: 7M Discovery matches ‘TV mentions’ to marketing insights

Adtech transcription tool offers a new layer of data for media planners to calculate true ROI of ad spend.

Channel 4 and seven major UK brands offer money saving tips in special commercial break

Boots, Co-Op, giffgaff, Go.Compare, Lidl, Nationwide Building Society and Vodafone feature in a unique TV ad break that will link to a bespoke website to help tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Tech tracker round-up: fighting ad carbon emissions and creating Web3 customer data platforms

How is AI being used to understand the seven types of gamer – and why is Sprout Social partnering Salesforce? We round-up the biggest ad tech innovations around the world in one place.

ASA raps for TikTok video with 'negative gender stereotypes'

The advertising watchdog felt the “one-sided” post was likely to cause “widespread harm and offence. A stark reminder to performance marketers that context and sequential ad placements require careful planning.

PMW Jargon Buster: new explainer series for performance marketers goes live

Do you know your CMP from your CDP? Our handy guide goes beyond a simple glossary to help practitioners and managers alike skill up fast.

PMW Awards go global: showcase your best work to the world

Performance Marketing World is launching its first-ever global awards and is now open for entries. Here's your chance to shout about your team's innovation on a truly global scale.

Nestlé gets new MD for UK and Ireland, Omnicom and Hearts & Science shuffle internal teams

Our latest round-up includes new hires at The Specialist Works and Havas Media Group, and former PMW Award winner joins Crossmedia.

Performance marketing people: new boss at DBB as VanyerMedia shakes up EMEA team

Hubble gets a new MD, BrightBid CEO joins the Forbes tech council and AdTonos amps up its sound board with advisors from Spotify and AdsWizz. View all the latest movers and shakers within performance marketing below…

First party data trove: Tripadvisor launches own ad content studio

First client San Diego Tourism Authority signs $1.5m commitment to launch digital and interactive out-of-home campaign to attract travellers.

Combo! Mobile gaming giants assemble largest premium in-game ad network

Angry Birds meet Talking Tom Cat to bring an audience of 1.3 billion monthly active players to brands via interactive ads, rewards and celebrity calls.

Another social app copycat: TikTok debuts BeReal clone

TikTok copies BeReal’s main feature of posting authentic content in a limited time window. Will BeReal survive against the tech giant?

Performance marketing people: TikTok promotion, Netflix bolsters ad offering with Snapchat hires and Pinterest’s new Head of Global Business Marketing

McDonalds hires a new Chief Impact Officer, Mediabrands appoints Head of Performance for China and Yext gets a new CMO in the latest round-up of performance marketing people moves.

Posters go programmatic: Google expands DOOH ads into 360 display ad network

Placements combine traditional channels with the digital efficiency of programmatic, adjusting messages throughout the day

Performance marketing people: Former HSBC APAC CMO joins Standard Chartered Bank, easyJet hires ASOS big hitter as CMO and Tug gets new Toronto MD

Our latest round-up of people moves in performance marketing also names new Customer Initiatives Officer at VoucherCodes, a suite of senior management hires at multilocal and managing partner at The Specialist Works.

Nielsen and Amazon ink three-year deal to measure NFL Thursday Night Football

The agreement marks the first time a streaming service has been included in Nielsen’s National TV measurement service, with promises of “apples-to-apples comparisons across their multi-channel media investments”.

The TikTok effect: small businesses have tripled spend on social media since pandemic

Paid social pays off for small businesses, with TikTok’s budget transparency making it the platform to watch despite Meta’s dominance.

Ethical adtech? Terrific teams? Remarkable ROAS? Enter PMW’s 2022 Awards

Show off your proudest campaigns, initiatives and superstar staff across 26 categories, with judges from Samsung, Deliveroo, Vitality ready to assess the best in performance marketing this year.

Strong but slowing growth for UK marketing budgets as cost of living crisis bites

IPA Bellwether report for Q2 2022 shows stagnant main media budgets, with performance marketing spend seeing steep drops in growth rates.

YouTube partners with Shopify to expand social commerce tools

Major new pact opens Shopify commerce platform to 2 billion YouTube users, as Alphabet takes on both Amazon and TikTok in the new creator economy.

TikTok’s music gets a brand remix with Jackleg Studio as official “Sound Partner”

Music-makers for Ray Ban, American Express, Valentino and more, Jackleg Studio becomes part of TikTok’s programme to help brands tap into music and sound on the platform.

PMW goes live with Love Islander Liberty Poole, Skinny Tan and Campaign Magazine

Join PMW live on our Instagram as we invite 2021 Love Islander Liberty Poole, Skinny Tan’s Hayley Hall and Gurjit Degun from Campaign Magazine to an online discussion about how brands can get the most out of influencer marketing.

Netflix confirms ad-supported tier: Google pact incoming?

Reversal of policy comes as streaming giant suffers its first quarterly loss in ten years, and the loss of around 200,000 subscribers. Will a Google tie-up boost its fortunes?

Performance marketing people: Former Sony Playstation President chairs Bidstack, Hiscox gets new marketing director and Braze snaps up new CMO

Teads continues to bolster its US leadership team, while Cavai, Cowshed Social and Journey Further see new C-suite hires, Wavemaker welcomes a new Head of Addressable and former Haymarket alumni bags a Business Director role at Verasity.

Display ad dominance: Meta fails in bid to quash CMA decision to sell Giphy

Tribunal rejects all but one of Meta’s challenges as part of appeal against reversing its acquisition of the animated GIF platform in May 2020.

Performance marketing people: Snap boosts EMEA sales team as Wavemaker welcomes new CEOs in Canada and UK

Teads and Twillio get new CMOs, 30 jobs created at Mediaworks’ Manchester office and Infinite Arcade powers up its metaverse marketing team in San Francisco. We round up the movers and shakers in the global performance marketing industry this month.

UK consumers not cutting back on video streaming services despite cost of living crisis

Research reveals an 11% rise in the number of people paying for video services in the UK over the last year.

Google to face CMA probe over ad tech practices

Google has come under the microscope again for concerns over distorting competition and whether it has limited interactions of its ad exchange with third-party publishers.

Apple's PR war on data sharing: cheeky auction ad hammers rivals

iPhone takes a swipe at data harvesters and champions the recent 'ATT' customer privacy clampdown, which has upended performance marketing budgets around the world.

Are you losing your marketing mojo? 42% of CMOs claim too much data hurts their creativity

The rolling avalanche of data points available to marketers is having mixed results on their creativity, leaving some overwhelmed and dampening their creative spark. Is a shift from reporting to analysis the solution?

Netflix not chill: 36% of UK consumers say they would cancel if the platform goes ad-funded

A proposed new funding model is set to herald some major changes at the OTT media streaming giant, according to a new report.

TikTok ‘Pulse’ puts ads next to top 4% of content

New tracking pixels and contextual tools show TikTok is gunning for Meta, offering advertisers placement next to top-performing, safe content, while measuring buyer intent in new ways.

The ‘intrepreneur’ generation: PMW 30 Under 30 winners announced

Builders, change-makers, innovators… and revenue generators. The rising stars of performance marketing are transforming companies and cultures from the inside out. Meet all the winners of PMW’s first young professionals awards.

Digital adspend enjoys biggest annual growth in 15 years

Emerging channels including podcast and in-game advertising point to healthy growth for the UK, but storm clouds are gathering in the shape of a cost of living crisis.

Google updates ‘Performance Max’ to boost ad conversions across channels

The internet giant woos performance marketers with more time-saving tools and insights to increase customer conversions across Search, Display, Shopping, Discover, Maps, Gmail, and YouTube ads.

Netflix ads: coming to a screen near you?

The incredible shrinking audience means Netflix is finally considering a cheaper ad-funded tier to battle competition and the cost of living crisis, as subscriptions plunge 200,000.

Mana partners with Reality Gaming Group to offer Web3 services for brands in APAC

The partnership expands Reality Gaming’s APAC presence and is a sign to brands of the potential of NFTs with an environmentally friendly solution.

The power of context: how streaming is turning CTV viewers into buyers

With two-thirds of viewers purchasing products they see on connected TV, media buyers need to deliver a call to action that takes the brand from their TV sets and into the browser search bar.

Ogury levels up with creative studio from Motionly acquisition

The deal aims to provide clients with more personalised and engaging mobile content, giving end-users back the control with privacy-safe and noninvasive ads.

Getting metaverse ready: NBCUniversal and HTC join Anzu’s in-game advertising mission

Major brands join Anzu’s growing list of strategic investors as in-game ads attract more money from performance marketer’s budgets.

DoubleVerify exposes global fraud scheme ViperBot for attempting to defraud advertisers of over $8 million a month

CTV and mobile have been affected by “one of the most sophisticated fraud schemes that DV has ever identified”. Fraudsters are stripping measurement provider tags and redirecting them to avoid detection.

Ukrainian creatives can work with global brands on Talenthouse’s AI platform

e!Creative is an AI-based platform allowing brands, startups, and businesses worldwide to engage Ukraine’s creative talent, by Talenthouse’s ElloWorks.

YouTube takes on TV: free ad-supported shows streamed for the first time

Hell’s Kitchen, Heartland and Unsolved Mysteries go free to US viewers via web, mobile devices, and connected TV apps. Are broadcast television’s days numbered?

Yahoo partners with Near across APAC, bridging the gap for omnichannel campaigns

The partnership enables marketers to connect the dots in omnichannel audience activation and campaigns with a privacy-first solution.

ITV goes hybrid: will Brits ditch ads for a Netflix-style model?

A digital-first approach pits the iconic commercial broadcaster up against the tech giants of Amazon and Netflix. But will viewers pay to be ad-free as inflation bites?

Disney gets serious about data: Horizon Media deal boosts ad measurement

The ‘House of Mouse’ is extending its data clean room, letting brands track their ads on the media giant’s platforms in a privacy-centric way.

Ad industry giants unite on addressable media standards

The biggest organisations in advertising have just reached a major milestone in global ad tracking standards. Here’s what performance marketers need to know about Addressable Media Identifiers (AMIs).

How Coinbase won the Super Bowl with a bouncing QR code

Among the big-budget, star-studded commercials at last night’s big game, a simple, performance driven campaign stole the show… and crashed a website. 

Celebs don’t always equal sales: why two-thirds of this year’s Super Bowl ads could flop

As brands scrimmage in one of the biggest global ad events of the year, AI predicts that most commercials from the big game will miss the mark if not integrated into a deeper brand story.

UK news giant 1XL links with Outbrain for native ads

Sponsored content will diversify revenue streams for 43 local news media publishers, including Newsquest, Johnston Press, Archant, Iliffe Media, and Tindle.

Kantar buys MindIT to boost AI-powered analytics

The deal aims to bridge the gap between insights and sales execution for FMGC brands, with machine-learning tech born in Bologna University. 

Why Amazon now has a bigger ad business than YouTube

Often described as a ‘sleeping giant’ in adland, Amazon has disclosed revenue for its booming ad business for the first time. Should Google and Facebook be worried?

Performance Marketing people: latest moves at Croud, Kepler and Hawk

A Facebook veteran joins, while big changes are afoot at the newly-formed What’s Possible Group. We round-up the ones to watch in performance marketing this week…

This week on PMW: Walmart resurrects RFID tags; Microsoft’s gaming gamble

Why is Walmart bringing back in-store tracking tags? What’s smart about Sky’s new sponsorship tool? And which new tech is most talked about? We round up the biggest news and moves in performance marketing this week…

Battle in the Metaverse: Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard takeover puts pressure on rivals

The deal will open a realm of data-led marketing possibilities for brands in the emergent metaverse, providing new communities, commerce and advertising potential to the tech giant. 

CTV gets a programmatic boost: Azerion strikes global deal with ZEASN

The partnership leads to integration of ZEASN’s advertising solutions with Azerion’s proprietary programmatic platform, Improve Digital.

This week on PMW: adtech allies, top searches and Reddit recaps

What was the top global search on Google? Why are adtech giants joining forces? And what does Bill Gates really think of the Metaverse? We look at the top performance marketing news and moves this week...

This week on PMW: Unruly takes CTV programmatic as Dorsey exits Twitter

How does Unruly’s new CTV ad exchange work? Who is Twitter's new boss? And why is Taco Bell ditching Christmas? We round-up the biggest news and moves in performance marketing this week...

This week on PMW: Yahoo’s programmatic posters, Snap shakes up ad buying

How is Snap recalibrating its ad inventory to boost performance? And why is Yahoo applying programmatic principles to posters in Singapore? We round up the biggest news and moves in performance marketing this week…

Brand or agency: who’s in charge of supply path optimisation?

Programmatic advertising needs daily care beyond a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality. But should brands or agencies take the lead?

This week on PMW: Microsoft reveals ‘rage clicks’ as YouTube hides dislikes

Can Microsoft offer more ‘clarity’ than Google analytics? Why is YouTube burying its dislikes? And how are PepsiCo using conversational ads to boost sales? We round up the biggest performance marketing stories this week...

This week on PMW: Amazon’s new ads and witching hour Whoppers

What is Facebook's new name? How do Amazon’s latest ad formats work? And ‘witch’ Halloween ads are getting the best results? We round up the top news and moves in performance marketing this week...

Pay for performance only: Why Rakuten Advertising is taking on the risk for brands

The ‘Accelerate’ affiliate marketing program assumes the financial risk of testing new publishers, meaning advertisers are guaranteed to only pay for results.

This week on PMW: why PayPal wants to buy Pinterest

Why is Paypal bidding $45billion for Pinterest? Why did P&G defy investors over marketing spend? And just why is a museum group opening an OnlyFans account? We look at the biggest (and weirdest) stories in performance marketing this week…

This week on PMW: Roblox goes programmatic, InMobi buys AppSumer

What new Facebook tools can overcome Apple’s ad privacy clampdown? And how is gaming phenomenon Roblox opening up to programmatic ads? We look back at the biggest news, campaigns and moves in performance marketing this week...

First-party IDs overtake cookies for the first time (in Denmark)

As the tracking cookie slowly crumbles, Denmark is giving advertisers a glimpse into a first-party data-led future for performance marketing.

Facebook goes dark: How a six-hour outage cost billions

Facebook's biggest outage since 2008 is a stark reminder for advertisers to spread their bets... and flex their creativity.

Google shakes up ad metrics: last-click attribution axed for new AI model

A fundamental change to Google Ads is coming this week. Here’s what performance marketers need to know...

The Trade Desk wins programmatic deal with Middle East media giant Choueiri

The Trade Desk has secured a new partnership with Choueiri Group to offer greater programmatic ad access to brands and agencies in the Middle East region. 

The performance marketing world this week: Facebook uses AI to replace Apple’s data void

From Apple’s privacy-first iPhone 13 launch to Facebook’s latest AI-workaround for advertisers, it’s been a disruptive week for the performance marketing industry. Catch up on this week’s product launches, biggest campaigns and industry shake-ups in our packed weekly round-up below...

The performance marketing world this week: latest tools, best campaigns and new faces

From Boohoo’s latest SEO drive to AI-powered Facebook ad audits, it’s been another packed week for the performance marketing industry. Catch up on this week’s product launches, biggest campaigns, partnerships and people moves, all in one place...

Joining the conversation: Reddit opens chat threads to ads for the first time

Reddit’s new ‘conversation’ format is designed to help advertisers reach people when they are most engaged - sharing their passions and interests on one of the most popular, and overlooked, sites on the internet.